Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hindus in Raidighi oppressed for endorsing Hindu Samhati views

A perilous reality has come to the fore in Bengal of late - it is a crime to support Hindu views and anyone who is ever found to endorse views of Hindu Samhati will be tortured cruelly (at any time).  The info can be a bit amusing and also fib to Left champions of Human Rights but not to Hindus suffering the Islamic outrage, as a result, more and more. Such a shocking incident has taken place in village: Giller Chat 27 no. Lat, P.S. Raidighi, Sub-division: Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South) on January 30, 2012.  The precise village of Giller Chat 27 no. Lat has become a wholehearted supporter of Hindu Samhati and its desperate struggles for Hindus.

With this end in view, Hindu youths of the village, on the fateful day, were engaged in distributing leaflets, fastening banners of Hindu Samhati, urging people to join the upcoming 4 th annual convention of the organization in Kolkata on February 14, 2012. Muslims in the environs took exception of the words in the banners and leaflets, especially “to protest against blatant minority appeasement in the State” resulting into brutal persecution of Hindus. The scuffle initiated when Muslims tried to tear leaflets and banners and Hindus tried to stop them.

It has been learnt, a few Muslims were present there at the outset but they were joined by a large number of their co-religionists within the next few minutes. The entire operation was led by SUCI (political party known for its anti-Hindu activities for years), in accordance with villagers.

The brutally injured Hindus, as a result of Muslim savagery, include Biswajit Naskar, Buddhanath Gayen, Priyabhs Gayen, Jayanti Gayen, Madhusudhan Gayen, Siddhartha Gayen along with lots of others.  police has already seized Biswajit Naskar, Buddhanath Gayen, and Priyabhs Gayen for interrogation.

Muslim thugs taking active part in the savagery are Rouf Ali, Hashem Fakir, Rahim Mir, Roichuddin Baidya, Abdullah Baidya, Echup Baidya, Yunus Gharami, Nurjamal Baidya, Mannan Mollah, Nurjaman Baidya, Farman Gharami. They were led by Nasir Sheikh, Ala Baidya and Rouf Ali. All are known as active SUCI workers in the neighborhood.

The police, true to its character, is acting as an ideal lapdog ever busy to sustain and preserve Muslim interest. FIR of Hindus is yet to be received.  

Hindus in Kalyanpur persecuted brutally

Where is the civil society, champions of Human Rights now?

24 Paraganas (South) district in the Indian state of Bengal has become a Muslim-majority district virtually; each and every Hindu arena here is facing the brunt of mounting Islamic fundamentalism hence, and village: Kalyanpur, P.S. Mandirbazar has become its latest target. Sudipukur , a Muslim dominated village in its neighborhood, and its Muslim inhabitants have turned into its worst tormentors and on January 27, Friday, a hell (devised by the Islamic fundamentalists scrupulously) struck the Hindu village.  Muslims, in large numbers, along with deadly weapons, entered Hindu residences to teach Hindus a lesson and along with plundering they molested a large number of Hindu women.

The question remains of the genesis behind such a violent Islamic eruption. Muslims of Sudipukur have been playing vicious ploys with Hindus of Kalyanpur for years, whether it is through striving to grab Hindu lands or harassing Hindu women in public or during their bathing in village ponds. Even after lots of requests from Hindus to stop all these, Muslim boys, enthused by their seniors, remain intransigent. And with the passing of each day, their audaciousness is increasing by leaps and bounds. They have started to make use of exclusive Hindu courtyard as passages creating disturbances for Hindu women in particular.

On January 27, Muslims, engaged in making a metal road, were using the same Hindu courtyards like before and to prevent it, at 10 am, Laxminath Sardar (age 24) asked them not to do this. After just 30 minutes of this a few Muslim boys came and asked Laxminath the reasons behind his argument and to know this better he was asked to have a chat of this with them. Little did he know that Muslims, no less than 250 in numbers, was waiting for him and once he went there, Muslims started beating him mercilessly. Hindu women tried desperately to save Laxminath but they were molested.

A few Hindu men who also tried best to save Laxminath were persecuted. They include Chandicharan Haldar (age 35), Tapas Sardar (age 24), Swarupananda Swami (age 62). Women who were molested and also tortured brutally include Aloka Haldar, Sandhya Haldar, Madhu Haldar, Kalpana Sardar, Angurbala Sardar, Madhabi Haldar (age 15). Madhabi was threatened to be raped. The persecution refuses to end – Muslims are going on with their warnings to kill Hindus of Kalyanpur en masse.

Bichitra Chandan Sardar, husband of Shibani Sardar, Head of local Panchayat, while mediating, was also brutally manhandled and beaten. While beating Muslims entered Hindu households to teach Hindus a lesson.

Hindus in Kalyanpur are living in abject condition, extreme fear. The local administration is yet to consider the brutal Hindu persecution.

Has the civil society ceased to exist?

(Hindu villagers of Kalyanpur terrified; token police presence of no help)

(Devastated Hindu courtyards)

(Hindu courtyards for Muslims only!)

(Another Hindu courtyard used by Muslims) 

(Metalled road of Muslims to enter Hindu ares easily)

Muslims use this area to see Hindu women while bathing 

Chandicharan Haldar (age 35)

(Madhabi Haldar - age 15, threatened to be raped)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hindu students robbed to better Muslim students

A new diktat of Bengal Government is knocking the door – new educational institutes looking for minority status in Bengal have got to reserve 50 percent seats for students of the very community from this time forth.

Any person seeing the above lines will conclude (definitely) that it is a part of Bengal government’s approach to better minority people. If you are the same individual, here is kudos from me. The diktat happens to be a part of the novel set of rules devised by the State Minority Affairs and Madrasa Education Department with regard to bestowing the coveted minority status to educational institutions. The draft proposal, as per information, is going to be placed before the State Cabinet before long.

A similar kind of proposal had been put before the State Cabinet terming that all institutes, desiring to have minority status, new or old, would have to conform to the same norm and this would certainly have led to the destruction of minority status of the majority of Christian schools in the city. Christian schools, on no account, can enroll students of their community for 50 percent seats. But the stance was softened and it has been learnt that chief minister Mamata Banerjee stepped in to improve the Christian lot.

Has the chief minister mediated ever to advance Hindu students’ lot thus far? The answer is NO. There has never been any such approach from the reigning Bengal government, like its predecessor, in this regard and there is no hope of it. Endorsement of anything tagged Hindu gets similar to communalism whereas escalating minorityism is the newest definition of Secularism.

If we refer to history such a excruciating environment surfaced during the late 30s and early 40s when Muslim students, owing to abrupt benevolence (of similar types) of then British government, turned out to be more partisan (more than that was conceived ever) culminating to the strengthening of Pakistan movement. The Pakistan movement sealed Hindu fate forever.

If Hindus fail to act now, then, they will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of history in 1947. Hindus have no way except struggling to dismantle governmental projects to better minority community students robbing Hindu students.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hindus in Shantipur firm to regain legitimate Hindu lands

Hindus in Shantipur, District: Nadia, are getting more and more vulnerable to precarious Islamic approaches, backed by administration and various political parties, and as per recent information, Topkhana area in the town has turned into the prime target of Muslims. Reason?  A tract amounting 24 bighas has become the bone of contention between the two religious communities. The Muslim community, devoid of any legal basis, was enjoying the vast land for decades but Hindus, led by Hindu Samhati, have come up and are exerting their own rights. This has annoyed Muslims; they are gearing up to teach Hindus a lesson.

Let’s look into the tract then.  The extensive area of land can easily be divided into 4 blocks (for easy and better understanding). Land consisting of trashes only equals to 3 bighas, old and defunct Hindu crematorium (controlled by Muslims virtually and used as their necropolis or cemetery too) is of 2 bighas, an Islamic burial chamber of 9 bighas while the remnant happens to be Khas land (including properties of erstwhile affluent Hindus) only.

Muslims used to enjoy this extensive area, a time-honored practice in the area as well, for decades. Nevertheless, after decades of slumber, Hindus, led by Hindu Samhati, have finally woke up and to put their legitimate rights forth altogether, they became active to make the administration opt for another measurement of the aforesaid disputable land. On December, 2011, after painstaking measurements, 2.5 bighas of Khas land was found out and this new development has deprived Muslims of using the land as a cemetery any longer. However, the same area is yet to be controlled by Hindus.

Hindus consider that more such legitimate Hindu lands are in the area and with this end in view, they have applied to various echelons of the administration to initiate a new procedure of measurement. The administration is yet to sanction a new investigation in the area.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Funds to better Muslims in Bengal showered

Hindus bite the dust

It’s a D-day for minorities (Muslims virtually) in Bengal as more funds for their all-round developments from the Centre are reaching the state’s shore by and by. And this happens to be a decision of a meeting, participated by Mr. TKA Nair, advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Topno, Director in PMO, Smt. Mamata Banerjee, chief minister of Bengal, Mr. Samar Ghosh, chief secretary to Bengal Government. A painstaking discussion to develop minority-dominated areas in the state took place. 

It has come to the knowledge, Rs 750 crore was formally approved three years ago to execute multi-sectoral development program (MSDP) to better minorities altogether and the state government, thus far, has received Rs 610 crore to put an assortment of services into operation. These include establishment of vocational institutes and rendering arsenic free drinking water. The balance will be sent soon, as per Mr. TKA Nair.

What novel projects are going to be implemented? Two polytechnic colleges along with six Industrial Training Institutes (ITI), meant for minorities in particular, are among these. Besides, scholarships worth Rs 150 will be rendered to minority students in the coming year. While 12 districts are already under the MSDP project, 2 more are going to be added soon.

All these are nice proclamations. Isn’t it? But this wicked scribe is defiant enough to ask some questions. Where has the reigning government got data from that Hindus in the state get arsenic free drinking water round the clock? Has the Trinamool-led government (like its predecessor) ever desired to know mounting anguishes of Hindus in Bengal? The answer is simple – never.

Not to speak of the earlier Left Front government, the present Trinamool government, as well, has no data of the steady rise of unemployment, illiteracy, dearth of governmental supports among Hindus. Hindu agricultural laborers are ruined almost; while on one hand they are being religiously persecuted, on the other hand they are being smashed economically and both are being done by powerful Muslim landowners enjoying supports of the Islamic mass in the environs.

Canning, headquarter of Sub-division: Canning and also a predominant community development block in District: 24 Paraganas (South) – a Muslim-majority area virtually, is a classic example. Due to its proximity to river and the sea, fishery happens to be the premier business in Canning and the majority of this belonged to Hindus even almost two decades back. With the passing of years, Muslims of the area, backed by the local administration, Left Front government (lured by factors like Muslim votes for them en masse), and their Islamic brothers from across the border, have been robbing Hindus of their fisheries, capable enough to earn crores in a single year. The Hindus, as a result, have either fled or turned into paupers. Some of them are working as paid laborers in the fisheries of their new Muslim bosses.  

Urban unemployment has become a cause of concern for Hindus; unlike Muslims they can’t have funds indispensable for their steady growth.  How can the rural sectors be far behind? Distinguished weaving industry in Fulia, town in P.S. Shantipur, Sub-division: Ranaghat, District: Nadia, dominated by Hindus, is simply tottering at the moment due to lack of governmental initiatives.  And the list goes without end.    

What will happen to Hindus? Much-advertised “Poriborton” or Change is not for Hindus by any means. They are still in the nom-Muslim category. Undivided India was partitioned based on a single chronicle – Muslim and non-Muslim. And the tradition goes on. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Islamic cleric warns Trinamool-government for its alleged failure to pacify Muslims

Will this embark on a new era of Muslim appeasement in Bengal?

Whatever the efforts of newly elected Trinamool Congress-led government to appease Muslims in Bengal are, it is apparent that they have got to go a long way more as the Islamic leaders of the state, terming the government as uncooperative, are aggrieved yet!

Well, the statement may raise eyebrows of people of Bengal in general, miffed to witness mounting placatory stratagems of TMC to woo their Muslim compadres or buddies. But this has to be accepted as reality (who cares if you’re annoyed!) as none other than Fazlur Rehman, influential Muslim cleric in Bengal, has accused the government for being noncommittal and reluctant to better the community in the state. All these were witnessed on January 12, 2012 (Thursday) during the assemblage of All Bengal Minority Council and clerics there also stated candidly (in concert too) that MPs (Member of Parliament) of ruling coalition are busy in garnering bribes to authorize madrasas.

It is worthwhile to mention that on September 01, 2011 present Chief Minister of Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, stated distinctly in State Assembly that 90% of assurances given to Muslims had been completed within 100 days. But Fazlur Rehman is reluctant to accept the same and as per him, the governmental enterprise to resolve problems in Singur, Hilly tracts or even Jungle areas of the state are not being found in case of Muslims. The Islamic cleric, without respite, states Muslim votes (among each three voters in the state there is one Muslim individual) have played the greatest role in changing the political dimension in the state but they are being discarded at this point in time. The state government is not with them and hence, Muslims must group together to assert their claims.

Fazlur Rehman states, “The present government needs time and we will give it. But each and every movement will be scrutinized.” He has also said that madrasas suffered partisan stances in the Left regime which has increased majorly under this government.

Whether there is any fault can be assessed and rectified by the present Bengal government itself and this happens to be its constitutional privilege. But in no way an Islamic cleric can launch a veiled threat to any democratically elected government ever. Perhaps there is no such constitutional privilege for any Muslim cleric. How can this go on then and watched silently by the mainstream media refusing to miss any chance to malign organizations or individuals speaking of legitimate rights of Hindus altogether?

Does democracy or freedom of speech in India entail Muslims only?       

Increasing Muslim appeasement in Bengal – Unacceptable

State within State notion is precarious

There is simply no match to this as Mamata Banerjee, reigning Chief Minister of Bengal, is firm to establish a minority department in every district along with a separate employment exchange for minorities in the state. What are the next measures then? While on one hand a novel, fashionable and spacious 'Haj House' will be established on 5 acres of land at Rajarhat, a new campus of Aliah University to be built on 20 acres is in the pipeline too. Is there anything left? Don’t lose your heart; there are more still. The Chief Minister has stated candidly “There are plans to provide skill development training to 15,000 students... We are setting up four Industrial Training Institutes and two polytechnics for minorities."

There are, indeed, provisions in the constitutional framework of India to better people belonging to minority communities to steer clear of their hapless conditions; be they’re minorities based on linguistic, racial, economic and religious factors. But these can’t be done blatantly to develop one minority community while leaving others in the lurch. And the same is happening now; Muslims are being ameliorated one and only and nothing has been heard of other forms of minorities. Isn’t this an unblushing act of wooing Muslims for political gains? 

Mamata Banerjee said all these at an occasion organized by West Bengal Minority Development Finance Corporation. During the event Corporation’s approaches to distribute loans and scholarship of Rs 68.64 crore to the students of minority communities were witnessed. The Chief Minister, also, made it clear that her government has the objective to dole out loans of Rs.415 crore in 2011-12 and there will not be any compromise in bettering minorities and stringent fiscal situation of the state government will not be an obstacle in any way.

Bettering human conditions happen to be one of the primary ideals of Hinduism, described amply in the ancient, sanctified Hindu scriptures, but it can’t be without regard for others. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna in Bhagwat Gita said, “I look upon all creatures equally; none is less dear to me and none more dear” (Ch 9, verse 29). “All those who take refuge in me, whatever their birth, race, sex, or caste, will attain the supreme goal; this realization can be attained even by those whom society scorns. Kings and Sages, too seek this goal with devotion”(Ch 9, Verse 32,33). 

But the inverse can’t be accepted at all; it goes against Hindu ethics and any such raging bestowment will destruct Hindus in Bengal in the end. Rest of India will follow in a little while.

Sastitala feels need of Hindu Samhati’s leadership

There is no need to avow anymore that Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise in the length and breadth of the Indian state of Bengal; lots of areas are feeling the heat of the same surge. Sastitala, an obscure and remote village, positioned in P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) is one of such many ones at this point in time.  

The village, reeling under such a violent pressure, was in need of a defiant, efficacious and mannish Hindu leadership and to get inspiration to wage a strong defence struggle against such threats (virtually) youths of the village invited Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, on January 17, 2011.

Without a shred of doubt, strong charisma and fiery speech of Sri Ghosh has propelled the villagers to go on with their desperate struggles against Islamic Jihad, backed by high-handedness of local administration, to a large extent.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hindu determination in Shantipur makes adversaries give in

Woes of Hindus in Shantipur, District: Nadia, owing to recurrent Islamic onslaughts, refuse to end and the latest target happens to be the Topkhana Para (Radhanagar), P.S. Shantipur and the basic reason behind the ongoing scuffle is the 18 kathas of vacant land belonging to a Muslim, named Sebu Khan, residing in Bangladesh at this point in time. The area, without any exception, is populated by Hindus mainly, barring 2 Muslim families. Sebu Khan, in spite of living in Bangladesh, is not sitting alone and in accordance with sources, he has hatched a conspiracy to hand over the entire tract to Muslims altogether, objected by Hindus en masse. Hindus, getting experienced through ages of struggle, can easily apprehend that any success of Sebu Khan’s stratagem would lead to Islamic victory in the environs and defeat and subsequent flight of Hindus from the area. It has also been learnt that the aforesaid 2 Muslim families are working tooth and nail to bring more Muslim families into the area.

When on earth the terrible situation was learnt, Hindu Samhati activists went to the area and organized defence without more ado. And smelling a rat local Muslims, forming a single group, went to the local police station to lodge a formal complaint against the Hindu resurgence. Sensing worst may take place at any moment, police thought it wise to go for a straight and thorough conversation to resolve the sudden crisis.

On December 03, 2010, a meeting, for this reason, was convened but it was foiled by Hindu insistence that land would be sold to Hindus only. Local political parties have made numerous efforts to convince Hindus but they, being certain of pro-Muslim outlook of these organizations, have disposed of these attempts. And truly, such firmness is generating success now; Muslims, finally, have agreed to hand over 9 kathas of land to Hindus. Nevertheless, Hindus have declined this too and are steadfast in their original demand – the entire land has got to be given to them at the same instant.

Muslims are not taking this Hindu stance lightly; sources confirm that they are regrouping to teach Hindus a lesson. Hindus are also enhancing defence.  

Hindu Samhati’s humanitarian program in Canning

Poor people get clothes and blankets

Humanitarian programs are being adopted by Hindu Samhati to better living conditions of plebeians in this winter and with this end in view, a blanket distribution program took place in Canning, District: 24 Paraganas (South) on January 14, 2012 , under the astute leadership of Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati. The entire program was conducted by the HS Canning committee, spearheaded by Dinabandhu Gharami, Sagar Halder, Prasenjit Halder, Swapan Mandal, Shyamal and others.

To make poorest people the only beneficiary of this approach (unlike programs of others) a painstaking survey was conducted in the neighboring villages for a few days by the HS Canning committee and only after all these very poor people from 10 villages were selected. While clothes were given to young girls, especially, others got blankets. Records do confirm that 90 blankets and 50 churidars (Indian dress for women) were distributed in total.

Persons who adorned the occasion included Sri Sambhu Dayal Agarwal, his wife, Sri Tapan Ghosh, Sneha Naskar, Soma Halder and Kajal Sai.   

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Expanding Muslim cemetery set to absorb Hindu lands in Shantipur, Nadia

Expansionism denotes the doctrine of expanding the territory or the economic influence of a country and the philosophy or religion that has been found to be most efficient to implement the same from its very onset is Islam. What has taken place in different parts of the world is being witnessed is Shantipur, prominent city and also municipality in District: Nadia, well-known for its handloom saris and “Rasutsav” and “Dolutsav” across the globe, these days. The issue concerns an Islamic cemetery - Mellermath Cemetery, and it is located at Notunpara, P.S. Shantipur, an overwhelming Hindu area and the Muslims are trying to capture the same through expanding the cemetery.

In accordance with records, the total land is of 105 bighas among which 64 bighas belong to the Islamic cemetery whereas 41 bighas happen to be Khash. Nevertheless, the cemetery is old and has been there for more than two centuries; there is no Muslim inhabitation with 4 kilometers of the burial ground.

Whatever it is, on December 13, 2010, a group of Muslims, from a distant village, laid a deceased Muslim to rest in the land bordering Hindu area, instead of the cemetery. When on earth Hindus there objected, Muslims warned them of dire consequences and said that Hindus would go through the same fate before long. An uncanny tension gripped the Hindu area and its environs.

Hindus phoned local police to resolve the heated exchanges of words and possibility of violence. Surprisingly when police asked Muslims to opt for any other place in the cemetery they, on the contrary, were threatened. 

 On December 16, 2010 a meeting was convened by the BDO to resolve mounting animosities between Hindus and Muslims. But what happened in the meeting proved to be a disaster for the Hindus. BDO proposed to fence the entire area; Muslims nodded and Hindus also did the same to have tranquility soon. Little did the Hindus realize that the same would turn into a pyrrhic victory in a while.

The fencing has already started and Hindu lands are being absorbed thus.

However, Hindu Samhati, though informed and hence appeared lately, is keeping a close watch on the entire happening and thus, Hindus are getting stimulated. 

Hindu Samhati struggles vigorously to end cow smuggling across border area in Bangaon

Cattle smuggling across the Indo-Bangladesh border, especially in the Bangaon area, is in full swing and with each day it passes, its intensity is rising by leaps and bounds and without doubt, the silence of BSF, compelled by the weird instruction of the Union Government to not to fire a single shot come what may, is highly culpable to boost the illegal trade. Whatever it is, Hindus are keen to call this illicit dealing a halt once and for all and propelled by this mindset Hindus of Tangra colony, village in Sub-division: Bangaon, District: 24 Paragna (South), under the auspices of Hindu Samhati, gheraoed police and RAF for hours on January 13, 2011.

It must be said that this is not any spontaneous development; to earn success through such a struggle there is the need of a strong basis and leadership. It should also be mentioned that on January 12 a huge motor bike rally to commemorate birthday of Swami Vivekananda ending with a meeting (attended by hundreds of Hindus) took place in the same area.

In the midst of this fire, Mrs. Bebi Talukdar – Anchal Pradhan (Local Head) of Tangra Colony (TMC) got involved and there are strong reasons behind it. The Local Head, in no way, can steer clear of her responsibilities where cattle smuggling and destruction of crops in consequence has become a regular affair.    

6 police vans were gheraoed and Hindus were found to demand strongly a written statement to put an end to cow smuggling through the border.  

The vigorous struggle has enthused the environs highly and political parties, as fresh reports are coming in, are also taking up the issue and exerting more pressures on the reigning administration to find a solution to this fast. 

Hindu Samhati provides hapless people in Howrah blankets, clothes

Hindu Samhati, by now, has become synonymous to struggle for Hindu causes all over the Indian state of Bengal but at the same instant it does continue to depict its fellow feeling to wretched and downtrodden Hindus through adopting an assortment of humanitarian programs.

This saga was witnessed once again on January 13, on the day before Makar Sankranti, when Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, distributed blankets along with clothes to hapless people of 7 villages in the Howrah district. As per info, 80 blankets and 50 churidar were distributed.

The humane occasion was preceded by a painstaking survey by Hindu Samhati workers in 7 villages to make a comprehensive list of needy people in the villages.  The families were given a yellow slip and asked to bring the slip on January 13 at 3 pm. The task was conducted with affection, efficiency and hence, the success was inevitable. It was indeed a Grand Success.

Sri Sambhu Dayal Agarwal, Kolkata played a commendable role in this regard.  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bengal government firm to better Muslims in state sacrificing Hindus

There is simply no end to the saga of minority appeasement in Bengal, carried out vigorously by the Left brigade during its halcyon days, and Trinamool Congress-led government in the state has vowed to give it a final touch. With this end in view, its mentor-turned-chief-turned-generalissimo Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of Bengal, is all set to institute a minority department in every district. This is not all. A separate employment exchange for minorities will also be there in each district! The annunciations have already been made; these are accompanied with two more. A  new 'Haj House' will be set up on 5 acres of land at Rajarhat and a new campus of Aliah University will be installed  on 20 acres. Surely Muslims will gloat a lot leading to her crowning as the greatest benefactor of Islam in India thus far.  

Apart from the district-wise minority department and the separate employment exchange, Mamata Banerjee was also found to affirm, "There are plans to provide skill development training to 15,000 students... We are setting up four Industrial Training Institutes and two polytechnics for minorities." The government, in addition, has an objective to allocate loans amounting to Rs.415 crore in 2011-12, and the CM stated smugly there would be no compromise in the interest of the minorities and the current hapless fiscal condition of Bengal will not be an impediment to all these.

All these were said at an event organized of late by West Bengal Minority Development Finance Corporation. The corporation dispensed loans and scholarship of Rs 68.64 crore to the students of minority communities, especially Muslims.

Where are Hindus then? They are no where. 

It’s the time for a Hindu to analyze the entire development meticulously and take the decision. This is no longer any fair game or a mark of good will expressed by the majority Hindu community. It is a desperate way to have supports of Islamic community in Bengal through sacrificing Hindu interests. Where will the necessary money come from? Money doesn’t fall from heaven; general developments, without doubt, will be compromised to fulfill the noble (?) promise to placate Muslims in Bengal.

Has the Bengal government adopted any plan to better Hindus exclusively? The answer is NO; it will be regarded as a blemish on the saga of Secularism or simply a breach.    

A few Hindus have already started to express gratitude to the TMC-led government for easing the Holy visit to Gangasagar, going on at the moment. Does the infrastructural development of Gangasagar Mela match the pledges
made to Muslims at all? If faith could move mountains…………………….. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hindu Samhati battles Islamic design to belittle Kali temple in Baruipur, emerges victorious

This is the story of a Kali temple, located in the village of Ramnagar, P.S. Baruipur, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and how it was impeded thanks to a nasty Islamic design and recovered later only due to the desperate struggles of Hindu Samhati activists. Undoubtedly, Hindu Samhati is becoming a major force in Bengal to represent, sustain and fight for the Hindu interest.  

The Kali temple is stationed in the Ramnagar market and even a few days back a vacant land existed alongside the venerated place of worship. A piece of land there amounting to 8ft x 2ft was sold by the Hindu landowner to a Muslim businessman. Without wasting time, the Muslim businessman made a shop, erected a wall leaving a narrow way equaling 1 ft. in breadth to enter the temple. Hindus in the neighborhood raised lots of objection and some even personally tried to convince the businessman but he preferred to shrug off all these.  All these happened on January 3, 2011 leaving the Hindu environs fuming. Nevertheless, Hindus didn’t harm him physically.

The tension was on the rise and when all efforts to make the Muslim businessman comprehend the reality failed completely, local Hindu Samhati committee was informed. HS activists arrived there in groups on January 5 and tried to convince in the past manner. But the narrow-mindedness and insolence of the Muslim entrepreneur tuned out to be unbearable gradually and HS activists, at last, started breaking the wall.

Sensing gravity of the situation local political parties including Trinamool Congress (TMC) and CPIM intervened and requested Hindu Samhati to partake in a meeting. After lots of discussions, the Panchayat led by TMC found out a solution. The decision was that the way to enter to the temple would be of 4 ft. henceforth. The Muslim entrepreneur has conceded to all these ultimately and has agreed to increase height of the shop eventually.    

As per Hindu Samhati, TMC has played a strong and positive role in this regard. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bediapota, Bangaon turns to Hindu Samhati

With each day it passes, the unholy nexus of mounting Islamic fundamentalism and the lackluster attitude of administration to contain it is getting stronger in Bengal; Hindus across the state are becoming its worst victims and surely, at this point in time, none comprehends the same vicious chronicle better than Bediapota, a border village in Bangaon area in the Indian state of Bengal. The Hindu village has been an eyesore to the neighboring Muslim villages leading to increasing persecutions on the villagers of Bediapota.

The situation, aggravated by the regular intrusions of Muslim thugs from Bangladesh in and around the village, is out of the frying pan into the fire and all these appalling experiences have made the Hindu inhabitants seek assistance of Hindu Samhati. Hindu Samhati, spearheaded by its president Tapan Ghosh, witnessed a major success on December 27, 2011 in its meeting.

It has been learnt that the Hindu villagers are refugees from Bangladesh virtually and the majority of them came in 1964 following a major anti-Hindu pogrom in then East Pakistan, later Bangladesh. Nevertheless, till the other day, the villagers were divided owing to their allegiances to various political parties including Indian National Congress, Trinamool Congress and CPIM.

Whatever, it is, villagers, being refuted by parties whenever they face dangers from Muslims a lot, have lately comprehended the necessity of Hindu consolidation cutting across party line. Thanks to this, people including supporters and active workers of all parties were found in the metting. And all were found to listen to the fiery speech of Sri Tapan Ghosh ardently.