Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hindus succeed to thwart pogrom in Chapra, Nadia

The word scuffle or fracas has several meanings on the whole. While on one hand it implies disorderly fighting, on the other it also entails an unceremonious and disorganized struggle. All these are said since scuffles between people, groups of people and even between localities were quite common in the Indian state of West Bengal. But with the winds of change in the state at the moment, changes are occurring in other spheres too. Scuffles are being replaced by fighting with more violence and if there is a contention between Hindus and Muslims, pogroms against Hindus have become order of the day. Chapra, noted town with a police station and a community development block in Nadia district remained witness to the same foray or pogrom or self-styled Jihad.

In reality, the fateful incident took place at the Alfa village of Alfa Gram Panchayat under Chapra Development Block within Chapra Police Station (Krishnanagar Sadar Sub-Division of Nadia district) and the victim was none other than Bablu Ghosh, known for his courage, virility and competence to lead Hindus against all adversities. To be exact, thefts at the entrance of Alfa village, during evening, is a common incident.

On 6th March, 2011, at about 8:30 pm, a mere incident of flashing of lights changed into a communal fracas. Bablu Ghosh was returning to own abode in the Alfa village just then and became involved to stop all these. All at once a group of Islamic felons blocked off his motorcycle and started beating him up out of the blue. Even if Bablu resisted a lot, soon he was overwhelmed, kidnapped and taken to a nearby Muslim locality. The incident was reported to Ghoshpara (Goala) before long and to save Bablu’s life Hindus got united. The united endeavor of the locality got victorious by rescuing Bablu.

The enraged Muslims, as a result, counterstriked the Hindu area and molested a few women along with destroying properties. Both Babu Ghosh and Pada Ghosh were badly beaten. But at this time too the local administration sided with Muslims and arrested Hindus (seven altogether) at random just to truckle their Islamic bosses.

This led to a panic among Hindus; all Hindu men left their villages keeping their women unsafe. Well, police arrested three Muslims also on the following day when Hindus burst into protest. However, as per the locality, it is nothing except a ploy to calm the Hindus down.

Further investigation by this scribe and his worthy teammates confirm that the pogrom was organized through introducing Muslim crooks from adjoining villages including Betberia, Brahmhanagar, Dompukur and Bhatgachhi, of neighboring Hridaypur Gram Panchayat. It is needless to mention that these are Muslim dominated areas. What is most striking, Gholam Halsana, Prodhan (Head) of Alfa Gram Panchayat, also partook in the pogrom.

The list of arrested Hindus is in the following:

Nimai Ghosh, S/o- Kartick; Kesto Ghosh, S/o Shyam; Bansi Ghosh, S/o Kalipada;

Last but not least, police asked Hindus to fork out Bablu Ghosh and in exchange the administration would mull over releasing arrested Hindus. But the proposal was declined at the same instant.

Other 4 Hindus - Sudhamoy Ghosh, S/o Anil; Sukanta Ghosh, S/o Samar; Ganesh Ghosh, S/o Lt. Ranjit; Penga Saha, S/o Lt. Kartick, were picked up by the police, but released later on.

Hindus do smell a rat – how could so many Muslims gather so soon. Was this a part of any conspiracy? Any such thought is not unlikely. The adjacent Hridaypur village is Hindu dominated like Alfa village and both have been able to stave off the expanding Islamic domination from the surrounding five areas. There would hardly be any difference between Chapra Block and Bangladesh, once these two villages get free of Hindu population.

It is noted, Tentul Mondal, leader of Hindus in Hridaypur village, was murdered on September 2010 and his body was also hidden to make the said plan a reality. Due to a strong Hindu movement a few Muslim miscreants were arrested and the deceased body of Sri Mondal was recovered from the Dompukur village. Hindus are considering that it’s the turn of Alfa village after Hridaypur.

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