Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Muslims defile Dol Purnima fair in Mayapur

Dol Purima happens to be one of the greatest festivities among Hindus across the globe and wherever it happens, it draws in people more and more. But the situation is no longer the same in West Bengal; any such celebration is becoming vulnerable to Muslim crooks. Fairs to commemorate the birthday of Sri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Janma Tithi) during Dol Purnima are quite common and to mark the same occasion, a fair was taking place near Sri Chaitanya Math, Mayapur, within Mayapur Bamunpukur 1 no. Gram Panchayat, P.S. Navadwip, Dist. Nadia, on 22 March, 2011, also an annual affair in unison.

To make the event more glorious, a DJ (Disc Jockey) was brought in at the behest of foreign Vaishnava devotees and everything was quite peaceful. But misbehavior of a few Muslim youths during the evening turned the situation to a sordid one. Not only the Muslim youths teased but they were also found to approach to molest Hindu girls. The situation was saved thanks to the timely intervention of a good number of Hindu youths and people in the vicinity. As per sources, Hindu youths of neighboring Bharuidanga and Sreenath villages played exemplary roles. But the Muslim resentment refused to die down so soon.

On 23.03.11, during 11-11.30 am, at least 500-1000 Muslims brandishing lethal weapons, assailed local Thakur Bhakt iBinod Institute and girl students of the school became first victims to the outrage. They were molested, blouses were torn and bombs were also hurled on the institution. Hindus defended again and this made assailants flee from the battleground. 1 Muslim named Mohan Sheikh died as a result. It is to be noted that Muslims were led by Amin Ali, local powerful CPIM activist, Ayeb Nabi Sheikh (former leader of Mayapur Bamunpukur 1 no. Gram Panchayat), Kotal Sheikh, Salim and others.

Strikingly, Goutam Pal, teacher of Thakur BhatiBinod Institute, while returning from the school along with own son (student of the same institution) and staff of the school was arrested by the police and Sections 302, 379, 147, 148, 159 have been imposed on him. It has been learnt that Razina Bibi, wife of deceased Mohan Sheikh, has filed a case against Gautam Pal (Case no. 68/2011 dtd. 23/03/2011).

There is no doubt that Goutam Pal, completely ignorant of the entire development in his school even, has become a victim of a conspiracy and is yet to get the coveted bail.

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