Friday, March 18, 2011

Hindus in Mathurapur thrashed brutally

Without a shred of doubt days are changing in the Indian state of West Bengal but Hindus here have not able to ascertain yet whether it is for better or for worse. There is only one reason behind all these; religious persecutions on Hindus are rising by leaps and bounds. And the situation has aggravated owing to the systematic and inhuman reluctance of the local administration to Hindus. Surely you would not seek any other instance if the recent happening at Ghoradal Bazar in Laxminarayanpur Anchal, P.S. Mathurapur, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South), is heeded ever.

The incident took place on March 14, 2011 at 3:45 pm when in the aforementioned fateful area a cycle van carrying Hindu passengers (a family on the whole) was moving on. A few Muslim youths wanted to be passengers forcefully even if the van was fully reserved. The van driver rejected the proposal straight away and this denial, outrageous to Muslims, led to a scuffle. To call all these a halt Hindu youths of the adjoining ‘Netaji Sangha’, a popular club, came forward and tried to pacify the furious Muslim youths. This had hardly any effect.

Muslims, joined by lots of co-religionists already, got enraged and started plundering led by Kaushar Mollah, Nasir Mollah, Lokman Haldar (each representing different political party). A good number of Hindu-owned shops including Sri Guru Tailors of Tuka Rani Haldar, tea shop of Parikshit Sardar along with several others were completely smashed up. But the worst victim was the club. Not only its entire structure was damaged but other belongings of the club including asbestos, almirah (cupboard), carom board, television set, gate were also wrecked.

Strikingly, even if the police station is positioned at a distance of 20 minutes only, the contingent appeared after 2 hours. Some of the injured Hindus were Billomangal Mukherjee, Mrinal Mukherjee, Raju Mistry, Chura Bansi Gain, Biswanath Sardar, Bansi Gain, Aurobindo Sardar. All were admitted to the nearby Mathurapur Hospital.

The police assured that strong action would be taken against the assailants and asked Hindus to file a complaint. On account of the pledge, Hindus did the same but neither the case has been registered nor has any complaint number been provided yet. There are other games as well. Raisuddin Mollah, leader of CPIM and also an influential person in the vicinity, has been found to shelter the assailants and make all efforts to downplay the episode.

Hindus have learnt only on March 16 that Muslims have also lodged a case in the police station terming them as attackers. However, the names of Hindus implicated are yet to be known.

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