Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can Gopal Das’ tears be wiped out ever?

Incidents of mounting atrocities or religious persecutions on Hindus in the Indian state of West Bengal have been astounding people but it’s also true that only a few studies have taken place to depict the reasons behind these. Well, one study has justly comprehended that reluctance or inactivity of the administration plays a major role in this context. Many may consider the theory as deceptive but the experience of Sri Gopal Das, a common drummer in Bengal, denotes the authenticity of this notion.

Gopal Das (age 45 years), son of Bharat Rui Das (died 12 years ago), is an inhabitant of Pifa Gram Daspara in Basirhat sub-division, P.S. Basirhat, Dist. 24 Paraganas (North) and to be precise, 12-14 Hindu households live in the village. Gopal Das, at the same time, happens to be an owner of 6 cottah (10 shatak) of land and all these incensed Latif Mollah (neighbor of Gopal Das) a lot.

You may be amazed but it’s true that Latif Mollah, at the moment, is controlling 5 shatak of the aforesaid land and illegal construction of his habitat has already been done there. All these happened during the last Durga Puja even if the fracas between the two initiated some months ago to it.

Didn’t Gopal Das try to have the administration’s help? Definitely! He did the same but the administration’s reluctance to register his complaint yielded no result. Latif Mollah was successful to have the help of Ruhul Amin, influential leader of Congress and also his nephew, along with of Afdar, leader of TMC (Trinamool Congress) and also close to Haji Nurul Islam, TMC MP from Basirhat.

Local leaders arranged a meeting to call the illegitimate construction a halt but Gopal’s absence during Durga Puja (owing to his professional compulsions) made Muslims in the village triumphant. There has been another development as well. Muslims claimed that another 1 shatak land belonged to a Muslim cemetery or boneyard and are enjoying it currently. Gopal Das, at this moment, is having 4 shatak lands and is crying in despair.

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