Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hindu Samhati’s endeavor makes Pagal Thakur fair grand success

The name of village Paglatala, positioned in Mollabelia Gram Panchayat, Dist. Nadia and P.S. Haringhata, is worth mentioning. Reason? Not the fair of Pagal Thakur (going on for centuries) is celebrated here every year only, creating enthusiasm in the vicinity majorly, but it was persecuted by Islamic zealots last year also. On 13 th Chaitra, each year, tens of thousands of Hindu women amass here to worship Lord Shiva.

This year too equal number of women assembled here, if not more. Hindu Samhati played a major role through initiating a Jalasatra (place for charitable distribution of drinking water to public) to the travelers. Thanks to all these, major developments have also been witnessed in the neighborhood. All these prove Hindus are resolute to draw together at Paglatala to make fair of Pagal Thakur a success.

What did stimulate Muslim felons last year to assault Hindus? In accordance with people, their first and foremost concern was to crash moral fiber of Hindus. Nevertheless, they failed in all measures and this year’s celebration depicts the same.

Nazrul Islam, key planner of last year’s assaults, tried to organize another fair, distinctively for Muslims, in this year. Due to unavailability of any such permission from the local administration, he got audacious even to threaten it. Because of all these developments, local administration adopted stringent measures and assigned large contingent of police and paramilitary forces in the fair. Surely administration can’t also forget the virulent protests of Hindus against last year’s attacks under the aegis of Hindu Samhati.

Last of all, Hindu Samhati cadres also played a major role in managing the fair and helping it to get successful.

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