Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hindus stop construction of illegal mosque in Kolkata Leather Complex

Gangapur, a village alongside the famed Kolkata Leather Complex under the jurisdiction of the Kolkata Leather Complex Police Station within 24 Paraganas (South) district, remained witness to a communal fracas on December 24, 2013 due to bids of fortifying an illegal mosque in the environs. It has been learnt, a few people (belonging to Muslim community) appeared in the land sharing an ancient temple of Banadevi surprisingly and without consulting anyone, they commenced to build up a new structure – later found as an illicit mosque. The news was enough to both unnerve and enrage local Hindus as they knew that they would have to pay a high price for this ultimately.

It is worth mentioning, the ancient temple exists within 100 meters of the disputed and illegal structure; Hindus worship at the temple regularly and the Banadevi fair is also organized there annually.  As a result, the effort behind this new mosque was deemed as evil by local Hindus. They also realized that completion of the same would endanger Hindu locality and its way of life. And this new crisis would not be limited to any jolt only. On the word of a villager (on condition of anonymity), “even If Hindus have no problem with any new mosque, past experiences are enough to ascertain that any such development would call Hindus, their religious beliefs and also worships a halt. And administration supports these evil designers only.” 

As there was no other option for a peaceful resolution, local Hindus, led by Hindu Samhati, organized a mass resistance to the shady project leading to its termination finally.   

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Steer clear of Hindu Samhati

One sharp, stern struggle, and the slaves of centuries are free - George Massey 

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable - John F. Kennedy

No matter how much omnipotent can a regime be, it cedes to the power representing people ultimately. This has been the guiding principle for all generations but contemporary Bengal administration is yet to comprehend it and hence, it is busy to hound and despoil Hindu Samhati, known for its glaring role in monitoring and reporting violations against Hindus in the state. Ever since its formation, there have been relentless state government-sponsored attacks on it and horrific developments in Rajbari, under the jurisdiction of Sandeshkhali in South 24 Paraganas district, of late bring to light what Hindus are going through.

 Following the visit of a team of Hindu Samhati to the abovementioned area and its neighborhood on December 17, 2013, local administration, instigated by Islamists, lost no time to both terrorize and penalize Hindus in the area. Even if Hindu Samhati’s team members during the visit were surveiled by Muslim youths, it was hard to imagine then that more problems were awaiting local Hindus. Amoy Bhunia or Gora, a decent Hindu youth in Rajbari, was arrested out of no reasons and a large contingent of police along with RAF was deployed to foil any effort to release him.  When a large number of local Hindus, defying all oppressions, built up a peaceful protest against the detention, police and RAF lathicharged 1000 of them brutally and as per reports, it was done under the instruction of Shahjahan Sheikh, highly influential leader of Trinamool Congress in the locality – infamous and worked as a reliable crook of CPIM till a few months back. No less than 11 Hindus including 5 women were arrested. One of them was Rumpa Bhunia and owing to police attack, she suffered several injuries. Nevertheless, daring struggles of Hindus made police release the detainees ultimately.

But it was not all as on the next day police, in the dead of night, forayed No. 14 Baghmari village and arrested Ramchandra Sardar and Babusona Sardar. But this also turned out to be a failure for police only as they were snatched by Hindus in the midway. Hindu women in strength were present in the mob and used jharu or broom to teach police and administration a strong lesson.   

Is this a new beginning for passive Hindus? Perhaps it is and with the increase of oppressions on them, resistances will also become harsher – it can be said without doubt. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Police inactivity intensifying communal rivalry in Sutahata, East Medinipur

What can be the result of brazen minority appeasement in Bengal got apparent once more when on December 14, 2013, at 10 pm, Muslim youths in strength raided the crossing at Chaitanyapur under the jurisdiction of the police station of Sutahata in Haldia in the district of East Medinipur to conquer a strip of land alongside the thoroughfare owned by PWD (West Bengal Public Works Department). The strip of land is located at 200 meters away from the crossing and is owned by Tamal Sinha and his family. But it is lying vacant for years.  At 10 pm, almost 200 Muslim youths from the neighboring areas of Dhekua, Ramchandrapur and Jagatpur turned up there surprisingly with a banner of All India Minority Association or AIMA and started to fence the land. Members of the Sinha family rushed to the spot but instead of talking to them Muslim youths went on with the job. Even if the local police station was phoned repeatedly, there was no response. The local market committee also remained silent and then, finding no other way, youths of the Sinha family tried to prevent crooks physically but it backfired. They were thrashed by the crowd. Hindu women of the family were also insulted. 

But this failed to dampen spirits of Sinha family; women of the family tried to dismantle the makeshift fence in the wee hours on December 15 but at this time, they were lashed. However, the situation started to change once local clubs like “Juger Jatri” and “Nabatara” were informed in the morning. Members of the club along with local shopkeepers lost no time to pull down the fence and this led to fierce clashes between the two communities at several spots in the environs. 

Even if the intervention of local police and administration has succeeded to calm down the situation for now, any peaceful resolve seems to be far off yet as Hindus and Muslims have got busy in hurling accusation at each other. Local Hindus have urged the local police to detain the perpetrators on the night of December 14 but police, reportedly being cautioned by political groups hell-bent to retain its minority vote bank, remains inactive. And this is adding more fuel to the fire. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hindu Samhati’s Protest March against Hindu Persecution in Bangladesh unfolds a new chapter of Struggle

Unfolding a new chapter in the history of West Bengal, Hindu Samhati, to express its abhorrence against the ongoing Hindu persecution in Bangladesh and also to convey its solidarity to minority Hindus there, brought out a massive protest march in the town of Bangaon in North 24 Paraganas district, on December 10, 2013. The demonstration which commenced its headway from Batar More (crossing) in the noon was joined by Hindus in throngs and while the march went on, hundreds of Hindus were witnessed (on both sides of the thoroughfare) to cheer it. Some were even found to term Hindu Samhati’s endeavor as opportune and as the only way to make the nonchalant, obtuse Indian governance conscious of the cruel reality on the other side of the border and how any more silence may destabilize the integrity and also economy of India.  It is worth to mention, hundreds of Hindu families, as per fresh reports, have already entered the Indian mainland for security following the violent clashes back home. And this is nothing new; it is no secret whenever there is any resistance from liberals or resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh, Hindus turn into the worst casualty.    

Press and media reports from Bangladesh have already depicted how Hindus have become the sole target of Islamic oppression yet again and some of the most revered columnists there have also termed this onslaught of Islamists as the cruelest effort (in the recorded history) to exterminate Hindus racially. Now the question remains whether India is aware of its outcome or whether she hopes to deal with Bangladesh unflappably for a better future in the Indian subcontinent.

The protest march was addressed by leaders of Hindu Samhati who were found to state without qualm how this crisis is endangering the Hindu civilization in the Indian subcontinent and also the fact that any failure to halt  this will lead to an arrant disaster only. The protest march tried to move towards the Indo-Bangladesh international border but was stopped by the local administration halfway.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Muslim politics is back in Bengal – with renewed strength

There is no more any need to shroud under any political banner of nationalists or Marxists to carry out Islamists’ agenda of proving and also retaining supremacy. Gone are the days also when a Muslim individual in Bengal would prefer to be under the camouflage of any political ideology to execute own religious stake. Unlike the 1950s or 60s or even 70s, contemporary Muslims in Bengal are potent enough to make their own destiny even if by irking Hindus. Islamists are backed by the entire political spectrum, let alone administration and media. 

How Islamists are strengthening their political clout in Bengal can be discerned from the electoral demands posited by their representatives before the imminent Lok Sabha election in 2014. 
Tahrik Foundation of Kolkata engineered a discourse over Muslim Agenda (Before 2014 Elections)” on December 1, 2013 at St.  Xavier’s College’s auditorium in Park Street which turned into a great success eventually. Speakers at the conference included Maulana Muhammed Abu Taleb Rahmani, president of Indian Ulema Council and Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood, president of all-India Zakat Foundation and member of Sachar Committee, who spoke vehemently at the (alleged) state-sponsored cynicism to the widespread Muslim population in the Indian state of Bengal and also asked the government to abide by their 20-point agenda. 

On the word of Dr Mahmood, one of the best ways to better the community is to escalate Muslim representation in both central and state legislatures. He also said that the Muslim population in India being 13.8% there should be 77 MPs proportionally. What should be done then?  He prescribed Muslims to vote and support the party interested to foment and also keep Muslim interest as the priority.   Others who spoke on the occasion and basically on the Muslim agenda included Imam of Baker Hostel Niamat Hossain Habibi, Syed Imtiaz Hossain, Faisal Ali. 

A few points in the “Muslim Agenda (Before 2014 Elections)” include  – creation of time-bound fast track courts to try terror allegations; providing compensation of Rs. 50 lakh to each person who is judicially acquitted of terror allegations; deletion of the conditionality of religion from the definition of “Scheduled Caste” and also of paragraph 3 from the 1950 order through a simple parliamentary resolution; establishment of equivalence between Madrasa and other education; establishment of equal opportunity commission; involvement of Muslim beneficiary groups in planning and oversight of projects; concentration to benefit the entire Muslim community across India instead of a few chosen ones.

It is worthwhile to mention, Pakistan (originally a movement of a few feudal lords in North India then) became a pan-Muslim struggle due to Bengali Muslims’ active participation.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Blood and iron to prevail Asansol’s Durga Puja

Bruising Hindu aspirations so as to placate Muslims only, Asansol’s administration is all set to bring the imminent festive season to a halt and what can be a better instance of this than its obstinacy in prohibiting Ganesh Puja at the Sri Sri Durga Mata Charitable Trust Temple located in Bastin Bazaar, of late. This was only a cruel posture and the antipathy of local administration got revealed more when derisory prohibitions were imposed on upcoming immersion programs and all these have been done to let local Muslims observe Bakr Eid, a homely function only, peacefully. Organizers of Durga Puja have been asked to change their traditional routes lest Muslims get offended.

What the administration fails to comprehend is that each such stance infuriates Hindus in the environs who prefer to live with other communities serenely but not by abandoning religious conviction.

One has the right to ask why such audaciousness against Hindus recurs on every year. Truly, there is no end to this and even if all other anti-Hindu measures are eschewed for the moment, the incident of October 06, 2011 can’t be evaded ever. The very auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami witnessed the death of an innocent youth named Sujit Kumar Verma of 18 year old, owing to a bullet injury.  Police fired indiscriminately on Hindus protesting against the administrative bid to preclude them from following the conventional route for immersing of Holy Deity of Devi Durga. The entire police effort was designed to placate a band of riotous Muslims supported by their co-religionists.

Apprehensions are rising that Asansol will bear the same at this year too.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Islamists steadfast to tarnish Harisava Hindu Girls’ School, Burdwan

No school exclusively for Hindus is allowed

Not a school in Bengal will be allowed to remain free of the orbit of Islamic machismo; either the educational institution will have to yield to its strength or dissolve ultimately. So precarious is the basis of mushrooming Islamic fundamentalism, all set to vitiate the environment and swallow Bengali Hindus ultimately. When the mindset is such how can Harisava Hindu Girls’ School situated in the district town of Burdwan be allowed to think and work independently? Islamists refuse to live with such multiculturalism and hence, they have targeted their guns against the school’s management committee and blaming it to be vicious against minorities, in particular Muslims.        

As per West Bengal Minority Commission, no government-funded school can act thus and has got to accept students of all religions including Muslims. On November 27, 2012, Janab Intaz Ali Shah, ex-Judge and chairman of the commission, asked Burdwan district administration, school education department and the concerned school management committee (through Memo No. 1019 – MC/C-148-2012) that abiding by the constitution and legal system of India and its human virtue along with democratic consciousness, the school must open its door to all including Muslims and no illegal approach will be tolerated. However, the school’s management committee has never shied away from asserting their own reservations in this regard. The committee has stated time and again there is paucity of space in the school’s premises, students often go to the temple and the presence of Muslim girls there may lead to tensions having enough chances to worsen in near future.

But the West Bengal Minority Commission is adamant, unwilling to listen to school’s viewpoint and has therefore warned the institution of dire consequences before long.

The administration is silent as expected adding salt to the gaping wound of Hindus; local Islamists are also increasing pressure on Harisava Hindu Girls’ School to seize it once and for all.

Harisava Hindu Girls’ School, if truth be told, is fighting a lone battle to retain its tradition of allowing only      Hindus in the institution ever since 1943. The change of school’s character will be a great blow to Hindu beliefs in the neighborhood.  

Will a madarasa be ready ever to introduce SrimadBhagavadGita in its curriculum?

Article 30 (1) of the Constitution of India states, “All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.” 

But the majority community or Hindus in India is bereft of such rights and can’t administer an educational institution even as per its own tradition and Harisava Hindu Girls’ School is bearing the same brunt. How long will such discrimination be tolerated? 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hindu Samhati’s convention in Amtala earns great success

Struggle – cornerstone of Hindus

On 22 nd September, Hindu Samhati coordinated a convention at Gotalahat in Amtala under the jurisdiction of police station of Bishnupur, District: 24 Paraganas (South). It was attended by local Hindus in large numbers. The convention emphasized the need of Hindu unity at this critical juncture when a surge in Islamic fundamentalism is being witnessed in the whole of Bengal, especially in 24 Paraganas (South), regarded as the worst victim of this saga already. Apart from leaders of Hindu Samhati, several others including Krishna Maharaj of Gauriya Math, Amaresh Bhattacharya took part in the meeting. What astounded people in the dais was the spontaneity of Hindus attending the convention in throngs. The meeting was presided by Ganesh Mandal, well-known businessman in the locality.

Speaking on the occasion, whether he is Krishna Maharaj or Amaresh Bhattacharya or Ganesh Mandal even, all accentuated plights of Hindus in the district thanks to escalating tortures on them by Islamists and strange apathy of the reigning administration to it. Each single incident demonstrates how Hindus in the whole district, let alone other areas, are being victimized and if Hindus get victorious out of the blue ever, it is turned into a pyrrhic victory. Both administration and Islamists maintain a strong liaison in this regard and their ultimate aim is to break up the Hindu consolidation, their morale leading to exodus. Unless this is checked, Hindu population in 24 Paraganas (South) will cease to exist soon and a Hindu-free land will entice foes of Dharma to use this territory as a fort to strengthen their grievous design of  exterminating Hindus racially.

Both Bikarna Naskar and Somraj Ganguli, senior leaders of Hindu Samhati, narrated their own experiences of taking on Islamists directly and even hand-to-hand confrontation with them to save Hindus. Exemplifying a few incidents, they messaged the gathering unless Hindus fight, there is no hope. Hindus have to devote themselves to struggle and wherever (and whenever) Hindus fight against injustice and threat of Muslim radicals decisively, victory remains with them only.

Surge in cases of sexual abuse against women in Bengal as administration goes slow on attackers

Sexual abuse and assault of women has become a regular affair in the Indian state of West Bengal. While people’s anguishes against the government for not doing enough to protect women are rising steadily, the government prefers to retain a strange silence. The actions of the government as well as ground reports suggests that in a majority of cases, the attackers belong to Muslim community whereas the victims are Hindus, leading to deepening resentment among the victims who allege that government inaction is only to secure minority votes. One of many such victims is 16 year old Sujata Mal, daughter of Biswanath Mal, resident of Maheshpur village in Jangipara police station, Radhanagar panchayet under Hoogly district. Sujata was a bright student of Dwarhatta Rajeswari GirlsHigh School in Class IX. Both her parents were manual labourers and in spite of impoverished conditions, they struggled hard to provide her daughter with the best quality education they could afford. But what the family has got in return was her half-nude, slain body that was found on 15th September from beside a channel. The dead body had started to decompose and has been sent to Kolkata Medical College for a forensic examination. Irate villagers blocked the road for hours in protest. Belated appearance of police in the spot added fuel to fire and only after police assured villagers that criminals would be arrested soon, the roadblock was withdrawn. While investigations are still going on, the villagers opine that the case is a conspiracy hatched against unfortunate Sujata by someone from the neighboring village of Parbatipur. This village is inhabited by people from both Hindu and Muslim communities and is known for frequent inter-community clashes in the environs.

Madhabi Ghosh, resident in the village of Kaosate under the jurisdiction of police station of Baduria in the district of 24 Paraganas (North) committed suicide on 15th September after being molested by a few inhabitants of the same village including one Firoze Mandal, who goes by the pseudonym Genesh as per information from local sources. It has been reported that the entire plan was designed by Nurjahan Bibi, another resident of Kaosate, with an intention to size land and property of Madhabi who was managing the distillery business of her husband. It has been learnt that on 15th September a group of people who were later identified as Muslims rushed to her residence in the evening, forcefully brought her out and molested her in public. Madhabi committed suicide later on. However, no information of whether police is handling the case has been found yet as local Hindus find it too risky to fetch information from Kaosate.

The entire municipality of Baruipur in the district of 24 Paraganas (South) is aghast now following the molestation of a young girl in the crowded area of Bypass at the junction of Padmapukur and Qazipara on 17th September in the evening. It has been learnt while the girl was walking with three of her female friends she was molested by an unknown man. But there was no protest as the molester was too quick to be caught. Only when the girl rescued herself and informed her relatives, the reality was comprehended. According to locals, molester was not alone; he had been seen to talk to some other persons. But none of them could be seen following the attack.  The victim girl works in a nursing home in Baruipur and invited three friends on the occasion of Viswakarma Puja. An official complaint against two local miscreants Bubai Sheikh and Battu Gazi has been lodged by her to the local police station. None has been arrested yet.

Housewife gang-raped, murdered in Dhapdhapi

Bithi (name changed) is 23 year old wife of Purna Ghosh (name changed) and resident of Dhapdhapi village under Baruipur police station in 24 Parganas (South)) district. On 1st August she was raped and murdered by a gang of criminals while returning with her girl child Mrittika (name changed) to her residence at 8 pm. During the incident, three of the criminals encircled her all of a sudden and grabbed both mother and daughter in a flash. They were then taken to Dakshin (South) Barasat area where Bithi was raped while an assailant named Salauddin poured acid on her face. Later on, the same culprit Salauddin took Bithi to Baruipur Sub-divisional Hospital and phoned Tarak, brother of Bithi who lives in Dakshin (South) Durgapur and informed him of the development. Hearing the news Tarak along with other family members rushed to the hospital to find Bithi lying dead in a pool of blood. When questioned by police, Tarak confirmed that Salauddin was the main conspirator behind the event. According to Tarak, Salauddin used to regularly harass Bithi before her marriage and that he was cautioned by Tarak and his brothers to leave her alone. Based on complains by the victim’s family, Salauddin along with his accomplices Ramzan Mandal, Abdul Mandal and Nazir Mandal have been arrested by police. An FIR 86/13 dated 03.08.2013 under sections 302 and 342 IPC have been lodged against them.  According to police, Salauddin initially poured acid on Bitihi’s face to conceal her identity but later changed his mind and to prove his innocence, phoned Tarak. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Protest against bail of molester grows violent in Chengail

Police van ransacked; 2 arrested 

Following the unexpected release of Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi (culprit of molesting Shilpi – student of Class IV at Chengail Kiran Sashi Siksha Mandir) and unwillingness of both school authority and police to ensure safety of girl students in the locality, simmering anger of people burst out on July 31 morning when local youths brought out a protest march against brazen developments. Local youths went to both Chengail Kiran Sashi Siksha Mandir and Chengail Sri Vidyaniketan High School (opened after Panchayat election and counting) to close down the two educational institutions as a mark of protest. Even if an examination was going on in the high school, school authority folded the institution to support the protest march.

It has been learnt, local police was phoned repeatedly to be a witness to the protest. But their late arrival proved to be enough to deteriorate the situation. The infuriated mob terming the late arrival as reluctance, grew violent and damaged the main gate of Chengail Kiran Sashi Siksha Mandir within minutes. Police vans couldn't evade this intense anger as well; windowpane of a police vehicle was damaged. 

Then large contingent of police and RAF deployed in the area. Gourab Dey and Bablu Dhara were arrested by P.S. Uluberia. In evening massive raids were conducted in houses of Hindu localities of Chengail by police. Hindus are scared to stay home at night. Situation is tense.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Minor student of Chengail primary school brutally molested

Bail of culprit creates uproar

As Shilpi (name changed) was talking to this scribe, she was just shivering while her eyes were moistened as well – perhaps this was due to her bleak future following instruction of her parents that she would not attend the school where she was happy till the morning of July 25, 2013. Shilpi of age 14 is a student of Class IV at Chengail Kiran Sashi Siksha Mandir where she was brutally molested at 10.30 am on the same day by Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi, son of Rashid Munshi and living in a village of Chengail, P.S. Uluberia. District: Howrah.

It has been learnt, Lalbabu Munshi went to the school at 10.20 am on last Thursday (July 25) alleging that his son is also a student of the same school. On the fateful morning, Shilpi went to the school with her sister earlier and the culprit, exploiting absence of students then, went to the classroom directly, asked Shilpi to take care of his son. When Shilpi agreed, he took her into the classroom forcefully and molested by touching her private parts. Once Shilpi burst into tears and also seeing teachers entering the school premises, Lalbabu fled. Later Shilpi narrated the ghastly experience to her school friends viz. Neha Khatun, Hafiza Khatun And Khusbu Khatun and went to the room of Dilip Pramanik, Teacher-in-Charge.

Attitude of Shilpi made Mr. Pramanik smell a rat and due to his insistence, the whole story was narrated to him. Without wasting time, he phoned Bashu Pandit – Councilor of Samuipara of Uluberia Municipality.  Bashu reached the school the school within a few minutes and apprehending intensity of the development, they contacted the local police station of Uluberia. They were called by the police to lodge an official complaint; Mr. Pramanik went there along with Shilpi and her father, Uttam (name changed) living in village: Khalisani (Purbapara), P.S. Uluberia. Meanwhile, the police team entered the school premises and based on accounts of Neha, Hafiza and Khusbu, arrested Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi of age 38 years.

An FIR (620 dated 27/07/2013 under sections 354A IPC) was lodged by Shilpi’s father but Lalbabu Munshi was bailed out on the next day allegedly under pressure from powerful quarter. He has been seen to roam freely in the area and more confidently than before.    

The bail of Lalbabu has shocked Shilpi’s family and hence, at present they are in a trauma almost. Bail has also appalled other guardians in the school, especially of Khusbu, Hafiza and Neha. Guardians are escorting their wards to the school daily sacrificing their own professions.

The bail has created a furor in the neighborhood.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Story of Mohammed Ali Chisti

Mohammed Ali Chisti, earlier Suresh Sahu, a new convert to Islam and resident of Hari Pal Lane, Kolkata – 700 006 has become the center of attention in his neighborhood and it is not only for he is going to organize Hazrat Astana Sharif Urs Mubarak marking the establishment of mazaar in his own residence. The way he propagates Islamic culture in the Hindu neighborhood has vexed his neighbors also and as per them, during the celebration of Urs on each year the demographic character of the area changes highly. Intrusion of truckloads of Muslims from other areas remains the main factor in this context.

According to locals, Suresh Sahu and his wife (originally from Orissa) were party members of CPIM while living in Sodapara or Sankharipara and with that support he entered Hari Pal Lane in 1999. He purchased a residence there and in the initial years, he was found to be congenial. But the situation changed in 2009 due to a police intervention. It was learnt that he deceived bank loans worth Rs. 1.5 crores; following the intervention of administration his residence and bank accounts were confiscated.  Suresh virtually disappeared from the area following the pandemonium.    

Suresh was spotted again in 2012 but with a new identity – as a Muslim individual and with a new name Mohammed Ali Chisti. And to prove his own Muslim identity, he created a mazaar in his residence. However, when he was asked by his neighbors of the reason that prompted him to convert to Islam, he answered quickly that it was the result of his own search for salvation and also that he was instructed by PirBaba of mazaar at Moulali, Sealdah in Kolkata. 

Nowadays, all Islamic festivals are celebrated at this house with splendor even if his wife and children are Hindu still.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Youths beaten up mercilessly in Chandannagar while attackers roam freely

On 26th April at 8.30 pm, Bikram Hela, son of late Ramesh Hela, was going from Urdibazar to Jhaubagan Gali, P.S. Chandannagar in Hooghly district on a bike.  He was accompanied by two friends, Rama Hela, son of Raju Hela and Issu Harijan, son of Chandra Harijan. On their way, they were obstructed by a few bullies belonging to the Muslim community of Urdibazar. The gang was led by Sheikh Anwar, who is also the president of the minority cell of Trinamool Congress party. Even if Bikram and his friends pleaded with Anwar and his fellows to let them go, they failed to impress them. Suddenly a local goon named Sheikh Mannan struck Issu Harijan with a glass bottle after which he fell down and started bleeding profusely. Both Bikram and Rama were stunned at the intensity of the assault and tried to defend him from the goons. Following this, Sheikh Munna and Sheikh Helpo started assaulting all of them. At the same time, a group of Muslim youths led by Sheikh Parvez came out of Star Club located close to the place of the attack. The group carried assault items like iron rods, swords and pounced upon the three of them.

All three of the victims sustained heavy injuries and their belongings including wrist watches, gold bracelets and chains were looted. But this was not all; the hooligans attacked the residences of Bikram, Rama and Issu later on, molested women there and Sheikh Anwar also desecrated the deities. The group left the place while warning that any report to the police would have dire consequences. But Bikram went to Chandannagar police station defying all threats to file a complain against the criminals. After the attack, the victims were sent to Chandannagar sub-divisional hospital and with the medical reports, Bikram Hela lodged an FIR against Sheikh Mannan, Sheikh Munna, Sheikh Helpo, Sheikh Parvez and others  (FIR No. 92/13 dated 26/04/2013 under sections 41/325/326/379/354B/295A/506/34 of the Indian Penal Code). According to locals, the assault was to prevent Hindus from participating in the following Ram Navami while it is rumored that the other side believes the entire incident to be a fallout of a love affair. Although the police had arrested all the assaulters, they were bailed out promptly with good help from local political leaders.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hindu Activist hounded out from residence in Rajarhat

Uttering words of protest against injustice and expressing one’s own opinion (as a citizen of India and also according to the Fundamental Rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India) has become a bane in Bengal these days and what is being done to the protestor can be said none except Santanu Basak, s/o late Tapan Basak, inhabiting village: Choto Chandpur, P.S. Rajarhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North), at the moment.

Santanu is known as General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Block: Rajarhat and at the moment, he is fleeing his own residence with the entire family. His residence was assaulted, dashed while his wife, daughter were molested by a large group of 5,000 Islamists on July 5, 2013 at 9 pm. Sanatnu strived to publish a leaflet questioning whether Barasat, following spate of recent attacks on Hindu women – especially gang rape and murder of Shipra Ghosh in Kamduni, has turned into a mini Pakistan.

What the handbill expressed was nothing except basic truth haunting millions of Hindus in the state now. It pointed out that the dominance of Muslim radicals in Barasat is not anything abrupt but the fallout of devilish policies of both CPIM and the reigning governance to deprive Hindus and oust them eventually.     

Even if the distribution of flyers among commoners witnessed a great success, the hardiness of Santanu with straight info in the handbill irked both Islamists and local administration highly. As a result, his residence along with whole family became aim of the violent attack for which they had to flee.

Local police administration failed to assure him security in the area from the Muslim goons. These protesting and attacking Muslims do not think it proper or necessary to lodge any complaint, if any, against Santanu Basak for publishing and distributing the said leaflet with the competent authority. They took law in their own hands. This is common feature all over West Bengal nowadays, and people are accustomed to live with it.

Strikingly, the armed, violent pack of Islamists was led by Muslim radicals, termed as absconders by the police and administration till date. Some of these absconders are Yaar Ali Mandal, Abdul Mandal, Entaj Gazi, Tapan Islam, Salim Gain, Rashid Mandal, Sabir Mandal and against all of them Santanu Basak lodged an FIR No. 152/12 dtd. 27/10/2012 under sections 4/5 of West Bengal Animal Slaughters Control Act, 1950 for slaughtering cows intentionally to hurt Hindu sentiment within the premises of village: Choto Chandpur Mallikati.

None of the above-mentioned felons has been arrested yet (remaining as absconders to police) but all of them were reportedly present in the assault on Santanu Basak and his family.  

Mayhem in Dogachia, Nadia following rape of Hindu housewife

The recent assault and rape of Joba, a 35 year old resident of Dogachia village, P.O. Nakashipara, P.S. Nakashipara of Nadia by Haider Ali of the same village have brought forward the miseries of the entire Hindu community who appear to be living on the edge. The Hindus, represented by 70 odd household out of a total of over 1500, complain of police high-handedness and repression with no hope of justice. On 30th June at around 11 am, Joba (name changed) was on her way to the toilet in the nearby paddy field. Unnoticed by the victim, 32 year old Haider Ali, son of Wasaf Sheikh, followed her and while she was returning, Haider grabbed and dragged her back the field. Even though she put up strong resistance, Haider came out too strong and the victim was subsequently overpowered after he broke her right leg with a bamboo stick. Haider eventually raped her and fled. Even though she was terribly injured, Joba managed to raise an alarm and hearing the same, neighboring Hindus from nearby houses rushed to the spot. Without wasting time, they ran after Haider but could not find him as he managed to flee. To save the situation, a team of police entered the village at that time but the sexual assault of Joba was too much for the Hindus to watch silently. When they decided to protest the incident, the police asked them to stop the agitation immediately. Following this, the situation worsened dramatically and resulted in a clash between protesters and the police.  In the ensuing chaos, the windowpane of the police van was broken. 

Even though Haider Ali was arrested the next day from nearby Palashi village, miseries of the members of the Hindu community in general continue to exist. The oppression results not only from Islamist leaders who enjoy the backing of the opportunist political leaders eyeing electoral votes of the majority Muslims of the village but also from the police themselves. The fear is so palpable that male members of Hindu families, including children, have been forced to flee. As fresh reports come in, the police continue to harass the Hindus. Swapan Ghosh, a local leader and key protester against the ravishment of Joba, has been thrashed mercilessly and is now on the run while Joba has been admitted to the district hospital at Shaktinagar in a critical condition. A first information report (FIR No. 585) dated June 30 has been lodged against Haider but Hindus in the village continue to have sleepless nights yet. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amta market confrontation ruled by communal overtone

A recent fracas at Kaltala More market in Amta, Howrah threw the administration out of gear for hours posing questions on the fast changing and precarious reality in the state. On 5th June, 2013, at 5 pm in the local market a burqa-clad woman was caught red-handed while stealing litchis from a fruit stall that was owned by another woman. The development led to a wild altercation between the two, which finally snapped when the fruit seller slapped the female thief. Without losing time, the burqa-clad woman phoned his acquaintances and within the next 30 minutes no less than 100 hooligans belonging to the Muslim community reached the spot from surrounding areas like Khainan, Gazipur, Deora, Chanderpur and started a mayhem. From the onset they were trying to exploit the detached silence of the neighbourhood and this got apparent when hoodlums started raising slogans to avenge an apparent insult of a Muslim woman by raising communally charged slogans. When the situation was fast moving out of control, other shopkeepers, sensing more trouble in the offing, unanimously came to the fore to stop the situation from worsening. Initially there was a heated argument between the two groups but it gave way to a direct confrontation pretty soon. Shopkeepers simply thrashed the hooligans with sticks of night guards in the area following which they made a hasty retreat.

But a complaint regarding the retaliatory attack by shop owners was lodged by Muslim youths the next day at the Amta police station. On the same evening, I.C. of police station went to Kaltala More market and warned the shopkeepers there of stern action if incident like this occurred in the future. The officer also instructed the shopkeepers that instead of thrashing, they should have handed the female thief over to the police station. And as a token punishment, the female fruit seller was ordered to shut down her shop. This act of gross injustice did not go down well with the rest of the shop owners who sensed a communal angle to the harsh sentence. The shopkeepers were so infuriated that they virtually chased the police team away from spot. The police team was smart enough to appreciate the mood of the market and fled from the scene almost instantly. Later on in the night, all shopkeepers of the market went to the Amta police station and protested against the nexus between police and offenders belonging to the Muslim community, specifically against the I.C. of Amta police station. 

Sardar family in Joynagar having sleepless nights

Toofan Sardar and his family in Baneshwarpur, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are having sleepless nights these days. Their dreadful situation on June 4, 2013, at1 am when local thief Mohammed Bente Mandal, entered their residence stealthily.  According to Toofan and his relatives, Bente entered the house, made his way to the Puja room and even switch on the light, probably to note the actual position. Sensing danger Toofan and his brothers raised an alarm after which Mandal fled away for the time being. However, old habits die hard and Mandal was found to enter the Sardar residence once more after a gap of 2 hours. But this time the dog barked and he was eventually caught red-handed inviting fury of the residents. Toofan’s neighbors also joined the thrashing.

Later on, parents of Mohammed were called in to show the reality of their son. But out of shame they refused to accept Bente and asked Toofan and his family members to do whatever they wished to do with him. Largely out of kind heartedness, they warned and released Mandal.  However, the situation changed dramatically for the Sardar family on the next day. In the morning, a group of almost 100 armed Muslim were seen to move towards Toofan’s residence to avenge last night’s "insult". Surprisingly enough, the group contained both Mohammed Bente Mandal and his father! But a spirited defence put up by Toofan, his brothers and a few neighbors appeared to be too much for the bullies to overcome.  And opportune appearance of police saved the situation from deteriorating further.  But the crisis did not end there as thieves are being found to either enter or go around Sardar family’s residence day in and day out. The entire family is wondering whether peaceful, gentle life in Bengal has become a thing of the past.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rape attempt on school girl foiled in Kasba, Kolkata, attacker arrested

Musharaf Sheikh who attempted to rape Rukmini (name changed), an 8 year old girl student of Class IV at Jagadish Vidyapith, in Kasba, Kolkata became victim of mob fury and was ultimately arrested by police. Ziarul Shiekh, his accomplice, was also put behind bars.  The brutal incident took place on May 7, 2013 at 1697, Rajdanga Main Road, CMDA, Plot MIG 193/89, P.S. Kasba, Kolkata – 107 in a building (under construction) where Rukmini’s father is a caretaker. Musharaf Sheikh is a resident of village: Maheshpur, P.S. Mograhat, Distirct: 24 Paraganas (South) and a laborer by profession who was working in the same real estate where the victim's father was also employed.

Rukmini is the second child of Bimal and Sabitri; the couple has three other children also. On the fateful day, at around 10 am victim's mother asked her to get her brother Papai. Rukmini, as a result, went everywhere and also to the building’s roof. She asked four laborers, including Musharaf Sheikh, who were working there of her brother. But they replied that Papai was downstairs. Hearing this Rukmini started going down but she was chased by Musharaf (age 34); suddenly he dragged her into a room in the third floor and attempted to rape her.

Musharaf, however, completely misjudged Rukmini who put up a valiant fight and ultimately prevailed over her perpetrator. She ran down screaming and informed her mother who raised an alarm instantly. A large crowd gathered there within minutes, got hold of Musharaf Sheikh and thrashed him.  

Police came to the spot later on and took Musharaf Sheikh into custody. Ziarul Sheikh, guarding the room where Musharaf was torturing Rukmini, was arrested as well.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hapless grocer thrashed over trivial argument

Recently, Ukiler Haat locality at Ukilerbazaar town, under P.S. Kakdwip, District: 24 Parganas (South) witnessed the unfortunate thrashing of a shop owner over a trivial misunderstanding that would be normally sorted out amicably in most places. The event unfolded around 7 pm on 27th May when Mr Murshid, (age 32, s/o Nasir, P.O. Bishalaxmipur, P.S. Kakdwip) went to Renu Bhandar, a local grocery store owned by Mr. Pronoy Dutta and ordered a 500 gm bag of mustard oil among other things. He was given a 450 gm bag of the oil and was explained by Mr.Gourishankar Mandal, staffer at the store, that the parent company has recently changed the pack size along with lowering of price and the store is obliged to supply the same.

However, Mr. Murshed went on arguing while Mr Mandal tried desperately to placate him. Suddenly, he struck Gourishankar and went on to repeatedly thrash him. The development was so abrupt that people stood there astonished at the sudden outburst. Before they could react and save the staffer, a few local Muslims came to Renu Bhandar and took Murshid away to safety. Nevertheless, Murshid went on warning Gourishankar with dire consequences. While a small incident in the gradually shifting sands of Bengal's demography, Ukilerbazzaar has been witnessing a relatively higher growth of Muslims population in the area for a few years and concerned persons in administration do accept in confidence that illegal migration of Muslims from Bangladesh is culpable in this regard.

Shanties, governmental properties smashed to "avenge" tragic death

The tragic and accidental death of a Muslim woman quickly turned into a communally charged confrontation in Tikiapara, Howrah. The woman attempted to cross the railway tracks with her child when she was overrun by the Sheorafuli (down) commuter train around 7 pm on (May 27, 2013). The woman apparently survived the initial tragedy, even though her child survived. According to eye witnesses, the woman may have survived if prompt medical relief was provided to her by the Railway Protection Force or RPF who could have taken the victim to a nearby hospital. However, this did not happen and the victim succumbed to her injuries.

What followed next was nothing but a mindless attack on the railway property, including adjacent shanties inhabited by Hindus. The communal overtone was obvious from the choice of their target. The angry mob went berserk, destroying four commuter trains of the South-Eastern railway route as well as a number of long distance, express trains. The furious mob, consisting mostly of members of the Muslim community, carried on with the mayhem, leaving the passengers terror stricken while the RPF watched helplessly for a large part of the ensuing destruction. At the time of reporting, the police appeared to have calmed the rioters that managed to ravage significant amount of public property and left the area simmering with communal animosity after the days events.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hindu Samhati youths stop construction of illegal mosque in Bangaon

Paikpara Ghatbaur, P.S. Bangaon, near to Bangaon town, on May 23, 2013, remained witness to a scuffle between Muslim ruffians and local Hindu Samhati activists – while the Islamists were hell-bent to restart construction of a mosque in a disputed property, located at a short distance away from an old Kali Temple of Hindus, situated behind the bus stand at Paikpara market, Hindu youths were desperate enough to stop the same.

It has been learnt, the trouble commenced at 11 am when a few Islamists, both young and old, were seen to supervise a construction in the disputed site. They were not ignorant of a crucial fact –the very land belongs to government and in 2006, Islamists had attempted to make a mosque there; Hindus, in protest, lodged a suit against the local administration then in the High Court on August, 2006 and the Hon’ble High Court of Kolkata ordered an injunction on the same land.

The status of land remains same but the Islamists, using the impending Panchayat election and its clout, hatched the same design once more. When Hindus asked them of the same, Islamists informed them of a minimal construction – enough to make Hindus smell a rat. Hindus asked them to stop the work but it went on. So, they decided to take help of local administration.  

Even if merely 30 Hindu Samhati activists were present there, they got successful in preventing more than 100s of Islamists.

When Hindu youths phoned the local police station and narrated the entire incident and also the possibility of a violent clash between two religious groups in absence of any legal measure, police rushed to the spot and asked Islamists, present there, of legal documents allowing them to do the same job.

As usual, they failed to show the authorization and the job was stopped by police straight away.

Had not Hindu Samhati youths defied Islamists and dared to call police, the pious task of Muslim radicals to build a mosque (at least its base) to bully local Hindus for all time would have finished by the same evening. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hindu girl student harassed in Joynagar

Hindu mob thrash guilty Muslim ruffians

Bokul Das, Hindu girl student of 14 years (age) and also daughter of Badal Das, inhabiting village: Durgapur Mistripara, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas, will never forget the evening (7.00 – 7.30 pm) on May 17, 2013 when she was both hassled and heckled by a few Muslim boys. She was going to the private tuition then.

While she was going to the private tuition, Samsud Mollah (s/o Jalal Mollah) and his accomplice obstructed her all of a sudden and entered a cell phone into her school bag forcibly. The incident was enough to make her dumbstruck but she got terrified once the Muslim youths started harassing and urging her to return the phone.

Bokul, in fear, burst into anger making nearby Hindus, especially activists of Hindu Samhati, run towards the very spot. Within a minute the baneful intention of the two Muslim youths got apparent but even if they were asked to apologize to her they remained silent. Only when HS youths along with other Hindus in the locality thrashed them for the immoral behavior, they expressed regret and left the spot soon.

It has been learnt that Islamists in the vicinity are gearing up to avenge this insult of Muslims.   

Not a single chance is being missed by Muslim ruffians to harass Hindu girls or women in Bengal these days, bringing back the horrors of 1940s once more.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Muslim criminals attack Hindu village in Diamond Harbor for hooking electricity

Hindus gearing up to prevent Islamic onslaught

When this report is being written, Hindus of village: Malancha, P.S. Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are busy in patrolling their village along with neighborhood from a likely Islamic onslaught that can befall at any moment. Have Hindus committed any crime enough to provoke Islamists to attack them? Well, there is no such; Hindus dared to protest against and also prevent Muslim radicals from hooking electricity in their village. The Muslim youths do belong to Purkutpara of neighboring Muslim-dominated village of Kamalpur and it is a daily job for them to hook electricity from Hindu residences in village: Malancha.   

Hooking electricity from Hindu-dominated villages by Islamists in 24 Paraganas (South) has become a daily affair by now, indulgence of local police and administration with ferocity of Muslim radicals happen to be the mainstay of this job, extending its tentacles all over the district. Connection of electricity to Hindu-dominated village: Malancha took place 4 months ago (from now) and as a result, it became an eyesore to neighboring Muslims almost instantly. Even if Hindus objected to this theft of electricity repeatedly, there was no end to this.     

But the scenario changed on May 17, 2013 when lots of electric wires were disconnected by Hindus intentionally. A sudden thunderstorm in the evening tore lots of electric wires from nearby lampposts; owing to this 4 Hindus were almost electrocuted. To stave off any such incident again, Hindus in Malancha decided to disconnect the connection irking Muslims much. They came in large numbers and demanded explanations from Hindus leading to an intense scuffle between two religious groups. Odud Gazi, Head of Netra Panchayat, sided for Muslims naturally and was found to advise Hindus to help their Muslim neighbors at any time.

Nevertheless, the courage of Hindus astonished Muslims a great deal. Soon a division took place between them. While one group was found to opt for peaceful solutions with Hindus, the other denied to cooperate with Hindus ever. But such a difference helped to retain a communal harmony in any way.

On May 20, 2013, at 7.30 pm, Muslim ruffians attacked Hindus (with lethal weapons) for hooking all of a sudden. But Hindus didn’t react. They, instead, phoned local leaders of Trinamool Congress like Jayanta Ghosh, Aman Sanpui, Razzaq Sheikh and made them conscious of the fast deteriorating situation there. But other than Jayanta none did response. Jayanta Ghosh assured Hindus that a large police contingent would visit the spot soon but to no avail. No police team has reached there yet.

Hindus fear that Islamists will attack more brutally soon and to save themselves from possible danger, Hindus have decided to guard the entire village.

None knows what will happen tomorrow.     

Bengali Hindu youths trapped in Mumbai, converted to Islam forcibly in Hyderabad

Pujali is a small town alongside Budge Budge and is known to have the power generating station of Goenkas there, liable to render electricity to CESC round the clock. Rajibpur is situated at Ward No. 9 in Pujali and Panchucharan Mandal, a wretched Hindu individual (age 70), lives here along with his wife, two sons and two daughters. Both girls have tied the knot already and hence, the aged couple depends on their two sons, Tarun and Barun, lots. Since acute poverty remains the greatest hindrance, both sons could not study much and hence, working in embroidery industry is their only option to support the family. Without doubt, Tarun and Barun love their parents a great deal.

A Muslim individual named Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa lives in Achipur Baro Battala at Pujali while his two sons, Sheikh Sahid and Sheikh Mesua, are engaged with the embroidery industry in Mumbai. It has also been found, they have their own workshop in the financial capital of India.

Almost 8 years ago, Sheikh Sahid and Sheikh Mesua, were found to make frequent visits to the residence of Panchucharan. They expressed their desire to take Tarun, elder son of the Mandal family, to Mumbai, well-known to have a booming industry of embroidery. Well, Tarun was just an adolescent (age – 17 years) then and owing to this fact, Panchucharan and his wife were not ready to pack him off to such a distant place. To alleviate their fear, Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa invited Tarun’s mother to his own house and assured her of providing all forms of assistances to Tarun. He also said that there was no reason of getting afraid.

All these assurances impressed him a lot and to make a good fortune, Tarun, at last, went to Mumbai. And after 4 years, Tarun took away his younger brother Barun to Mumbai also. Both Tarun and Baurn, in the beginning, used to come to their residence in Pujali and provide financial assistances to their aged parents.

But this serene weather changed soon; Tarun and Barun stopped visiting Pujali, let alone providing financial assistance. It was learnt, both had been converted to Muslims and this single news sent a shiver through the spine of both Hindu couple. They visited P.S. Budge Budge repeatedly but were snubbed altogether. But this insult could not dampen their spirit; Kanan Devi, wife of Panchucharan and mother of Tarun and Barun, met Additional S.P. at the S.P. office in Alipur but to no avail. She, then, met Faizul Sheikh, chairman of Trinamool-controlled Pujali Municipality, but left to hear only that nothing can be done.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Mesua, younger son of Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa, hearing of the desperate attempts, warned the hapless Hindu couple not to go too far and also told that frantic approaches would not bring their sons back to them.

It has been learnt from friends of both Tarun and Barun, they had been converted to Muslims in Hyderabad and were also compelled to marry Muslim girls. Now, the name of Barun is Abdullah and while talking to his mother of late (in a telephonic conversation) he said (tearfully) that he can be murdered unless he listens to them.

He expressed his desire to see his aged parents once again but he is completely helpless. He is under a close watch round the clock.

Aged Panchucharan Mandal and his wife are running from pillar to post at the moment in search of justice. Their one and only desire is to get back one of their two sons (as a minimum).      

The development is indeed dreadful but happens to be tip of an iceberg only.