Friday, July 29, 2011

Muslim teacher accused to preserve illegal arms released following political rush

Sheikh Muhammad Abu Siddique, resident of village Gangulidanga, Srikhanda, Katwa in Dist: Burdwan, also a teacher of English in Kadampukur Senior High Madrasa, is a freeman these days. Well, every Indian remains free till the moment he/she is taken into custody or convicted but the case of this middle-aged teacher is barely credible. On last Tuesday he was arrested along with his brother Areshed Nabi (quack by profession) for keeping illegal arms in own residence.

But local political backing (including sudden CPIM-TMC bonhomie) for him proved to be overwhelming for police and Abu Siddique was released on the next day. However, his brother is still behind bars.

Abu Siddique is known to be a Leftist teacher, leader in the environs and is also member of Srikhanda-2 branch of CPIM. Nevertheless, even if the local panchayat is still under aegis of Congress, TMC (Trinamool Congress), following the recent landslide, is flexing its muscles here and is also drawing CPIM members more and more.

Getting a tip, local police entered residence of Abu Siddique at dead night on Tuesday and unearthed an arms consignment having 8 bombs and 1 musket (muzzle-loading shoulder gun with a long barrel). Both the teacher and his brother were arrested accordingly but little could administration imagine what this would lead to.

On Wednesday, to release the teacher, students of Kadampukur Senior High Madrasa blockaded Burdwan-Katwa road from 7 am. And this approach was heightened by the enthusiastic support of lots of people of Gangulidanga. This was followed by the entering of CPIM and TMC cadres into the scene and soon transport system to Burdwan, Katwa, Bolpur, Guskara became out of gear.

When police advanced to disperse the unruly mob at 10 am, it was stated that the teacher had become part of a conspiracy. Apprehending that the situation might get worse police called the protesters for a discussion. Teachers of Kadampukur Senior High Madrasa and local Child Care Educational Institute along with 150 students as a minimum hired a bus and went to the police station right away. Both CPIM and TMC leaders followed them.

Muhammad Jakiruddin, Superintendent of Senior High Madrasa, stated overtly, “Miscreants demanded money from Abu Siddique and due to his denial to pay, he was made a victim.” Kamal Tagore, member of CPIM Katwa Zonal Committee, did not incriminate anyone directly (to remain safe) but stated, “Our teacher-leader has been victimized for political reasons.”

Kanchan Mukherjee, vice-president of TMC Burdwan district committee, said, “Abu Siddique may well be a CPIM activist. But we protested since he was arrested fallaciously.”

A marathon meting, led by SDPO (Katwa) Jyotirmoy Roy, occurred consequently on the same day, to find out a strong and satisfactory solution. After long hours and getting a written assurance to render all possible helps to police investigation from him, Abu Siddique was finally released.

However, his brother Areshed Nabi is languishing in jail still.

Last but not least, there is a question. Would CPIM and TMC have acted similarly in case of any Hindu teacher?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hindu boy ostracized for marrying a Muslim girl

Love Jehad may be in full swing but if the reverse takes place it leads to fracas only and decisive ruin of the Hindu family. This is not any uncommon incident and fate of Purnendu Pradhan, resident of village Durgapur, P.S. Ramnagar, Dist: East Midnapur, portrays the same. The one and only crime of Purnendu was to love and marry Sahana Sultana, resident of village Baduria of Khandaghosh in Burdwan. Even if the Pradhan family did not take any exception to this marriage, none of them was spared. They were thrashed severely by the bride’s family and have also been casted out in their own village.

It has been learnt that Purnendu and Sahana met each other a year ago in a marriage party in Burdwan and thus began affection between them leading to marriage on July 06, 2011conforming to the Hindu Special Act. And the couple escaped fearing resentment in their houses.

When everything became public, Sahana Sultana’s family members came all the way from Burdwan to East Midnapur, threatened Hindu boy’s family of dire consequences and also thrashed them. Even, as per Purnendu’s complaint, his brother was threatened to be murdered. Telephone became the best way to threaten Hindus. On July 18, 2011 the Hindu household was attacked devastatingly.

However, till date no assistance has been provided to the terrified family in Durgapur. What is more, the entire family has been ostracized for this unpardonable (?) offence. Village Durgapur is alleged to be mainstay of Hindu-Muslim peaceful co-existence and as per info, Muslims have played substantial role behind the banishment.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What can hapless Hindus in Dharmatala do now?

Religious atrocities on Hindus, especially its weaker sections, in the Indian state of Bengal remain unabated and without doubt, whatever may be the change in state’s regime, Islamic dogmatism with the covert and sometimes overt support of the administration is in full swing and the hapless situation of Hindus in village Dharmatala, Block – Canning, P.S. Canning, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South), now portray all these best. The brawl emanating from a niggling incident on July, 16 has led to an appalling outcome evidencing yet again that Muslim zealots have faith in the globally despised Nazi notion - “Blame the dog before you shoot.”

On July 16, 2011, at 1.00 pm, a Hindu boy (22 years of age) named Sanyyasi stole a cell phone in Dhosaghat, P.S. Joynagar. He was soon spotted by Uttam, an auto-rickshaw driver and living in Dharmtala’s environs, and Sannyasi was thrashed heavily. During evening, on the same day, Uttam was found to watch a rubber ball tournament in Dharmatala. When it was learnt, Sannyasi came there along with his Muslim friends and Uttam was beaten back and blue in the field.

Hindu boys present there made great efforts to settle down the incident and after a few moments they succeeded even. However, a Muslim boy there used abusive languages against Hindus and the enraged Hindus, as a result, prevented him. Soon after Siddique Sardar, s/o Chaid Sardar, resident of an adjoining village, came there and hurled insults against Hindus including their rituals and sacred deities. Siddique was beaten at this time by Hindus and he got a head injury too. He had no way other than to retreat. But his hunger for vengeance was far from over.

At 5 pm, in the same evening, family members of Siddique with their Muslim neighbors, brandishing lethal weapons, came to Dharmatala and said unless the sport was stopped, everyone there watching the rubber ball tournament would be attacked. The threat created a panic but the interference of local SUCI leaders saved the situation for the time being. The tournament completed by the next day (Sunday, July 17, 2011).

Nothing did take place in the following week but on next Sunday, July 24, 2011, at 1.00 pm, 8 armed Muslim thugs were seen to advance to Dharmatala and within a few minutes they attacked Hindus of the village with ferocity. Thugs included Rafiqul (brother of Siddique), Naushed Mandal s/o Abul Mandal, Shajahan Sardar s/o Sammad Sardar, Ibran Sardae s/o Erad Ali Sardar (deceased) and others.

Women were not spared too and many of them were manhandled, molested and their clothes were torn even. Cronies fired shots too but since those did not perform, the gang retreated. But after 15 minutes the gang came back and fired and injured some Hindus awfully with country-made weapons. Hindus ran hither and thither to save themselves; after completion of the operation Muslim felons went back to their village.

Here is a list of injured Hindus. They Are Ramapada Mandal, Sumitra Mandal, Jamuna Sardar, Lilu Mandal, Sushil Mandal, Baburam Mandal, Palan Mandal, Tulobala Mandal, Mamata Mandal, Gandhi Sardar, Mohan Mandal and a few others.

Police was informed at 1.20 pm of the entire incident but they managed to reach the village at 4.10 pm only. It must be kept in mind that P.S. Canning is positioned at a distance of 25 kms from Dharmatala. Police remained in the village till 7 pm but proved to be apathetic to Hindus by and large.

When Hindus went to P.S. Canning to lodge a formal complaint against said Islamic thugs, they were told that to make a GD (General Diary) they would have to provide Rs 50 while in case of FIR Rs 300 would have to be paid. Have you heard this ever before? Again, even if wounded villagers were sent to the local hospital by police, hospital administration flatly denied rendering them any document regarding medication.

It has also come to the knowledge that Yaya Khan and Moshiar Sardar (both from SUCI) are handling the incident. Result is too obvious. Isn’t it?

Last of all, on 27/07/11 villagers in Dharmatala went to P.S. Canning again to loge a formal complaint. But they were driven out from the police station saying that it was not a playground.

Where can these hapless Hindus go now? Should they surrender to Islamic fundamentalism?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Harmed and innocent Alok Singha of Shantipur arrested

Denoting a startling development, Alok Singha of Singha family, inhabitants of Ramnagar Para, P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia, who became subject to dreadful attacks of the adjacent notorious family of Jakat Sheikh on 13/07/11 for protesting against their dumping garbage in the common lane and thus to annoy Hindus, has been arrested. It has come to the knowledge that Alok was arrested just as he stepped out of Shantipur State General Hospital. Sections imposed on Alok Singha include 307/325/326.

The approach of the administration, in this regard, is highly appalling.

The previous report has already been issued in our blog ( and briefly, the fracas started when on 13/07/11, at 5 pm, family members of Jakat Sheikh were witnessed to dump garbage (having stinking smell) in the lane and pollute the neighborhood yet again. When Asok Singha did protest, he was thrashed heavily. Other members of the family including Alok were also not spared and hence, they were admitted to local hospital.

Singha family lodged an FIR (Case no. 509 dated 13/07/11) against Sheikh family members but there has not been any arrest yet and three sons of Jakat Sheikh are allegedly on the run. Why have the police failed to get hold of them?

Another important issue is there. During a talking between Officer-in-Charge of P.S. Shantipur and this scribe, attended by a few others, on 14/07/11, he admitted in full sense that the family of Jakat Sheikh was ill-famed to the local police and administration also whereas Singha family had always been decent.

How can police arrest Alok Singha, proven as decent to administration already, then?

Hindu Samhati meeting in Hotor ushers new era of Hindu strength

That the Hindus in the Indian state of Bengal have started to comprehend the steady rise of Islamic fundamentalism and what would come out if it remains unrestrained can be found from the escalating Hindu awareness programs under the aegis of Hindu Samhati in various parts of the state and mounting partakers in those. Hindu Samahti workers’ meeting on 24/07/11 in Adarsha Junior School in Hotor, Block: Mograhat, P.S. Mograhat, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South), depicted the same conviction and laid emphasis on an assortment of pertinent subjects. The dais was shared by Swami Punyalokananda, Amaresh Mukherjee, Dinabandhu Gharami and others.

While speaking Amaresh Mukherjee, well-known teacher in the environs, highlighted the perennial plights tormenting the larger Hindu society for centuries, if not more. He stated that Hindu Dharma and civilization, from time immemorial, are known for liberalism, sagacity, endeavors to uphold humanity and also self-sacrifices to rescue others. On the word of him, these are greatest virtues, glaring exceptions in the global scenario, but unless, strength and virile Hindu organizations are achieved and created, Hindus can’t triumph and also exist any more.

Swami Punyalokananda of Ramkrishna Mission opened his address through focusing on the basics of Hinduism and the need for Hindus to get acquainted with those more and more. He made it clear unless Hindus get conversant of these no Hindu movement, however brawny and ideological it is initially, can develop, sustain and succeed ever. While exemplifying all these, revered Swami ji was chanting sanctified Slokas from different Hindu scriptures propelling the assembled crowd much.

Dinabandhu Gharami, senior leader of Hindu Samhati, expressed that it’s the time to know Islam well and hence, reading of Koran, basics of Islam, must be made compulsory for Hindus. He stated clearly that inhuman dearth of knowledge about Islam had been the greatest curse for Hindus and their nonchalance, in this regard, too led to their series of defeats by Islamic zealots.

Animitra Chakraborty, journalist, started his speech by narrating own experiences while combating Islamic forces on various issues ranging from disputes over land to forcible seizure of Hindu properties and the rising Love Jehad. He was witnessed to state Hinduism and Islam are completely two antagonistic ideals and one has got to remain devouring the other. This has always been the reality and the earlier Hindus comprehend this, change mindset and turn into a warring community, the better it is.

Hindus, as indicated by him, have been in a state of war with Islam from the fall of King Dahir in 712 AD and its must be asserted at every moment. He also underlined the need of a distinctive, self-determining Hindu polity, free of sermons of Hindu temples and monastic orders, to uphold and sustain Hindu interest all the time.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Durgapur Ashram destruction raises Hindu woes

The extensive belief that industrial centers or metropolises of India detest to be bastions of secularism gets a jolt in Durgapur, premiere industrial city of Indian state of Bengal, Dist: Burdwan, when a Hindu ashram (hermitage) became subject to wild assaults of Islamic tormentors on 21 May.

On the fateful day, a widespread carnage took place in the ashram leading to grievous injury of the priest.

In accordance with local sources, a few Muslim thugs, backed by various political echelons, were trying to impede affairs of the ashram in every manner. It is worthwhile to mention, the ashram has turned out to be the citadel of worshiping Bajrangbali in the environs for the last few years. The adoration has become a major issue to attract copious numbers of local Hindus by now and all these, it is needless to say, have irked Muslims, dead set against Hinduism ever, to a large extent

On the word of Fakirananda Maharaj, venerable hermit of the ashram, and Saddhi Anima Das, a trivial issue led to a fracas between Muslim youths and members of ashram a few days ago. This led to wild assaults of Islamic cronies- almost 20 of them came to the ashram and ransacked it straight away. A young Hindu man, named Bhola, came to the rescue but he was also badly beaten.

Ashram authority has lodged an FIR to the local police station in this regard.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sheikh Ismail leads brutal Muslim mob to slay Hindus in Gangasagar

Agrarian conflicts regarding vested lands are not new in West Bengal but the violence and hatred shown by Islamic miscreants, under the auspices of Sheikh Ismail, nefarious CPM leader, on 16/07/11 against Hindus in Gangagsagar, P.S. Sagar, in this context, is not only horrific but raises several questions also at the same instant. The bloody whacking of Hindus has revealed the ugly face of Islamic fundamentalism yet again and in particular of Sheikh Ismail, uncrowned king of the locality owing to his affluence, authority and nefarious activities. Without doubt, it has also illustrated how reigning Trinamool Congress (TMC) is wretched in the same area. Here is the first question. Has it started to hobnob with Sheikh Ismail being helpless?

Every tale has its own beginning and here, even the beginning has also its own beginning that dates back to the time when then omnipotent CPM had the policy of distributing vested lands. As per records, 250 bigha of vested land was distributed under control of Sheikh Ismail in the locality. Nevertheless, affluent Muslim families were also beneficiaries of the project while remaining part was distributed among underprivileged Muslim and Hindu families. All these led to sustenance of Muslim power in the environs.

Ascension of TMC to power in Bengal and its decision to change earlier status of 250 bigha of vested land in the surroundings, i.e. to take lands enjoyed by landholders instead of wretched ones and distribute those among poor people, appeared to be unbearable for Sheikh Ismail. Following the party decision, fervent TMC activists planted party flags in those lands, torn by followers of Sheikh Ismail repeatedly.

TMC activists, hailing from adjoining villages and championing the same cause, held several meetings in the vicinity and were sheltered by local Hindu families. Hindus were recognized as foremost enemies by Sheikh Ismail and his gang. To call these activities a halt, Sheikh Ismail held a meeting on 15/06/11 at night.

On 16/07/11, at 7.30 am, a contingent of almost 40 Muslim assailants, led by Sheikh Basit, brother of Sheikh Ismail, attacked residence of Amulya Das, one of those who provided shelter to TMC activists. The house was ransacked, turned into rubbles and his daughter-in-law Sulekha Das, age 25 years, was dragged outside. She was molested, her dress was torn and after that she was beaten heavily. Amulya Das was not spared; he was slammed violently and his fingers were also broken.

Hearing all these, a few Hindus, TMC workers at once, rushed to the spot. Assailants left the spot already. However, when (around 10 am) they were spotted near Gangamandir, Hindu youths struck back leading to injuries of a few attackers. The situation calmed down as a result and Hindus moved back. Little could they imagine the aftermath at that time.

At 10.30 am, Hindus learnt that Hindu properties, houses and valuables were being destructed and plundered by the same assailants. This time too they rushed to the spot but got awestruck perceiving trigger-happy postures among assailants, presence of lethal weapons with them and wholehearted support and presence of their womenfolk there, using lethal weapons like Katari, Chopper (rural weapons) and chilly powder simultaneously.

Seeing Hindu men the gang simply pounced on it leading to grave injuries of all. One of them is Sushit Maity, age 31. A chopper was applied on him and accordingly, his nose was cut in two pieces almost. He, at the moment, is fighting with death. Lalu Das, age 30, was also attacked with chopper and his hand got severely wounded. To take flight from sure death all he could do was to jump in a nearby pond. But Muslim attackers were last to leave him; they also jumped into water with swords and Lalu was roughly severed. His condition is grave at the moment.

Gopal Mandal, age 28, became wounded when an iron rod was slammed on his head. Panchanan Pramanik, age 31, got injury in chest. He is fractured currently and bleeding from inner side of his cheek is unstoppable still. All of them are in Kolkata Bangur Hospital while Sulekha Das, her father-in-law and another villager have been admitted to GangasagarRudranagar Health Center.

It must also be said that a few Muslim TMC supporters arrived at that time but perceiving intensifying violence, allegedly they fled out of fear. Is this is one and only reason? Or were they disinclined to fight against their fellows?

Some of the assailants are Sheikh Ismail, Sheikh Basit, Sheikh Bhogu along with others. But non of them has been arrested yet and hence, all of them are roaming freely at the moment. Police, as per latest information, has declined to register separate FIR s from both sides, and has filed a joint FIR against riot.

But some questions are yet to be unanswered. Bankim Hazra, present TMC MLA of Sagar Assembly Constituency, is yet to adopt any valorous measure to put an end to the fracas and apply shackles to Sheikh Ismail. Notably, Sheikh Ismail was responsible to lead a brutal Muslim mob and attack HS workers in Gangasagar on 12 June 2008.

Is roaring TMC helpless before Sheikh Ismail in Gangasagar?

(A few pics of Hindu victims are next)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why is Bengal’s reigning administration inimical to Hindus in Gouranganagar?

There was a hope that fierce struggles of Hindus, residing in Gouranganagar Udvastu Colony, P.S. New Town, District: 24 Paraganas (North), against local Muslim cronies, backed by various political echelons, erupting on 07/07/11 resulting in arrests of two innocent Hindu youths (reported here earlier) would end soon confirming to a settlement program under the aegis of administration. But contrary to expectation, situation has got murkier due to abrupt arrests of innocent Hindus in the vicinity and the victim families are suffering worst.

One of the prime victims has been Bhabasindhu Mandal, deputy head of Panchayat No. 2 (Jangra – Hatiara area) and in spite of being innocent (admitted by a few police officers later secretly), he was arrested on 14/07/11 from his sister’s residence in Malangapara, Swarupnagar, P.S. Swarupnagar. The role of police, in this case, was shocking as the contingent was witnessed to use abusive languages and make lewd gestures to women. To make the operation a success, three policemen from P.S. New Town, 1 police person from P.S. Swarupnagar, (all were in plain clothes) and two other persons from environs of Gouranganagar, identified as Bapan Ghosh and another one from Jabardakhal, were present.

The team, on 14/07/11 at 7.00 pm, just broke in his sister’s residence, dragged Bhabasindhu out and thrashed him mercilessly. Bapan Ghosh and his aforesaid accomplice warned the entire household unless Bhabasindhu’s cell phone was forked out to them, family members would face dire consequences. Milan Mandal, husband of Bhabasindhu Mandal’s sister, was later forced to sign a document, allegedly stating Bhabasindhu was arrested from his house. The document was written in English language and Milan is yet to comprehend this language. He, as a result, and also coerced by police personnel’s presence, signed the document without knowing its content.

Well, Bhabasindhu is not alone; apart from him, 4 others including Arup Mandal, Gobordhan Mandal, Dipankar Mandal, Amit Mandal have been arrested. FIR registered by police against them – 245 dtd. 09/07/11 and sections imposed included 243/239/325/427/34.

While talking to this scribe, residents of the colony termed every arrest was based on flimsy grounds and was done owing to administrative pressures. Furthermore, as stated by them, Nag Babu, notorious policeman of P.S. New Town, also liable for terrorizing and arresting innocent Hindus, has been transferred all of a sudden. They’re certain that this is a ploy to shroud Nag Babu’s heinous role in torturing Hindus following the turmoil on July 07, 2011.

It is worthwhile to mention that Bhabasindhu, after being arrested, was not handovered to P.S. New Town promptly. Hindu rage and its mounting resistance compelled police to take him to P.S. East Bidhannagar in Salt Lake. All 5 accused were presented to the court later on; they are in Central Jail, Dumdum at the moment.

An FIR (44/54 dtd. 09/07/11) by Hindus from Jangra – Hatiara area was lodged to P.S. New Town against Bikash Goldar and Ganesh Seal (Hindu refugees from Bangladesh originally but are now hobnobbing with Islamic miscreants to torture Hindus). Fearing their own securities, due to fiery Hindu resistance in the environs, both have surrendered to police and are also in Central Jail, Dumdum these days.

Meticulous investigation of this scribe has also revealed another horrific torture on Hindus, especially the Mandal family. Two Hindu youths of the family – Sukumar Mandal & Sunil Mandal – naive and lacking any connection to the syndicate, were arrested at 1 am on July 08. In accordance with Banalata Mandal and Sarmistha Mandal, wife of Sunil Mandal and Sukumar Mandal, respectively, a group containing 10 policemen from P.S. New Town tried to barge in the residence and break the collapsible gate at dead night.

When Sarmistha, already scared, came to front, she was ordered to open the gate. As soon as it was opened, policemen gate-crashed, molested Sarmistha, Banalata and others, tore their blouses, grabbed Sukumar and Sunil, thrashed them horrifically, took them to the police van and then to the police station. No woman police person was in the group.

Don’t these facts ascertain reigning administration is inimical to Hindus?

(Showing levles of tortures by Islamic Miscreants)

(Board depicting Office of Local Syndicate)

(Private project - materials supplied by Syndicate, objected by Muslims)

(Denoting a Refugee Area in Gauranga Nagar)

(Scared Neighbors)

(Dilip Sarkar - played leading role in organising Hindu resistance)

(Sarmistha Mandal - tortured woman)

(Banalata Mandal - another woman victim of Police carnage)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hindus wounded brutally in Nadia to protest dumping of garbage by vicious Muslims

There is no need of a big or controversial issue to stimulate Muslims to torment Hindus any longer. These days, dumping of garbage by a Muslim family in lane and Hindu protests against it can also lead to wild assaults on Hindus and all any disbeliever of this reality can do is to look into anguishes of Singha family, longtime and influential inhabitant of Ramnagar Para, P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia. 4 members of the family became subject to violent attacks of a neighboring Muslim family, dumping garbage in the common lane just to annoy them, on 13/07/11.

Here is a brief account of the horrific development on the fateful day. It must be said, before anything, that the neighboring Muslim family of Jakat Sheikh, known as notorious in the neighborhood and also to the administration, was dumping garbage in the lane for days, at a stretch, just to annoy the Hindu dominated area, especially the Singha family. Ramnagar Para contains at least 300 Hindu households against 10-12 Muslim families.

On 13/07/11, at 5 pm, family members of Jakat Sheikh were witnessed to dump garbage (having stinking smell) in the lane and pollute the neighborhood yet again. When Asok Singha, elder son of Singha family, protested against it, he was scolded and also manhandled by members of Sheikh family. To stop the fast worsening situation, Alok Singha, Ashok’s younger brother, interfered and was beaten heavily. Swapan Singha and Rama Singha, uncle and aunt of Asok and Alok respectively, also became subjects to Islamic tortures. The team of assailants included Jakat Sheikh, his three sons – Madan Sheikh, Khusu Sheikh and Khokon Sheikh.

According to witnesses, women of Sheikh family participated in the assaults on Hindus too. Lethal weapons like iron roads and Ramda (country made long dagger) were used to torture Hindus at random. The situation has shocked the neighborhood, it’s needless to say.

An FIR (Case no. 509 dated 13/07/11) has already been registered but there has not been any arrest yet. While Jakat Sheikh, victim of his own son’s brutal rod wielding activity, is in hospital, his three sons are on the run.

Hindus are getting united to stop all these nefarious activities. Police is patrolling the area.

(Ashok Singha)

(Alok Singha)

(Swapan Singha)

(Rama Singha)

(Rama Singha Showing Wound on her Head)

(Garbage Area)

(Terrified Singha Family)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ashok Santra’s horrid death in Srinagar depicts Hindu fate in India best

This is a gruesome tale and revolves around the incomprehensible and shocking death of Ashok Santra, resident of village Santoshpur, P.S. Jangipara, District: Hooghly, West Bengal, in Srinagar. The death, to be precise, is not normal at all and a few creepy and unanswerable questions (regarding death) perplexing the neighborhood manifest horrendous situation Hindus in India face these days. It is to be noted that Ashok Santra, s/o Mohan Santra and father of two little daughters, was a worker in a local jewelry shop and as per locals, his professional expertise was highly admirable.

Sheikh Muzaffar, longtime friend of Ashok and also engaged in the same industry, owns a jewelry shop in Srinagar, capital of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. He made a proposal to Ashok – to handle the shop in Srinangar, pay him a set amount of money every month and have rest of the income as his own. Considering the proposal quite mouth-watering, Ashok went to Srinagar on 18/01/11. The following days of Ashok have got to be accepted as good since there was no complaint from his part to the family.

On 12/02/11 at 9 pm Ashok phoned his wife and the talk among the couple centered on casual issues like his preparations for that night’s dinner. After a few moments he said his wife that some of his friends were calling him. And the phone of Ashok was switched off. It was the last communication between Ashok Santra and his family in Bengal.

Next day, 13/02/11, Sukur Ali, brother of Sheikh Muzaffar, informed Ashok’s family that Ashok, getting intoxicated, fell from stairs of a house (close to Ashok’s abode in Srinagar) on last (12/07/11) night, and got heavy injury in his head. He also informed that Ashok’s condition, due to the accident, was at stake. The news was enough to send a shudder through the backbone of Santra family and when Sukur was phoned before long, he asked Ashok’s family members to reach Srinagar without delay.

Ashu Santra, brother of Ashok and also a jewelry worker working in Delhi, was informed by Ashok’s family of the incident soon and he reached Srinagar via plane on 14/02/11. Ashu went directly to Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Soura, Srinagar, where Ashok was admitted. He perceived Ashok, alive till then, in a serious condition. Ashu talked to doctors in the medical institution, was informed of seriousness of Ashok’s situation and also that nothing could be said clearly before the next 48 hours. And after next 48 hours, Ashok’s situation worsened further. No friend or well-wisher of Ashok could be found at that time.

On 18/02/11, Sheikh Muzaffar and Khokon Santra, young brother of Ashok, reached Srinagar and both along with Ashu went to the location of said accident (of Ashok Santra). Local people confirmed Ashok’s fall from stairs. However, 3 Hindus there preferred to remain tight-lipped.

On 22/02/11, Ashok Santra succumbed to death at 10.15 am finally. Both of his brothers, Ashu and Khokon, were firm to take Ashok’s deceased body to Santoshpur and their insistence annoyed Muslims, including Sheikh Muzaffar, heavily. The reason of their annoyance is yet to be known but strikingly Kashmir Goldsmiths Association, under auspices of Muzaffar, agreed to pay an amount of 2 lakhs to the bereaved family of Ashok only if the deceased body was cremated in Srinagar. What was the reason? Were local Muslims desperate to hide any cruel truth? Did Ashok, being a Hindu, become victim of ghastly design?

Meanwhile, villagers of Santoshpur back home in Hooghly, Bengal, exerted pressure on Sheikh Esrael, father of Sheikh Muzaffar, to transport corpse to the village soon. Muzaffar, hearing all these, surprisingly, stopped rendering any form of assistance. To put an end to wastage of time, Rs. 50,000 was submitted to ATM account of Ashu for fast deportation of the corpse. Because of this, the corpse was carried to Kolkata by aircraft and from there to Santoshpur.

Mohan Santra, father of deceased Ashok, talked to Officer-in-Charge, P.S. Jangipara in the intervening time. But the response of police was indeed misleading. Not only Mohan was informed that it had already been late but he was also precluded from moving farther. As per Tapas Brati Chakraborty, then O.C., timely information could have led to post-mortem examination of the corpse in Srinagar.

When the corpse was brought to Santoshpur, a 1 ft. (at least) long deep wound (stretching from navel towards the chest) was found. This made villagers suspicious of factors behind Ashok’s death. But nothing could be elucidated by aghast brothers of Ashok, Ashu Santra and Khokon Santra. The corpse was cremated in the village conforming to Hindu religious rituals.

But the incident refuses to end here since a few questions, remaining unanswered yet, have come to the fore.

  1. Who were Ashok’s friends calling him in the fateful night?
  2. Why was such an intoxicated person not escorted while coming down through stairs?
  3. Who did admit Ashok Santra to the hospital?
  4. Why Ashu Santra could not find any well-wisher of Ashok in the hospital?
  5. Why did 3 Hindus working in jewelry shop in Srianagar, hailing from Midnapore, prefer to remain tight-lipped on the whole?
  6. Why was Kashmir Goldsmiths Association ready to pay amount of 2 lakhs to the bereaved family of Ashok? Does cremation of a Hindu in Srinagar matter to Muslims in Kashmir still?
  7. Why did Sheikh Muzaffar stop helping the entire procedure all of a sudden?
  8. What was the reason behind 1 ft. long deep wound in Ashok Santra’s body?
  9. Why was Mohan Santra prevented from proceeding more?
  10. The post-mortem examination could have been done in Bengal too, if not in Srinagar. Why was local police reluctant to conduct it then?
  11. Was local police influenced by Sheikh Muzaffar and his cohorts already?
  12. Was Ashok’s kidney or any other organ taken out meanwhile? Was the deep wound resembling any form of clandestine surgical operation?

Without a shred of doubt Ashok Santra became a victim of venomous Islamic revulsion to Hindus. Circumstantial evidences point towards the same, indisputably.

Would other Hindus going to Kashmir have to share the same fate?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hindus in New Town suffering Muslim savagery

If a meek Hindu lives in an area surrounded by Muslim localities (known as arsenals too), he has got to conform to their whims to remain alive. But if he is different, fierce struggles daily become a part of his life and in this regard, Hindus inhabiting Gouranganagar Udvastu Colony, P.S. New Town, District: 24 Paraganas (North) are no different.

On 07/07/11 the deep trouble that erupted leading to arrests of two innocent Hindu youths was the fallout of same daily confrontations. People of Gouranganagar, a prominent Hindu citadel, formed their own syndicate to supply cement, stone chips, sand and others at money-spinning prices to residential or industrial projects in the vicinity. The syndicate was doing the same regarding a housing complex (under construction) in New Town earning wrath of Muslim traders, engaged in same business.

It has come to the knowledge that majority of Muslims, also Trinamool Congress (TMC) activists, in surrounding areas of Jangra, Ghuni and Jatragachi consider that 80% of the business would go to them owing to present TMC reign in West Bengal. And this view led to fracas between the two warring communities from time to time.

Hindu-Muslim fighting, regarding the same issue, took place on July 07, 2011 evening again. But to call the intensifying conflict a halt, police interfered and arrested two Hindu youths – Sukumar Mandal & Sunil Mandal – completely innocent and devoid of any connection to the syndicate, at 1 am on July 08. The incident was enough to rouse the Hindu dominated environs.

Hindu might got best visible when at least 1,500 Hindus gheraoed the local police station throughout the day demanding their release.

Sukumar Mandal and Sunil Mandal were later produced to the court and released.

Officer-in-Charge of P.S. New Town told villagers candidly that he had been forced to do so and that 12 sections of IPC (Indian Penal Code) imposed on two Hindu youths would be withdrawn before long. While the tussle was going on, villagers were informed that Aftab-ud-din, president, TMC Youth Front, and his group were seen to supply stone chips and other materials to the same residential complex violating the past agreement.

It is to be noted, on July 07, 2011, before presence of O.C. of P.S. New Town, an agreement was made between Hindus and Muslims that no material would be supplied to the very housing complex.

Hearing the act of Aftab-ud-din Hindus rushed to the spot and thrashed him and the entire group. Even local TMC and BJP members got involved in thrashing. Thrashing led to rancor in the neighborhood and to calm the fast worsening situation down, FIR was lodged against 8 Hindu males. 2 of them have already been bailed out while 6 others are absconding still.

Gouranganagar Udvastu Colony is still scared stiff and owing to police torturing and patrol, many Hindu male members are outside the village.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hindus subdue Muslim molesters in Ulto Rath Yatra, Jhinki

Ulto Rath Yatra, like Rath Yatra festival, is observed with reverence throughout Indian state of West Bengal but today, the joyous mood was disrupted in Jhinki, P.S. Mograhat, District: 24 Paraganas (South), owing to bids of Muslim boys to molest Hindu girls in the crowd and Hindu protests against it leading to a scuffle.

The fracas took place only at 7.15 pm when a vast crowd, containing no less than 3 to 4 thousands of people, gathered to enjoy the Ulto Rath Yatra festival in Jhinki. Little did Hindus know that the crowd was having a large presence of Muslim youths, intending to molest Hindu girls only, as well.

Problem started when on earth a few Muslim boys were found to molest Hindu girls. Even if the girls protested loudly, shameless Muslim cronies went on doing the same. Such an annoying problem alarmed members of Hindu Samhati present in the crowd. Sudip, age 22 years and student of B.A. (Hons.), and Kartik, student of Madhyamik, both active members of Hindu Samhati, challenged the Muslim youths. This led to a scuffle followed by a huge fighting between the two factions.

Even if Muslims in the vicinity are known for their strong-arm tactics, Hindu Samhati members overpowered them.

In accordance with latest news, local police has interfered, divided the crowd in two opposite halves and calmed the incident down.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hindu Samhati’s July meeting proclaims firmer conviction

Hindu Samhati’s (monthly) meeting in July, to be precise, has to be termed as thriving and factors responsible behind this are quite a few. Owing to intensifying struggles of Hindu Samhati to defend Hindu interest, more and more Hindu areas (in different parts of Indian state of Bengal) undergoing Muslim-led atrocities are getting attached to it leading to generation of newer activists. All these were present in the July meeting depicting a picture of firmer conviction. Number of attendees in the meeting, representing lots of areas, was more than hundred.

The meeting commenced with the traditional “Om Shanti” mantra and incidents regarding rising Islamic torturing with tacit political supports on Hindus and valorous Hindu resistances against those came to the fore straight away. One of these areas happens to be Jangipara, community development block situated in Sreerampore, Hooghly district in West Bengal, where situation is worsening with each day it passes.

The changed political scenario in Bengal, following the overthrow of CPM-led Left Front and reigning ascendancy of Trinamool Congress in its place, were also taken into consideration. Even if experiences vary between areas, it is being learnt that rise of Trinamool Congress has stimulated Muslim cronies to go on with their perilous designs largely. All these indicate that en masse tactical voting of Muslim community in Bengal is making it triumphant altogether.

In accordance with representatives of Canning II in district South 24 Paraganas, Muslims, following the Assembly Election 2011, disregarding political affiliations, are working en bloc. Hindus, therefore, have become worst sufferers there. Prior to the election Muslims, in spite of opting for two warring political parties, CPM and Trinamool, thanks to their intra-community bond, emerged victorious at every time. The success has intensified these days. Expulsion of local powerful thug Shaukat Mollah from CPM, for hobnobbing with Trinamool leadership, is a new development in the post-election scenario.

The situation in Malda is almost the same and Block No. 3, known as Hindu bastion till the other day, is experiencing intrusion of Muslims in large numbers. As said by representatives of Nadia, Muslims in Shantipur are making great efforts to fix microphone atop of the largest mosque, mainstay of local Muslims, in the neighborhood. Hindus there are fighting tooth and nail to stop it but the situation is worsening.

Even if other areas do not represent such harrowing tales, it is evident that hell may let loose at any moment. Hindu Samhati activists are keeping close watch on every development.

Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati, to make the coming Rakhi Purnima a success, advised HS activists to celebrate the social function with sobriety. He advised them that they should tie Rakhi to hands of administrative and police personnel and separate teams must visit border areas and tie Rakhi to hands of BSF personnel.

Kolkata intellectuals lambast fresh bid to have pro-Islamic constitution in Bangladesh

Endeavor of reigning Awami League-led Government in Bangladesh to retain “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” and Islam as State Religion through fresh amendment of Constitution, squashing hopes of secularists and Hindu minorities there of apposite restoration of Secular Constitution of 1972, and its feeble exculpation that some ‘realities’ forced it to do so leading to strong dissents there has touched the shores of Kolkata too and depiction of the same was witnessed in the press conference held under aegis of CAAMB (Campaign Against Atrocities on Minorities in Bangladesh), Kolkata-based human rights organization well-known for its struggles against minority persecution in Bangladesh, on 08/07/11.

Active presence of lots of Hindu Samhati members in the conference intensified success.

Dignitaries partaking in the said press conference included Dr. Mohit Ray (CAAMB), Dr. Ratan Khasnabis (Economist, University of Calcutta), Sri Subir Bhowmik (Journalist and expert on Bangladesh affairs), Sri Bimal Pramanik (Head, Center for Studies on Indo-Bangla Relations), Sri Ratneswar Sarkar (President, All India Refugee Front), Sri Kalikrishna Guha (Poet and Social Activist). The meeting was also participated by Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar (Department of Politics, Economics and Law, State University of New York, Old Westbury).

It can certainly be said that this approach of Awami League Government has not only delighted and strengthened Islamic fundamentalists in Bangladesh but has terrified minority groups– on the way to oblivion, once more also.

Speaking in the meeting Sri Ratneswar Sarkar stated apparently how the two-nation theory, propounded by MA Jinnah and Muslim League during the last days of British Empire, led to atrocities, anguishes and State-sponsored Hindu persecution in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He also congratulated organizers of the conference to be vocal against the latest nefarious design of amending the Constitution in Bangladesh, stimulating hard-liners there only, and put forward that Bangladesh must forsake this novel bid once and for all.

Sri Bimal Pramanik, at the inception of his speaking, made it clear that Sheikh Hasina, reigning Prime Minister of Bangladesh, had no role in the Liberation War of Bangladesh. As per him, despite making glorious sacrifices for the cause of Bangladesh, including in its war of Liberation from Pakistan, Hindus have virtually no position in the nation. He also stated that amendments of constitution and of Enemy Property Act on the anvil were flag bearers of worst.

Dr. Ratan Khasnabis stated without reservation that Bangladesh had gone through a Pakistan-like situation for decades. In accordance with him, no nation can develop if not it admits all of its citizens devoid of discrimination. He also made it clear if Bangladesh degenerates more, a substantial portion of its citizens will lose faith on the nation. As per him, apart from Hindus and other minority groups, secular Muslims will be the greatest sufferers, and if the fresh amendment continues, Bangladesh will lose its legitimacy yet again.

Sri Kalikrishna Guha made it clear once all these rot sets in anywhere like Bangladesh, ill-fortune remains the one and only companion. He requested the Bangladeshi Government to rectify its stand once more and save the country from the impending doomsday, its settled effect.

Sri Subir Bhowmik citing his experiences in recent Sector Commanders’ Conference where it was reiterated time and again that Bangladesh, without any secular outlook, had no future, stated that the amendment was not a mistake but felo-de-se or self-annihilation. On the word him, even after lots of years, Awami League can’t win the election on its own. It can only if Bangladeshis opt for the party en masse. Speaking on the creation of Bangladesh, he posited with conviction had there been no Agartala Conspiracy Case 1968, Shiekh Mujibur Rahman wouldn’t have become BangaBandhu and also that despite being an ardent secular, Shiekh Hasina remains surrounded by a coterie of pro-Pakistan officials.

He was also found to stick a knife into Indian foreign policy for decades and recounted how it has miserably failed to differentiate between its friends and foes.

As indicated by him, India’s execrable offense in foreign policy scenario took place in 2001, period witnessing worst religious persecutions on Hindus in Bangladesh, when Brajesh Mishra, then National Security Advisor and Principal Secretary to Indian Prime Minister, A.B. Vajpayee, being the first foreign dignitary went to Bangladesh to congratulate Begum Khaleda Zia on her landslide in nation-wide election. It is alleged, BNP, political party of Begum Khaleda Zia, in tandem with Muslim hardliners, was accountable to inflict worst torturing on Hindus then.

Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar, through this brief speech, brought forth a new view; terming each and every development towards hard-line Islam in earlier East Pakistan and present Bangladesh as ominous to Hindus. He also made it clear that Bangladesh War of 1971 was a brilliant maneuver of Pakistani leadership to racially exterminate Hindus. According to him, an assortment of facts and figures authenticate outright that more than 90% of martyrs in War of 1971 were Hindus.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Barisal Genocide, 1950 of Hindus remains a permanent scar

Partition of India in 1947 forms one of the darkest chapters in the history of Indian subcontinent but unfortunately, only a few chapters of that gruesome tale, pertained to Bengali Hindus, has been unfolded yet. And there can’t be any second thought in this regard. While contemporary journalists along with historians and political scientists, owing to weird reasons, refrained from exploring partition-related facts, there was no effort in the following ages too. What’s more important, witnesses of those carnages, especially genocide of 1950 in East Pakistan, remain silent still. Only a few of them have become vocal of late but it’s less than essential yet.

Nevertheless, even if there are a few available facts of Barisal genocide, 1950, they do confirm how religious bigotry of Muslims or savage Islamic fundamentalism succeeded to exterminate and uproot Hindus there racially, followed by in rest of East Pakistan soon.

What happened in 1950 was quite different from partition riots in 1947, where two warring communities in then undivided India fought face to face mostly, even if bids to racially exterminate others completely were also taking place. On the contrary, East Pakistan genocide of 1950 refers to mass execution of Bengali Hindus by Muslim mobs, the Pakistani police and the para-military force accompanied by arson, loot, rape and abduction in the months of February and March 1950.

In accordance with both governmental and non-governmental sources, no less than 1 million Bengali Hindus were forced to migrate to India by the end of 1950. Connivance of then Pakistani administration, calling the shots in both West and East, played the most crucial role here. Genocide, to be precise, took place in various areas of East Pakistan like Kalshira, District: Khulna; Nachole, District: Rajshahi; but the carnage in Barisal district surpassed others.

In the district of Barisal, riots commenced on 13th February and within a few following days Hindus were killed, raped and abducted at random. As said by the press note of then Government of East Pakistan, two anonymous youths began to spread aggressive rumors on the afternoon of 13th February in the town of Barisal. This led to closure of many shops. Another rumor– murder of Fazlul Haque in Kolkata also played a nefarious role.

Liberal sources confirm that eight places, at least, were set on fire during the same night. Soon 30 houses and shops were reduced to ashes and ten persons were brutally burnt. The situation worsened more following 16th February when indiscriminate loot and arson of Hindu properties initiated in Gournadi, Jhalakati and Nalchiti under Sadar sub-division of Barisal district. None can believe that Hindu passengers on the water route between Barisal and Dhaka were killed within the steamer and corpses were thrown into the river. But it is a reality.

A great number of Hindus, fleeing for life, took shelter in the police station in river port of Muladi in Barisal district. But no mercy was shown to them and they were attacked later within the police station compound. Most of them were killed in a flash. A revered Hindu school teacher was roasted alive by his Muslim students; they were found to dance at that time.

Here is another incident. In the village of Madhabpasha, under Babugunge police station presently Babuganj upazila, District Barisal, three hundred Hindus, if not more, were rounded up by a Muslim mob. Hindus were forced to crouch in a row; their heads were lopped off separately with a ramda (traditional village weapon).

An assortment of chronicles confirms that alleged low-caste Hindus did not flee from East Pakistan en masse like high-caste Hindus even in 1947. They had the hope to live in their ancestral villages but Barisal genocide, 1950 shattered all hopes once and for all.

Three Bengali Hindu ministers – Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Kshitish Chandra Niyogi of India and Jogendranath Mandal, Pakistan resigned protesting against governments’ failure to protect Bengali Hindus in East Pakistan.

Even if killings decreased with the signing of Delhi Pact between India and Pakistan to ensure security of the minorities in the two dominions, substantial expulsion of Bengali Hindus from East Pakistan was completed by then. What remains these days is nothing but a deep scar that can’t be nursed ever.