Thursday, February 23, 2012

Administration dancing to Islamist tunes in Malancha

Hindus remain stranded

Malancha, situated in Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North), has been a hotspot of animosity between Hindus and Muslims for years and village: Sastitala, one of the many villages in it, witnessed a corresponding flare-up once more on February 19, 2012. However, the basis of this hostility is quite unusual and it’s regarding a transformer (an electrical device by which alternating current of one voltage is changed to another voltage). Each of the Hindu and Muslim localities in the village enjoys a separate transformer; Islamist bid to exploit the Hindu locality’s transformer initiate the bloody crisis.

It is not a secret in Sastitala and its neighboring villages as well that Muslims use their transformer rampantly and hence, it burnt down completely a few days back. However, to get the supply of electricity a few Islamists came to the Hindu area at 7 pm on the very day and started to make use of it all of a sudden (without feeling the need of informing Hindus there). When Hindus objected, a clash started – the gang of Islamists simply pounced on Hindus and the ferocious bid was retaliated by Hindus vehemently.

To stall any further development of the bitterness, Hindus lodged a formal complaint against the Muslim felons in the police station of Haroa. But police, strikingly, was found to be reluctant to adopt any measure in this regard. Thanks to the strange indifference of the administration Hindus remained confounded, it is needless to say.

Hindus, being desperate and to put an end to the police’s strange mind-set, went en masse to the police station on February 21, 2012  (Tuesday) at 11 am. Nonetheless, police personnel did not even care to speak to them till 2 pm and Hindus were left stranded. The step motherly treatment of police proved to be more than enough to make Hindus impatient and they burst into loud protests altogether. In consequence of the   topsy-turvydom police, ultimately, buckled under and pledged to take criminals into custody before long.

Whatever it is no arrest has taken place yet and it is being alleged that an influential Islamist lobby is trying hard to prevent police and administration from adopting necessary methods and also to nab the criminals.    

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mamata Didi devotes all for Muslims

Hindus are taken for granted

Whatever the cause is, be it a religious assemblage or simple gathering of Muslims to put forth their (never-ending) demands, Mamata Banerjee’s, Chief Minister of Bengal, love for Islamits has no end; she is ever ready to hug or phone them for their welfare. And the personal communication of Mamata Didi to Siddiqullah Chowdhury, state secretary of Jamiat Ulma-e-Hind and also the most significant leader of PDCI, on February 15, during a Muslim congregation at Esplanade, exhibits the same once more. Muslims, in throngs, joined the meeting to present 6-point demands including reservations for the Muslim populace in the state. The vast crowd led to traffic disruption in Chittaranjan Avenue, SN Banerjee Road, Lenin Sarani for hours unhinging pedestrians at large.

However, the state government, steadfast to comply with its notion of Poriborton (Change) and make Kolkata another version of London, remained indifferent. Why shouldn’t it be also? The love for Muslims to maintain a steady minority vote bank remains the most valuable object to Trinamool Congress! Or else the call of an unauthorized Madrasa Teachers’ Organization to gherao Writers’ Building, mainstay of Bengal government, for governmental authorization of all madrasa s across the state would not have been dealt with so easily.  

The meeting was successful indeed and what graced the occasion was the phone call of Mamata Didi, ever ready to posit that she remains with her Muslim brothers, however unlawful and vicious they are, to Siddiqullah Chowdhury. Muslims assembling in the convention raised slogans in her favor boosting her to go on with her sanctified (?) tasks of bettering Muslims in Bengal and depriving Hindus of all.

Hindu Samhati was prevented by the same Trinamool Congress-led government from celebrating its 4 th Anniversary in Kolkata on February 14, day before yesterday, on a flimsy ground. Nevertheless, the verdict of Hon’ble Kolkata High Court and exemplary courage of Hindu Samhati activists overpowered the hell-bent and vicious design ultimately.   

Mamata Didi is for Muslims only and not for Hindus by any means. Hindus in Bengal have got to remain conscious of their own destiny or else nothing can overwhelm the impending disaster.   

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hindus in Sonarpur-Rupnagar defeat malicious planning of police to raze temple

Hindu Samhati, Matua Mahasangha played major roles

The small yet significant town of Sonarpur-Rupnagar, P.S. Sonarpur, Sub-division: Baruipur, District: 24 Paraganas (South), experienced a new event today itself and it was the desperate effort of the local administration to raze a Hindu temple, belonging to the All India Matua Mahasangha, on a trivial ground. But what will remain as the nightmare of the concerned officials was the resistance of local Hindus under the aegis of Hindu Samhati and All India Matua Mahasangha (Sonarpur Block Committee) that made them return empty-handed. However, Hindus are yet to have a sigh of relief, past experiences being a great example, and to carry forward the struggle they even blockaded the Ghasiara-Narayanpur Road, thoroughfare of the area, bringing the traffic to a standstill. 

Well, the temple and its problems from the very beginning are quite interesting to go through. The temple of All India Matua Mahasangha was built in 2006 and as per local Hindus, a few cadres of CPM, reigning then, demanded a sum of Rs. 50, 000 from the Matuas which was rejected straight away. And to have a good vengeance Sri Kamal Ganguly, Chairman of Sonarpur-Rajpur municipality stepped in and terming the temple as the bastion of asocial activities made great efforts to defame it outright. Even a formal case was registered as well and in 2008, High Court of Kolkata gave a verdict terming the temple as illegitimate and the need to demolish it. Nevertheless, defiance of local Hindus at that time prevented governmental officials from moving further.

With the change of guard in the last assembly election people hoped for betterment and truly, it was noticed in the initial days of the reigning government. But within a few days, Hindu state candidly, all changed for the worse and Sri Indubhushan Bhattacharya, prominent leader of Trinamool Congress, has become instrumental to harass the temple and Matua Mahasangha (Sonarpur Block Committee)  linked to it. People allege that police visited the place today owing to his pressure only.

The unified resistance of Hindus proved to be too hard for the administration to break down and indeed, any such effort would have led to a ghastly clash only. Hindus were present in the site in large numbers and finally, police requesting the Matua members to reduce sizes of sunshades of more than 4 feet retreat. All India Matua Mahasangha (Sonarpur Block Committee) has assured that the same will be done within February 12, 2012.

Later, to protest against all these Ghasiara-Narayanpur Road was blockaded for a few minutes. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bajrangbali Banned in Bengal......The Persecution Continues.........

Is it crime to have Bajrangbali in a Hindu residence?

This is story of Mr. Prashanta Das, a Hindu businessman, resident of village: Chingripota, P.S.  Budge Budge, District: 24 Paraganas (South), and how he and his entire family have been languishing for the last 2 years. He, in accordance with police personnel, has made a serious offence – through establishing a brawny statue of Bajrangbali – Hindu icon Lord Hanuman – on the main entrance of his residence – as it has infuriated Muslims and their religious feeling, in the environs.
This single act has had lots of implications thus far – Prashanta was first cautioned by Rajiv Sharma, O.C. (Officer-in-Charge) - P.S.  Budge Budge on August 14, 2010 who told him candidly how the presence of Bajrangbali was hassling Muslims and their religious sentiments. The O.C. went to the Hindu residence without warning and virtually told him that Muslims had stated “to see this Hindu idol while doing Namaz is anti-Islam and blasphemous and should be immediately brought down”. However, the mosque, positioned in the adjacent land of the Das family, is illegitimate as the land was seized from the Hindu family by Islamic toughs criminally and only through using pressure tactics. The O.C., in spite of vindications of the Das family members, remained unmoved and went on saying consistently that the statue would have to be removed to maintain communal harmony. 
Prashanta, being a true and undaunted Hindu, refused to act in line with the police officer and said clearly, “Pavan putra Hanuman may appear as an eyesore to the local Muslims but in our family, He is our revered family deity and we respect Him supremely; As part of our religious freedom and right, we installed the statue on my place, on my residence. I did not illegally occupy any body's land and install it”. The defiant language incensed the O.C. so much that he had no option other than giving an ultimatum "Either you cover the statue or remove it immediately otherwise I will be pressing criminal charges against you.”
But this strong language failed to perturb Prashanta (even) who went on saying "I will not remove the statue because this deity is on my property and I have, as a citizen, every right to put anything on my property and no body can stop me doing that.”
And the situation has been hazardous for the Das family. Muslims, in the neighborhood, have never missed an opportunity to harass the Hindu family (women in particular) or to defile the holy deity of Bajrangbali. Meanwhile, the Das family has left no stone unturned to contact various echelons of the Bengal administration but the fate remains same as changes in political dimension do not entail end in Muslim appeasement. And owing to the best efforts of Bengal administration to retain secular character of the state (Muslim pacification in effect), local police remains too feeble to adopt strong measures against Islamic felons. 
Prashanta Das made a formal complaint (General Diary) against ill-famed Muslim criminals like Kochi Sapui and Zakir Mallick (leading the campaign to uproot the holy deity) but a strong measure is yet to be adopted. Here is the General Diary. GDE No. is 1515 and it is dated 22 nd May, 2010.
A sturdy Hindu movement WILL put an end to this mad Islamist dream.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Urdu – second official language in Bengal

Will it lead to a novel experimentation for another Pakistan?

There is simply no end to efforts of reigning Trinamool Congress-led Bengal government to exert its empathy towards minority Muslims in the state and the latest approach on its part, in this regard, happens to be the decision to make Urdu the second official language in the state. Well, there is something more to add – it will be made in areas where Muslims form sizeable populations or make 10 per cent of the total populace. Political analysts have already started to term that this overture will give the party an edge in the coming Panchayat election.

It is worthwhile to mention that this issue was mooted by the Information and Cultural Affairs Department of the State Government.  However, the role of Minority Affairs Department under the aegis of Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, in this context, is momentous.

What will be the immediate effect of this motion? Quite a lot of municipalities, together with Kolkata Municipal Corporation, will have got to have Urdu as the second official language. And the reasons behind this are not far to see.  These areas, in accordance with 2001 census, do enjoy high concentrations of Muslims. As far as Kolkata is concerned, it, at the moment, contains almost 14 per cent Muslim population and as per various sources, the same is likely to increase after the census of 2011.

It, indeed, is a D-day for champions of Urdu in the state as the official language status will also benefit them lots and in various ways. Here are some of them – formation of designations for Urdu translators; notifications in addition to government orders will be made in Urdu; primary schools with Urdu as the medium of teaching; introduction of Urdu as subject in both high schools and colleges and a generation of Urdu teachers will be in its command.      

Urdu, without doubt, was never an issue of such importance in the Indian state of Bengal, from its political inception in 1947 following the bloody partition of undivided Bengal, till a few days back. Moreover, the vigorous language movement in then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1952 urging the recognition of Bengali as the state language of Pakistan played a great role in weakening substance of Urdu in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent.  

What Mamata didi is yet to know is that Urdu language played a great role in the growth of Islamic separatism leading to the vivisection of undivided India and formation of Pakistan. In accordance with historical facts, approval of Devanagari script along with Hindi as an official language of United Province (now Uttar Pradesh) instead of Persian sparked the growth of Muslim communalism in the modern context. It took place in 1900 and the final decision was made by Lieutenant Governor A. Macdonnel. Muslims, irrespective of class and creed, had joined the movement in defense of Urdu language and the emotion that ignited it ended with the formation of Pakistan

Urdu language is hallowed now whereas Sanskrit has failed to earn even an iota of this benefaction in the last 5 decades in the state, if not more.

People who frown over the mentioning of Sanskrit (considering it to be the kitty of Hindu fundamentalists only) will be glad to know that one of the main notions of creating Pakistan was to heighten the status of Urdu and make it the most formidable emblem of Islamic dominance in the Indian subcontinent and over the effeminate (?) Hindus.

What will happen at this time?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Islamic fundamentalist threat stalls release of Taslima’s autobiography in Kolkata Book Fair, 2012

Guild, Bengal Government capitulate shamelessly

No physical appearance is needed any more; just the phone of any Islamic fanatic or fanatical organization is enough to stall the voyage of truth (unflinching criticism of Islamic notions and its consecrated viewpoints) in Kolkata.

Kolkata Book Fair, 2012 witnessed this development on February 01 disgracefully when Publishers and Booksellers’ Guild, chief organizer of the worldwide acclaimed Book Fair, citing hurt of minority sentiment and security reasons called official release of the seventh part of Taslima Nasrin’s autobiography, Nirbasan (Exile), a halt. Even if the People’s Book Society, publisher of the book, went on with the formal release near its stall and outside the official venue for book releases in the Fair defiantly, Guild’s capitulation to an anonymous threat has both demeaned and scourged sane minds in the cultural capital of India. Is this going to be the fate of whole Bengal soon? That such an apprehension is not baseless was proved when this worry was found to reverberate among people partaking in the Fair.   

What did happen in reality? It has been learnt from Mr. Tridib Chatterjee, general secretary of the guild, members of an Islamic organization phoned him in the morning and giving vent to their anger against the release of Nirbasan (Exile) stated that it would disrupt communal harmony and none could be deemed responsible for any ‘untoward incident’, hence,. On the word of Jawed Shamim, Joint Commissioners (Headquarters), Kolkata Police, “An organization by the name of Twahad-e-Milli came to us and expressed their reservation against the official release of the book. We informed the Guild about this. But we did not ask the authority to stop the scheduled program.”  

Who came to whom then? Who is truthful? Will the administration be considerate enough to let people know the reality ever? There shall not be any such and it can be said with conviction.

Here is another version from Mrs. Sibani Mukherjee, publisher of the book. She said, “Just a few hours before the program was to commence, we were told by the Guild that our booking has been cancelled.”

Taslima, in the wake of this incident, wrote on Twitter, “Kolkata Book Fair committee cancelled my book release program today at Kolkata Book Fair. Why? Some religious fanatics don’t want it to happen.”

The state government remains perfect in sustaining a weird silence in this regard but Mr. Idrish Ali, president, All India Minority Forum, detests concealing his views. As per him, “Our chief minister Mamata Banerjee does not want this book to get officially released if it hurts the sentiment of a community. She does not want a ruckus at the fair ground.” It must be noted, the same All India Minority Forum played a key role to hound out Taslima Nasrin from Kolkata on November 21, 2007. The organization created a bedlam in the city to oust the author; even if deployment of army finally saved the metropolis from turmoil, Taslima was expelled outright. And Mr. Idrish Ali’s role then was no less.

The issue may die down before long but the nemesis of Islamic fundamentalism, all set to bruise democratic institutions and right to freedom of speech, fortified more from now on, has become the hardest obstacle to the Indian democracy.   

Hindus in Basirhat triumph; create a glorious instance

There is a well-known saying that braveness and not numbers win the war; this is proved once again with the success of Hindus living in Basirhat, Bengal through foiling a nefarious Islamic design to occupy legitimate Hindu lands steadily. Hindus, in reality, do hail from Chotojirakpur Swasti Colony, Mukherjee Colony, Hazratala Colony and Mathpara Colony, P.S. Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North). Only a few Muslims in the area were endeavoring to create a mosque in the area and thus to evict Hindus. This had been going on for years; Hindu valiance did put an end to it in the end.  

The bone of contention was a strip of land worth 2 cottahs among a vast stretch of 6 acres and 23 shataks, included in JL No. 94 and RS No. 202 Khatian of Mouza Jirakpur, P.S. Basirhat and 4 Muslim families (living there only) were desperate to grab hold of the land and create a mosque there to humiliate Hindus living in the area for decades, if not more. The land had been owned by an individual named Aminudin Mandal in the past and after his demise, his sons and grandchild sold his lands to Hindus, living in the area at the moment.

But this reality was brushed off by the said 4 Muslim families making a desperate effort to build a mosque and humiliate Hindu sentiment thus. What is more, the strip of land selected by them was shared by a few Hindu families as well.  On the west (of the land) there happens to be the family of Debu Chakraborty, Bijan Dey on the east, Basudev Roy on the south-east along with that of Bidhan Haldar, Ramen Mandal, Gopal Dey, Gobinda Chakraborty, Tarun Dey and others. But the Muslim families, backed by Muslim groups in the environs, were not ready to negotiate at all and what started was nothing other than a new way (quite common too) of Islamic victimization.  

Hindus did also inform the police and administration to save the situation but there was no response from them. Finding no other solution, Hindus geared up and smashed the makeshift structure of mosque for all time. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hindu house bombed by Muslim thugs in Sankrail, Howrah

Sankrail, Howrah is becoming a hotbed of Hindu Muslim animosities and undoubtedly, fast rising Islamic fundamentalism happens to be the main cause in this regard. On January 31, the residence of Felu Sardar (age 45), inhabitant of Snakrail Battala, P.S. Sankrail, District: Howrah, was bombed by a few masked Muslim youths leading to destructions of the abode and injuries of Hindu family members residing in it. Even if almost all of them escaped in secret, Sabir Ali Sheikh, noted Muslim thug of the area, was identified by a few neighbors of Felu.

However, this was not a sudden assault but a part of retaliation. On January 26, Muslim members of Macha Committee, a club dominated by Muslims exclusively, hoisted the National Flag on a vacant land (in the same area) of same Felu Sardar. Later they were found to fence the very stretch of land devoid of any permission. Felu smelling a rat sought help of local Hindu youths and with their assistance removed the fence dashing hopes of Muslims to occupy the land soon.

The bomb attack at the residence of Felu Sardar happens to be fallout of the same despair. 

Tension prevails in the area and Hindus are apprehending such more attacks in next to no time.  

Hindu-Muslim clash over Saraswati Puja in Bagnan

Muslim misbehavior with Hindu girls sparked troubles

History is recurring; in the momentous days of 1940s celebration of Saraswati Puja turned out to be the greatest bone of contention between Hindus and Muslims. While Muslims, on no account, were ready to accept the same ever, Hindus were determined to do the same in any way – leading to riots in various parts of then undivided Bengal. The same is taking place once more and village: Ramchandrapur Kaity para, P.S. - Bagnan. District: Howrah does bear testimony of the same. On January 29, at 9 pm, when a function regarding Saraswati Puja was in full might in the village, Muslim youths misbehaved with Hindu girls leading to serious clashes between the two communities. 

To celebrate the occasion, Hindu girls, in large numbers, were present there and wild Muslim youths found it as the best time to taunt (endeavoring to use sexually implicit words even) Hindu girls. There was indeed a protest and an attempt to stop Muslim youths but all these fell flat within a few next moments. And the failure increased audaciousness of the wild Muslim youths altogether. Finding no other way, Hindu youths tried to oust them and this effort led to a series of scuffles.     

The Puja pandal and ‘Ghat’ (sanctified mainstay of the Puja) were broken by the Muslim hoodlums and Gouranga Kaity and Samiran Maity were terribly injured. While Gouranga’s right hand was injured (suffered 4 stitches), Samiran got a heavy blow on his face.

The incident was enough to stimulate Hindus who also responded equally and Muslim hoodlums were heavily thrashed.  Such was the extent of thrash that no Muslim has dared to challenge the Hindu might thus far.

However, police raided 21 Hindu houses instead of taking the Muslim hoodlums into custody.