Monday, October 7, 2013

Blood and iron to prevail Asansol’s Durga Puja

Bruising Hindu aspirations so as to placate Muslims only, Asansol’s administration is all set to bring the imminent festive season to a halt and what can be a better instance of this than its obstinacy in prohibiting Ganesh Puja at the Sri Sri Durga Mata Charitable Trust Temple located in Bastin Bazaar, of late. This was only a cruel posture and the antipathy of local administration got revealed more when derisory prohibitions were imposed on upcoming immersion programs and all these have been done to let local Muslims observe Bakr Eid, a homely function only, peacefully. Organizers of Durga Puja have been asked to change their traditional routes lest Muslims get offended.

What the administration fails to comprehend is that each such stance infuriates Hindus in the environs who prefer to live with other communities serenely but not by abandoning religious conviction.

One has the right to ask why such audaciousness against Hindus recurs on every year. Truly, there is no end to this and even if all other anti-Hindu measures are eschewed for the moment, the incident of October 06, 2011 can’t be evaded ever. The very auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami witnessed the death of an innocent youth named Sujit Kumar Verma of 18 year old, owing to a bullet injury.  Police fired indiscriminately on Hindus protesting against the administrative bid to preclude them from following the conventional route for immersing of Holy Deity of Devi Durga. The entire police effort was designed to placate a band of riotous Muslims supported by their co-religionists.

Apprehensions are rising that Asansol will bear the same at this year too.