Saturday, January 29, 2011

Muslims Attempt to Defile Hindu Temple, But Hindus Resist and Unite in Joynagar

Summary: Muslims Try to Defile sanctity of Hindu Temple by Placing Beef in it. The Unified Resistance of Hindus Counters the Designs of the Fanatics.

If the basic intention remains to defame one individual or the feelings of a particular community, there can’t be dearth of strategies and their precise implementations. You don’t have to go through scores of books in the local library or newspapers to find out any such instance. It happened only a few days back in the village Badyir Chawlk, PS: Joynagar, in West Bengal. On 17th November 2010, Muslims forcefully placed a quantity of beef in the Devi Manasha temple in the evening.

Such an incident was enough to panic the entire locality and without wasting time Mr. Sardar, an ardent devotee of Goddess Manasha sought help from local Hindu Samhati (HS) workers. The local Maulana (Muslim religious leader) made all efforts to restrain Hindus from going on with the campaign. But the Hindus were strong and vigorous.

At Peor More, in the neighborhood, the Maulana was found to consult with lots of other Muslims. They went to the affected facility, expressed regret and wanted the said piece of beef back. Seeing all these Hindu Samhati workers contacted a senior HS activist, who advised them not to give back the same. The HS acitivst contacted Officer-in-Charge of PS: Joynagar in a while and police force was sent soon. Nevertheless, serious brawls occurred between Hindus and Muslims regarding the issue, in the meantime.

An FIR (First Information Report) was made against 18 Muslim workers. Muslims did not lag behind and filed a court case against 20 HS activists and 8 other general Hindus. HS activists have been released on bail already and 8 others are also moving freely in the village.

Multiple days have passed but police is yet to take actions against the Muslim activists.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bajrangbali Banned in Bengal.....The Saga Continues

Hindu Samhati Reported This Event After Appeal From The Victims a Few Months Ago.

Our reporter went back to Chingripota village to find the Hindu family still languishing under extreme Muslim threats in Budge Budge

It’s simply futile to state any more to readers, especially those who are acquainted with the changing reality for all these years, that Hindu persecution by Muslims is terrible. There, in fact, is no limit to the same and with the passing of years it is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Perhaps a few new ones are considering the chronicle wants to draw their attention to the despondent events in Bangladesh. Hindus have become vulnerable to Islamic ill-designs there already. Neighboring Indian state of West Bengal is no longer different to the same. Identical nefarious designs can be perceived there too. And what was shrouded under the veil of “secularism” even a few years back has started to come out defiantly.

One of the increasing numbers of victims in West Bengal has been Prashanta Das and his family, inhabitants of ChingriPota in Budge Budge, close to the metropolis of Kolkata. The neighboring Muslims started creating problems, in the beginning, regarding the murthi of Bajrang Bali, positioned on the front gate of Das family’s residence. As per Muslims, the presence of the same was enough to impede their religious activity and un-Islamic as well. Maybe the altercation between the two sides could have ended here, had not the local police started backing up Muslims on the whole.

Police urged the Das family either to take the murthi away or to change its direction without delay. It is worthwhile to mention that the mosque is also placed illegitimately. To be precise, the land where the mosque remains belongs to the Das family. Since it was lying vacant for a few years, Muslims occupied it forcibly and have been going on with their religious activities since then.

There has been no respite from this situation even if the Das family has left no stone unturned to get in touch with various echelons of the Bengal administration. The local police is too feeble owing to pressures from unidentified centres of power. Meanwhile, there have been several attempts by Muslims to hassle Hindu women in the locale including those of Das family.

Prashanta Das made a General Diary in the meantime and mentioned names of some noted criminals like Kochi Sapui and Zakir Mallick too but the police is extremely effete to take any action against them.

Here are some more facts concerning the General Diary. GDE No. is 1515 and dated 22-5-10. Can you ascertain the reality? Will Das family’s agonies come to end ever? Muslim assaults are going on as usual.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Muslim School Principal Turns Out to be a Islamic gang Leader

Pichakhali is a small isolated village in PS: Kultali. But the same village has turned into a major witness to atrocities of Muslim activists in recent days. On 10th july, 2010 a gang of Islamists masking themselves under black clothing and lungi entered the village in night and taking advantage of darkness in the vicinity got into multiple Hindu houses.

Well, they were not alone and were heavily armed with sharp weapons, a DCM automobile, which was never stopped. They stole two large cows and when they were making wholehearted efforts for the third one, the house owner realized that something worng was going on and to know the same, came out of the dwelling. However, the gang fled and the failure to identify even a single one of those did discourage Hindus a lot.

But the situation did refuse to stop there. Within the following 2 days i.e. on 12th July 2010, there was a repetition of the same incident around 2 am. A few Hindu families were already conscious and as a result, a few cowsheds were already under lock and key. At this time the Muslim criminals came along with a 207 car, 1 motorcycle and indeed there were lots of others as well, engaged in providing security to the main robbers and also aides, if there was any such necessity. What was the main objective? They were lucky and also capable to do the same – calves were stolen in great numbers.

The ruckus did alert local Hindu villager, Muktaram Sardar, who, as a result, came out of his own dwelling and perceived the light of the car. He got suspicious of the entire incident and raised a hue and cry. A few Hindu boys woke up owing to this and got a hold of the thief. By that time it was morning and hearing the entire development, Ekadashi Naskar (member of the local Panchayat) and her husband Purna Naskar reached the spot. It was followed by the arrival of Jehangir Alam Gharami, principal of the local school, and his Muslim gang. He warned that Hindus attacking members of his team would face dire consequences and their organs would also be chopped off. It is to be noted, cadres of Gharami’s team remain armed all the way and also all the time and admonish Hindus. Some of these are also noted criminals and have already spent years in jails. Well, police and administration are yet to adopt any strong measure against these criminals backed by the local mosque.

Warnings of the headmaster did enrage a number of Hindu youths. But they were forced to retreat by some political leaders who warned them that they would be arrested in case of any trouble. The following situation was more terrible. A few cars moving towards Herobhanga and Jamtala from the village of Pichakhali were stopped in the midway and once the drivers and passengers were identified they were beaten heavily. This incident called the traffic a halt. It has come to the knowledge that the Muslim criminals are being supported by an individual named Atiwar, a known member of the local Muslim fundamentalist group and instrumental in terrorizing the Hindu politicians considerably even.

Finding no other option Hindu youths did also adopt the same tactic, and started to blockade local traffic. As a reaction to this, 40-50 Islamist activists (hailing from nearby Tilpi) did turn up in the area and warned that they would plunder Hindu houses and 'enjoy' Hindu women.

As a result of all these, Hindus have already started to flee; some others are remaining in the village during the day but not in the night.

Panchla Hindus Feel the Rise of Political Islam by Force & Atrocities

It is no longer a secret that the private junior high school of Bikihakola Koley area is being turned into a Madrasa with all efforts. It is worthwhile to mention that Panchla is basically a census town and police station in Sadar subdivision of Howrah district in the Indian state of West Bengal. And Panchla block consists of 11 gram panchayats and one of these is Bikihakola Koley. Bikihakola is also a census town under the jurisdiction of Panchla police station in unison.

The situation was quite serene till a few months back and the number of students was no more than 26 or 27. But almost three months back, one day during the noon, a fuss was noticed and a good number of students and officers were also perceived in the school building. A little probe revealed that an inspection from the Madrasa Board was in full action and as per collected info, it is a reality that Madrasa is a settled fact.

All political parties have been approached, in this context, but all have evaded only. Mass petitions (containing more than 1,500 signatures) to stop such a detrimental activity were also submitted to various echelons of the administration including the honorable District Magistrate. But there was no outcome and the saga of Madrasa was getting more and more positive.

Seeing no other option, Hindus made a detailed enquiry of the land. It is to be noted that forceful construction of any Madrasa can be halted only if faults or defects exist with the very land. The enquiry brought to the fore some hidden facts – hitches regarding the land. Even if the junior school was claiming the entire land as its own, in reality it purchased 3 per cent of 17 per cent of the land at Rs. 15,000 and sold a few portion of the land at Rs. 15, 000 even. At the moment, the school is holding 8 per cent of the land while another 8 per cent is remaining vacant. Well, the Bikihakola Primary School (Koley Para) stands adjacent to it.

In such a situation, the original owner of the land along with villagers, during the last Puja holidays, encircled the vacant area with bamboos. Proper care was taken so that any such fence would not put an end to the normal functions of the junior school.

On last 9th October, 2010, Dil Bahar (a Muslim activist and Head Master of junior school), at 10.30 am, only to create a riot among Hindus and Muslims in the vicinity, called the Muslim teachers and female students only to the school. Police force from PS: Panchla was also brought in and the entire crowd started to break the aforementioned fencing all of a sudden. The Hindu women were seeing the entire development from their own houses. Seeing this one Muslim teacher began to take photos of Hindu women viewers. When it was protested, the teacher molested a few Hindu ladies. The molestation led to an altercation in front of the police. Teachers of the primary school and police sent the students to the classrooms.

The rumor spread fast and as a result, thousands of Muslims, in front of SP of Howrah district and Panchla BDO, made a barbaric attack on the Hindus of Koley Para. The first victims were the venerable Hanuman Temple, vegetable and tea shops. The attackers were joined by more Muslims within a few minutes and the savage crowd having sharp weapons and firearms took hold of Koley Para in a flash. The situation became worst and to curb it, RAF (Rapid Acton Force) was introduced.

Whenever the raging situation was brought under control, BDO Panchla, SP Howrah and Officer-in-Charge of PS: Panchla determined that the entire decision would be made involving both parties (landowner and the head master) and checking authentic documents of the land. It was also announced that on the next day both BLO and BDO of Panchla would examine documents of both sides and the land would be transferred to the actual owner in front of the police.

The announcement was enough to raise alarms for Dil Bahar; he realized that Hindus would own the battle without doubt. To distract the entire development, he (along with the support of entire Muslim community) brought a new demand to the fore. According to the new demand, since Muslim women were persecuted highly (?), the police must arrest the culprits before anything. Saying all these Muslim crooks locked the office of BDO of Panchla, blocked off the National Highway and started a new series of atrocities in the areas of the neighborhood, in particular Hakola and Kulat villages.

The atrocities didn’t stop here and Muslim criminals were even seen to oppress Hindu female students. Strikingly police acted reversely and arrested Hindus. Meanwhile, Dil Bahar lodged an FIR (First Information Report) terming Hindus accountable for breaking fence and commencing riots and other disturbances. At 4.30 pm in the evening police arrested 5 persons of each community relating to acts of violence and breaking of fence. But it was insufficient to please the Muslim community. At 10.30 pm in the night a false rape case was lodged against the Hindus. Police acted hastily at this time and put the Hindus (named in the FIR) behind the bar. However, thanks to the absence of any evidence (naturally) Hindus were bailed out.

The nefarious role of mainstream media must be expressed here. Almost all newspapers and news channels are terming Hindus as mischief-makers and due to this, the innocent community is being projected as the real villain.

What can we draw from here? Bikihakola (Koley Para), with a Hindu majority, is being termed as criminal for protesting against the illegal and forceful construction of a Madrasa legally (de jure). Whereas Muslims, led by Dil Bahar and his cohorts, who are completely responsible for the communal frenzy are being termed as social activists. This is reality of the existing society and the impotent judiciary stands helpless even if culprits are being named as innocents and vice-versa.

(FIR lodged by Dil Bahar – No. 379 dtd. 09.11.10; sections – 447/423/506/34/153)

(False Rape Case – No. 380 dtd. 09.11.10; sections – 354/376/349)

Joynagar - Muslims Demolish Hindu Furniture Shop; Other Hindu Businesses

Religious altercations know no bounds in the realm of the Indian state of West Bengal at the moment and more the days are passing, it is increasing by leaps and bounds. The same thing happened on January 20th, 2011 in P.O.: JoyNagar during the famed Sankranti fair in the neighborhood. The squabble started from a minor incident but thanks to the nefarious intention of Muslim zealots to turn any trifling event to a major one and riot, if not more, it became aggressive.

The concerned Muslim individual bought a few furniture from a Hindu shop. However, the buyer was not happy and accused the seller for selling those at higher prices. This led to a petty disagreement between the two sides and a battle-royal as well.

The Muslim buyer withdrew himself from the spot but came back soon with a contingent of at least 400 Muslim activists brandishing lethal and illegal weapons. What happened afterwards was beyond imagination. The whole furniture shop was destroyed within minutes along with a few neighboring Hindu shops.

The local police station tried to locate the Muslim hatemongers, and it was reported that Officer-in-Charge Ram Sundar Mondal arrested two Islamists soon.

No Indian Law For Hindu Girl Namita

There is no end to the mounting Islamic violence against Hindu women in the Indian state of West Bengal. Until and unless Hindus stand up and put an end to the same steadfastly, there is hardly any respite from it even in the near future, forget of the present. What can absence of Hindu prowess lead to is best ascertained from the episode of Namita Ojha.

Namita is the wife of Eka Ojha and also an inhabitant of Ojha Para in Village Kumar Khali No. 7, under P.S.: Basanti and became a victim of molestation by a Muslim activist in the last October.

The incident started regarding a petty disagreement over having palmyra leaves. Accusing her in all manners, the concerned Muslim person tried to molest her. As per information, he was supported by Sabdel Mollah, Head of CharaVidya area. Incidentally, the palmyra tree belongs to Eka Ojha altogether and the Muslim goon was trying to have the leaves forcefully so as to build an abode for himself.

All Namita tried to do was to prevent him from continuing the same activity. In return, the Muslim individual called her names, threatened to slit her throat with Hansua (a rural knife-like weapon) and even thrashed her with full force. It was enough for an ailing lady like Namita and she got unconscious. Meanwhile, she was tortured (molested specifically) and after she got conscious, everybody in the vicinity realized the extent and form of torture.

What did Sabdel Mollah do in this regard? He acted like a fine actor! He asked Namita to point out the real culprit from a multitude of Muslim youths. When she identified the wrongdoer, he made a fun of Namita and said that the very person was in his own shop throughout the day. He accused her as a liar and stated that she was tortured by specters only and she had good imagination power.

What is more striking, owing to political pressures from the Islamic clergy, P.S.: Basanti is yet to have any F.I.R. in this context.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hindus Submit F.I.R. at Minakhan Police Station

The Officer in Charge.
Minakhan Police Station
North 24 Parganas
West Bengal, India


It is our humble submission that on 14th November 2010, Sunday the Jagaddhatri Puja was in full swing and completely peacefull. But around 11.00 pm, with the intention to trouble the serene event only, Raqibul Gain, son of Majed Gain, chief of Minakhan Panchayat, son of Jainal Mollah, inhabitant of Sang-MathBari, molested the girls and then pelted stones at the main rostrum. When the club members raised protests, the assaulters said, “We would burn up the canopy (pandal in Bengali) and also the murthi made of clay” and fled from the area for the time being.

Only after half an hour, chief of Minakhan Panchayat along with his son and other prominent persons of the neighborhood entered into a meeting with the Puja Committee to find out a solution to the entire problem and under the aegis of the participants a solution was attained.

Nevertheless, only after two days, on 16th November 2010, Tuesday, at 10 am in the morning the reverse to all these occurred. Bhola Biswas, a good natured Hindu and modest farming businessman was thrashed heavily by a team of Islamic activists. He was taken to the room of Jainal Mollah at the local Malancha fish market. At least Rs. 10,000 ($ 250 US) was snatched from him and iron rods were used freely to beat him severely and he was told that he wa going to get him a lesson of his lifetime. The team contained and was led by Jainal Mollah (known inhabitant of MathBari), Father – Hamid Mollah; and the others included Mast Mollah, Father – Shaukat Mollah (deceased); Jamanullah Tarafdar, Father – Unknown; Hakim Mollah, Father – Unknown; Aizul, Father – Mamud Ali; Dilabar, Father – Hamid; Siddique, Father – Baburali; Jahangir, Father – Jamar; Allauddin, Father – Unknown, all part of various fundamentalist Muslim organizations.

This is not alone; just within 15 minutes of the entire horrific episode a strong and huge army of Islamic lawbreakers from MathBari with all forms of dangerous and outlawed weapons came to destroy the canopy and altar of the afore-metioned Hindu celebration of jagaddhatri Puja. Arindam Mookherjee, Officer-in-Charge of PS: Minakhan, appeared with police team in the scenario meanwhile, but his right hand was heavily injured by the said team of Islamic felons.

A good number of members of our club got seriously hurt to save Arindam Mookherjee from the Muslim activists. A few of them are Bholanath Biswas, Father – Rabindra Biswas (deceased); Nimai Mondal, Father – Nitya Chandra Mondal; Dipankar Das, Father - Ashok Kumar Das (deceased); Biswajit Sana, Father – Prafulla Sana (deceased), Sujit Biswas, Father – Rabindra Biswas (deceased); Kangsha Sardar, Father – Bholanath Sardar; Swapan Pahar, Father – Bhadreswar Pahar (deceased), all Hindus.

It is our humble plea to you to make an enquiry of the aforementioned incident in detail and bring the responsible individuals (behind the episode) to book. We shall be highly grateful if the same is done straight away.

Yours truly,

Rabin Das

Secretary, Malancha Kalitala Milan Sangha

PS: Minakhan

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mayapur Pilgrims Looted by Muslim Gangs

Is Mounting Criminal Activity in Mayapur Part of a Greater Conspiracy?

It may appear to be strange to many but in reality, more with the passage of days, Mayapur, considered as one of the holiest cities in the Hindu tradition, is becoming a den of Islamic criminal activities more and more. Only on Jan 2nd, 2011, 7-8 tourist buses, moving towards ISKCON temple, became subject to lootings and all forms of pillages, at Jangal More of PS: Dhubulia, led by a band of Muslim armed robbers. Even the small cars were not spared and as per latest information, a good amount of money (amounting to a few lakhs), gold jewelries and 20 cell phones were looted.

The extensive plundering took place from 1.30 am to 3.30 am devoid of any resistance and the passengers were also beaten mercilessly. It is to be noted, Mayapur, is positioned on the banks of the Ganges river, close to her confluence with the Jalangi, near Navadvip, West Bengal, India, 130 km north of Kolkata (Calcutta). The city is the global headquarter of ISKCON and is also the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Millions of pilgrims visit the city every year.

It is worthwhile to mention that a few buses had been ransacked and passengers beaten (likewise) in the last year too and at the same place. It has been alleged that local religious Muslim organizations in Nadia district are behind the criminals to rid the district of the influence of Mayapur, and thus weaken the area's Hindus. All these have infuriated Hindus in the locale to a large extent and they consider this as nothing but a grave failure of the police and administration. The majority of Hindus consider this as a serious threat to the flourishing tourism industry and to the pilgrimate spot. However, Champak Bhattacharya, SP is not without confidence and is hopeful that the felons would be identified and arrested soon.

The first victim to the incident (this year) was a bus traveling all the way from the neighboring state of Orissa. As stated by one of its passengers, the entire incident occurred in the dark night when they were sleeping and it was masterminded by a highly armed Muslim youths, joined by 10-12 others shortly.

In accordance with local sources, a few other buses and small automobiles were also attacked by members of the Muslim mafia at the same time and one of the buses was from Alipurduar (mainly) but at that time was coming from Puri.

One of the heavily injured passengers was Dipak Roy, who was in a bus traveling from Howrah. He hails from Chinsurah and was beaten heavily for refusing to bow to the demands of the Muslim assailants (to open the gate of the bus). He was admitted in ShaktiNagar District Hospital.

Gouranga Das, PRO (Pubic Relations Officer) of Mayapur ISKCON stated, the entire area is without any sort of police protection and in spite of a series of said events at the same place (led by Muslim criminal gangs), the police is yet to adopt any pro-active measure. People visit the place from across the globe and are robbed and assaulted. This denigrates the district police only.

Muslim activists in Nadia backed by Islamist religious elements in West Bengal and Bangladesh have been successful in creating a well entrenched and networked mafia to harass and disturb the religious and other activities of the district's Hindus. A similar trend is being seen in Murshidabad district as well. Hindus in West Bengal must consolidate solidly to counter these plans of the communal minded Muslims.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Minakha Hindus Succeed in Countering ILL-Designs of Islamist Fanatics

If Hindus Struggle, They Will Emerge Victorious

It is proved again that Hindus, if they are determined and vigorous, can defeat any Muslim onslaught and Malancha, under Minakha Police Station in Basirhat sub division of North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal shows the way. The problem started on 14th November 2010 at 11.00 pm with the verbal assault and eve-teasing of Hindu girls by Rajibul Gayen, son of Head of Minakha Village Panchyat, and his few other accomplices, at the function organized by the local club – Milan Sangha on the occasion of Jagaddhatri Puja (a Hindu religious festival).

The unified protests of Hindus of the area and the organizers of the Hindu festival made them flee from the site for the time being and this was followed by the appearance of Majjid Gayen (father of Rajibul Gayen), a Muslim and Head of Village Panchayat, and his teammates for a compromise before the presence of a police officer.

The situation flared up yet again on 16th November 2010 at 11.00 am when a Hindu vegetable seller named Bholanath Biswas was dragged by a handful of Muslim zealots to the local Malancha Bazar, to the shop of Jaynal Mollah, a Muslim, and was beaten severely and also robbed. As mark of a protest to this terrible development, Hindus blocked the local traffic.

A group of Muslim activists appeared in the scenario soon and attacked the Hindu Puja altar devoid of any provocation. But, contrary to their beliefs, they had to retreat and get thrashed owing to the fierce resistance of the Hindus. The intensity of the situation can be proved from the fact that Officer in Charge of Minakha P.S. Mr. Arindam Mukherjee was beaten up by the Muslims and this led to serious injury in his right hand. But active defense by the Hindus and reinforcement of police force put the Muslim attackers in disarray.

RAF was deployed to maintain law and order and also tranquility in the area and the other obligations including the pre-destined program went on successfully. The immersion of Goddess remained witness to a grand transformation of Hindu frame of mind. More than 2,000 Hindu devotees participated in the program with preparations to deal with any eventuality and no less than 500 women participated in it.

As far as the latest development is concerned, police is yet to provide the General Diary no. of the FIR lodged in the local police station.

Muslim Fundamentalists Obstruct Kali Puja in Beledanga,West Bengal

Kali Puja and Bengal are synonymous and this is no new concept; this has been going on for centuries, if not more. The situation in Deganga is certainly no different as well. Towards 3 kilometers east of the Deganga police station there lies Beledanga Daspara crossing and there, by the side of the road, on the landed property (in Padma’s Char) a Puja has been going on for 30 years at a stretch under the aegis of local Beledanga Shakti Sangha Club, source of inspiration along with ceremonial elegance and splendor for the local people. But there has been a new experience this year.

Taking advantage of the infamous riot (taking place in Deganga in recent months) and also series of attacks by the Muslim activists, on 24th October, 2010, led by notorious Sheikh Malek Goldar, a gang of Muslim goons was witnessed to enclose the site of Puja with a bamboo-made fence and also cut down a diminutive peepul-tree (ficus religiosa) completely. What’s more, they warned that Hindus would experience terrible consequences if they dared to worship there any longer. The development did scare Hindus a great deal.

To get rid of any such incident Hindus, under the leadership of Mrs. Mala Das (CPIM), member of local Panchayat, and Mr. Sahadeb Das, tried their best to file a formal charge against Shiekh Malek Goldar in the local police station. But what is striking is that the police did register a general diary (GD-1304/28-10-10) only. Nevertheless, in spite of all these, no administrative measures were adopted against the said Muslim fanatics, tormenting the Hindu tribals a lot.

When on earth the reality was reported to Hindu Samhati, counter measures were adopted soon. On November 3, 2010, Kali Puja was organized at the side of the road adjacent to the main site, by local Hindus under the auspices of Jayanta Sadhukhan, Prashanta Pal and Gobind Karmakar, all members of State Committee of Samhati and also local activists.

Even if the Puja was organized, the main site is yet to be recovered.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hindus in Katwa Submitted Mass Petition to Governernment Before Eid


Sub Divisional Officer,

Katwa, Burdwan (Dist.),

West Bengal
Sub: Petition against design to frustrate communal harmony in the region

Dear Sir,

It is to be stated that we are the inhabitants of village SriSurura, under Panchayat of Village Goai, PS: Katwa, Dist: Burdwan (Bardhaman). And our foremost aim is to bring to your attention a grave issue that is getting prominence more and more. The Muslim community in the village has been making great efforts for the last two years to have cow-slaughter that goes in each and every respect against the fundamental beliefs of Hinduism.

To be precise, on the last 29/11/2009 (13 Agrahayan, 1416 in Bengali), a few excited Muslims were observed to carry a slaughtered cow through the middle of the village (in front of a sanctified Hindu temple) in a rickshaw van (as if an exhibition was going on). The scene was enough to hurt and terrify the villagers and many of them went under shock.

All these indicate that the Muslim community has got frantic to affront the Hindus and destroy the communal harmony in each and every respect. But the unblushing Muslims are stating that their each and every deed is being endorsed by the administration. The best example of the same was the aforementioned event that took place on 29/11/2009 around 11.30 and 12.00 in the morning.

Sir, this sort of activity dishonors our religious beliefs to the largest extent and we therefore do oppose any approach of cow slaughter and convey beef. We hope that you would remain conscious and put an end to all these in the future.

Sir, this humble application is to make you aware of all these and the gradually worsening situation in the village. We do hope that the administration would remain careful henceforth and save the village from further deterioration.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Villagers of village SriSurura
(Along with signatures of 1014 villagers)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Defiant Hindu resistance stops cow-slaughter at Choto Mohora in Amta

Choto Mohora village of PS: Amta, Dist: Howrah in the Indian state of West Bengal an entirely Hindu-based village. Only a few Muslim families (numbering 12-15) do inhabit here. The other villages in the neighborhood are also dominated by Hindus and it may be an arduous job for any to find out a Muslim household. Naturally, the notion of cow-slaughter to mark any Muslim festival (or Bakr-id in particular) was quite unknown to the populace of this area.

However, taking advantage of this ignorance, the Bakr-id here of last year witnessed Muslims to slaughter 5-6 cows successfully. This led to a strong resentment among the Hindus; they agitated powerfully. The police and administration intervened later to secure the Muslims. Hindus were assured that there would not be repetition of the same anymore and they depended on the same.

But the reverse to the same took place this year. And it was realized first when Hindus perceived 20-25 cows were brought to slaughter. A few valiant Hindus of the village namely Samir Mondal, Niranjan Mondal and Rabin Karar contacted workers of Hindu Samhati and thanks to their assistance, they could get hold of Officer-in-Charge of PS: Amta, BDO (Block Development Officer) & DM (District Magistrate) of Dist: Howrah. A mass petition signed by more than 550 people, irrespective of political affiliations, was submitted to the aforementioned venerated government officials. The copy of latest ruling of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court proclaiming official termination of cow slaughter was also annexed to the petition.

But Muslims refused to give up. They were found to exert pressure on BDO and Officer-in-Charge of PS: Amta to enable them to slaughter cows. In this case they were actively supported by Muslims of far-off villages like Deur, Chandarpur and Kansra along with MP (Member of Parliament), Sultan Ahmed and the Imam of Masjid of Tipu Sultan.

Finding no other way the two officials left no stone unturned to convince Hindus so that they gave in to the demands of Muslims. But Hindus proved to be too defiant for the rivals and they organized 5-6 adjoining villages to strengthen the agitation (simultaneously). The event was too hard for the administration to stamp down and it surrendered before the Hindus in the end. A huge police force was also required on that day to bring the situation under control. DM and SDO were also present during the day of agitation.

The whole agitation was led by Niranjan Mondal of Choto Mohora and he deserves our salutation for the noble job.

Hindu Samhati takes its hat off to Niranjan Babu for his noble activity.