Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brave Hindu Samhati Activists of CharaVidya Bailed Out

Even if the situation in and around CharaVidya (P.S. Basanti), following Islamic atrocities on Hindus stealthily advocated by the local administration (reported recently), is still tense and Hindus are scared to move freely, there is a slight relief.

Hindu Samhati workers, Arun Mandal and Amar Biswas, inhabitants of Village Kumrokhali No.7, who waged a desperate battle with others to prevent Islamic criminals on 18 April, 2011 have been bailed out at the Alipore Court today itself.

But this is only the first part of the victory; 10 others, incriminated by the joint nexus of local administration and Islamic zealots, are waiting for the bail.

Struggle is on; situation is indeed tough for the Hindus due to undue patronage for Muslims by the political parties. In spite of all Hindu Samhati is leaving no stone unturned to bring justice to Hindus.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Muslim woman’s design to stigmatize male Hindu foiled

It may appear to be rather strange to begin with noting counsel of Acharya Chanakya, venerated author of Arthashastra. But the same is essential to elucidate the fast changing reality. On the word of Acharya, women have hunger two-fold, shyness four-fold, daring six-fold, and lust eight-fold as compared to men and all these are being observed increasingly. But surely none can trounce Asma Khatun, age 27 years, audacious enough to stigmatize an amiable male Hindu on charge of rape, a blatant lie proved later on.

The incident took place at Dhamua, P.S. Mograhat, Diamond Harbor, Dist: 24 Paraganas, in Village Chalkeswari. On 21 April 2011, Asma Khatun, having a business of guavas, went to Gulli Haldar (age 35 years), her main supplier. Everything was normal but soon after she returned to her residence, a hue and cry of rape charge against Gulli Haldar was raised. However, wife of Gulli, present at the time of Asma’s meeting with Gulli, rejected the charge straight away and termed it as a heinous conspiracy to malign her husband.

Tension, as a result, persisted in the vicinity and to resolve the burning issue, leaders of both communities decided to call a meeting in the evening. However, the meeting was short-lived; Muslims made a great effort to thrash Gulli. He was saved as Hindus prevented them vehemently.

All these led to a clash between Hindus and Muslims. Naturally, Muslims were the first to assault. But Hindus, unlike other areas, defended fervently and this foiled their all plans. To rein in the fast deteriorating situation, police interfered and 4 companies of RAF (Rapid Action Force) were stationed. It is to be noted that Muslim crooks, in the meanwhile, burnt down1 Hindu abode and stole 4 cows as well.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Muslims malign Hinduism, threaten Hindus in Sarberia

Only one chance is enough for Muslims to malign Hinduism. This was heard for days but its true form was perceived at Fakirtokia PashuHat, in Sarberia, P.S. Jibantala (South 24 Paraganas) on Poila Baisakh (15 April 2011). Islamic hardliners organized an all-night religious congregation on that day attended by no less than 500 people along with Maulanas (Islamic teachers). And one Muslim Maulabi, named Sheikh Zakir Hossain, left no stone unturned to make use of it.

Sheikh Zakir Hossain defiled Hindu Gods and Goddesses along with sanctified Hindu places at random. Goddess Kali was stated as nude and lusty woman, roaming with the head of Shiva. He also said Shiva is worshipped by Hindus only be severing his Linga. Indeed all these led to a great laughter among the Muslim crowd.

However, there was another scene in house (adjoining to the congregation) of Madan Sardar, an Adivasi, beautified for Sri Sri Narayan Puja. Microphone was being used as part of the Puja, enough to infuriate the army of Islamic zealots. The microphone was stopped forcefully by them and when women assembled in the house protested against this ghastly incident, they were threatened.

Muslim criminals warned that women would be raped in broad daylight if anyone dared to protest and also to go to the police station to lodge a complaint. It is to be noted that the criminals were outsiders and owing to fear, there was no protest any more. Hindus are in terrible fear these days.

What do you advise them to do?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hindus becoming easy prey to Islamic rouges in CharaVidya

Can a simple sport of playing marbles turn into a violent feud ever? Many readers may become skeptic at this in the beginning but the bitter truth must be introspected as well. These types of chronicles are not rare in the rural sphere of the Indian state of West Bengal and are becoming more and more common with the passing of each day. Fresh turmoil and subsequent assaults on Hindu Samhati workers in areas belonging to areas under P.S.(police station) Basanti (CharaVidya, No.6) and P.S. Jibantala denote the same.

The incident took place in the Village Soakhali under P.S. Jibantala (North 24 Paraganas), around 12.30 pm, on 18 April, 2011, and had its beginning concerning a scuffle between Hindu and Muslim boys playing marbles. And to save the situation from deteriorating further, workers of Hindu Samhati stepped in. But little they did know of the consequence of the same. Making use of the fiery situation, Mohammed Hossain Gayen (son of Mohd. Nachim Gayen) (as part of conspiracy hatched already) along with almost 200 Muslim youths, equipped with deadly weapons, attacked Chiranjit Mondal, well-known Hindu Samhati activist in the vicinity, and battered him extremely. Later the assailants struck him on his forehead.

It is to be noted that a few noted Islamic criminals in the neighborhood also did participate in the thrashing. These included Hassan Gayen (son of Mohd. Nachim Gayen), Yakub Gayen (son of Ibrahim Gayen), Yusuf Gayen (son of Ibrahim Gayen), EchaHaque Gayen (son of Ibrahim Gayen). Ibrahim Gayen was instrumental in the recent attack on minor Kumari Jyotsna Karmakar, daughter of Tapan Karmakar, inhabitant of Village Soakhali, regarding an alleged theft of tomato. His three sons were also involved in this notorious activity.

Chiranjit was admitted to Basanti Hospital at the outset but as advised by P.S. Basanti, he was later admitted to Canning sub-division Hospital.However Chiranjit Mondal is an inhabitant of P.S. Basanti but the incident occurred in an area under P.S. Jibantala.

Well, he was not the only one who was beaten up so savagely. Others were Jayanta Sardar, Amar Biswas, Ratan Mondal and Pratap Dolui and following the incident when Amar Biswas along with others went to P.S. Basanti to lodge a complaint against the Muslim thugs, they underwent an unusual situation. The complaint was not registered and they were asked to stay in the police station. As per police, an FIR had already been lodged against them in P.S. Jibantala. Muslims had filed an FIR against 12 Hindus. And as a result, Arun and Amar (had gone to P.S. Basanti) were arrested and produced later on in the court.

But the crisis didn’t end for the Hindu villagers. Armed gangs of Islamic criminals were seen visiting Hindu villages and warning hapless villagers.

More striking developments are yet to come. A large police contingent led by SDPO Chandan Kanti Neogy started patrolling the entire area (same day) and warning Hindus, having no role in particular, using abusive languages. Only Hindu households were searched thoroughly. As part of the latest development, complaint of Hindus (against Hossain Gayen and his cohorts) has already been referred to P.S. Jibantala by P.S. Basanti but the FIR number is yet to come.

You may be amazed to know this. Parents of injured Hindu boys went to meet SDPO today itself but they were treated badly there.

All these have made Hindus living here for centuries extremely scared.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hindus tortured in Kumarjole, Minakha

Do you revel in the Hindu religious celebrations? If you are and even if it’s a righteous act, the time has come to make a second thought. The foremost reason behind all these is that your Islamic brethren (?) may become annoyed and alleged secular political parties would engage in fighting with others to disown you. Don’t consider this as any hyperbole; experiences of Hindu residents in Village Chowringhee Babu Khola in Kumarjole Minakha area, P.S. Minakha, Dist. 24 Paraganas (North) portray the fast changing reality.

Shiv Gajan is a highly popular event amid the Hindu culture in Bengal and has been going on around 30 Chaitra and Polia Baisakh for centuries, if not more. Likewise, residents of Village Chowringhee Babu Khola, determined to celebrate their century-old festival, brought out their own procession in the street. It is to be noted that Muslims in the locality have been celebrating their own religious ceremony, at the same time, just to malign Hindus. The uproar initiated when Hindus were prevented on last Friday (15 April 2011) from moving on any longer; drummers were beaten up as any kind of drum-beating is an insult to their religion. Muslims were brandishing all kinds of deadly weapons but failed to tame Hindus.

Hindus fought back with immense courage surprising Muslims a lot. However they had to suffer injuries and go to the hospital.

In the midst of all these, political parties, mere witnesses till the other day, have come to the fore and are pressuring Hindus to settle down the case. There can’t be any compromise, such is the standpoint of Hindus and they are intending to carry on the struggle.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Will Gangasagar cease to belong to Hindus exclusively?

Gangasagar or Sagar Island, positioned on the continental shelf of Bay of Bengal almost 150 km (80 nautical miles) south of Kolkata, doesn’t need any new reference. It is famed worldwide as a significant Hindu pilgrim place where on each year tens of thousands of Hindus on the day of Makar Sankranti (mid of January) take holy dip in the confluence of Ganga and offer puja in the temple of Kapil Muni.

Hence, for all these, Gangasagar has become the next target of Islamic Jihadists, backed by political parties as well. These days Islamic religious ceremonies, under the aegis of Trinamool Congress and CPM, are becoming more and more common in the entire island and all are happening without the necessary permission of microphones even.

Hindus, on the contrary, are facing umpteen problems to hold religious gatherings! While they are not being allowed to make use of microphones, other problems like harassments of Hindus by administration even on flimsy grounds have become a reality.

Is this the best reward to the majority community by Indian Governance?

Muslims defile Hindu temples, assault Hindus in Mallikpur

It is as clear as daylight that Islamists are extending their tentacles in the length and breadth of West Bengal and it’s no longer a secret as well, this procedure, if remains unchecked, will lead to the complete extinction of Hindus in the state. Whatever may be the depiction of reality, many people are still not interested to listen to all these and have strong convictions on the inviolability of Indian Constitution and its effectiveness to hold India together. Growing vulnerability of Hindus in Mallikpur, P.S. Bhangar, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South) may be an eye-opener for them.

Milan Bazar area in Mallikpur, P.S. Bhangar used to have a good Hindu presence in the initial years of national independence but has come down to 20 Hindu families only in all these years, thanks to Muslim atrocities including their verbal abuses or affronts. To flex their muscles further, Muslims have been organizing Millat, on every 29 and 30 Chaitra (Bengali month), here for the last four years at stretch.

The episode doesn’t end here; Muslims have been making use of Hindu-owned lands besides to assault Hindus further. Hindus are forced to leave their cultivable lands for the said two days. At this time, neither can Hindus utilize those nor can they tread into even for once. Muslims put up their makeshift shops as part of the festival to make the entire celebration more glorious.

Tired and also devastated of all these, Hindus, this year, evolved a new strategy. They guarded their own lands, cultivated as well and for that reason their Islamic adversaries had hardly any option.

But Muslims are not so sane to accept all these peacefully. They were just rummaging around for revenge and on 30 th Chaitra, 14.03.2011, during the dead end of night, Islamic criminals broke into the main temple of the locality, ransacked, vilified the entire temple premises and broke the idols of Goddess Kali and Manasha. Hindu households were also not spared. Each and every one was slandered shocking people at large.

Hindus protested and reported the incident to local key members, happen to be Muslims only. Getting no assistance Hindus reported the incident to the adjoining police camp. But the response of the camp there was more appalling. As per police personnel, they were ready to lend a hand but Hindus must also think of their own safety and future.

What can Hindus do in such a situation?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Police brings Charak Puja to a halt in Charghat again

There is simply no end to anguishes of the people of Charghat Darga Para, P.S- Swarup Nagar, Dist. North 24 Paraganas in the Indian state of West Bengal. It has recently been reported how the local police and administration there played a villainous role, harassed the hapless Hindus there on the eve of Charak Puja and concurrent Utsav and how local police outpost officer Prabhat Pramanik (on 10 April 2011) crushed the pulpit of Charak Puja and spoke out (in company with Officer in charge of Swarup Nagar Police station Ananda Mohan Chakroborty) that Puja could continue minus the adjoining celebrations, and later owing to public outrage acceded to the popular demand of organizing Puja.

It is needless to say that the entire activity of the police was instigated by a few key members of the Muslim community, infamous thugs of the locality.

It would have been best, had this been the last. Administration has shown its terrible face yet again by calling the entire festival a halt all of a sudden. Well, the administration is not without any reason. It has stated the entire event, going on for more than 52 years without break, as illegal and rancorous for the neighborhood, even if other ceremonies including that of Muslims are in full swing. The administration has also been able to have a bond or written promise from the village youth.

Now the question remains – what is going on over here. Has the administration ceased to exist, especially in case of persecutions on Hindus?

Muslim zealot abuses Hindu housewife sexually

It’s the account of Mrs. Mina Mondal, inhabitant of Madari (Malancha), P.S. Minakha, Dist. 24 Paraganas (North), not different from the mounting harrowing experiences of thousands of other Hindu women, enough to shock any liberal and sane individual.

To be precise, Mrs. Mina Mondal, on 13/04/2011 around 12 pm, along with her adolescent niece, was going to the Shiva Temple at Jelepara to pray to the Almighty. In the midway, a Muslim ruffian named Kader Mollah, son of Khaleque Mollah, started abusing her. The Islamic crook not only used foul language but made expressions, unbearable for any woman. When Mina, in reply, stated that he would be beaten black and blue, Kader made himself nude and holding his penis proclaimed that he would do all with Mina he could.

He was even audacious enough to ask Mina that she could call on anyone to save her but that would not lead to any result. When Mina’s mother made efforts to stop Kader, the thug said that if he was a man she would have been thrashed.

Having no other options Mina lodged a complaint (GD No.: 90 dtd. 13/04/11) to P.S. Minakha along with her husband Abhijit Mandal and is waiting for the police’s affirmative measures.

Have you heard of any such incidents in your life ever? Is West Bengal all set to become another Talibanized Afghanistan?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hindus of Charghat celebrate victory through blood donation

It is being said for days that Hindu influence in the Indian state of West Bengal is on the wane; not only its social status is vulnerable to the fast changing reality but it’s also no secret anymore that administration is becoming apathetic to Hindus more and more. And if there is any skeptic secular Hindu in spite of all these, all he/she has to do is to go through the recent happenings in Charghat Darga Para, P.S- Swarup Nagar, Dist. North 24 Paraganas.

The entire area remained witness to the audacity of police and administration on 10 April 2011and how local police outpost officer Prabhat Pramanik crushed the pulpit of Charak Puja and spoke out (in company with Officer in charge of Swarup Nagar Police station Ananda Mohan Chakroborty) that Puja could continue minus the adjoining celebrations. But the fiery protest of Hindus compelled the administration to come to terms and state that Puja along with all predestined programs would continue.

The feeling of victory was comprehended when the blood donation camp was organized pompously on 12 April 2011and 33 people including 16 women donated blood. Even if tension prevails in the vicinity and police has built a strong security zone around the entire premise, none can deny the joy of triumph among Hindus.

Hindu minor girl raped by Muslim fanatic

Where can she get justice from?

Those were the darkest days of 1940s when the befuddled Hindus of then undivided Bengal were running from pillar to post to save their women, most vulnerable to the lust of Islamic zealots. People who underwent all these horrific episodes and came to newly formed West Bengal in the hope of security have become speechless by now. Islamic fundamentalism, aided by sectarian forces and degenerated political factions, is getting higher in the state and hell is all set to fall down on Hindus. None knows whether they can be saved but episode of Sabita Mandal proves the fate is getting doomed more and more.

Ms. Sabita Mandal, age 17 years, is the daughter of a meager casual laborer Mr. Radhakanta Mandal in the village of Dakshin Patikhali Charpara, under Jibantala P.S. of South 24 Parganas district, known as bastion of Muslim criminals. And on 8th April 2011 at noon 2 pm she was all alone in her abode.

Mother of Sabita died in her infancy and the helpless father was out of house for his job from 1 pm. Well, Radhakanta placed some corns at the gate of his house at the time of moving out. Reason? In the vacant place in front of his house, 10-12 notorious hoodlums were drinking wine and he did all these for the safety of his lone daughter.

It was around 2.00 pm when two drunkards, Saifuddin Mistri (of age 25 years) and Pappu Seikh, looked for water from Sabita and she refused instantly. However, due to the pressure of the two, Sabita had no other way other than to provide a bottle of water from within the fence of her house. Getting incensed the two Muslim thugs kicked on the gate, crashed it and entered the premise. Even if Sabita cried for help, none did turn up during the hour of need. Everyone remains too busy with his/her own life. Isn’t it?

Saifuddin got hold of Sabita quite easily and tore up her clothes. Sabita, to preserve her own chastity, fought back with all might but Saifuddin overwhelmed her. She was beaten ruthlessly and then ravished again and again. Sabita, as a result, lost her consciousness. Hence, it’s difficult to determine whether Pappu outraged her as well. Once the job was done two criminals fled from the spot. A youth of neighboring house, Rajkumar Ram, came out and shouted and called the neighbors. Neighbors came to find out a distressed and unconscious Sabita. Even if they were perplexed, first aid was provided to her and she regained her consciousness.

Radhakanta Mandal returned home at 4.00 pm and comprehended the reality. His poor neighbors could not advise him properly of the next approach and so a Hindu Samhati worker close at hand was contacted. Thanks to his counsel, Radhakanta with his daughter went to Canning police station in the same evening (08.04.11) so as to file a complaint against the culprits. Saifuddin, s/o, Sabir Ali Mistri, it is to be noted, lives in Krishna Colony of Uttar Taldi under jurisdiction of Canning P.S.

Police personnel in Canning P.S. had the written complaint, took down the whole lot and questioned Sabita Mandal thoroughly. Radhakanta Mandal was advised to move to Jibantala P.S. to lodge the complaint.

At 8.00 am, on 09.04.11, Radhakanta went to Jibantala P.S. along with her daughter but had to wait till 9.30 am only. Officer in Charge in Jibantala P.S. had a talk with the victim and her father. He questioned them in depth and also checked the ragged clothes. When Radhakanta was asked whether he will be able to show the broken gate, he confirmed. The written complaint was accepted then and both of them were promised that the O.C. would visit the house before long.

However there were striking exceptions at this time. Neither any official receipt of the complaint was given to Radhakanta Mandal nor was Sabita sent for any medical examination, obligatory as per Indian legal system. Again in spite of lofty assurances, no police officer came to the victim’s house till 10 am on 11.04.11.

Saifuddin Mistry, main culprit, fled from his village to steer clear of arrest. But, on 11.04.11, he came back to his village and was perceived to rove in the area. In line with local sources, Saifuddin has got assurance from Samsuddin Seikh, a.k.a. Gadda, a ruffian, quite close to Saukat Mollah, prominent CPIM leader and also president of Canning 2 Block Panchayat Samiti.

Will Sabita be able to get justice? This is the question of the day. But if versions of local populace are listened to, police personnel of Jibantala P.S. prefer to be trucklers of Saukat Mollah, potent enough in all aspects including maintaining a close relation with Rezzak Mollah, senior cabinet minister of ruling Left Front government. Meanwhile, Pappu Seikh offered Namita Mandal, aunt of Sabita Mandal, amount of five hundred rupees to come to terms. Namita refused the offer.

What the outcome would be is unknown yet but like 1940s police and administration has already started to cajole Muslim ruffians. Either Hindus of Bengal have to fight back under the competent leadership of Hindu Samhati or face the extinction.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Charak Utsav in Charghat Darga Para faces Islamic and Police wrath

With the passing of days growingly, it’s becoming evident the greatest crime of any individual in India is to be a Hindu and if he/she hails from a low-caste Hindu family (suppressed through ages) the same crime becomes graver. You may call this as fiction of imagination but the ongoing happenings in Charghat Darga Para, P.S- Swarup Nagar, Dist. North 24 Paraganas de note nothing else.

The majority of Hindus positioned in the area hail from the alleged low-caste Hindu families and has been performing Charak Utsav (popular Hindu ritual in rural Bengal) for the last 52 years without a single break. Well, there have been lots of disturbances merged with protestations from Muslims against celebration in all these years and to bring an end to all disputes Hindus moved to the Court and won the case too. Nevertheless, there has never been any end to incitements from Muslim crooks and a single pretext is enough for these people.

There were grand plannings in this year too and to make it better a blood donation camp was also on the verge of taking place. Utsav committee also had its own office in the campus and everything was going fine till the interference of local police on 10 April 2011. It is no longer a secret that police was persuaded by dreaded Muslim criminals of the area led by Mobasher Hossain or Lal Miya, leader of several mosques in the vicinity and also a noted criminal responsible for lots of atrocities on hapless Hindu families.

The sudden appearance of police contingent (out of no reason certainly) bewildered Hindus but when they vandalized the entire campus along with the place of worship, Hindus burst into protest. The local police outpost officer Prabhat Pramanik was perceived to trample the pulpit of worship and spoke out (along with Officer in charge of Swarup Nagar Police station Ananda Mohan Chakroborty) that Puja could continue minus the adjoining celebrations. When Hindus started protesting against all these, they were assaulted brutally by the large contingent of police & RAF.

It is to be noted that the land of Puja is Debottar Sampatti (property endowed for defraying the cost of worshipping a deity).

Hindus decided at once either there would be all or no Puja. And this stubbornness did create a magic. Police finally succumbed to public ire on 11 April 2011 and Puja along with the festival is going to start. But Hindus are wondering whether all these happened due to their low-status in the society apart from incitements of Muslim miscreants. Sadly all these are happening in an independent nation.

But it is also stated with confidence that Charghat Darga Para is a new Deganga on the way.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Muslims defile Dol Purnima fair in Mayapur

Dol Purima happens to be one of the greatest festivities among Hindus across the globe and wherever it happens, it draws in people more and more. But the situation is no longer the same in West Bengal; any such celebration is becoming vulnerable to Muslim crooks. Fairs to commemorate the birthday of Sri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Janma Tithi) during Dol Purnima are quite common and to mark the same occasion, a fair was taking place near Sri Chaitanya Math, Mayapur, within Mayapur Bamunpukur 1 no. Gram Panchayat, P.S. Navadwip, Dist. Nadia, on 22 March, 2011, also an annual affair in unison.

To make the event more glorious, a DJ (Disc Jockey) was brought in at the behest of foreign Vaishnava devotees and everything was quite peaceful. But misbehavior of a few Muslim youths during the evening turned the situation to a sordid one. Not only the Muslim youths teased but they were also found to approach to molest Hindu girls. The situation was saved thanks to the timely intervention of a good number of Hindu youths and people in the vicinity. As per sources, Hindu youths of neighboring Bharuidanga and Sreenath villages played exemplary roles. But the Muslim resentment refused to die down so soon.

On 23.03.11, during 11-11.30 am, at least 500-1000 Muslims brandishing lethal weapons, assailed local Thakur Bhakt iBinod Institute and girl students of the school became first victims to the outrage. They were molested, blouses were torn and bombs were also hurled on the institution. Hindus defended again and this made assailants flee from the battleground. 1 Muslim named Mohan Sheikh died as a result. It is to be noted that Muslims were led by Amin Ali, local powerful CPIM activist, Ayeb Nabi Sheikh (former leader of Mayapur Bamunpukur 1 no. Gram Panchayat), Kotal Sheikh, Salim and others.

Strikingly, Goutam Pal, teacher of Thakur BhatiBinod Institute, while returning from the school along with own son (student of the same institution) and staff of the school was arrested by the police and Sections 302, 379, 147, 148, 159 have been imposed on him. It has been learnt that Razina Bibi, wife of deceased Mohan Sheikh, has filed a case against Gautam Pal (Case no. 68/2011 dtd. 23/03/2011).

There is no doubt that Goutam Pal, completely ignorant of the entire development in his school even, has become a victim of a conspiracy and is yet to get the coveted bail.