Friday, September 30, 2011

Strong, aggressive Hindu approach teaches Muslim thugs lesson in Gangasagar

Islamic religious persecutions on Hindus in the Indian state of Bengal are rising by leaps and bounds and one more incident with each day it passes proves the same horrendous episode more conspicuously. But if the same Hindus remain united and firm to teach Islamic felons a lesson, the reverse does take place without doubt and Ghona Jana’s, a Hindu youth, defiance, struggle along with other Hindus and victory over Muslim felons in Gangasagar, P.S. Gangasagar, authenticates it. Gangasagar, known across the globe for Sagar mela (fair), is positioned on the continental shelf of Bay of Bengal, about 150 km south of Kolkata.

On September 23, 2011in the evening a Muslim individual named Rashid telephoned Ghona and it was a wrong call on his part. When Ghona declined to talk to any such unknown person Rashid slanged him vehemently and Ghona also abused him in return. But any such insult (out of the blue) was unbearable for Ghona and hence, he called Rashid once more. Wife of Rashid, instead of him, picked up the phone and she was lambasted heavily. When Rashid was informed of all these, he, without further ado, reported to Ghona’s elder brother, who assured him to pacify the heated episode. Little did he know that Rashid was planning to teach Ghona a lesson.

On September 25, 2011 Rashid, during noon, got hold of Ghona in the Hindu village and thrashed him black and blue. As a reaction to this, Hindus in the area flogged Rashid also and any other Muslim who came forward to save him. Rashid got rescued only thanks to the timely intervention of aged Muslims, containing Muslim leader of his village too.

On September 27, 2011 a general meeting took place to restrain the rising animosity that had started to sour Hindu-Muslim harmony in the village too. Perhaps this was the first time when the Muslim village and its environs witnessed such a brawny, aggressive Hindu approach. Scores of members of both communities participated in the meeting but Hindus outnumbered Muslims. The same strong Hindu fervor was witnessed in the meeting as well and this was best expressed when Hindus unanimously accused Rashid of slanging, beating Ghona and also coming to the Hindu village intentionally.

Perceiving Hindu rage, village jurists found it wise to end the meeting. Muslims asked for forgiveness and also gave Rs. 500 to Ghona for his treatment.

A great victory indeed for the moribund Bengali Hindus (overall) and surely Hindus in Gangasagar have set a great instance, appreciable and exemplary.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hindu Deities’ heads severed in Moukhali, Mograhat

Bengal has witnessed lots of developments of late – a historic transition of power, fast deterioration of Left power supplanted by the meteoric rise of rightwing politics, headed by Trinamool Congress. But Hindus are left in the lurch still and it seems with each day it passes, Hindus are getting more vulnerable to most raging attacks of their adversaries, in particular Islamic fundamentalists. If not, how can incidents of severing heads of Hindu deities be on the rise? What has happened in village Moukhali, P.S. Mograhat, Dist.: 24 Paraganas (South) is just the same. Heads of large deities of Shani Dev and Kali Mata in the local temple were found severed on 27.09.11 night.

Moukhali, not far from Kolkata, remains at strange situation. While the village is dominated by Hindus and shares a good relation with adjoining Hindu areas, it is at loggerheads with the Muslim villages on its eastern side. Muslims do share the same thoroughfare but antagonism between the two communities refuses to end. Prior to the said incident thefts in local temples had taken place and several Muslim neighbors were taken into custody in this regard. So, in this time too Hindus of Moukhali smell a rat.

It’s worthwhile to mention that heads of two other small deities have also been severed. But while these two are still prominent in the temple, police was quick enough to immerse the larger deities of Shani Dev and Kali Mata to the nearby pond.

Police is trying to paint the entire incident in the color of intra-village feud to maintain harmony but villagers are terming this as a work of Muslim felons steadfastly. Past experiences prove that their assertions hold water.

Tension prevails in the village.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Muslim mob runs amok in Behala, Kolkata

Is this only future?

It’s the time for the reader to go through the following story before anything.

On September 22, 2011 at a place called Janakalyan in Behala Chowrasta, Kolkata, at 10.30 am in the morning a Muslim individual, of age 52 years, on a scooter, was going to drop off his daughter to the school. While he was returning from the school an auto-rickshaw knocked him down and it is alleged that he was in a pool of blood on the road for almost next 2 hrs. As per witnesses, none did help him; police ambulance refused to take him to the hospital and the police did not frame the rickshaw driver.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and was admitted. The Muslim individual succumbed to death in the evening on September 23, 2011and while returning from the burial ground, his in-laws and friends, almost 200, blockaded Behala Chowrasta (crossing of 4 avenues) at 10.30 pm. They also ransacked a few shops along with 12 auto-rickshaws. All these led to clashes between them and Hindu rickshaw drivers.

A large police contingent including RAF went to disperse the violent groups; they were lathi-charged too and situation calmed down by 11.20 pm. However, from around 11.30 pm Hindu rickshaw drivers started blockading the same crossing demanding arrests of Muslims and clashed with police repeatedly.

Police assured Hindus to nab the Muslim felons fast and only then Hindus called the blockade a halt.

However, there has not been any single approach yet, let alone arrest of any Muslim rowdy.

The aforementioned single incident has brought to the fore lots of issues at the same instant. Without doubt, the tragic death of the Muslim individual was most unfortunate and such a public apathy to any fatally injured person is completely unacceptable and must be condemned. But that does not enable Muslims to get amuck, hold the administration to ransom and destruct vehicles, shops of innocent people and thus conduct pillage or plundering to express their rage. Was the ire more for Behala being a Hindu bastion?

Even if the Islamic tirade this time was no match to the one that Kolkata witnessed during the Muslim fundamentalists-led drive for expulsion of Taslima Nasrin on November 21, 2007 and surely any alleged secularist would love to say that protests of 200 people at best is minimal, Behala incident proved that this would be the future of Kolkata before long, if unchecked. And the greatest casualty would be the Bengal administration, yet to ascertain extent of Hindu virility fully.

Has the administration forgotten that any action begets same form of reaction?

What has come to the fore owing to brief yet violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims is that Hindu strength does exist still and among Bengali Hindus, considered by many as too non-martial.

It’ll also be judicious for Bengal administration to note that Hindu notion of struggle is not similar to that of Haqqani network. While it remains unvoiced at times, a genuine flare up may occur within fractions of a second. And the sole reason behind this is that a Hindu considers – it is humane to forget and forgive, it is divine to resist and repay – as being propounded by Hindu Dharma from time immemorial.

Civil war, after all, is neither desirable nor amiable.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lord Vishwakarma deity destroyed in Howrah

Munshirhat village, highly disturbed these days owing to mounting Islamic muscle-flexing and their nefarious attitude to inhibit Hindus all the time, P.S. Jagatballavpur, Dist. Howrah, witnessed an unforeseen development on September 20, 2011. And it was the destruction of deity of Lord Vishwakarma by Muslims while Hindus in the environs were readying for its immersion.

Vishwakarma Puja was organized by Hindu rickshaw, cycle van drivers on September 18, 2011; the Puja led to a great enthusiasm in the area and was attended by Hindus from far-off areas as well.

The ominous incident took place on September 20, 2011in the evening when the whole area was gripped by load-shedding. Taking advantage of the situation, Muslim miscreants vandalized the deity and Hindus became aware of the episode only when electricity was restored. What did take place later on was a great resentment among Hindus but there was no verbal expression of it out of fear. Such is the situation in Munshirhat village at the moment.

What made Hindus get silent even after this crime? It was for no one other than the presence of Faruq Mallik, deputy-head of Shankarhati No. 1 Panchayat, influential leader of People’s Democratic Conference of India (PDCI), headed by Siddiquallah Chowdhury, in the disputed area. PDCI, known for its strong Islamic position, enjoys a well position in the area.

Faruq Mallik informed the police and under leadership of both the damaged deity, better to say its parts, were immersed in a nearby pool. Hindus, being panic-stricken, have not been able to lodge any formal complaint to the police station yet.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Simonti’s own harrowing account – how she was persecuted by her Muslim boyfriend-turned-husband and his family

This is neither any news nor any fiction but the heartrending truth of a young girl – well-bred, highly educated, jovial, hailing from an affluent and decent Hindu family – Simonti (name changed), from Kolkata, who became an easy prey to Love Jihad and how her life was wrecked while she remained subservient in an alien, Islamic environment. What is Love Jihad then? It’s an illegal activity, conducted under aegis of Islamic bigots, where a few Muslim boys target college girls belonging to non-Muslim communities, especially Hindu, for conversion to Islam by shamming love. The movement that started in Kerala and Mangalore has reached the shores of Kolkata too. And Simonti’s harrowing experience is an eye opener.

What is described below is not to depict hatred to any individual but to make Hindu girls cautious of the fate any inter religious relationship. May Simonti’s destiny make them have a second thought prior to get into a Hindu-Muslim love relation.

Simonti is the second daughter of her parents and hence, there was no dearth of love for her in the family. She, hence, had a good education in a prominent English medium school of the metropolis, scored good marks in exams and got admitted to a prestigious college in the morning section. Well, the morning section had an uncanny phenomenon; it was dominated by Muslims students altogether and as a result, Simonti came across a few Muslim friends before long.

It was at this time Simonti was introduced to Mohammed Zafar (name changed) through a female friend of her. Zafar introduced himself as a businessman with high aspirations and this was enough to impress a na├»ve girl like her (ignorant of Hindu fate in a Muslim household). Life was going on as usual but all changed in the 1 st week of April, 2004. Without doubt, Simonti had become somewhat soft to him, thanks to his courteous behavior and their frequent meetings in parks and restaurants, and gradually it led to love. Taking advantage of this, on one fine morning, Zafar came to her college and said that it was no longer possible for him to live without her. And if she wasn’t ready to marry him, he would commit suicide.

The situation was quite perplexing for Simonti and when she said that she was not prepared for the same, Zafar said categorically in that case he would reveal the love affair to her parents (Zafar, as a Muslim youth, was confident that such a relation was beyond acceptance to Simonti’s family). It’s to be noted that Simonti’s parents were already informed of the development and that's why, she was cautioned. However, indeed, on that day Zafar’s words of committing suicide while returning from the college unless Simonti accepted him and his weeping (portraying his desperation) frightened her a great deal. This was, in reality, a play but it wasn’t possible for Simonti to comprehend any such attitude. She was all alone under the sun.

So, exploiting her perilous situation, Zafar took her to Bankshal Court and forced her to get converted to Islam there – Simonti, as a result, got a new name, Jannat Begum. After that she was taken to Tipu Sultan Mosque in Kolkata and Zafar’s brother Akram was already there. Zafar asked the Moulavi there for marriage; there was a need of three witnesses to do it but all were arranged in a lightening speed, indicating the conspiracy to woo and convert a Hindu girl was hatched earlier. But it was not possible for Simonti alias Jannat Begum to understand it. She was then asked by Zafar to phone her father. Well, she wasn’t ready at all but was compelled to do so. And the Hindu family’s reaction in any such circumstance needs no more mentioning. She was castigated heavily by her parents.

Simonti or Jannat was then taken to Zafar’s house, located in Narkeldanga, an infamous slum area of Kolkata. This is enough to prove what the main intention behind such type of courtship remains. Zafar’s family, strikingly, remained normal and Simonti was addressed coldly. But since it was not safe for the Muslim family to keep the couple in the house secretly, they were promptly sent to Hyderabad on the very next day. Berths were already reserved! And Simonti perceived that Zafar was being given a good amount of money by his own brother to manage upcoming expenses. They were sent to Zafar’s aunt’s house in Hyderabad.

It was then that Simonti witnessed a complete reversal in Zafar’s attitude. He, in a stern voice, in the railway compartment, asked her to conform to Islamic rituals and learn and start everything as soon as possible. Reason? Zafar said that Simonti was from a Kafir family after all!

What did happen in Hyderabad? Zafar’s cousin was in the station to receive the couple and he was seen to congratulate Zafar for attaining such a great success – wooing and converting a Hindu girl – regarded as one of the prime activities of Muslims.

Both Zafar and Simonti were accepted in the house cordially and they stayed there for 10 days at a stretch. During the stay, Zafar asked her day in and day out, at times harshly, to remain as a good Muslim bride and the same was done by other members of his aunt’s family, including women. Whatever it is, during the stay she was not physically beaten that started once she came back to Kolkata. This entire episode (stay in Hyderabad) was indeed a drama to diffuse the tension in consequence of the inter-religion marriage.

A great change took place after their return. Contrary to the first time, Simonti at this time was put in a utterly inhospitable environment. Not the room was dirty only but it was not fit for stay of a married couple also. But she had no choice. She was forced to do all household jobs (nearly unbelievable in her own house) including cleaning and cooking for the whole family. And just after a month she found that Zafar had lied to her of everything, his family and his own occupation. What she found was that Zafar was unemployed, never had any business and had great inclination to sexual excesses.

But Simonti was the last person to lose hope. She started to apply for jobs and after a while she got one night-shift job. Simonti was permitted to do it on condition that she would submit Rs. 3, 000 to the family per month. Simonti found it as a bargain for short independence. This was too essential for her as by that time she became an easy prey to all forms of mental and physical tortures of Zafar and his family members. As per her own account, there was hardly any day when Zafar didn’t relish intercourse with her for less than 5 times. Zafar also allowed her to do the job but it happened only after she agreed that he would be given Rs 4, 000 per month as installment of his bike.

This new arrangement continued for 3 months without interruption. Nevertheless, at times for Zafar’s inhuman tortures Simonti used to express her anger and out of rage even censured Islam for two or three times. She was belted heavily for saying so. A beloved and dutiful husband! Isn’t it?

This new episode unfurled a new chapter; excessive tortures started to get more supports from mounting sexual offences against her at the same time. Even Simonti was threatened that she would have to share bed with three more Muslim youths – if she failed to gratify Zafar’s lecherousness (on the rise steadily). This was a straight case of perversion which from then on became a recurrent one. Simonti felt that Zafar’s failure to convince her to have some money from her father led him to perversion. But she was wrong. This was not the only reason; Zafar’s increasing abuses proved that it was the ideal fate of any Kafir (non-Muslim) girl, in particular Hindu. Simonti never got any medical assistance from the Muslim family, remaining nonchalant all the way.

Rising sexual torturing was totally unbearable for Simonti but due to Zafar’s insistence and also threatening she underwent 3 abortions. Was not it necessary for Zafar to adopt preventive measures during intercourse? Certainly but even after repeated pleas of Simonti to have those, Zafar shunned it citing religious factors. Persecutions made Simonti firmer than ever before and being advised by doctor not to opt for 4 th abortion, she gave birth to a girl child in 2009. And there was no resentment in the Muslim family against Simonti for this since she had got a job in WIPRO and agreed to contribute Rs. 5,000 per month. Meanwhile, out of the blue Simonti (forced by Zafar) called her father one day to provide her Rs. 30,000. He father turned the proposal down and instead asked her to return. Zafar fumed as a result, thrashed Simonti once more and decided to teach her a new lesson. What is this new lesson?

A few days ago to all these, Zafar had set up his own small factory and now he brought all the materials there (for working) to his residence stating that this way was cost-effective. To make way for all these, Simonti had to move to a bunk atop of the room, remaining in an outrageous condition. But nothing was there for Simonti; she had the right to submit to any wrongdoing only. How many years did she live there for? It’s for 2 and half years! It’s the most sordid experience in her life, accompanied by Zafar’s family’s slang languages and gestures.

Here are a few more significant and shocking facts. Prior to giving birth to her daughter (to steer clear of 4 th abortion risking her own life) Simonti went to Hatiara, Dist: 24 Paraganas (North), to evade further negligence of Zafar’s family. Since she was providing the necessary money on a monthly basis, none in the family did object to this decision. Within a week a house in Hatiara was found and Simonti started living there all alone. It was a tenants’ quarter; Simonti’s room was in the ground floor and she had to sharer bathroom with others. Zafar remained in his own house in Kolkata and used to visit this place once a week.

After living there for 6 months, Simonti found herself to be pregnant. When it was reported, Zafar, in spite of great unwillingness, took her to his own residence. He was not ready to kill a chicken providing a golden egg on every month. Here Simonti was frequently asked whether her child would be male. The Muslim family had a weird revulsion to female child and Zafar’s mother considered any female child as sin. During this time Simonti was forced to consume beef to ameliorate her own health. When she expressed her displeasure to have it on the first day, Zafar slapped her.

When on earth the daughter was born, Zafar was not present in the hospital. He came on the very next day, though reluctant. His baby became vulnerable to serious diseases but Zafar hardly cared. Simonti had to fight with him virtually to transfer the newborn infant to International Institute of Health Care in Kolkata, reputed medical institution, from the hospital. During this period presence of Zafar in the Institute was almost zero. Though Simonti made up her mind to leave the area permanently, she retuned to relatives-in-law’s house once more. And when her daughter was of four months old in 2009, Simonti decided to leave Zafar’s house once and for all. Simonti returned to her paternal abode finally.

But Zafar was not ready to leave her so easily. He used to visit Simonti’s paternal residence once per week and force her to have money from her father. Such pressure led to deterioration of her health and soon Simonti was attacked with jaundice due to malnutrition and her rough treatment. In Rubi Hospital Simonti was found to be underweight and was in need of complete rest. But Zafar’s family planned to take her to an exorcist! Such a heinous plan foiled thanks to strong fight of her family.

Once Simonti recovered, she decided not to return to Zafar’s house ever. Such a resolute decision ensued into a schism between Simonti and Zafar, who asked her to collect Rs. 20, 000 for him. He even threatened her of dire consequences if there was any refusal. At this time, to save her own and also daughter’s life, Simonti lodged a formal complaint against Zafar to the local police station. Zafar’s family, for the first time, stopped to proceed further due to fear. But strange enough, Simonti didn’t get any help from police.

Simonti didn’t know what to do next. But she was lucky enough as she got refuge from Hindu Samhati and with its help she got divorce in Islamic manner.

Simonti has returned to Hinduism once again and is waiting to convert her baby to Hinduism.

What is Simonti’s assessment of this episode in her life then? Simonti has finally concluded that Zafar married her to obtain copious amount of money from her father and she was trapped only after her family’s affluence was studied. There was not even an iota of love for her within Zafar.

Simonti is indeed lucky to finally break up shackles of Islamic love to her unlike tens of thousands of other hapless Hindu women, becoming easy preys to Love Jihad, without respite. Others either become victims of Islamic lust or are compelled to enter flesh trade and endure subhuman lives.

The above incident authenticates how Hindu girls, making love affairs with Muslim boys, end up. If any reader continues to disbelieve the above-mentioned account, complete devastation of their daughters’ lives can be the best eye opener. Is anyone ready to take up the challenge?

Gabbonia silent – apprehensive of new assault on Hindus

Both condition of Ajit Sardar, prime victim of Islamic brutality on 10.09.11, in village Gabbonia in Beharipara Atarbankia area, P.S. Jibantala, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the Indian state of Bengal and also of the village happen to be stable at the moment. There has been no further approach from Muslim fundamentalists till now but Hindus continue to simmer in anger; they have identified their deprivation of rights by politico-administration-Islamist nexus.

Perhaps it is uncalled-for to mention the fateful incident on 10.09.11 any longer but there is no doubt that Ajit Sardar, completely ignorant of the entire development, turned into its worst victim. The Hindu-Muslim clash over a motorbike accident could have ended soon but the Muslims planned to win the game altogether and thus teach Hindus a lesson.

Ajit Sardar was coming from Charavidya market where he went to meet doctor for his ailing mother and he was returning with his mother and brother. Soon the entire family was identified as residents of Beharipara Atarbankia area by Muslim thugs and Ajit and his sick mother were manhandled and also tortured. Debu, his brother, could manage to escape and inform villagers.

The situation was dreadful but local police intervened after hours. And thus began a new episode of police-led animosity against Hindus. An FIR was lodged to the local police station by the Hindu family against Muslim miscreants, involved in the bike accident too. But police played with the poor Hindus there; there was no news whether the FIR was formally accepted as the case number was not provided.

Finally, due to intense pressure of Press and Human Rights Activists police accepted the FIR on 16.09.11 and it is 311 dtd. 16.09.11 – Sec. 341/323/324/326/34 of IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Ajit Sardar, at the moment, is confined within his own house due to heavy injury and as advised by the concerned doctor. He is suffering a tremendous loss in business and none is there to take care of his impoverished family. Villagers are apprehensive of another assault – Muslims are regrouping themselves.

Mograhat club gains major victory; upbeat to celebrate Durga Puja on same land

He who is a regular reader of this site can’t forget the name of Shovarani Athletic Club in village Dakshin Maryada, P.S. Mograhat, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South), a place known to get threats from Muslims every time it gets set to organize Durga Puja, easily. The previous years were no exceptions and only in the last year, the intensity reached the highest extent but Hindus of the area led by Sri Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati, offered a stiff resistance to Muslim rowdies and emerged victorious ultimately. The bone of contention has been an Islamic burial ground adjacent to Shovarani Athletic Club and as per Muslims (representing almost 30 Muslim households amidst an overwhelming Hindu locality), land of the Club also belong to them.

Without doubt, the courageous resistance of Hindus has led to greater successes too. Through several meetings between contending groups (Muslims are enjoying rabid supports from adjoining Muslim-dominated areas) under the aegis of police and administration, a formal agreement has been completed. The agreement states categorically among 6 and ½ cottahs of land of Kabardanga (Islamic burial ground) 2 cottah belong to Sri Shankar Mandal while the Club has under its jurisdiction land worth ½ cottah. Muslims, as a result, have land worth 4 cottah.

The last meeting between Hindus and Muslims took place on 13.08.11and it was presided by an all-party delegation, O.C., C.I, BDO, Land Committee – Hotor Maryada Panchayat and current MLA Ms. Namita Saha. The formal agreement was completed in this meeting stating that the ½ cottah of land will remain to the Club for eternity and hence, inaccessible to any other party. What is more the Club can do its own construction in the land and independently.

However, the tract before the club remains a public property and hence, can be used for general use. But this new edict is not acceptable to a section of Hindus stating the administration sided for Muslims and gave them undue privileges.

Deep resentment, as a result, exists in the village still and to deal with any eventuality a police camp is stationed in the village. When this scribe went to the village to learn the reality and have snaps, he was questioned by the police camp there and local police station later on. Muslims were prompt enough to notify the camp of the scribe’s presence – enough to prove reigning ill feeling.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mamata succumbs to fresh Muslim admonition

Volte-face to meet Milli Council leaders raises skepticism

Mamata Banerjee succumbs to Muslims once more! The meeting predestined to take place after Kalipuja, stated by her own in the recent Id congregation on Red Road, to conform to electoral guidelines, imposed for own candidature in the forthcoming assembly by-election from Bhowanipur, was preponed to gratify a novel set of demands of Muslims. The All India Milli Council (AIMC) leaders called on the Bengal Chief Minister with a fresh demand for reservation of jobs and seats in higher education for Muslims along with enhanced conditions in housing, health and education. The question remains in the sense of urgency shown by her to meet the senior Muslim leaders. Had she shown same haste if a Hindu delegation came all the way from Delhi to meet her with a fresh charter of just demands, to ameliorate worsening Hindu lives in present Bengal?

It is worthwhile to mention that such a meeting would take place before long became clear when Mamata Banerjee, breaking the tradition of no government participation in any religious program till then, attended the recent Id congregation on Red Road. The congregation was not only historic but also gained more attention due to the harsh tone of Qari Fazlur Rahman, Imam conducting the Id prayers. The Imam said (in clear terms), “The new government has shown remarkable urgency in solving the Singur issue, the Gorkhaland issue and the Jungle Mahal issue. But the urgency cannot be seen when it comes to sorting out the problems of the Muslim community.”

He also went on saying, “They (the new government) must learn a lesson from what happened to the previous government. The former government promised a lot of things but delivered very little. As a result, they were wiped out. If these people (the new government) take us for granted it won’t take us much time to show them the door.” A few moments after this vitriolic speech Mamata Banerjee said to the community leaders that she would meet them sometime after the Kali Puja (Diwali).

Mamata said “it was not possible for her to meet them now because of the model code of conduct that has come into force after the assembly by polls were announced. (As Mamata is now an MP, she has to become an MLA and for that purpose she is contesting the assembly by poll from Bhawanipur constituency of Kolkata. The by poll will take place on September 25.) She promised that she would meet them after the Kali Puja”.

What is the reason behind this abrupt volte-face then? Was it too essential for Bengal CM to meet AIMC leaders? Or through doing the same she is desperate to garner more Muslim votes in Bengal to ensure her own existence in the sphere of power?

One thing which she perhaps loves to deny or dream of – Hindu majority is devoid of any power to forestall her. But history has proved time and again – negligence to majority views is synonymous to suicide.

Hindus in Kulpi tortured by murderous Muslims

To nip any form of Hindu resistance movement in the bud Islamic fundamentalists, these days, are leaving no stone unturned and ugliest face of the same was witnessed in the villages of Uttar Narayanpur and Gomukhberia, P.S. Kulpi, District: 24 Paraganas (South) yesterday, September 13, 2011. Muslim felons, no less than 800, hailing from areas like Heliagachi, atmosid and kholapukur bazaar, with deadly weapons entered the said villages in the night and what took place after that is a rampage and plunder. Police and administration is yet to take any culprit into custody. What led to the savage attacks?

From confidential sources, it has been learnt, two Hindu women, inhabitants of Uttar Narayanpur, have illicit affairs with local Muslims leading to dissatisfaction and problems for people (mainly Hindus) in the neighborhood. To call all these a halt, local Hindu youths asked all (involved people in this affair) either to stop all immoral relations or leave the village. Muslims were in no mood to accept this and stimulated two women to proceed to court. But nothing did happen in reality as they didn’t have the courage to wage a war against a Hindu dominated area. Muslims continued to simmer in anger.

In the adjoining village of Gomukhberia, two Hindu-owned shops, for smoking opium and drinking country-made liquor, were highly popular and majority of its customers were Muslims. But the greatest casualty, in this case too, was the social atmosphere and dignity of Hindu women in and around the area. Hence, Hindu youths of both Uttar Narayanpur and Gomukhberia closed the shop on one fine morning forcibly. These are not crimes in any way but social duties. Both the abovementioned incidents happened recently.

However, Muslims can’t suffer any such ignominious retreat to Hindus. So they planned to take revenge in next to no time.

The attack of Islamic fundamentalists went on for almost an hour and at least, 10 Hindu houses were looted and also destroyed. Police forces, as usual, came later and assured the villagers that they would adopt strong measures to take culprits into custody in no time. Tension has gripped the entire area.

Police hiding Afjal Taher’s whereabouts in Bagnan

It is no longer a secret that a Muslim youth (in his later thirties), named Syed Afjal Taher (he introduced himself with this name), has been arrested from a hospital in Bagnan, District: Howrah, prominent census town in the Indian state of Bengal, based on suspicion that he is responsible for the Delhi blast happened of late. Police is also suspecting that he might have planted the bomb outside the High Court, Delhi, leading to the death of 13 people. Afjal is learnt to have had injuries on his face, limbs and head and these are similar to blast wounds, according to police.

But above all there is a question. What was he doing in Bagnan? Is the area a refuge for such Jihadi terrorists? People have the right to know the truth, concealed by the police and also administration. And now what we have learnt from our confidential sources is enough to raise eyebrows of any.

Contrary to the story published in the mainstream media that Afjal got off at Bagnan owing to unbearable pain and to have medicines, we have learnt that he remained in Thanzadapur village, P.S. Bagnan, for a number of days and in this case his shelter providers were a gang of youths, working as labors in embroidery industry. These youths are Muslims and have been working in Delhi for a number of years at a stretch.

Afjal asked them for a brief stay and used to live in the same village hence. It has been learnt that police have taken the youths to custody in secret to know more; a news that has been denied by the concerned administration.

Nevertheless, police have shared a few vital info too. Syed Afjal’s face matches the sketch of one of the suspects released by NIA (National Investigation Agency) and this is the prime of info. But police is reluctant to share the info we have at the moment.

Why doesn’t police divulge the names of youths alleged to provide him shelter? Is it also engaged in maintaining secularism instead of public safety?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Innocent Hindu family in Jibantala becomes victim of inhuman torture of Muslims

The name of village Gabbonia in Beharipara Atarbankia area, P.S. Jibantala, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the India state of Bengal is not known to most of readers. Well, regular readers familiar with the name of Jibantala in this blog know that it denotes recurrent troubles for Hindus; Jibantala is one of the most disturbed areas of Bengal owing to rising Islamic atrocities and hence, strained Hindu-Muslim relation is common. What happened in the same area on 10.09.11 speaks of the same reality yet again.

On the fateful day, at 4 pm, a Muslim youth of Gopalmore Mandirbazar area, Iud Ali, was found driving a motorbike, carrying two other Muslim youths, Arfat Ali Gazi and Nuruddin Mollah, as well. While driving speedily, Iud, out of the blue, struck a cycle van, its Hindu driver and his passengers, Hindus also, on the whole. What took place after that was an angry battle of words – Hindu van driver, backed by local Hindus, asking for compensation (the van got damaged) and the Muslim youths refuting the same. At long last, the Muslim youths, owing to increasing pressure of gathering there, conceded defeat and agreed to compensate.

Meanwhile, one of three youths went to their village and brought a good number of Muslims to deal with any eventuality. Being supported by such a new and brawny crowd the Muslim youths declined any such compensation this time and also took oath that they would teach any person of Beharipara Atarbankia area the lesson of a lifetime. Hindus, being too disposed to peace, didn’t think to stop them there. Owing to this, a Hindu youth along with his family members became prey of inhuman torturing.

Ajit Sardar, a Hindu youth, along with his mother and brother, Debu Sardar, all at once, went to Charavidya market to meet the doctor there for his ailing mother. They were completely unaware of any such (abovementioned) development and hence, they were returning through the same (Muslim-dominated) area. Soon the entire family was identified as residents of Beharipara Atarbankia area and Ajit and his sick mother were manhandled and also tortured. The said three Muslim youths took key roles in this regard. Debu could manage to escape; he went to nearby Hindu area and with their help he could rescue his brother and mother. Both of them were submitted to hospital later on.

An FIR has been lodged to the local police station by the Hindu family against Muslim miscreants.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hindu women easy preys to Islamic lust in Amta, Howrah

Whether it is by Love Jihad or any other vicious method, Hindu women in the Indian state of Bengal are becoming easy preys to lust of Islamic fundamentalists increasingly. If you consider this to be a problem of adolescence and hence refuse to paint it in the true color, you are terribly wrong my friend.

Experiences and both recorded and unrecorded incidents prove any lady from the age of 7 to 70 can become victim of the same lust. And all these remind us the ominous days of partition when it was steadily becoming impossible for Hindu women to live with dignity. Well, it has to be said that there is no end of Islamic lust for Hindu women and perhaps experiences of more than the last millennium and such recurrent episodes manifest the same. Amta, prominent and self-sustaining town and also a community development block in Uluberia subdivision, District: Howrah, is facing the worst.

Here is the case of Ms. Dolly Dutta, a young girl of 19 years and also student of BA 1 st year in Joypur College under Calcutta University, resident of village Nischintipur, Amta Block No.2, P.S. Amta. The girl has been missing for the last few weeks and her father Sri Nemai Dutta remained completely clueless in the beginning.

After lodging a diary to the local police station, some new and stunning facts came to the fore thanks to police efforts. Parents were just groping in darkness but little they knew that exploiting their unawareness and innocence of Dolly a foul game had been hatched. And in this respect, Rehana, friend of Dolly, played a decisive role. She was instrumental to introduce Dolly to Sheikh Raju of village Shaoraberia in the environs. It has been learnt that Raju was introduced as a small businessman to Dolly but later investigations have proved all these to be utterly false.

Dolly is still missing; it is being learnt that she has both been allured and abducted by Sheikh Raju. But his whereabouts is yet to be unearthed. Dutta family is crying in despair.

Here is the second case and it is of ravishment of a minor Hindu school girl of Class IV. Tithi Porel, daughter of Pradip Porel, resident of village Kultiwari, P.S. Amta, is a student of Shaoraberia Primary School in Class IV. She was raped by a manual laborer, Rabekul, resident of the village of Shaoraberia and in the same Shaoraberia Primary School. It has been learnt that he had been expressing erotic postures to her for weeks prior to the rape. Rabekul is in jail at the moment.

Now let’s focus to the third case and it’s of the rape of a Hindu girl of Class VIII by a teacher of her own school. The abhorrent incident took place on 07.09.11 at the Mainan Madhyamik Shikshayatan in Amta Block No. 2; P.S. Joypur. The culprit, in this case, is Sheikh Saifuddin, teacher of the same school, and he raped her in a vacant classroom in the 2 nd floor during the school hour.

As the news spread in the neighborhood, angry villagers along with parents of school students gheraoed the school premises for hours; stones were thrown and even some rooms of the school were also plundered. The school, hence, is facing worst turmoil in its lifetime. The teacher has been taken into custody but rage of people refuses to end.

Are the above ones isolated incidents? In no way and these are signs of worst dangers, potent enough to engulf Hindu lives in Bengal with ferocity before long. It’s the time to get cautious and not to remain as people having the worst sense of history across the globe.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Islamic bids to uproot Hindus getting prominent increasingly

Jangipara – depicts possible future of Bengal

This is my second visit to Jangipara, especially to the village of Santoshpur, Uttarpara (Rakta), in Hooghly district of the Indian state of Bengal. The earlier visit was also good and effective but quite concise owing to some inescapable obstacles, natural disaster. Now, as said in the earlier report, Hindu inhabitants of the village and its environs continue to remain in abject fear, frantic efforts of local Muslims to transform a neighboring Idgah to mosque are terrorizing them a great deal. But the second visit ascertains one more source of terror – it’s another bid of Muslims to transform a nearby bush to their burial ground. Both the emerging situation, rising clamor of Islamic felons are terrifying amiable, law-abiding Hindus. The land measures 79 decimals at Mouza – Santoshpur, J.L. No. 114, Dag No. 661.

Condition of Hindus in the neighborhood can be determined, hence, quite easily. While substantial part of them are denizens here for decades and their families for centuries, if not more, Muslims comprise chunk of fresh illegal migrants from Bangladesh, flexing muscles thanks to assistance of administration, Islamic prowess and Hindu ineptitude. Nevertheless, resolute leadership of Hindu Samhati has provided them solace to some extent; Hindus, under its leadership, have proceeded to the judiciary for justice.

It has been learnt that Sk. Abdul Mannan, son of Sk. Abdus Samad, is the instigator behind the endeavor to convert the bush to a burial ground. Witnessing Hindu rising against him the person complained of has filed a Writ Application to the Hon’ble High Court, Calcutta – No. W.P. No. 23506 (W) of 2010 against the Principal Secretary, Home Police Department, the Inspector General of Police (Law and Order), the Director General of Police, West Bengal, the District Magistrate, Hooghly, the Superintendent of Police, Hooghly, the SDPO, Hooghly, the Officer-in-Charge – P.S. – Jangipara and Debu Santra, leader of the movement and also prime respondent in this case. The Writ Application, at the moment, is pending before Hon’ble High Court, Calcutta.

Here comes a twist. Even if the entire matter is Sub-judice or awaiting judicial determination, Sk. Abdul Mannan, getting audacious has (already) applied frequent strong-arm tactics to acquire the land illicitly. What is the police and administration doing then? Hindus have made repeated appeals and also submitted memorandums to urge the police to adopt strong measure to nab the culprits; hushed voices, followed by a strange silence, were found out by Hindus only. Tension, hence, continues without fail.

According to the last report, on 18.08.2011, a Muslim mob in same Jangipara led by Sheikh Zahir, Salim Mandal, Sheikh Ramzan, Sheikh Zahirul Mallik, Sahabuddin Mallik, Sheikh Yusuf, went to the same line and started construction of a mosque. But SDO of Sreerampore, on account of fast corrosion of communal situation, prohibited any new construction on No. 82 Dag (line) till 29.04.2011.

All these prove how difficult it is getting for Hindus in Jangipara, not to speak of taunts or harassments of their girls by Muslim lads. But Hindus can’t leave the place even for once; any exodus would legitimize Muslim endeavors to uproot, exterminate Hindus at will. Islamic Bengal is waiting for that opportunity fervently.

Hindus either in Jangipara or anywhere have to fight; mass exodus from former East Pakistan or Bangladesh has never solved any problem. Bengali Hindus have become the greatest casualty of the British Empire and the fate has to be built up through their relentless and brutal fight in all possible ways. This is another chance rendered by history to Hindus.

If this bus is also missed, no passenger will be there for the next bus.

(Idgah - waiting to be a Mosque)

(Area to be converted to Muslim burial ground)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Muslims dare Bengal Chief Minister

This was not done by any of her preceding Chief Ministers in Bengal even but without doubt, Mamata Banerjee, present Chief Minister, West Bengal, is of a different nature and surely has the conviction to overwhelm her illustrious predecessors. She was invited to grace the recently held gigantic Id congregation held on Red Road of Kolkata; definitely she charmed the mammoth gathering but there were newer experiences for her as well.

Qari Fazlur Rahman, venerable Imam was found to conduct the Id prayers but what he told through his 20-minute speech in Urdu prior to the initiation of the sermon was indeed a great experience for the firebrand Bengal Chief Minister too. He (in clear terms) said, , “The new government has shown remarkable urgency in solving the Singur issue, the Gorkhaland issue and the Jungle Mahal issue. But the urgency cannot be seen when it comes to sorting out the problems of the Muslim community.”

This was not all. He also went on to say, “They (the new government) must learn a lesson from what happened to the previous government. The former government promised a lot of things but delivered very little. As a result, they were wiped out. If these people (the new government) take us for granted it won’t take us much time to show them the door.”

What does “take us for granted” indicate in this context? Is the Imam trying to ascertain that Muslims in Bengal are no more soccer balls but players and they can’t be taken for granted hence? If this is the reality, Hindus in Bengal have enough reasons to be cautious.

The fast worsening socio-religious and political situation in the length and breadth of Bengal indicates that the complete hell (Islamic domination) may fall on Hindus at any time. Meanwhile, Muslims are not sitting idle; apart from increasing vote shares, they have increased the number of Muslim MLAs from 43 in 2006 to 58 in 2011 registering an increase of 15 Muslim MLAs in the assembly also.

Who is the Hindu representative in this assembly? Not a single one! Hindus have to think twice before being too constitutional any more.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Muslims hell-bent to construct illegal mosque disregarding Hindu protests in Dinajpur

Without doubt, if there is no political and administrative support, it’s not possible for any minuscule minority group to torment the overwhelming majority community in the same environs; strong-arm tactics of Islamic felons revealed through their desperate bids to construct illegal mosques in predominantly Hindu areas in the Indian state of Bengal these days bring to the fore a grievous truth. Muslims are enjoying overwhelming administrative, political support or else the situation in the village of Jobtagaon would have been different.

The village of Jobtagaon, P.S. Islampur, District: South Dinajpur is infested by more than 5, 000 Hindu families and only 3 Muslim families. But this reality is not scaring this hopeless minority group there. Thanks to assistance of Muslims outside and local administration, Muslim families in Jobtagoan are set to construct a mosque, illegal altogether, pushing aside objections of Hindus. To be precise, a large mosque exists just beyond the Hindu area evidencing the novel bid of construction is based on ulterior motives.

The situation is indeed dreadful and none other than Bengali Hindus know fallout of such a success. The success would make it difficult for Hindus there to live peacefully any longer; recurrent, intentional and forcible sermons from mosque would make lives painful. Well, unlike other areas, Hindus here got untied to call the evil design a halt at any cost. And Muslims, facing obstacles, stated that the said construction was for mere religious rituals only. But the construction had been going on since the police station refused to adopt any stern measure to stop this, disturbing peace of the neighborhood by then.

As per latest news, Muslims, joined by many outsiders too, have started to pray namaz and the charisma of Irfan Bhatia, leader of the movement to construct the mosque, is increasing by leaps and bounds among his compatriots.

Owing to steadfast Hindu protests to the construction, local administration convened an all-party meeting on September 02, 2011 to find out a definite solution. But Muslims, getting sacred and apprehending sound defeat, came in great numbers and a good number of them were carrying lethal weapons too. To confuse Hindus there, Muslims said that meeting must initiate only after they pray namaz and without consulting others, they started praying at once. This was a sufficient reason to infuriate Hindus; a brutal clash broke out and the mosque was heavily damaged and also burnt. But sources do also authenticate that it was done by Muslims to slander and deceive both Hindus and administration. Even if a large police contingent became able to calm down the antagonism ultimately, deep tension governs the area still. As per latest news, a peace meeting would take place on September 07, 2011 to have a final solution.

Meanwhile, an assortment of reports are confirming, Muslims, as a reaction to their initial failure, are inflicting worst persecutions on Hindu minority groups living in adjoining Muslim-dominated villages of Jobtagaon. This is not the end; to have a decisive victory; hundreds of armed Muslims are rushing to Jobtagaon. They are being followed by an Islamic militia.

Hindus are gearing up for self-defense.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kali temple desecrated in Diamond Harbour

Desecration of Hindu temples in the length and breadth of Bengal is intense; in spite of innumerous pleas of Hindus the administration remains reluctant to them, do not adopt apposite measures else to call these a halt and a revered Kali temple, positioned in Diamond Harbour Proper at National Highway No. 117, District: 24 Parganas (South) has become the freshest entrant in the same list. The temple remains witness to vandalism, looting and also forceful and heinous attacks on the venerable deity itself that took place on September 01, 2011 in the dead night.

Had people identified any such during the occurrence, the fallout would surely have been different. But next day, in the morning, devotees were shocked to find out the ravage. What they did perceive manifested at once that it was done by none other than an Islamic bigot. No Hindu thief or freebooter, however bad he is, would dare to touch the sacred idol of Mother Almighty, Kali Mata.

Hindus in the neighborhood are up in arms and have been found to voice their protests angrily and demand stern actions of police to nab the culprits without delay.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Muslims abduct Hindu girl Dipanwita in Sandeshkhali

Administration indifferent to her hapless father

Have you ever gone through the agonies of a helpless father who knows his daughter has been kidnapped, is being ravished regularly by Muslims? Can you comprehend his feelings when he realizes his own helplessness to stop this curse of oppression? This is no longer any bizarre development in the length and breadth of the Indian state of Bengal; situations like this are rampant these days where fathers ran from pillar to post to save their own daughters and find themselves utterly helpless in the end. Situation of Dinabandhu Mandal, inhabitant of village – Uttar Nalkara, P.S. Sandeshkhali, District: 24 Paraganas (North) is no different. Her eldest daughter, Dipanwita Mandal, age 19 has been abducted by Muslim felons; this is known to all but the administration is yet to adopt any definite measure to nab culprits.

Dipanwita, studious and also intelligent (3 rd yr.)student of BSC curriculum in Geography (Hons.) in Bhangar College, went to her college as usual at 11 am on 22/7/2011. And she has never returned to her home from that very day. Worried parents and other family members started enquiring in the environs. In a little while, from confidential sources, they came to know that Anarul Mollah, s/o Wachel Mollah, of the same village, along with his Muslim friends had forcibly abducted Dipanwita to convert her to Islam and marry her.

Anarul was completely supported by his own family members, including his parents and his brother Allauddin Mollah, s/o Wachel Mollah, in this regard. Dinabandhu, getting desperate, went all alone to rescue her daughter but a contingent of dreaded Muslims prevented him from going further. A few of them also challenged Dinabandhu to rescue his daughter and this proved Muslims were relishing the entire development.

Dinabandhu Mandal lodged a Missing Diary in P.S. Sandeshkhali, G.D.E. No.127 dtd. 23/07/11. But this failed to be profitable and when Dinbandhu, owing to the failure, desired to lodge an FIR against the aforementioned culprits, he was dissuaded by police on the whole.

Finding no other options, Dinabandhu Mandal made earnest appeals to SDPO, ASP (Additional Superintendent of Police), SP, Barasat, 24 Paraganas (North) and DIG, CID, West Bengal. As a fallout, a case is going on in the Court of Learned A.S.G.M at Basisrhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North).

But Dipanwita Mandal is yet to be found though many persons, it has been learnt, have seen her in the Muslim abode. Can she come back ever?

Muslim private teacher molests Hindu girl child

Even Hindu girl children are becoming vulnerable to lust of Muslim youths these days and unless girls are kept under close watch, experiences of Mousumi can be household phenomenon before long. Who is Mousumi? She is a girl child of 7 years age, an inhabitant of village Beara, P.S. Bagda, District: 24 Paraganas (North) and has become a victim of molestation by her Muslim private teacher. This ominous incident took place only on August 30.08.11 or yesterday at 5 pm in her own residence.

Parents of Mousumi, to better her standard in education, picked out a Muslim youth, age 18 years and also a student reading in Beara High School in the neighborhood, as teacher. He was primarily selected to teach two girls, Mousumi and her younger sister, at the same instant. But little did the family know of its consequences.

The Muslim teacher had some other or erotic intentions and with this end in view, he used to harass two girls, Mousumi in particular. Well, Mousumi used to remain quiet all the way but yesterday when she was molested outright Mousumi couldn’t remain quiet anymore. She, apart from revealing this nasty experience, expressed her past experiences as well. All these happened in her own house; since her mother was engaged in household jobs, the teacher, considering it as a brilliant opportunity, molested her.

The Muslim boy was asked without any delay and fright in both his face and gesture proved to be enough for the family of Mousumi. After repeated acts of hesitation, the Muslim teacher, finally, accepted his own guilt. As soon as this was done, the teacher was thrashed heavily and outright. Such was the anger of Hindus that people from local market area and surroundings flocked to residence of Mousumi and were in no mood to compromise.

An FIR has also been lodged; police has assured to nab the culprit and adopt strong measures. The Muslim teacher has been taken into custody.

Repeated bids to transform Idgah to mosque worry Hindus in Jangipara

Surely not many people haven’t heard the name of Santoshpur, Uttarpara (Rakta), Jangipara, P.S. Jangipara, District: Hooghly in Bengal but Hindus of the village are in a deep trouble these days owing to desperate bids of local Muslims to transform a neighboring Idgah to mosque. And any such effort, thanks to dreadful experiences, appears to be greatest danger to Hindus. Hindus in Jangipara are also apprehending the worst.

Definition of mosque is simple; it does denote a Muslim place of worship that usually has a minaret and this is the most comprehensible and accepted notion across the globe. But even if anyone tries to stop here, it can’t be. People in various regions all over the globe have started to realize that construction of a mosque is nothing but establishment of a cantonment or an institution for training Muslim civilians to become ideal warriors or Jihadi. Without a shred of doubt, Hindu experience is much bitter than the fresh victims of worldwide Jihad.

The Idgah is positioned at No. 82 Dag (line) in Santoshpur Mouza for decades at a stretch and what is more, it is located within a Hindu region. Only a few Muslims (almost 20 in numbers) inhabit the same area and there is a large mosque in their neighborhood too. Hence, there is hardly any need for a new mosque and all these are making Hindus more skeptical of the entire approach, aided by Muslims from exterior regions considerably.

It must also be taken into account Hindu-Muslim schism is a part of village life in Santoshpur and clashes between them are becoming regular increasingly. A few years back a similar endeavor was identified but due to the timely intervention of then Panchayat leadership, the issue subsided and it was announced that Idgah would remain only. But from 10.07.2009 when Muslims started a new construction of mosque all have changed and their covert approach and success to transform the word “Idgah” to “Mosque” in government records has been beneficial for them.

To ward off all tensions a meeting led by local administration (BDO, Jangipara) comprising both Hindu and Muslim representatives happened on 30.07.2009 but it failed to bring out any solution. BDO asked Muslims to stop construction verbally and also pleaded with Hindus to remain calm. The situation, however, remained unchanged and repeated approaches to construct a new mosque were found. Sreerampore SDO, owing to fast deterioration of communal situation, prohibited any new construction on No. 82 Dag (line) till 29.04.2011.

But on 18.08.2011, a Muslim mob led by Sheikh Zahir, Salim Mandal, Sheikh Ramzan, Sheikh Zahirul Mallik, Sahabuddin Mallik, Sheikh Yusuf went to the same line and started construction of a mosque. Due to a strong Hindu protest and to avert any communal clash, police intervened fast and calmed the fiery situation down.

Tension remains in the village and its neighborhood a lot.