Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can Gopal Das’ tears be wiped out ever?

Incidents of mounting atrocities or religious persecutions on Hindus in the Indian state of West Bengal have been astounding people but it’s also true that only a few studies have taken place to depict the reasons behind these. Well, one study has justly comprehended that reluctance or inactivity of the administration plays a major role in this context. Many may consider the theory as deceptive but the experience of Sri Gopal Das, a common drummer in Bengal, denotes the authenticity of this notion.

Gopal Das (age 45 years), son of Bharat Rui Das (died 12 years ago), is an inhabitant of Pifa Gram Daspara in Basirhat sub-division, P.S. Basirhat, Dist. 24 Paraganas (North) and to be precise, 12-14 Hindu households live in the village. Gopal Das, at the same time, happens to be an owner of 6 cottah (10 shatak) of land and all these incensed Latif Mollah (neighbor of Gopal Das) a lot.

You may be amazed but it’s true that Latif Mollah, at the moment, is controlling 5 shatak of the aforesaid land and illegal construction of his habitat has already been done there. All these happened during the last Durga Puja even if the fracas between the two initiated some months ago to it.

Didn’t Gopal Das try to have the administration’s help? Definitely! He did the same but the administration’s reluctance to register his complaint yielded no result. Latif Mollah was successful to have the help of Ruhul Amin, influential leader of Congress and also his nephew, along with of Afdar, leader of TMC (Trinamool Congress) and also close to Haji Nurul Islam, TMC MP from Basirhat.

Local leaders arranged a meeting to call the illegitimate construction a halt but Gopal’s absence during Durga Puja (owing to his professional compulsions) made Muslims in the village triumphant. There has been another development as well. Muslims claimed that another 1 shatak land belonged to a Muslim cemetery or boneyard and are enjoying it currently. Gopal Das, at this moment, is having 4 shatak lands and is crying in despair.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hindu Samhati’s endeavor makes Pagal Thakur fair grand success

The name of village Paglatala, positioned in Mollabelia Gram Panchayat, Dist. Nadia and P.S. Haringhata, is worth mentioning. Reason? Not the fair of Pagal Thakur (going on for centuries) is celebrated here every year only, creating enthusiasm in the vicinity majorly, but it was persecuted by Islamic zealots last year also. On 13 th Chaitra, each year, tens of thousands of Hindu women amass here to worship Lord Shiva.

This year too equal number of women assembled here, if not more. Hindu Samhati played a major role through initiating a Jalasatra (place for charitable distribution of drinking water to public) to the travelers. Thanks to all these, major developments have also been witnessed in the neighborhood. All these prove Hindus are resolute to draw together at Paglatala to make fair of Pagal Thakur a success.

What did stimulate Muslim felons last year to assault Hindus? In accordance with people, their first and foremost concern was to crash moral fiber of Hindus. Nevertheless, they failed in all measures and this year’s celebration depicts the same.

Nazrul Islam, key planner of last year’s assaults, tried to organize another fair, distinctively for Muslims, in this year. Due to unavailability of any such permission from the local administration, he got audacious even to threaten it. Because of all these developments, local administration adopted stringent measures and assigned large contingent of police and paramilitary forces in the fair. Surely administration can’t also forget the virulent protests of Hindus against last year’s attacks under the aegis of Hindu Samhati.

Last of all, Hindu Samhati cadres also played a major role in managing the fair and helping it to get successful.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hindus in Usthi challenge Islamic evils

A simple pretext is what the Islamic fanatics need to assault Hindus and what happened at Sardarpara in Yarpur, P.S. Usthi, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the Indian state of West Bengal recently denotes the same. On March 12, 2011, around 2.30 pm Madhai Sardar was going across Sardarpara with his nephew and a cycle. At the same instant a Muslim individual driving a cycle was coming from the opposite direction and the bicycle run into Madhai’s vehicle. This led to a brawl between the two. While Madhai rebuked him strongly, the Muslim person threatened to shoot him. Had the conflict ended here, it would have been best. Madhai, surely, also thought the same. Nevertheless, what happened on the day after was just the reverse.

On March 13, 2011, 5-6 Muslims went to Madhai’s residence around 11.30 am and asked him for an apology. Madhai was not ready to bow down before them and finding no other option, Muslim zealots started hurling abuses on the lone Hindu warrior. But Madhai Sardar was bold enough to withstand all these. Now, as a last way to stamp out this valiant Hindu, almost 500 Muslims (with premeditated intention) brandishing lethal weapons entered Madhai’s residence.

The entire family was ransacked, women were molested and Madhai himself also suffered extreme injuries. But not a single Hindu in the vicinity dared to protest against these notorious strategies (let alone getting proactive). To call all these a halt, Officer-in-Charge of local police station deputed police along with RAF (Rapid Action Force).

Hindus lodged a written complaint (no.65/11) against the riotous Muslims. These included Montu Khan (s/o Safi Khan), Bapi Khan (s/o Nuro Khan), Akhtar Khan (s/o Nasho Khan), Imam Khan (s/o Amirul Khan), Iqbal Khan (brother of Imam Khan and also the son of Amirul Khan).

Muslims also filed a complaint (no. 66/11) against Hindus like Madhai Sardar (age-32 yrs.), Moga Sardar (age-32 yrs.), Buno Sardar (age-35yrs.), Samar Sardar (age-37 yrs.) and Chite Sardar (age-30 yrs.). Well, Hindus have got bail already and Muslims, as per latest information, are still to be bailed out.

Tension prevails in the neighborhood still but without a shred of doubt, legal measures adopted by Hindus fast have stunned Muslims.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Police atrocities mar Holi festivity in Uluberia

When on earth the State gets conflicting to any particular community, two options do remain with the vulnerable populace. It’s either to yield to the oppressors or wage a relentless struggle against atrocities. Which would be most effective for Hindus inhabiting the Indian state of West Bengal is not known yet. But changing times prove they have to pick out the most feasible one soon. Authentic portrayal of the recent incident in Uluberia, District: Howrah happening on March 19, 2011, day of Holi, would make the scenario easier.

On the day of Holi the whole of India was rejoicing and Uluberia was no different. But the situation in and around Jora Kamarshal More, significant location in Uluberia, changed for the worse all of a sudden. Following the burning of a Muslim youth’s auto rickshaw, police and RAF (Rapid Action Force) were deputed in the spot without fail and by the time youth of adjoining Bazaarpara rushed to have firsthand information, panic had already set in.

Well, the burning was also not devoid of any reason. Suman Pal, young man of 27 years and riding a cycle, clashed with the auto rickshaw and got injured severely. People got enraged and burnt down the vehicle as a result. Abdul Rezzaq, Officer-in-Charge of P.S. Uluberia and also known for communal inclinations in the vicinity, assigned stringent administrative measures. But the harsh measures refused to die so soon and the neighboring Doluipara, populated by downtrodden and low-caste Hindus, became its worst victim. Not only police along with RAF personnel persecuted Hindus there but ravaged each and every household also.

At the same time, lots of Hindus were having Bhog-Prasad in the temple of Goddess Kali, positioned at Nakubabur Shamsan in Doluipara. Police atrocities destroyed the entire event and again, 6 Hindus were beaten up and taken forcibly to the police van. These included Rudra, Babun, Asim Dolui and Srikant. Villagers got furious, gheraoed the police station for hours and RAF was used again to rein in the situation.

The arrested Hindu youths were released on the following day. But people are considering the entire development as the first warning from a communally motivated police officer and more are still to come.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nagar Sankirtan 2011 surpasses coveted success

Whatever may be the reality, truth must be accepted always and it is a fact that a good section of Hindus is yet to be acquainted to the notion of Nagar Sankirtan. The concept that gained prominence during the lifetime of Sri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has gone through several ups and downs but the effort of Hindu Samhati to restore its glory has been stupendous. Nagar Sankirtan, under the aegis of HS, had its commencement in 2009 to celebrate Dol Purnima and with the passing of each year its fame and significance is increasing by leaps and bounds.

What has taken place in Nagar Sankirtan 2011 is nothing else other than a chronicle of its rising fame. The procession that had a modest beginning in the early morning of March 19 turned into a huge gathering, enough to draw in more people and change itself into a larger one, within a short span of time. Each alley the procession passed, each individual it came upon all became its ardent admirer, virile in every aspect and spellbound with the chanting of “Hare Krishna” mantra.

The participants included the young and old, plebeians and patricians and all that were witnessing Nagar Sankirtan for the first time. How can the mounting enthusiasm be defined then? On the word of Sri Tapan Ghosh, founder and president of Hindu Samhati, “Amongst the escalating consumerist culture, such processions play major role in helping an individual to trace his own root. More and more people ought to come forward to strengthen the cause.”

Surely, you are also thinking in the same manner.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hindus in Mathurapur thrashed brutally

Without a shred of doubt days are changing in the Indian state of West Bengal but Hindus here have not able to ascertain yet whether it is for better or for worse. There is only one reason behind all these; religious persecutions on Hindus are rising by leaps and bounds. And the situation has aggravated owing to the systematic and inhuman reluctance of the local administration to Hindus. Surely you would not seek any other instance if the recent happening at Ghoradal Bazar in Laxminarayanpur Anchal, P.S. Mathurapur, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South), is heeded ever.

The incident took place on March 14, 2011 at 3:45 pm when in the aforementioned fateful area a cycle van carrying Hindu passengers (a family on the whole) was moving on. A few Muslim youths wanted to be passengers forcefully even if the van was fully reserved. The van driver rejected the proposal straight away and this denial, outrageous to Muslims, led to a scuffle. To call all these a halt Hindu youths of the adjoining ‘Netaji Sangha’, a popular club, came forward and tried to pacify the furious Muslim youths. This had hardly any effect.

Muslims, joined by lots of co-religionists already, got enraged and started plundering led by Kaushar Mollah, Nasir Mollah, Lokman Haldar (each representing different political party). A good number of Hindu-owned shops including Sri Guru Tailors of Tuka Rani Haldar, tea shop of Parikshit Sardar along with several others were completely smashed up. But the worst victim was the club. Not only its entire structure was damaged but other belongings of the club including asbestos, almirah (cupboard), carom board, television set, gate were also wrecked.

Strikingly, even if the police station is positioned at a distance of 20 minutes only, the contingent appeared after 2 hours. Some of the injured Hindus were Billomangal Mukherjee, Mrinal Mukherjee, Raju Mistry, Chura Bansi Gain, Biswanath Sardar, Bansi Gain, Aurobindo Sardar. All were admitted to the nearby Mathurapur Hospital.

The police assured that strong action would be taken against the assailants and asked Hindus to file a complaint. On account of the pledge, Hindus did the same but neither the case has been registered nor has any complaint number been provided yet. There are other games as well. Raisuddin Mollah, leader of CPIM and also an influential person in the vicinity, has been found to shelter the assailants and make all efforts to downplay the episode.

Hindus have learnt only on March 16 that Muslims have also lodged a case in the police station terming them as attackers. However, the names of Hindus implicated are yet to be known.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Minor Hindu girl persecuted by Muslim thugs

Hundreds of reports have already been written to depict the perilous situation Hindus are going through at the moment in the Indian state of West Bengal. Nevertheless, in spite of all these, there has hardly been any positive approach of the administration yet and Hindus’ reliance on the legal system, on account of all these, is on the wane. Whatever it is newer incidents of assaults are coming to the fore without break and as true observers of social changes, we are leaving no stone unturned to divulge those. What did happen on 6 March 2011 is not any exception but a part of the chronicle of devastations of Hindus getting strong more and more.

On 6 March 2011, in Soakhali village of Atharbanki zone, P:S: Jibantala, Dist: South 24 Paraganas, a Hindu lady was brutally tortured even if the basic reason of the episode was minimal – theft of tomato. The name of the girl is Jyotsna Karmakar d/o Sri Tapan Karmakar, an old inhabitant of the village.

Jyotsna by nature remains restless all the time and for all these, a local Muslim named Ibrahim Gain alias Haji suspected her of stealing a few tomatoes. He, along with few other Muslims, chased her and fearing assailants she ran into her own residence, entirely vacant at that time. Making use of the situation, Ayep Ali, son of Haji, entered the house forcefully and dragged Jyotsna outside brutally. He was helped by Yunus and Rabiul, other two sons of Haji, in this context. This was certainly not the end; Jyotsna was tied down and brought to the courtyard of Haji later. To enjoy this better a lot of Muslims had assembled there already and soon a ring of fire was lit up around the 13 year old girl. The situation became unbearable for Jyotsna Karmakar.

The news of all these reached to the family members of Jyotsna and even if her aunty begged for mercy, she got a kick on her back in return. Within the next 30 minutes father and uncles of Jyotsna reached the spot and this led to a fracas between them and Haji’s family. Around this time Hindu Samhati cadres, belonging to adjoining CharaVidya, were informed and they reached the site without delay. It is to be noted Haji has 3 wives, 25 children and all of them are known for anti-Hindu activities in the vicinity.

Hindu Samhati workers raised a strong protest and getting afraid, Haji along with his sons took shelter in own house. On the next day, March 7, 2011 youths of Hindu Samhati met Sri Tapan Karmakar and it was comprehended that he had notified local Panchayat of the entire happening already. He met the local leadership of Hindu Samhati as well soon after.

Hindu Samhati’s blood donation, cloth distribution programs enliven Moulopota

Blood donation along with cloth distribution programs among hapless people, according to many, are easy jobs to deal with, even if only a few such events take place these days. For that reason, cloth distribution and blood donation programs taking place under the aegis of Hindu Samhati on March 14, 2011 at Moulopota is certainly an exception. Moulopota, an insignificant village, is positioned in P:S: Deganga, also a prominent town and community development block in Barasat subdivision of North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal. It is worthwhile to mention that Moulopota witnessed any such event for the first time.

The event was presided over by Sri Tapan Ghosh, founder and president of Hindu Samhati, along with other distinguished leaders of the organization including Sri Ajit Maiti, Adv. Brajen Roy, Sri Sushen Biswas. The occasion got a new height owing to enthusiastic participation of womenfolk of Moulopota. Clothes were rendered to almost all women of the village and it is recorded that 30 people of the village donated blood for humanity. Life Care Blood Bank played a great role in this regard.

Key individuals devoid of whom the event would not have been organized included Sri Sushen Biswas, Sri Kartik Parui, Sri Haran Parui, Sri Tapan Parui, Sri Prashanta Das, Sri Prasanta Pal.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Protest against Islamic brutality – newest crime in Bengal

There are, in fact, hundreds of instances to prove how the administration in the Indian state of Bengal is becoming subservient to Islamic fundamentalism and apathetic to Hindus at the same instant. And the traumatic experiences of Avik Mondal depict candidly the catastrophe Bengali Hindus are going through. Shri Avik Mondal, son of Shri Nimai Chandra Mondal, is an inhabitant of Kumrahat, one of the numerous villages in P:S; Baruipur, South 24 Paraganas district enjoying considerable presence of Muslims.

The entire Mondal family, at the moment, is fighting a desperate battle against the Muslim community in the village to save an ancestral land. It has come to the knowledge as well that a conspiracy has been hatched to create a new Madrasa using the same land. The land, at the moment, is under the control of several partners of the family and Muslims are leaving no stone unturned to create feuds within sharers.

Shri Avik Mondal, on last 2nd March, around 9 am, met Sheikh Abdul Kalim and urged him to stop filthy methods of creating dissensions within the family. Kalim, noted Muslim thug and also influential in the area, was not in any mood to listen to all these and even threatened that the entire family would have dire consequences unless the land is delivered. The way of talking enraged Avik and he, finding no other way, slapped Kalim and left the place.

Soon the event spread like a wildfire in the vicinity and a large contingent of Muslims, within next 15 minutes, brandishing deadly weapons attacked abode of the Mondal family. Even if the situation was saved by the timely appearance of police force, tension persists in the area.

A peace meeting, going to be attended by representatives of both communities, has been convened on upcoming 13th March and Shri Avik Mondal has been asked to remain there. The worst fear is that Muslims would authenticate their demand of creation of Madrasa in the meeting. It is also alleged that Muslim felons are equipping themselves up (in all ways) to attain the aim.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hindu Samhati scores major victory in Joynagar

One fact must be accepted – Joynagar, premier town and a municipality in South 24 Paraganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal, is becoming a strong bastion of Hindu resistance activities increasingly. The area, which was under the sway of Islamic communal forces till a few months back thanks to the prominence of SUCI there, has turned into mainstay of Hindu strugglers. And surely the best specimen of this is the mounting antagonism between Hindu Samhati cadres and opponent forces, furious due to Joynagar’s significant role in making Hindu Samhati’s 3rd anniversary (held recently) a historic success.

What are the other instances of resentment then? Well, the fresh brawl over public tap positioned at Badyir Chawlk, under P.S. Joynagar, is a good depiction. The government-owned water tap was not working for a few months making commoners suffer to a large extent. Notably, local Panchayat doesn’t adopt any measure to fix the tap ever. And at every time Hindus would have to bear the cost – this was the unwritten law.

Finding no other feasible alternative general Hindus opted for its fixing and raising a pubic fund for the job. There was another announcement too. Hindus unanimously declared that unsympathetic persons to this cause would not be allowed to use the public tap any longer. But Muslims were in no mood to heed this wise statement and cooperate.

On 10 th February Muslims came to get water but they were not allowed. Muslims, considering this as a personal insult, threatened to make use of the public tap and without paying a penny. On 15th February the water tap was destroyed and it was done by 70-80 Muslims in the neighborhood. 10-15 Hindus prevented them. This led to a violent brawl between the two communities and 1 person from both communities got injured. Hearing the news Hindu youths from all sides reached the spot fast. Muslims getting afraid at this took refuge in own houses. The thrashing by the Hindu Samhati cadres was indeed too heavy for Muslim troublemakers.

To put an end to all these, police stepped in and asked both parties to get into police station to resolve the matter fast. A court of justice comprising people of the locality was set up without delay. The court decided that Muslims would bear the cost of fixing the water tap. Muslim thugs, already beleaguered, accepted Hindus’ suzerainty without dissent and provided the costs of fixing the tap promptly.

Lots of villages within the jurisdiction of P.S. Joynagar, like this, are becoming bastions of Hindu resistance movement.

Hindu Samhati’s legal triumph stimulates all

Even if reliance of Hindus on the Indian judicial system is dying down (and it is quite natural) owing to an assortment of incidents, the same can still be made use of to put up a legal barricade against Islamic felons having the sole intention to grab Hindu proprieties no matter what it takes. There is no reason to accept this as an exception; the case of Shankar Nath Mondal and others against the trustee in charge of a cemetery in Hotor, P:S: Mograhat, Dist: North 24 Paraganas, has shown the way.

The entire area amounts to almost 10 cottah, around 720-square-foot (67 m2). Among this the cemetery enjoys an area of 5 cottah, while 3 cottah belong to Mr. Mondal (from before the partition of the country) and used for religious rituals, 2 cottah belong to the Shovarani Athletic Club. Surely there would not have been any contention, had the Muslim trustee remained silent on the whole. But its aspiration to grab the Hindu land and call Hindu religious ceremonies a halt resulted in scores of problems. Scuffles, in all these years, have been common. In 2009 there was a severe clash too.

To put an end to all these, Shankar Nath Mondal and others filed a petition in the Diamond Harbour Civil Court meanwhile and to defend, Muslims have been collecting millions of money from various organizations. Well, it is alleged that the majority of these are being used for erroneous designs. The case is in full swing at the moment.

Being discontented with the sluggish progress, Muslims filed a writ petition to the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court but it has also saddened them altogether. The Court has clearly ordered that the statusquo would be maintained and the police would not step forward ever unless ordered.

The credit, at the end of the day, goes to Hindu Samhati, premier Hindu non-political organization fighting a desperate battle to save Hindus in Bengal. It is needless to say, had there been no Hindu Samhati, Hindus would not have dared to put up such an audacious legal battle.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hindu Samhati’s drastic efforts save hapless girl from Love Jihad in Bongaon

There is a general fallacy among Hindus that Jihad or holy war waged by Muslims against infidels is performed based on weapons and notion of violence only. To be precise, an expansionist ideology changes fast to cope with the changing reality and to remain ahead of others always. The newest concept of Love Jihad having its commencement in Kerala with coastal Karnataka in southern India targeted college girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by pretending love. And the same specter is haunting length and breadth of West Bengal these days. If it’s not, how can the episode of Allauddin and Shampa Mondal (name changed), minor girl of 16 years, in Bangaon be explained?

Bangaon is a prominent city and a municipality in North 24 Paraganas district in the state of West Bengal, India and is also one of the five sub-divisions of the District of North 24 Parganas where the saga of Love Jihad is getting common increasingly. Allauddin and Shampa Mondal is said to have a courtship for months, denied by the girl’s family at the same instant. And this sort of false propaganda is best understood by the elopement of Allauddin, inhabitant of village Narharipur close to the border, with the girl. Shampa’s parents went to the police station but the police remained indifferent.

Parents of the girl’s family, finding no other feasible way to rescue her, reported of this on 5th March, 2011 to Hindu Samhati workers in Bangaon, engaged in the arduous battle to save Hindu girls. And the following events happened rapidly without a single interruption. The situation was indeed hard and hence, nearly 200 Hindu Samhati workers staged strong demonstrations outside of the fringes of the police station.

Sensing trouble, a few Muslims along with their secular Hindu cohorts approached HS workers and left no stone unturned to convince them, mixed with tones of warning also. The workers were also being branded as communal. This led to scuffles and the enraged Hindus, as a result, started preventing such advances. The scene was indeed exemplary where Muslim felons with their secular Hindu brothers were taking flight owing to virility of the Hindu populace. Meanwhile, HS workers, finding no response from police, stated clearly that all rail and road connections in Bangaon would be blocked on 6th March, the following day.

The development was indeed troublesome for the police too, surely a rare instance for them. They arrested Allauddin’s parents but it failed to quieten Hindus. Police, already familiar with Hindu Samhati’s might, got proactive. Stunningly, within a few hours Shampa Mondal was rescued from the area belonging to the adjacent P.S. Gopal Nagar. The leading role, in this regard, was played by Muslims to defuse rising tension and also to calm the enraged Hindus getting supports more and more. But owing to legal hurdles Allauddin couldn’t be arrested or framed.

Shampa, after lots of efforts, has finally realized her own mistake.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hindus succeed to thwart pogrom in Chapra, Nadia

The word scuffle or fracas has several meanings on the whole. While on one hand it implies disorderly fighting, on the other it also entails an unceremonious and disorganized struggle. All these are said since scuffles between people, groups of people and even between localities were quite common in the Indian state of West Bengal. But with the winds of change in the state at the moment, changes are occurring in other spheres too. Scuffles are being replaced by fighting with more violence and if there is a contention between Hindus and Muslims, pogroms against Hindus have become order of the day. Chapra, noted town with a police station and a community development block in Nadia district remained witness to the same foray or pogrom or self-styled Jihad.

In reality, the fateful incident took place at the Alfa village of Alfa Gram Panchayat under Chapra Development Block within Chapra Police Station (Krishnanagar Sadar Sub-Division of Nadia district) and the victim was none other than Bablu Ghosh, known for his courage, virility and competence to lead Hindus against all adversities. To be exact, thefts at the entrance of Alfa village, during evening, is a common incident.

On 6th March, 2011, at about 8:30 pm, a mere incident of flashing of lights changed into a communal fracas. Bablu Ghosh was returning to own abode in the Alfa village just then and became involved to stop all these. All at once a group of Islamic felons blocked off his motorcycle and started beating him up out of the blue. Even if Bablu resisted a lot, soon he was overwhelmed, kidnapped and taken to a nearby Muslim locality. The incident was reported to Ghoshpara (Goala) before long and to save Bablu’s life Hindus got united. The united endeavor of the locality got victorious by rescuing Bablu.

The enraged Muslims, as a result, counterstriked the Hindu area and molested a few women along with destroying properties. Both Babu Ghosh and Pada Ghosh were badly beaten. But at this time too the local administration sided with Muslims and arrested Hindus (seven altogether) at random just to truckle their Islamic bosses.

This led to a panic among Hindus; all Hindu men left their villages keeping their women unsafe. Well, police arrested three Muslims also on the following day when Hindus burst into protest. However, as per the locality, it is nothing except a ploy to calm the Hindus down.

Further investigation by this scribe and his worthy teammates confirm that the pogrom was organized through introducing Muslim crooks from adjoining villages including Betberia, Brahmhanagar, Dompukur and Bhatgachhi, of neighboring Hridaypur Gram Panchayat. It is needless to mention that these are Muslim dominated areas. What is most striking, Gholam Halsana, Prodhan (Head) of Alfa Gram Panchayat, also partook in the pogrom.

The list of arrested Hindus is in the following:

Nimai Ghosh, S/o- Kartick; Kesto Ghosh, S/o Shyam; Bansi Ghosh, S/o Kalipada;

Last but not least, police asked Hindus to fork out Bablu Ghosh and in exchange the administration would mull over releasing arrested Hindus. But the proposal was declined at the same instant.

Other 4 Hindus - Sudhamoy Ghosh, S/o Anil; Sukanta Ghosh, S/o Samar; Ganesh Ghosh, S/o Lt. Ranjit; Penga Saha, S/o Lt. Kartick, were picked up by the police, but released later on.

Hindus do smell a rat – how could so many Muslims gather so soon. Was this a part of any conspiracy? Any such thought is not unlikely. The adjacent Hridaypur village is Hindu dominated like Alfa village and both have been able to stave off the expanding Islamic domination from the surrounding five areas. There would hardly be any difference between Chapra Block and Bangladesh, once these two villages get free of Hindu population.

It is noted, Tentul Mondal, leader of Hindus in Hridaypur village, was murdered on September 2010 and his body was also hidden to make the said plan a reality. Due to a strong Hindu movement a few Muslim miscreants were arrested and the deceased body of Sri Mondal was recovered from the Dompukur village. Hindus are considering that it’s the turn of Alfa village after Hridaypur.

Continual thefts in Bhebia temples admonish Hindus

Hindu populace losing ground increasingly

Something is better kept under the cover – always. This is the most recent theory propounded and also depended on by the West Bengal administration and its cohorts to a large extent. Their worst fear is if the truth (mounting religious persecution on Hindus in West Bengal) dares to come out it may result in a communal conflagration, hard to bring down, in the length and breadth of the state.

What makes one to reach such a conclusion? If any reader is still confused, he doesn’t have to go anywhere else. All he has to do is to focus on the present happenings in the village of Bhebia, P:S: Hasnabad, already able to find its place in the mainstream media news section owing to a few unusual developments or a series of thefts. Firstly, jewelries of deities in the village were stolen from two temples almost 3 months back, located in the environs of the Ashram (hermitage) of Badal Maharaj. As indicated by local inhabitants then, Muslim thugs in Pifa, Barasat stormed in temples and destroyed sanctified deities of Shiva, Kali and Shitala. At this time (only a few days back) Shashankali Mandir, Bhebia Bazzar Mandir, Mandir of Kali Karkhana were ransacked and also defiled.

The administration has been steadfast in retaining a strange silence and is leaving no stone unturned also to reduce its importance.

All these induced this scribe and his teammates to make an introspective analysis – what has gone wrong in real terms. From the initial moment (after reaching the village) it was comprehended that Bhebia contains a prominent Muslim populace and its dominance in all echelons of the society almost. However, more conversations next brought other facts to the fore. Once Bhebia was a Hindu-dominated area but by now it has become a Muslim-majority area owing to exponential rise in Islamic population and pessimistic attitude of Hindus.

Let’s begin with the Bhebia Shashankali Mandir. If the word “vilification” is used in this case, it would be most suitable. The temple was completely ransacked on 1 st March, (last Tuesday) and each and every material, essential to worship Mother Goddess, was stolen. Some of these are Tamrakunda (bronze plate), deity of ChinnaMasta, a good number of big and small plates, KoshaKushi, PanchaPradip, Ghanta, Jhanj, and lots. But the priest was too frightened to reveal all these secrets. Only after some conversation he made the reality public.

The situation was no different in Sri Sri Gouranga Temple and Mandir of Kali Karkhana or Sri Sri Ratanmayi Kalibari. A good number of essential materials (old and beautifully designed, donated by devotees) were looted. Strikingly, there was a common thread between all these. These were no ordinary thefts – all these happened to admonish the Hindus inhabiting there. Circumstantial evidences along with revelations of local people indicated the same.

We also went to the abovementioned hermitage of Badal Maharaj, positioned nearby. They also told of the fast worsening atmosphere in the neighborhood and reluctance of the administration to ensure safety of Hindus. Bhebia is not an isolated incident by any means but exhibits the shocking reality and viciousness that is gaining confidence and strength with each day passes. Hindus in this area seem to have no future if they are not organized to fight for own existence.

As already said, thefts are strong warnings to Hindus. And unless a threat is repulsed and paid back, there is no future.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shantipur Topkhana Masjid; newest citadel of Muslim fundamentalism

Demonstrations of forcible constructions of mosques (strong and effective way to admonish peace-loving Hindus) and to construct it violating all executable rules and regulations have become a common feature in Bengal and other states of India. If you are in need of any such specimen, Shantipur Topkhana Masjid (mosque) is most accurate.

The mosque is positioned in Ram Nagar Para, Ward no. 19 of Shantipur, major city and municipality in Nadia district in the Indian state of West Bengal and most prominent for its role in the tradition of Vaishnavism. Strikingly, it is alleged till date that the mosque (positioned at the said place for centuries) was built by the destruction of a number of sanctified temples.

On 9 th Feb., a group of Muslims, disregarding the sentiments of the Hindu neighborhood, tried to fasten a microphone to the fresh turret of the mosque. There are several reasons to smell a rat and one of these is that, not a single Muslim resides within the surrounding 1 km. In spite of all these Muslims made great efforts to erect a new turret and attach a microphone to it. The incident was enough to enrage local Hindu population.

Strong and virile protestation of Hindus made the local P:S: Shantipur act fast and the Officer-in-Charge, Mr. Raktim Chatterjee, convened a meeting between the two warring groups. Another meeting under the aegis of S.P. was held later on (involving representatives of two communities) and both meetings concluded with the pledge of maintaining statusquo.

According to sources, Abdul Salam Karikar, Vice-chairman of Shantipur Municipality and also a key leader of Congress, is responsible behind all these nefarious designs.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Muharram turns violent in GangaSagar

Hindus strike back convincingly

The original notion of Muharram has been simple; it is the first month of Islamic calendar and also one of the four sacred months of the year in which fighting is barred, as per Islamic tenets. However, the situation in India has always been different. Hindus have always found Muslims as more hostile in this very day and at the moment, none better than the village Panchayat of BanglaBazar, P:S: GangaSagar, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South) in West Bengal, can bear testimony to the same. Hindus in the said vicinity never even imagined that the Muharram, happening on last 17th December, would turn out to be so violent.

To be precise, celebration of Muharram in and around Banglabazar is not a new thing; it has been happening for years. It’s also a reality that the belligerent Muslims, on each year, cut down trees of Hindus just to make a fun. But Hindus, at this time, were steadfast to call all these activities a halt and hence, they slashed trees by then. Well, it failed to demoralize Muslims on the whole as they focused to slim down tree branches and also the roots. Even though such a deliberate attempt was enough to incite Hindus, they were able to restrain themselves.

But the situation worsened whenever Muslims tried to loot a shop forcefully. One Hindu individual named Anil Maity protested against all these and was beaten extremely accordingly. Sword was also used to slay him but the shawl saved him timely. This was not all; computer of an adjoining shop was also destroyed along with looting.

Once the reality was exposed, thousands of Hindus from the surrounding area gathered and to save themselves, prevented the miscreants. Muslims, hence, had to flee. In accordance with local sources, foremost responsible factors against all these were Sheikh Ismail (ex-Chairman, village Panchayat), Sheikh Raja and his nephew, son of Sheikh Jalal, noted tout of the local police station. The main intention of Muslims was to terrorize and molest Hindu women. Hindus got hold of the reality in advance and this made them attack with vigor.

There is another reason behind such a change in Hindu attitude. A few months before, Muslims ransacked the Rudra Nagar Ahalya Club and at that time also Hindus fought valiantly under the leadership of Hindu Samhati.

Well, at long last, local administration along with a large contingent of police personnel appeared in the scenario. A meeting was convened by the SDPO to put an end to the rising scuffle between Hindus and Muslims. But local people alleged that police acted hastily to save Muslims only.

Bhebia temples looted, desecrated yet again!

New hunting ground of Muslim miscreants

It is not difficult for an attentive reader to recall the name of the village of Bhebia, P:S: Hasnabad and surely you have already comprehended that the infamous incident of stealing of jewelries from temple is being talked about once more. Jewelries of deities were stolen from two temples then, located in the environs of the Ashram (hermitage) of Badal Maharaj. As per local inhabitants, Muslim miscreants in Pifa, Barasat stormed in temples and destructed consecrated deities of Shiva, Kali and Shitala almost without hesitation. But the administration has been remaining silent as ever before. Now there is a new twist to the same – similar incident of theft has taken place yet again.

Well, there is also a difference on the whole. Miscreants have been kind enough to plunder new temples of the area including Shashankali Mandir, Bhebia Bazzar Mandir, Mandir of Kali Karkhana. All these have also been desecrated to a large extent.

The incident has led to serious repercussions as well – people are found to simmer in anger. They are accusing Hasnabad Police Station along with the SDPO for slowing down the process of investigation. Some even smell a rat and are alleging presence of a nexus between government and Muslim felons.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Police demolishes Shiva temple in Kolkata, neighborhood fuming

Forcible destruction of temples is no longer a feature in the rural zone of Indian state of West Bengal or the outskirts of Kolkata only. It is taking place in the midst of the metropolis too – grievous incident of destruction of temple in Chatubabu Lane, in the center of Kolkata, has shocked the vicinity. But at this time the perpetrators are the police, stimulated and supported by a section of local Muslim felons.

The atrocious incident happened on 24th Feb., during 1.00 pm, when a police contingent led by Mr. Chowdhury, Sub-Inspector of P:S: Entally (police station) and Mr. Khan, specially deputed, came. And Mr. Chowdhury (in civil dress) demolished the make-shift temple by his own hands. What compelled the police to act such? Well, there is a secret fact – police was obligated by Sheikh Allauddin, who is owner of a house just opposite to the temple and had been making large efforts through years to overwhelm and put an end to the temple. It is to be noted that the temple had its formal inception in the year 1966 and by now it has been broken for 5 times to placate the Muslim family.

Is the temple illegally built? This is the commonest question that comes to the mind of any reader. To be precise, the makeshift temple is in the area of Kolkata Municipal Corporation and even local councilor, Arun Kumar Das, has no problem in sanctioning it. There is also a 15 ft. lane between the building and temple.

But this kind of move of his has infuriated the Muslim members of his own political party (Congress I) and Md. Nasim (General Secretary – West Bengal Preadesh Committee – Minority Department) threatened him on 23rd Feb. at night and urged also to call all these activities a halt.

It is also being alleged that Sheikh Allauddin has lodged a case in the local court against Manoj Raut, Ramesh raut and Ranjit Raut, spearheading the movement currently. And such a news has been published in an Urdu newspaper called “Istahar”.

While talking to this scribe, people expressed their anger and frustration to a great extent. As per them, there is not a single temple in the neighborhood and the temple was providing an opportunity to observe Shivaratri with grandeur. They are demanding reconstruction of the temple and an apology from the police. In the absence of these, people of the locality are steadfast to move ahead.