Monday, November 29, 2010

Islamist Mob Beats up Hindus in Kulpi, West Bengal

Innocent Hindu rickshaw-puller and local Hindus beaten up by armed Islamist mob in Kulpi

One Muzzamel Shekh, owner of a tea stall at Siddhiberia More (crossing), PS Kulpi, Diamond Harbour Sub-Division, (S24 Parganas, West Bengal, India) had recently increased the span of his illegally encroached area originally belonging to the PWD ( Public Works Dept. WB Govt.). The tea stall was a temporary structure built with bamboo and weaved mat, which he has now made into a permanent structure using bricks and mortar. While doing so he had made a second opening of his stall on the northern end although he already had a frontal opening on the eastern side of his shop . It is important to mention that on the northern side of his shop there is the local cycle–rickshaw stand along a road and an annual Durga Puja is also held there. To facilitate customer entry through the northern opening of his shop, he laid a slab that extended over the road and was a nuisance for the local vehicular traffic since its construction.

On 26th October 2010 at about 09:00 Hrs. a cycle-rickshaw got stuck in between two buses coming form either ends of the road on the northern side of Muzzamel Shekh’s tea stall. The rickshaw-puller had to draw his rickshaw over the said slab of the tea stall to make way for the vehicles to pass. The cycle–rickshaw was driven by Sri Bhulo Halder, son of Sri Anando Halder, who was mercilessly assaulted by Muzzamel Shekh and other Muslim youths who were present at the spot or at the tea stall, for driving his van over the slab in front of the shop. After assaulting him, these Muslim tried to abduct and take away Sri Halder when local people, mostly Hindus who were present at the spot intervened, blocked the road and demanded that the police to take action against the miscreants and sort out the problem. After a while the police arrived to bring the situation under control and tried to pacify the crowd gathered at the spot and remove the road blockade. The local Muslims present there started to remove the road blockade by themselves ignoring the presence of the police. Thus there was a scuffle between the Hindus and the Muslims and the later were then joined by other Muslims from the nearby locality who came armed with iron pipes and crude bombs. With an increase in strength, they started to hit the Hindus and hurled at least six such bombs. The Islamic rampage was mostly led by Illias Halder, Amin Vaidya, Nasir Sheikh, Mobarak Paik along with other accomplices. The Police then fled and the situation worsened. Gautam Mondal and Bishnu Halder were abducted by the rampaging Muslims as they now out numbered the unarmed Hindus, who in any case were no match to resist the heavily armed Muslims.

The Muslims filed a frivolous complaint against the Hindus (vide G.D.1328—FIR-216) at the Kulpi police station on 26th November, 2010, accusing them of burning two shops owned by Muslims. This however turned out to be incorrect and has been vehemently opposed by the local Hindus who attributed the arson to a matter of internal rivalry among the Muslims; this was independently confirmed by our sources on ground. Later the Hindus also filed a complaint at the Kulpi police station (vide G.D.1371---FIR-217) against the Jihadi mob on the same date accusing them of abduction and assault. Gautam Mandal, Bishnu Halder, Anando Halder, Partha Halder and Uttam Mistry were admitted to the local Hospital with serious injuries and the overall situation remains grim and tense. Interestingly, the said Muzzamel Shekh is now stating to local Hindus that he had to do this menace under pressure from Illias Halder, Amin Vaidya and Nasir Shekh thus he is not at fault, but the mystery is whether he is going to officially confirm his statement or not!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bagnan - Hindus Challenge the Rapidly Growing Influence of Jihadis

Bagnan (West Bengal, India) is facing a growing threat from Islam. Over the past few years, there has been a rapid transformation in the frame of mind of Muslim youth there, thanks to political endorsements from 'secularist' parties. It is getting more and more evident that they are driven to seize control of the neighborhood and to do so, are willing to go to any extent. An assortment of instances can be cited to prove the same even in the most short and snappy manner.

For example, the incident of 1st September, which happened at the Children’s Club, close to Bagnan College. The secretary of the club is Shafiqul Islam, a Muslim fundamentalist and president of Youth Congress and has become a terror to the Hindu girls in the college. He has been involved with scores of incidents leading to riots and violence and thanks to this glorious (?) track record, Shafiqul has been able to terrorize the entire locality. One of his victims managed to notify workers of Hindu Samhati, engaged with preparion work for the “Janmashtami” festival at the local Saraswati Ashram.

The information was enough to invigorate Samhati workers and 40/50 of them proceeded towards the Children’s Club on a short notice. They, along with local Hindus tracked down Shafiqul's accomplices and prevented them for rioting any further after chasing them out of that area.

This was not just a single isolated incident. A similar incident took place at Muralibar. On 29th September, two intoxicated Muslim youths were misbehaving with passerbys. When Hindus protested, they retreated. Shortly, thereafter, they came back riding motorcycles (together with swords and other weapons) under the leadership of Murshid Ali Khan, a Muslim activist. threatened the Hindus and warned them of riots. When they, along with Murshid threatened the local Hindus again, the Hindus resisted aggressively and forced them to flee.

All these led to the intervention of police and the crook was taken to the local police station. The Muslim youths, without wasting a single moment, sought support of Akkel Ali, local Member of the Legislative Assembly who consequently went to the police station and remained there till the release of the crook. No case could be registered by Bagnan PS against these crooks in spite of flaunting and attacking others with weapons and the sole reason behind the same is the religious identity of the attacker being a Muslim.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Spirited Resistance Led to Grand Durga Puja in Mograhat

Hindu Samhati Empowers Hindus Thwart Jihadist Efforts to Block Durga Puja in Mograhat, West Bengal

It is a reality that local Muslims made all efforts last year to thwart the 26-year old Durga Puja of Shovarani Athletic Club of Village: Dakshin Marjada, PS: Mograhat, District: S 24 Parganas, West Bengal state in India . But this is not the only problem claimed by them. A burial ground that exists alongside the club and has stimulated the Muslims to claim that the club is also on the same land. As a part of this claim they put up a massive gate to commemorate Eid (just in front of the Puja pandal) and their intention was to retain the status quo. The Hindus were not willing to accept this gross injustice and this led to commotion in the neighborhood. Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati visited the hot spot after Muslims were attempting to pull down the entire structure of the pandal(Hindu altar). 

To tell the truth, only in this year, when the preparations of Puja were in full swing, Muslims appeared in the scenario along with the police and stated that they had the court’s order to shut the puja. The police was also found to act in accordance with the directions of Muslims and instructed the Puja organizers to suspend the construction of pandal straight away. This was not all. Police of Mograhat also made it clear since the Ayodhya verdict had distracted Muslims, the Puja would worsen the condition only. This would lead to more disasters and hence, Puja had be stopped in all ways.

Such communal statements were enough to excite Hindus, especially women who came out of their houses at once and started agitating and protesting in front of the police. The news spread like a wild fire to the activists of Samhati at Hotor and than 300 activists arrived on the spot within a few minutes. The police was forced to retreat before the vigorous and unified protests of villagers and activists of Hindu Samhati. On the very next day, getting apprehensive of the forthcoming danger, the local administration convened the two hostile groups viz. Hindus and Muslims in a meeting. Khalil Sheikh and Jalil Sheikh tried to impede the progress of meeting in every way and even warned of to brutal force on behalf of the Islamists.

It is to be noted that prior to the same, Rathin Das (Buroda), acclaimed local leader of Trinamool Congress (TMC), tried his best to refrain Hindus from including Hindu Samhati in their meetings. Nevertheless, none of the political leaders or the administrators could prevent entrance of armed Muslims from far off Mallickpur, Park Circus in Kolkata, Shankarpur, Gazir Hat, Mograhat, Sangrampur, Netra, Bajeberia and places into the area. Hindus were wondering why was Rathin Das not giving the same advice to the Muslims, and if so, why were they not listening to him? His efforts ended with stopping Hindus from getting more activ 

The situation alarmed the Hindus and they after witnessing the obnoxious efforts of the local Muslims, also started reorganizing themselves. They have taken serious lessons from the events in Deganga and are equipped to repel any attack at any time from the Islamists. One of the best specimens of this changed frame of mind is the rising graph of Hindu Samhati in Mograhat and adjoining PS: Usthi. For these reasons, in the meeting Maulanas (Muslim preachers) were found commenting that they would cooperate with the Hindus in the celebration of the Hindu religious Pujas or else, they feared energized and organized Hindus, as a result, might create serious havoc.

Durga Puja of Shovarani Athletic Club was carried out with full pomp and splendor. It was inaugurated by Tapan Kumar Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, on the day of Maha Sasthi.

               Tapan Ghosh in Mograhat with Hindu Samhati Activists Inaugurating Durga Puja 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hindu SC Families Get Persecuted in Budge Budge

In the Suburbs of Kolkata Hindu SC Group Faces Severe Persecution From Islamists

Surely you have perceived the presence of a few Muslim families amid a Hindu neighborhood and their untroubled livelihood as a result. What may happen if there is any reverse? Life becomes unbearable completely and the same is happening with 5 Taphsili families at the moment in Jamalpur village, near Birla Crossing, of Police Station Budge Budge, S 24 Parganas, West Bengal. These families belong to the impoverished Purakaits, living in the ocean of Muslim neighborhood. They have been subject to all types of ridicules of the Muslim majority community and the situation is such that the Hindu women of this family, in order to have drinking water from the Muslim locality crossing the main road, become subject to each type of derision. It is worthwhile to mention that this destitute Hindu family has its own sacred “Than” of “Devi Manasa”, ie, a shrine which is worshiped on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, in spite of all these their neighbor Mosharaff, capitalizing on a 32-years old land-related scuffle, is leaving no stone unturned to get hold of the said “Than”, without a shred of doubt illegally. They have created a wall already to obstruct Hindus from going on with their daily worship and the problem, in this regard, did strengthen on recent 16 October, “Nabami” of Durga Puja”. Even if the O.C. of local Police Station: Budge Budge, on that very day, did stop the construction of wall, the Muslim family, being stimulated by some potent yet obscure major power, was witnessed to go on with its project.

Well, the absence of male members at the residence (at that time), owing to professional engagements, helped Muslims to a large extent. Women of the Hindu families are getting apprehensive decided to worship the consecrated “Than” of “Devi Manasa” through a 6-year old girl of the family. However, it did fail to please the brutal souls and the kid was shoved. This situation did enrage women of the Purakait family and they had hardly any option other than breaking the mud wall. The Muslims alleging the same as a grave offence ransacked the house of the Purakaits. Prashanta Purakait, getting hold of the entire news through mobile phone, lodged a complaint in the local police station. A Muslim police officer, named Ali Babu, was sent to investigate the entire development.

The officer, devoid of any reason and in spite of dissents of other police personnel, made Prashanta Purakait leave the police vehicle just outside the police station. Ali Babu, a Muslim police officer, as usual, sided for Muslims and owing to his presence, the wall could be erected once again. In the meantime, Mosharaff dispersed puffed rice in the courtyard and put a baby of his family, affected with chicken pox or varicella, there. The Muslims started to keep tabs on the entire family and threatened to chop off the male members the moment they returned. As a result, male members of the house of Purakaits couldn’t get into their ancestral dwelling and instead, got half-immersed in the nearby swampy land for no less than 3-4 hours. Women got panic-stricken.

On the following day, it was learnt that false cases had been lodged against 14 male persons in the local police station. After staying outside for a week, being terrified of Muslims and also police, Hindu Samhati was contacted by the Hindu families. The entire family got adequate assistance from Samhati (in every respect). While on one hand their confidences were boosted, again their financial conditions were taken care of. And on 31 October, the male members, thanks to Samhati leadership, could return to their houses. In the following days, they were provided pre-bail from the Alipore Court.

It is to be noted that the hapless family was once associated with Communist Party of India Marxist once, but none of the party did ever come forward for rescuing them. It can be said without doubt, had there been no Hindu Samhati, it would have been impossible for them to remain there. The caste-ridden Hindu society also could not endorse them owing to age-old caste differences. Nonetheless, the bravery of female members of Purakait family must be credited.

What is most astounding, persistent disdains and persecutions on this family failed to affect other Hindus. These actions make us remind the immortal sermons of Swami Vivekananda. As per the revolutionary saint, in spite of the fact that Advaita philosophy of Hindus is the best in human civilization, there is hardly any reflection of the same traits in the entire society.

In accordance with latest news, the Muslims have purchased a cow, fastened it with the consecrated “Than” and have announced that they would sacrifice her in the forthcoming Id. Bear in mind that this is going to be the first immolation of a beast (as per Islamic scriptures) there. Even if any sacrifice of cows devoid of the assistance of administration is illegitimate, any such restriction does hardly matter. Law has got to be abided by Hindus only and this is called “Secularism”.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Communal Tension in Sankrail, Howrah; Admistration Proves Partiality

Sankrail Remains Tense; Administration Prefers to Cajole Muslim Zealots 

Muslim Attackers Break Trekker Owned by Hindus; Hindus Retaliate by Breaking Motorbikes of Muslim Attackers

Time is changing very fast and one of its best instances can be found in Sankrail. Do you know where Sankrail is? Sankrail happens to be a census town in Sadar subdivision of Howrah district in the Indian state of West Bengal and has been witness to the mounting Islamic rage in the neighborhood. What did happen in reality? Well, to the amazement of Hindu community the approach and also the frame of mind of Muslims have been changing with the passing of each day almost!

The situation that rocked Sankrail in recent days had its beginning with the unfortunate death of a Muslim girl owing to the accident of a road trekker on 12th September, 2010. The situation proved to be enough to stimulate local Muslims to go on a rampage and the prime target was none other than innocent Hindus and their fairly affluence. What did startle the Muslim zealots the incident did enrage Hindus in return; the tit for tat played a good role in bringing down the intensity.

Nevertheless, in the entire incident, the most disheartening, scandalous role was played by none other than Shital Sardar, local MLA representing Trinamool Congress (TMC), a perfect Vaishnavite in appearance. Mr. Sardar, along with 2-3 Muslim leaders of TMC, made a brief visit to the area and tried to pacify the fuming Hindus and did all that could make position of Hindus more insecure. It is alleged that he was instructed by the party top brass to calm the situation and disarm Hindus at any cost. This proves furious Hindus can send a shudder through the spine of administration.

Samar Roy, a Hindu, Son of Late Tulsi Roy has been slapped with Case no. SKL 486/10. U/S, 147, 148, 325, 153(A), 186, 353, 427, assaulted bt the Police and arrested. Other Hindus facing charges are Netai Bhattacharya, Kanai Bhattacharya, Somnath Das, Arun Das. There has been no arrests of Muslims reported so far.

The situation in the dominion of Sankrail continues to be tense but not out of control. However, the antipathy of local police and administration against local Hindu youth continues, continuing harassment and threats against them remain supreme.