Friday, June 29, 2012

Hindu Samhati addresses mammoth meeting in Jalaberia

We have already reported how Hindus in Jalaberia, P.S. Kultali, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are fighting off the spate of Islamic fundamentalism ( and are leaving no stone unturned to bring this (mounting) cancerous growth in the body of democracy to a close. 

Hindu Samhati is working assiduously to intensify this spontaneous struggle in the best possible manner.

Hindu Samhati, led by its president, Tapan Ghosh, had a novel success on June 28, 2012, in Jalaberia, when it encountered a mammoth meeting of struggling Hindus there.

Owing to the presence of Tapan Ghosh, Somraj Banerjee, Ranjit Kar, Rajkumar Sardar of Hindu Samhati along with a few others, Hindus, there, for the first time found a brawny Hindu leadership that can be counted on.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spate of atrocities on Hindus in Mograhat

More shocking reports from Mograhat are coming in:

In the Gokarni market area, P.S. Mograhat, Islamists are appropriating shops of Hindus (increasingly) and hence, Hindus are losing their grounds there slowly and steadily. Administration remains inactive while Hindus continue to run hither and thither for assistance. And the fallout is too obvious.

It is becoming more and more difficult for Hindus to dwell in their indigenous village: Maitirhat, P.S. Mograhat any longer. Rising assaults along with plundering, bids to molest Hindu women conducted by Islamists of neighboring village of Dighirpar have turned out to be a daily affair by now. Police prefers to remain as coolheaded as they remain in such cases (as regards Hindus); consequently, Hindus are opting for a sanctuary. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No hope for Hindus in Mograhat

Administrative nonchalance aid Islamists to prevail

A stupendous rise in the number of Islamists in Mograhat block, District: 24 Paraganas (South) – in 1981 Hindus in Mograhat formed 87% of the entire populace but came down to mere 47% in 2001 – is no longer a talk of the town. What is being witnessed at the moment is a further decrease in their numbers and the void being filled by a momentous rise in Islamic communalism.  

A spate of recent incidents in Mograhat makes it easy for all to ascertain the ominous reality there. 

1)      North-east part of the canal, flowing alongside the Mograhat market, has been occupied by Islamists illegally and a grandiose mosque has been built there. What is more, microphones attached to the minarets of mosque are playing daylong harassing Hindus on the whole. The entire development happens to be a grievous design of Islamists to extend influence and nonchalance of administration gives a fillip to it only.  There is another point as well. Government of Bengal has annunciated recently “Jal Dharo, Jal Varo” – a policy to reserve water for its best use in future. How can a great part of canal be filled then?
2)      On the eastern side of Mograhat railway station, adjoining the railway track precisely, a majestic two-storied mosque (termed as namaz-ghar by Islamists) has been built creating a great difficulty for commuters. The pathway used by them, consequently, has come down to half. It has been learnt, top railway officials have visited the spot but any measure against the illegitimate building is yet to be adopted.
3)      A magnificent mosque has been built at the crossing of Goruhata (between the road from Mograhat to Bangla More). Albeit the land belongs to Muslims, the amazing speed in which the entire construction has been completed has made locals skeptical of the entire project and the fund behind it.
4)      This story belongs to Gokarni Panchayat in Mograhat – when it was dominated by CPIM a few years back. A  few Muslim families (termed as refugees) were placed there by the then party in power. And by now the same number has increased to a few hundreds, although what made them refugees is yet to be known. It has come to the knowledge, Muslim families there are planning to build up a mosque there by filling up a nayanjuli. And this is certainly illegal in every sense of the term.

Harishankarpur happens to be an obscure village under P.S. Mograhat and was known to revel the native fair of Ghorachut for decades. However, Islamists have brought the fair to an end. The two previous fairs were highly disturbed by Islamists from adjacent villages and indifference of local administration gave them an easy edge. Police has denied outright to help Hindus in any way.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hindus fighting off land Jihad in Joynagar

Hindus in Bengal, however gradual it is, are ascertaining the cruelest yet bare fact that without struggle they can’t even exist, let alone any material or spiritual development, in any environment shared by Islamists as well. And the best depiction of this understanding happens to be the village: Dakshin Bele, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

The entire village along with its vicinity remains witness to a steady conflict against Islamists and how Hindus are fighting desperately here to retain own basis along with that of their kith and kin. Nonetheless, in this struggle, true to form, Hindus are all alone as political parties are vying to prove themselves as ideal seculars through supporting Islamists and their each anti-Hindu struggle in every capacity.      

In the village, a Hindu individual (known for inclination and hard work to CPIM) sold an agricultural land worth 1 acre to a Muslim individual. Islamists, at the moment, are leaving no stone unturned to have the same land and their sole aim, it’s needles to say, is to harass Hindus and grab Hindu lands in future, counting on the same tract.

Hindus, highly experienced of all these nefarious designs, are waging a desperate struggle to foil the same. A civil suit in court was commenced by them. When Islamists found it difficult to have the same land owing to legal compulsions, they got furious and tried to harm Hindus physically. But Hindus, instead of giving in to them, have been resisting each and every assault valiantly.

On June 23, 2012 such a direct conflict took place but to the astonishment of Islamists, Hindu youths from other villages joined Hindu warriors of Dakshin Bele. Well, strong determination showed its true colors and eventually, for this time, Hindus defeated Islamists who had no other option other than taking refuge in their own residences. Police, best cohort of Bengal’s choicest secularists (Islamists), appeared ultimately to rein in the worsening situation.      

Mr. Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, went to the village on June 24, 2012 and met the villagers. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Power of united Hindus forced the Muslim to bite the dust

It could have turned into an another story of Hindu torture by Muslim miscreants going with impunity at Tangra colony under Bangaon police station, but timely intervention of Hindu Samhati boys not only ensured the restoration of pride of the local Hindus but also forced the miscreant to bite the dust.

It all started in the morning of 22 June, 2012, when, Uttam Ghosh, a Hindu resident of Tangra, was harvesting jute in his field, cattle of Siraj Mandal (a Muslim localites) entered into his field and started destroying the corps.  Once Uttam Ghosh started driving the cattle away from his field, Siraj Mandal came to the field and after exchanging some filthy words, pounced on him. The matter did not end there, after completing the days work, when Mr. Ghosh was returning to his house, Siraj Mandal, again, attacked him and started beating him. Seeing this, wife and 11 year old daughter of Mr. Ghosh came to his rescue but Siraj did not even spare the lady and her little daughter and hit them hard dragging their hair.

After that Uttam Ghosh and his family made a representation to local Hindu Samhati workers. Volunteers of Hindu Samhati led them to police station to file a General Diary. Police advised them to amicably sort that out through a local meeting and escorted them to the meeting place.

At the meeting, Siraj Mandal, at first, denied all the charges but when insisted by Samhati volunteers and supported by witnesses, he accepted his fault and tendered his apology to Uttam Ghosh touching his feet. Local Muslims wanted to close the case at this point but considering physical injury of Uttam Ghosh caused by him, Hindu Samhati workers were not satisfied with mere apology and demanded compensation from Siraj Mandal. The demand of Hindu Samhati boys received huge support from local Hindus who turned up in huge numbers at the meeting. Finally, he succumbed to the united power of Hindus and agreed to pay all the bills incurred due to medical expenses of Uttam Ghosh.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Islamist youth molests Hindu housewife in Subarnapur, Deganga

Subarnapur, P.S. Deganga, District: 24 Paraganas (North), happens to be an obscure village and if compared to the metropolis of Kolkata, it lags in each and every capacity. However, there is one horrific similarity between the two; Hindu women do remain unsafe in both spheres. While on June 8, 2012, a Hindu woman, wife of an army official, was raped by a Muslim cab driver in Kolkata, a Hindu housewife, on June 13, 2012, was brutally molested by an Islamist youth in Subarnapur.   

There are other similarities as well. Similar to the infamous Park Street rape case, local police, here, left no stone unturned to suppress the case of molestation. It has been learnt, second officer of the police station, professing same religion of the said perpetrator, happened to be instrumental in this regard. 

On the very day, the aforesaid Hindu housewife, mother of two children, was busy in the fields when on earth the Islamist criminal, Siddique Mandal (s/o Azet Mandal), age 20 years, attacked her with the sole intention of outraging her modesty. She, with all might, tried to resist the felon but being vulnerable to the attack raised an alarm. Finding it too difficult, Siddique, by means of handle of shallow pump, hit on her head and she started bleeding profusely.  

After a short time, she was found by the local Hindus but in a state of unconsciousness. Scratches were visible on her neck and finding her deteriorating fast, she was taken to a local doctor. She was fortunate enough to get stitches as a result.  Hindus, afterwards, went to the police station along with the victim’s son to lodge complaint. Even if police appeared to be reluctant in the beginning, they registered the complaint later owing to Hindus’ perseverance (FIR -379).

Second officer of Deganga police station visited the spot and had some evidences confirming the case of molestation. The wounded woman was taken to Kartickpur hospital but no D.N.A test was done there. Considering the seriousness of injury, she was advised to go to Barasat hospital but the hospital authority neither admitted nor treated her. She was taken to N.R.S Medical College and got treatment there.

On Sunday a few local Hindu men and women went to the police station since Siddique Mandal was not taken into custody till that time. They wanted to talk to the Officer-in-Charge but he was not available then. He talked to them over phone. When the Officer-in-Charge returned, he enquired about the matter. The 2nd officer told that the case was solved; nonetheless, local people were disgruntled with his observation and demanded apposite approaches.

Officer-in-Charge went to the village and assured Hindus of adopting all possible steps for justice.  

Siddique Mandal has been arrested but is yet to be brought before the court of law.

Hindu clubs are under Threat from Muslim Elements in West Bengal

It’s as clear as daylight that Islamists are scared of Hindu organizations in Bengal and all these have made them to wage recurrent onslaughts on Hindu-dominated clubs. The vicious incident of Shrihatta in Hooghly is still fresh – Islamists stopped the refurbishment of a Hindu-dominated club, 30 years-old by now, there by claiming (falsely) that the renovation was going on in a Waqf property and it was done only after changing the map of very land; a perilous scheme enacted in cooperation with the local administration.

Now, there is another development – one more Hindu-dominated club, Young Staff, located in Durganagar, District: 24 Paraganas (North), has become prey to another spate of Islamic assault. 

The dreadful incident took place on June 20, 2012 at 11.30 am when local Islamists, devoid of an iota of provocation even, assailed Young Staff. It is to be noted that the club has been continuing for over 10 years at a stretch and is devoted to various social causes including rendering free education to children, free medical check up for poor people. 

Well, the attack (enough to raise eyebrows) was launched by Muslim women, perceived to hurl stones, followed by their male counterparts soon attacking the club with all kinds of deadly weapons. The attack was so abrupt that it led to helplessness among Hindus on the whole. What followed next was a complete destruction of the said club and inhuman thrashing of its Hindu members.   

It has come to the knowledge that two members of the club viz. Bappa Moili and Bapi Sarkar received heavy injuries. They were taken to G. Kar Hospital, Kolkata and is said to be in critical conditions at the moment. The other victims included Biplab Das, Suman Das, Diki Sen, Suman Ghosh,Shubha Sarkar, Bapon Goldar.

Hindus, in no time, lodged an official complaint to P.S. Dumdum containing names of 16 Islamists that includes Natu, Shahidul, Rabiul, Ahidul,Safi, Kuchkuchi, Kalo Chottu, Mantu, Raju, Bhoga, Bhutu, Muzaffar, Nantu,Santu, Puchun and  Iqbal.

Well, police was prompt enough to visit the spot and assure Hindus of adopting proper measures against the aforementioned Islamist toughs. Nevertheless, as expected, none of them has been arrested thus far. Fearing more disturbances, two police vans have been deployed in the locality. The situation in the vicinity (in a single word) is furious. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hindus Consolidate with a Show of Strength only to be Betrayed by Politicians of West Bengal

Several days ago at Jalaberia, P.S. Kultali, District: 24 Paraganas (South) local Hindus caught three Muslim robbers with valuables that were looted. Robbery has been a regular feature in this area for last couple of months. The criminals did not confine themselves only to robbery but also indulged in forcible rape of local Hindu women. Therefore, local Hindus of Jalaberia, were fuming  against torture by Muslims and the biased role of police and administration in favor of Muslims added further fuel to the fire.

Agitated Hindus outburst with anger once they nabbed 2 dacoits(robbers) red handed on 3rd of June and beat them severely resulting in the death of 2 dacoits and one was hospitalized. This incident made police, who were seemed to be in hibernation during attacks on Hindus, concerned about their duty. They performed their duty by torturing and arresting Hindu for murder charge coming at late night. When housewives protested, they were not even spared from barbaric torture of police. One child also got his arm fractured by this act of police. The police took 2 men to the police station in charge of murder.

 This inhuman torture turned Hindu into protest mode. On 5th June, local Hindus, led by women, blocked the road which connects Kultali to Jaynagar. They demanded release of 2 Hindu men who were taken away by police, arrest of Muslim robbers, transfer of Officer in Charge of Kultali police station within 24 hours etc. Administration became totally astonished after witnessing united power of Hindus. They were just about to accept in totality of the demands of the Hindu protestors, when the district president, Debatosh Acharya, of BJP turned up in that area and declared that if the police gives a mere assurance to honour the demand of the Hindus, the picketing would stop. The administration did not let this opportunity slip away from them and instantly agreed but verbally. Then the President insisted Hindus for withdrawal of blockade leaving them absolutely spellbound as they did not get anything without some hollow promise, yet advised to stop their protest.

 The president did not waste much time in that place after the blockade was withdrawn and his purpose was already done. He danced into the tune of the administration to betray the fight of united Hindus. Even after passing of almost a week, no demands, of the Hindus, has been honoured and the president has gone to attend the state executive meeting of BJP leaving hapless Hindus to live their fate.