Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hospital for Muslims only in Bengal!

Islamic appeasement creates new record

What a shame!! What couldn’t be envisaged by the greatest sycophant of Islamists till the other day back is going to happen now – a saga never heard in post-1947 India to date but hell-bent to unleash its hellacious influence on posterity.

Trinamool Congress-led Bengal Government, under the aegis of its supremo Mamata (known more as Mamtaj Bano or Begum these days for her desperate efforts to institute a weird breed of communal harmony under an Islamic hijab), reigning Chief Minister, is desperate to set up an exceptional medical college and also super specialty hospital for treating people of minority community (none save Islamists) in the state. It has been learnt that the requisite land, worth 22 acres, has already been purchased –located at Bhangar, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

Can this be dreamt ever? Doesn’t the very desire defile the Constitution of India and its fundament all in all? And the question is not without reason. As far our knowledge goes, no clause in the Constitution or any directive of Supreme Court asserts ever that a medical institution can be dedicated to any particular religious community. Strikingly, even if Medical Council of India (MCI) has expressed its displeasures (regarding the same project) with strength, sources reveal that Bengal government prefers to stick to its decision.    

What’s the entire move for then? Is it to bag votes of Islamists to triumph in the impending Panchayat election in Bengal? For sure, as per political pundits, it is the sole reason. Never before this Indian politics plummeted or went down so low in worth and flaunted its helplessness so acutely.

Let’s check the views of Supreme Court. In keeping with verdict of Supreme Court of India, no hospital in the Union of India can return any patient without treatment. Moreover, Medical Council of India deems if an individual is not admitted in the aforementioned (proposed) medical institutions on religious ground, it will be a gross violation of orders of Supreme Court.

The accusation is not blown out of proportion, in any way. The statements made by Sushanta Banerjee, Director of Medical Education – Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bengal can throw more lights on the dreaded fact. He has said to a Bengali daily conceitedly, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has taken the decision to build up such hospitals. And to survey the selected land I will go to Bhangar in next to no time.”

Minorities Development and Finance Corporation of State Government, to have permission from the Planning Commission regarding the very proposal, has already sought the DPR (Detailed Project Report) from the Public works Department. It’s a true fact.   

To manage the vast expenditure, a sum of 40 crores has already been granted from Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF). There remains a pressing need to send DPR to get money from BRGF. And to create the same report Minorities Department has sent a letter to PWD. The letter also states, “construction of Hospital and Medical College for treatment of patients of minority people in the state.”

How will the vicious planning be foiled remains to be seen.

But none imagined that Mamata, stormy petrel of change in Bengal once, could plunge such for votes of Islamists. She has lost prevision; hence the state’s gradual movement towards a civil war can’t be ascertained by her, let alone her flatterers or best buffoons.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Islamist dacoits gang rape Hindu housewife in Mandirbazar

Two culprits died owing to mob fury; police vindictive to Hindus

On August 23, 2012, between 1 and 3 am, a complete hell pounced on the family of Bapi Sardar, a Hindu invidual inhabiting village: Chowhari, P.S. Mandirbazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South). A group of dacoits, consisting 5 men, entered his residence stealthily and got hold of the entire family (off-the-cuff) in the twinkling of an eye. Bapi’s aged father was mutilated, Bapi was fastened to a bamboo pole and his wife was gangraped. The entire family couldn’t get the time to raise an alarm; the attack was so fast.

However, when the dreaded gang was fleeing they were noticed by neighboring Hindus. They raised an alarm in no time; lots of people chased them and finally, two members of the gang (both are Islamists) were caught. They were manhandled by furious people and succumbed to mob thrashing and died ultimately.  

It has come to knowledge, Bapi Sardar belongs to an affluent family in the village and his wife is known for her beauty in the vicinity. Moreover, as per local witnesses, the two slain dacoits do belong to Mallikpur and Baruipur, at a distance of 30 kilometers away from the said village: Chowhari.

More striking developments were perceived later on.

Police reached the spot almost an hour afterward but was found to be more interested to castigate Hindus for the mob fury instead of carrying out investigations to nab the culprits. Perhaps destruction of a Hindu family, torture on Hindus and rape of a Hindu housewife do not matter to them at all!

The aforesaid Hindu housewife has been sent for medical examination; police, at this point in time, is found to be reluctant to go on with the official investigation. Local Hindus allege that citing the necessity of medical reports they are lingering altogether. Hindus contend that political pressures are preventing police to move further.

Hindus have another fear as well. Taking the hostile attitude of police into consideration, Hindus apprehend severe police tortures on them in the coming days. They also assert that the village is ill-famed for frequent clashed between Hindus and Muslims; local Islamists have stimulated dacoits to perform the atrocious job.

The entire village is under a tight police security now. Tension prevails in the village.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Islamist youth abducts Hindu girl in Sonarpur

On 16/07/2012, Pritilata Mandal (14 years), D/o- Sujay Mandal, Village- Sangur, PS- Sonarpur, Dist- South 24 Parganas was abducted by Mostafa Naskar (16 years), S/o- Mojammil Naskar and Muslima Naskar. Guardians of the girl reported to police on 18/07/2012. Police, at first, refused to take any complain. Later, on insistence, a police officer, Ashis Chakraborty went to the house of the boy for interrogation along with the guardians of the girl.

Parents of the boy acknowledged the incident and expressed their consent. On return, police asked the guardians of the girl to lodge a missing diary and refused to any complain. The Missing diary was lodged on 19/07/2012 vide number 2234.

Even after repeated requests, when police did not took the issue seriously and refused to lodge any complain, the family of the girl approached the Court. Finally, on 25/07/2012, the Baruipur Court instructed the SDPO and local police to lodge a complain and take necessary action. A formal complain wasa finally lodged on 25/07/2012 vide number 1487. On 12/08/2012, the parents of the boy was arrested and produced to court.

The court has awarded 7 days of police custody to them. Now, the local Muslims are creating huge pressure on the family of the girl to withdraw the case otherwise threatening them with severe consequences.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Islamists slam Hindus in Mograhat

On July 29, 2012 (Sunday), at 12 pm, the residence of Mantu Krishna Mandal, village: Salika, P.S. Mograhat, District: 24 Paraganas (South), was attacked by a Muslim contingent involving Dhandu Qazi, Sarafuddin Qazi, Bapi Qazi, Afjal, Sona Qazi, Ansar, Kalu Qazi, Saidul (all dreaded Islamists) and others.  

The gathering not only threatened but thrashed him mercilessly also and in addition, warned him of dire consequences, if he doesn’t change his decision. What is the main reason then? It has been learnt that Mantu Krishna Mandal owns a biri (slender indigenous cigarette) shop in Salika market and Islamists are making great efforts to bring his business to halt and replace it with an Islamist-owned shop.

Mantu Krishna Mandal was coerced a great deal to abide by the decision of Islamists. But his insistence to fight against Islamists led to the devastation.

Mantu Krishna Mandal along with his family, at this point in time, is panic-stricken and apprehending more attacks in coming days.

Before I end, there is a need to go through the saga of Mograhat.

A breathtaking rise in the number of Islamists in Mograhat block, District: 24 Paraganas (South) – in 1981 Hindus in Mograhat formed 87% of the entire populace but came down to mere 47% in 2001 – is no longer a talk of the town. What is being witnessed at the moment is a further decrease in the numbers and that the void is being filled by a momentous rise in Islamic communalism.  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hindu Samhati celebrates Rakhi Utsav graciously

It is said that the festival of Rakhi has been going on from pre-historic time in India and dates back to the Vedic age even. However, if the modern age is taken into consideration, none other than Rabindranath Tagore deserves the credit to popularize the custom more than ever before. Those were the turbulent days of anti-partition movement (Bangabhanga Birodhi or Swadeshi Andolan) during 1905 when the globally revered poet vowed to promote the notion of national unity, commitment to people at large in India through Rakhi and thus to strengthen the country enough to fight back British imperialism.

Hindu Samhati, since its inception, to promote the same saga of national unity, harmony among people in India and also to strengthen the Hindu consciousness (Chetana), has been celebrating Rakhi festival with splendor. There has not been any exception in this year as well; the best display of which was witnessed on August 2, 2012 or the very day of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan.

Hindu Samhati activists, in large numbers, did partake in the cause and extended hands of assistance and harmony to all sections of the society through tying Rakhi. Activists in large numbers visited different echelons of the government in various parts of Bengal. And as expected, personnel of Police Force, BDO Office, BLR (Land Revenue) Office, Panchayat Office, SDO, SDPO, GRP (Rail Police) Office and BSF greeted them cordially.

Hindu Samhati is a highly committed nationalist organization and its sincerity to celebrate Rakhi Utsav denotes the same once again altogether.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Muslim school students, mob thrash Hindu teachers mercilessly in Dhapdhapi

All to have namaz in school!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is namaz a part of school curriculum?

Muslim school students have to be provided namaz period (whether in school or elsewhere) and if the Hindu teacher attempts to discipline them for failing to return within the stipulated period, he/she must be thrashed severely – the latest Islamic diktat is getting common ever more in schools across Bengal. On July 31, 2012, Dhapdhapi High School (co-ed Higher Secondary school), P.S. – Baruipur, District – 24 Parganas (South), located at Dhapdhapi Bazar near Dakshineswar temple, witnessed the same ghastly incident.

According to locals, this incident at the behest of Islamic mob running amok on the very day happens to be the first one in annals of this antediluvian school (ever since 1857).

What led to this untoward development? Before anything, it must be considered that Muslim students make 50% of the student population in Dhapdhapi High School and hence, they are known to get an edge in almost each aspect. With the fast changing demography, the school, established by Hindus in 1857, has also changed a great deal in all these years.

It has been learnt, on July 31 Muslim students of Class XI demanded rooms from school authority to offer namaz within school premises. Due to the unavailability of such a room, concerned students were given a free period of 30 minutes to attend the nearby mosque, offer namaz and return to school. Even if Mr. Subhendu Biswas, was reluctant and didn’t approve it, Muslims students got out.

At 3.30 pm, a Muslim student came back (the stipulated period was over by then) and tried to enter the class. Teacher, Hindu by religion, asked him not to enter the room, reprimanded him also for arriving late. The student could not digest the insult (?), went to almost each class room along with his fellow students and invoked other Muslim students to boycott classes immediately.  

Witnessing the fast deteriorating situation, school management had no other option except to drive the riotous Muslim students out. But it was not the end; culpable Muslim students went back to their locality and a mob of above 2, 000 Islamists aggressed the school and ravaged it before long.  Both the Head Master and Secretary of the school, Mr. Subhendu Biswas and Mr. Tapan Kumar Mandal, were beaten mercilessly. Not a single other person including the gatekeeper was spared.

It is worthwhile to mention, staff of Dhapdhapi High School happens to be 30 (teaching + non-teaching) and it includes a Muslim teacher too. But he was absent on the fateful day making Hindus in the locality smell a rat. According to them, such a nefarious design was hatched before and the Muslim teacher was absent as part of strategy. What do they assert more, the assault on school is the fallout of a grievous design to take hold of the vicinity and establish an Islamic supremacy all in all.   

The situation was far from over still; following the evening namaz, hundreds of Islamists gathered once more and threatened the school management committee with dire consequences. Even if higher officials of police and administration including SDO, BDO and Officer-in-Charge of P.S. – Baruipur visited the spot later on, they failed to rein in the situation utterly.  

Tension reigns supreme yet; the school has been closed for an indefinite period.

The development has angered Hindus in the locality highly; a distinct team of Hindu Samhati – Baruipur Block (Kumarhat Unit) – has already visited the school and assured the staff there of all possible assistances.  

(Dhapdhapi High School)

(Broken furniture - result of Islamists' vandalism)