Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hindu women teased; Hindu properties destroyed in Bongaon

On 26 June, in the village of Bagan Gaon, P.S. Bongaon, Dist.: 24 Paraganas (North), eve-teasing of a Hindu woman led to a great scuffle between Hindus and Muslims and ultimately to the destruction of Hindu properties. The news may not amaze anymore as this is becoming a norm in rural Bengalincreasingly but without doubt each such incident is pointing towards an inevitable doomsday, especially for Hindus.

The incident on June 26 started at 7 pm when Ratna Kirtania, married Hindu woman of 35 years of age, was returning from the nearby market. An intoxicated Hindu boy, named Khude, inhabitant of adjoining village of Pat Simulia, insulted Ratna. Hindus of the area, in response, led by Ratna’s uncle, not only protested but thrashed him also. The incident could have ended there had not the Muslims interfered.

Another boy, equally intoxicated, was watching the entire incident from a distance. When a few people, containing 3 Muslims of adjoining village of Ganpur, from behind asked him to move out and let them go, he challenged them. The brawl ended there but Muslims returned and informed elders of the Muslim-dominated village.

No less than 80 Muslims came to the village of Bagan Gaon in a vehicle and the moment they reached and identified Hindu houses along with paternal residence of Ratna, they started plundering. The whole house of Dipankar, Ratna's uncle, was reduced to rubbles within next 30 minutes and valuables were stolen. Apart from golden jewelries, valuables included a machine of squeezing sugarcane (Akhmarai) worth Rs. 25,000 and the cycle van where it was positioned.

What made Dipakar's residence prime target? Probes reveal two things. The incident of Muslim attacks, on that fateful day, was the result of a wrong information. Dipankar says when the large contingent of Muslims (containing at least 80) came back, they asked in bazaar (Haat Bar or market day) of the entire development and they were informed of Ratna’s incident only. They supposedly considered it as the main reason behind thrashing of Muslims. This led to plundering of Hindu houses and above all, of Dipankar.

Secondly, the entire vicinity is the bastion of smugglers or smuggling through Indo-Bangaldesh border. At times, these activities injure Hindu lands a great deal. For example, when cows are smuggled they are driven through Hindu agricultural fields and both fields and crops get damaged. Dipankar, on many occasions, have led Hindus to be compensated by such offenders, majority of which are Muslims. Dipankar is wondering whether these acts of him stimulated Muslims to make his house prime target in the recent carnage.

An FIR has been lodged by the Hindu victims and even if police has assured them, they are in fright due to lack of security. It has been learnt Muslim attackers are traditional CPM supporters. Hindus, hence, are relying on the local Trinamool leadership.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hindu village in Domjur in abject fear; threatened of dire consequences for its valiance

Administration remains indifferent

Hindus in village Uttar Nibra Panchanantala, P.S. Domjur, Dist: Howrah in the Indian state of Bengal offered a heroic resistance against Muslim thugs (on June 22) when the incident of stabbing of Hindu youths, Malo Ram and Babla Bera, following their protest against eve-teasing of Hindu girls by Muslim thugs took place. The incident led to a huge tension in the vicinity and for the first time Hindus geared up and resisted against the Muslim rowdies guilty to stab Hindus. Nevertheless, the entire village and the neighborhood, at this point in time, are terrified and apprehending worst.

During one-on-one interaction with villagers it was learnt that such incidents are becoming more and more common these days whereas police and administration remain silent, stimulating nasty designs of Muslim cronies. On the fateful day 6 (not 4 as mentioned in earlier report) ruffians overall in 2 motorcycles from nearby village of Ankurhati turned up. While 2, Hasan Gazi (28) and Mukul Ali (27), of them were caught and heavily thrashed, 4 goons, in their twenties, managed to escape.

As per witnesses like Guatam Das, Chotai Gole, Babua, Babla and others – the whole gang was heavily armed and 3 of them were having firearms as well. But the eruption of Hindu anger proved to be heavy for them.

Whatever it is, the situation has changed lots by now and the whole village is suffering from an uncanny form of insecurity. This scribe, thanks to local and dedicated Hindu youths, went to meet Malo Ram at his residence and was fortunate to perceive such a valiant yet injured youth. Instead of any remorse, he has the conviction of doing right. Malo’s injury is heavy still though he can manage to talk. Babla Bera, as per earlier reports, was released after initial treatments.

But fear persists and it is indeed deep-rooted. This was found best when the victim girl’s family declined clearly to talk and even to divulge name of the girl. An FIR had been lodged by local people but the number couldn’t be found out as it is being dealt with by a local Trinamool Congress leader, remaining unavailable at the time of investigation. Here is one instance of fear. When this team went to the girl’s residence, local Hindus continued to watch from a distance. They took a good time to gain strength and asked our identity.

Villagers alleged that Hasan Gazi’s family had already offered a sum of Rs. 50,000 to Malo Ram to withdraw the case against their lad. What is more, threats of dire consequences are also coming to the villagers from Muslim strongmen. Administration seems to be too busy to mull over these serious issues heightening anxiety of Hindus only. When asked of police patrols, villagers said there was no such.

Bangladeshi Muslim Infiltrators in Howrah posing Grave Challenge to National Security

Is the presence of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in West Bengal far away from international border with Bangladesh expected? It can’t be ever – such is the thought of majority of Hindus in Bengal. But, contrary to their belief, the same is taking place without restraint and some of them are residing freely even in Uttar Nibra Panchanantala, P.S. Domjur, Dist: Howrah.

This perilous reality came to the fore on June 26 during an investigation of recent brawl between Hindus and Muslims following stabbing of Hindu youths owing to their protest against eve-teasing of Hindu girls by Muslim thugs. This incident had occurred on June 22, 2011.

Illegal Muslim infiltration from across the border or Bangladesh is indeed a serious issue and without a shred of doubt poses a great challenge to the security of Union of India. It is also no longer a secret that Indian administration, owing to pressures from an assortment of political parties committed to preserve their secular image, can’t act properly in these cases.

But how can such a presence be ignored? It can’t be and hence, this scribe didn’t lose a second to question them. Well, some villagers were brave enough to identify them as Muslim infiltrators to the visiting team. What startled the team was their smartness in answering the questions. The team was small, containing three women and a baby, but when questioned of their companions they flatly denied. While answering they were also smiling indicating such inquiries were futile to trouble their existence within West Bengal.

Who can be blamed then? Should the Indian administration or ever tight-lipped Hindus be pointed the finger at?

(The video is attached for readers to find out reality)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hindu youths stabbed for resisting Muslim rowdies’ eve-teasing of Hindu girls

If you do not struggle, you can’t live – the philosophy casting a hypnotic spell on the whole of Europe and United States is finally getting a stronghold among Hindus too and what is the need of it has been depicted by the incident in Uttar Nibra Panchanantala, P.S. Domjur, Dist: Howrah in Indian state of Bengal. Two Hindu youths, Malo Ram and Babla Bera, were stabbed in broad daylight only on yesterday; they had dared to protest against eve-teasing of Hindu girls by Muslim thugs.

In accordance with locals, eve-teasing by Muslim thugs has been a major problem in the locality but even after lots of complaints, police is yet to get active. Yesterday, during afternoon, four such thugs, regular visitors to Uttar Nibra Panchanantala from Ankurhati in the vicinity, arrived as usual and started teasing Hindu girls and using foul languages to make the job more erotic. To be precise, at this time Hindu girls return to home from tuition classes. Finding no other way to stop them Malo Ram (26) and Babla Bera (27) strongly protested.

Within the next couple of minutes both were stabbed. While Malo Ram received severe injuries on his neck and hands, Babla Bera got injuries on the back. Both were rushed to the Howrah District Hospital. What followed these was nothing but a mass outrage. Angry locals got hold of two of four Muslim guys riding motorcycles and manhandled them. Malo Ram is still in hospital, Babla Bera has been released after treatments.

The two Muslim rowdies – Hasan Gazi (28) and Mukul Ali (27) – were then handed over to the police. They were remanded in police custody after being produced before a court. Local people stated that they had asked the youths some days ago not to visit the area any longer. Compliant with unofficial sources, Muslim youths, after being protested by two Hindu youths, came back with more people.

Injured Muslim youths have been admitted to the Domjur Sub Divisional Hospital for treatment. Police is patrolling the area at the moment.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Muslims occupying canals forcibly, uprooting Hindus

Lots of ways have been used by Muslim miscreants, from time to time, to persecute Hindus and the latest, in this regard, is forcible occupation of sides of canals in South Bengal. This may sound uncanny to many readers; whatever it is, this stark reality is getting prominent with time. Now, before going on further, let’s focus on experts’ comments.

In accordance with experts, level of water is declining fast and this can lead to natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes) or inhuman dearth of drinking water, water necessary for agriculture. Governance in South Bengal, without a shred of doubt, is conscious of these and is making great efforts to hold rain water or water of river through digging out canals, ponds. Nevertheless all these majestic efforts have failed outright to solve problems. And onus, in this context, remains on local administrations. It is no longer a secret that Muslim bad hats are occupying sides of canals forcibly thanks to inefficiency, reluctance of local governance.

An assortment of such examples can be found without restraint in district 24 Paraganas (South).

  1. These include several main and branch canals in Block – Mograhat.
  2. Large numbers of canals in Block – Mandirbazar.
  3. Sides of several rivers in Sundarban; one of these is Piyali river (Kella – Mahishmari)
  4. As a result of abovementioned illegal activities Piyali river has almost ceased to exist.
Take Block – Mograhat, for instance. A few days back people in the neighborhood submitted a mass memorandum to BDO (Block Development Officer) Mograhat and also Department of Irrigation to oust illegitimate occupants from some specific canals and proceed to court against them. These specific canals include canal traversing Bankipur, canal from Mograhat to Dhanpota, canal from Mograhat to Nainan, canal from Chakda to Jhinki.

The majority of illegal occupants are Muslims and hence, administration and local parties prefer to remain silent. However, the same muteness is stimulating illegal activities of Muslims to the greatest extent.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Arrested Hindus in Bongaon released finally

24 Hindu males arrested, to be precise falsely incriminated, recently as a result of fracas in Ramchandrapur, Dist: 24 Paraganas (North), P.S. Bongaon (reported already at length in Hindu Samhati’s official website) have finally been released on bail. Hopes are rising that other accused ones will also be set free before long.

Ramchandrapur, Hindu SC dominated village containing 277 Hindu households, became hotbed in consequence of a horrendous incident; attempt to rape a Hindu housewife, Shefali Tarafdar, aged 27, wife of Nepal Tarafdar, daily laborer, by a Muslim miscreant (Huzur Ali) of the neighboring village of Bhire (inhabited by at least 500 Muslim households) and the subsequent developments. The shocking incident took place at 11 am on June 02, 2011.

Disinclination of local administration to nab the culprit led to a strong resentment among local Hindus. And finding no other option to make the local administration heed the same, Hindus thought it wise to block off adjoining main thoroughfare peacefully. Police, to call the agitation a halt, did repress villagers and arrested innocent Hindus on June 03, 2011.

Human Rights of Hindu women ruined in Bengal, unmistakably, increasingly

Contrary to the belief of human rights activists, Hindus are being persecuted in the Indian state of West Bengal with time and it’s needless to say, Hindu women are worst sufferers. Ashtami Ray, pregnant lady and also inhabitant of villageRamchandrapur, P.S. Bongaon, Dist: 24 Paraganas (North) is the latest victim. Her husband Amit Ray, in spite of being an innocent individual, was beaten mercilessly by police personnel, dragged to the police van, on June 03, 2011 and is languishing in jail still. Meticulous investigations subsequently have discerned that the reigning administration is considering Hindus, across Bengal, as greatest adversary and how harrowing the situation for Hindus is.

What led to all these is the bid of violation of a Hindu housewife named Shefali Tarafdar, aged 27, wife of Nepal Tarafdar, daily laborer and also an old inhabitant of Ramchandrapur, at 11 am on June 02, 2011 by a Muslim miscreant, Huzur Ali. Huzur, aged 40 and son of Siddique Ali, lives in the neighboring village of Bhire (inhabited by at least 500 Muslim households). Without a doubt utter failure of the police to handle the situation timely deteriorated the situation.

Witnessing dearth of seriousness in police and administration to nab Huzur, local Hindus (in protest) barricaded Ramchandrapur’s bordering main thoroughfare peacefully on June 02, 2011. But the police did not act swiftly even after this. Tension continued and in the evening of June 03, 2011 around 5.30 pm, police cracked down agitators to halt the peaceful protest. During the fracas a few policemen got injured and to avenge this police started repressing the entire village from that night.

Not the whole village got scared stiff only but all males (277 Hindu households inhabit Ramchandrapur altogether) fled also to steer clear of police repression. However, several innocent persons were tortured, incriminated and also taken into custody; Amit Ray is one of those.

On the very day (June 03, 2011), Amit Kr. Roy returned to the village around 8.30 pm only and hence, he was totally naive of the incident. Where was he then? He was in his father-in-law’s residence in village Manimela, P.S. Habra all over the day. He had been accompanying his aunt to bargain for a land (of 4 cottah) in the same area.

Since Amit’s parents were in Madhyamgram, Ashtami was all alone in the house of Ramchandrapur. Amit was not ready to keep her pregnant wife alone and accordingly, he returned in the aforementioned time.

Police crackdown started around 9 pm and as his house is near to the blockaded street, Amit was one of the first victims. His house was completely vandalized by policemen and in spite of lots of pleas, the couple was beaten. Police did not heed Ashtami’s humble prayers, manhandled her as well. It must be mentioned, there was no policewoman/ police matron in the group; a complete breach indeed.

In spite of all these, Ashtami made lots of desperate efforts to save her husband and even ran to the access road that was blocked. Police vans were standing there only then. When on earth Amit was being forcibly dragged to the van, Ashtami pleaded to police personnel with folded hands. At that time her stomach was brutally kicked by policemen and she got unconscious as a result.

There was no one left in house; neighbors phoned her parents and once they reached Ramchandrapur, Ashtami was taken to nearby Bongaon Hospital and was admitted there at 12.45 am. Hospital was in an atrocious condition and this became clear when she had to share bed with two other women patients. 3 patients were sharing 2 beds altogether! In the hospital, neither Ashtami was provided any medicine nor did any doctor care to visit such a critical patient.

Ashtami (her bed no. was 187) was released on the next day at 11 pm and, thanks to her father’s drastic efforts, was brought to Shantiniketan Nursing Home in Habra. She, at this point in time, is undergoing treatment and Dr. U.B. Thakur is looking after her. Utrasonogrpahy (USG) reports confirm that the position of her baby, owing to policeman’s brutal kick, has changed outright.

Where is Shefali Tarafdar then? Shefali Tarafdar, fearing hostile police and administration and Muslim goons, has left the village along with her husband. Their residence remains abandoned yet.

All these incidents portray extreme human rights violations, especially of Hindu women. Will human rights activists in Bengal wake up from their decade-old slumber and side with these hapless women?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Is Bangladesh safer for Hindus than Indian Bengal?

Bongaon episode indicates it

Ramchandrapur (named after abode of Hindu God Ramchandra) is one of tens of thousands of obscure villages across the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located in Dist: 24 Paraganas (North) and is under P.S. Bongaon. But this Hindu Scheduled Caste dominated village containing 277 Hindu households became the centre of attention recently owing to a horrendous incident; attempt to rape a Hindu housewife by a Muslim miscreant of the neighboring village of Bhire (inhabited by at least 500 Muslim households) and the subsequent developments. The shocking incident took place at 11 am on June 02, 2011.

The victim, in this case, happens to be Shefali Tarafdar, aged 27, wife of Nepal Tarafdar, daily laborer and also an old inhabitant in the village. The incident took place as soon as Shefali was in the field for cattle grazing. Huzur Ali, aged 40, son of Siddique got hold of Shefali out of the blue and made attempts to rape her without delay. This led to a great tussle between the two and to save herself from both utter destruction and attacks of the Muslim criminal, Shefali thrust the metal stick (essential for cattle grazing) on Huzur’s head. The desperate counteraction wounded Huzur and Shefali was rescued.

The incident did not die there. Reluctance of local administration to deal the matter with seriousness and bring the culprit to book led to a strong resentment among local Hindus. And finding no other option to make the local administration heed the same, Hindus thought it wise to block off adjoining main thoroughfare peacefully. Harmony prevailed even though solidarity among Hindus alarmed the administration.

Police visited Ramchandrapur on June 02, 2011and left the village without rendering any proper assurance to nab the culprit. Tension continued till the following evening (June 03, 2011) when around 5.30 pm, to disperse the mob and call the just agitation a halt, police cracked down agitators. The scuffle that ensued led to minor injuries among police personnel. Locals allege that unknown people, but not agitators, were behind this.

On the same night, around 9 pm, to avenge injuries of its personnel, police started clamping down Ramchandrapur. The bid of suppression of Hindus was so severe that male members of each family ran away for safety. A good number of innocent persons were incriminated and taken into custody soon.

Persecution on Hindu women of Ramchandrapur

One of these falsely incriminated persons has been Amit Kr. Roy, completely unaware of the incident, who returned to the village around 8.30 pm. His house was vandalized by policemen and Amit was simply dragged to the police van. His wife, Ashtami Roy, age 25 years, pregnant and also in advanced stage, made desperate efforts to save her husband but all were in vain. In return, her stomach was brutally kicked by policemen and she got unconscious.

In the following days, her condition, owing to inhuman torture of police, declined. The condition, as per doctors, worsened, and conditions of mother and women were critical indeed. She was admitted to the nearby Bangaon Hospital but got a rough treatment there. Ashtami remained unattended but her Utrasonogrpahy (USG) reports sated that the position of baby changed entirely. At the moment she is in Habra Hospital. Shefali Tarafdar, on the other hand, due to extreme fear of hostile administration and Muslim goons, has left the village along with her husband and the house is closed yet.

Effect of torments on Children

Children in the village of Ramchandrapur do not have courage to come out of houses and go to elsewhere. Their parents’ harrowing experiences have made them silent and hence, they’re devoid of the guts to go to nearby schools even. Even if two or three of them were found in the streets by this scribe, Animitra Chakraborty, they ran to homes once they’re asked to show some particular houses. Even if the time was moving towards noon from early morning, gloom reigned highly. Raju, my hard-working escort and also one of very few youths conscious of repressions on Hindus, was equally low-spirited.

More revelations speak more…………………….

Even if more than the majority of families in the village preferred to remain tight-lipped, a few families came out. One such family is of Mrs. Kanchan Tarafdar, age 35, local head of TMC (Trinamool Congress). However, she remained silent while my talking with her husband, Gobindo Tarafdar, age 43, continued for almost an hour. It was joined by Subhas Biswas, an aged gentleman of the village.

Gobindao Tarafdar, from the outset, became busy in making me understand the amiability existing between two neighboring villages of Ramchandrapur and Bhire, dominated by two different religions on the whole. As per him, there was never been any hostility between the two and Muslim men and women come to Ramchandrapur without hesitation. Nevertheless, when they were asked of their experiences in Bhire or of any unfortunate experiences in using thoroughfare of Bhire, there was a little pause. Gobdindo recovered soon and stated there was none.

Subhas Biswas went a step forward and stated that Ramchandrapur, a SC (Scheduled Caste) village altogether, was their home for generations. They are no refugees and there is no recorded document of any bloody confrontation ever. He also said that they want to live in peace but extremist groups like Hindu Samhati are making life miserable. According to Gobindo Tarafdar, no less than 80% of the village is yet to know of Hindu Samhati; who its leaders are and what it is all about other than stimulating people on wrong causes and pelting stones on police personnel. This affirmation got the wholehearted support of Subhas Biswas.

A different view of the entire development came from Bankim Roy, ailing father of Amit Roy, already arrested. In accordance with him, it is better to call relation between Hindus and Muslims in the vicinity a bizarre silence instead of harmony and brotherhood. One simple example may make the scenario easier. As per him, almost a decade back, a Hindu individual named Deben, while returning to his house with his newly-bought cow, was stopped by a few Muslim ruffians. Their main intention was to have the cow. When Deben refused strongly, he was stabbed to death and the cow was taken away. Deben’s body was found next day and this led to a strong resentment among Hindus and a great disturbance in the locality.

When Raju referred to the rape and killing of a Hindu woman a few years back in Ramchandrapur, Bankim Babu silently nodded his head in support. The aged couple, without son and daughter-in-law, is living in extreme fear and waiting for return of Amit and Ashtami.

On June 10, 2011, local MLA Biswajit Das, along with BDO officer and a few Panchayat members, held a meeting, assured villagers that there would no more be any kind of police atrocities and asked people to return without delay. Scores of houses are still closed and abodes of Kalidas Mandal and Aditya Mandal, adjacent to that of Bankim Babu, are also included.

Here is the list of accused persons-

1) Ajit Adhikari s/o late Haralal of RailBazar Saha Para, P.S. Bongaon

2) Amit Kr. Roy s/o Bankim Roy of Ramchandrapur

3) Pintu Sarkar s/o Santosh Sarkar of Kalmegha

4) Sanjay Sarkar s/o Bishnu Pada Sarkar of Kalmegha

5) Sukumar Mandal s/o Tarak Mandal of Kalmegha

6) Sailen Sarkar s/o late Sudhanya Sarkar of Netaji Nagar

7) Sanjib Sarkar s/o Netai Sarkar of Netaji Nagar

8) Mithun Tarafdar s/o Surya Tarafdar of Boaldah

9) Kalu Mandal s/o Anath Mandal of Kalmegha

10) Bapi Mandal s/o Nera Mandal of Kalmegha

11) Gautam Mandal s/o Rampada Mandal of Kalmegha

12) Dhananjoy Malakar s/o Mantu Malakar

13) Gaffar Mandal s/o Baburali Mandal of Boaldah

14) Sulay Sarkar s/o Nirapada Sarkar of Netaji Nagar

15) Biswajit Sarkar s/o Sailen Sarkar of Netaji Nagar

16) Susanta Mandal s/o Jatin Mandal of Kalmegha

17) Rajib Bairagi s/o Pulin Bairagi of Kalmegha

18) Keshab Mandal s/o Bhadu Mandal of Kalmegha

19) Samir Dhali s/o Ratan Dhali of Bangalini

20) Buddheswar Sarkar s/o Nirapada Sarkar of Netaji Nagar

21) Gour Mandal s/o Gopal Mandal of Ramchandrapur

22) Bhombal Sarkar s/o Bishnu Pada Sarkar of Kalmegha

23) Swapan Sarkar s/o Rampada Sarkar of Kalmegha

24) Biswajit Roy s/o Nirod Baran Roy of Ramchandrapur

25) Gopal Roy s/o Amiya Roy of Ramchandrapur

26) Benoy Biswas s/o Anil Biswas of Ramchandrapur

27) Dipendu Sarkar s/o Naba of Kalmegha

28) Santosh Sarkar s/o Satish Sarkar of Kalmegha

29) Laltu Sarkar s/o Anil Sarkar of Kalmegha

30) Supriti Mukherjee of Kalmegha

31) Nisith Ghosh s/o Joy Mangal of Angar Pukria

32) Gobinda Garai s/o Asarani of Angar Pukria

33) Sambhu Das s/o Chitto of Angar Pukria

34) Tapan of Angar Pukria

35) Swapan Goldar s/o Sunil of Angar Pukria

36) Manik Saha s/o Nisith Saha of Boaldah

37) Brother of Ajit Adhikari s/o late Haralal of RailBazar Saha Para, P.S. Bongaon

All aforementioned persons belong to P.S. Bongaon and about 50 others are also included.

Sections imposed on aforesaid persons – 147/148/149/353/186/427/323/325/307 IPC & 3 PD R.P.P Act

Can Bengali Hindus exist?

Religious persecutions on Hindus in Bangladesh (exceedingly common in former East Pakistan as well) are going on in full swing and no political party there seems to be interested to call this a halt. And there is nothing new in these. Bengali Hindus in Bangladesh, owing to vindictive attitudes of the Islamic state and own faults too, have become vulnerable to the entire political stratum. All these can be easily comprehended but the worsening situation of Hindus in Indian state of Bengal not only raises eyebrow but makes any sane individual shell-shocked also.

Hindus consider patriotism or Rashtra Bhakti as a worship or Rashtra Aradhana and despite brutal persecutions on them by Islamic canons and military onslaughts through centuries, the same has remained as basics of Hindu culture in the Indian subcontinent. However, the community that sacrificed most to oust the iniquitous British Empire got a raw deal during partition. Fate of Bengali Hindus was sealed during partition and later on and the same has been going on till date.

But the victimization of Hindus in the Indian state of Bengal is a new phenomenon and its exponential rise authenticates the community’s fast downfall. In Bangladesh, several human rights groups take up issues of Hindu or minority persecutions and do their best to have justice. In Indian Bengal there is no one since Hinduism, here, is taboo; environment is under the aegis of secularism.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beware Hindu girls

Your boyfriend may be a sham Hindu

Tara Sardar, daughter of Tapan Sardar, is a minor girl of 16 years and a resident of Rajgunj, Shitalatala, Banipur No.2 Panchayat, P.S. Sankrail, Dist: Howrah in West Bengal. She happens to be one of millions of girls in this Indian state and there was no reason to refer her in this article, had not she been the fresh prey of Love Jihad. Even if the term is new to many readers, Love Jihad has become tainted already since it’s a complete illegal activity through which Islamic activists target Hindu girls and convert them to Islam by shamming love.

Tara Sardar has also gone through these phases. She was thoroughly deceived by Hasem Mollah, a Muslim lad of 22 years, pretending to be an ideal Hindu (soft-spoken and gentle too) from the very beginning of the courtship. She fell in his love him as a result and was abducted on June 09, 2011. Hasem Mollah, shamming to be a Hindu still, married her conforming to all Hindu religious rituals, essential for an ideal Vedic marriage.

But his true color came to the fore afterwards. Tara was asked to shed her bangles and also to wipe-out Sindoor (mark of a Hindu married woman) without delay. When astonished Tara asked for reasons, Hasem told that he was a Muslim by birth. Shell-shocked Tara Sardar had no other choice except yielding to his diktats.

Meanwhile, Tara Sardar’s parents got deeply worried and notified Hindu Samhati leadership in the locality. When a proper introspeciton was conducted, reality came to the fore. To rescue the girl an FIR was lodged – case no. 363,366 dtd. 12.06.2011.

In accordance with latest information, Tara Sardar and Hasem Mollah were found in a house during a police raid and Hasem, for the moment, is languishing in lock up.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hindu Bagdis in Baruipur battered cruelly for supporting CPM

Baruipur, city and also a municipality in 24 Paraganas district (South) in the Indian state of West Bengal, positioned within 25 km from Sealdah Station, is known to all. It was known more as a CPIM bastion (completely under the grip of Sujan Chakraborty, ex-MP of Jadavpur Loksabha constituency) till the appearance of West Bengal Assembly Election, 2011 result. Nevertheless, the post-election situation perceives a dramatic shift in the area altogether. Bagdipara, close to ShasariBattala in RamNagar 1 Panchayat, beside Baruipur, is inhabited by 50 Hindu families, known to be dedicated CPM followers.

Kajirabad, neighboring village of Bagdipara, is a predominant Muslim stronghold; the majority of which has become ardent supporters of TMC (Trinamool Congress). A few Muslim CPM followers do exist still.

On May 13, 2011, following the massive win of Trinamool Congress in Bengal Assembly Election, 2011, Bagdipara was attacked by Muslims in night all of a sudden. The one and only crime of Bagdipara was their traditional support to CPM. Residences of Nishikanta Sardar, Satya Sardar, Mohanta Mandal, Magur Mandal were simply plundered and the dwellers were also thrashed brutally.

The frenzied mob, as per villagers in Bagdipara, was led by Saiful Mandal, Yunus Sardar, Rafiq Sardar, Kahar Sardar – TMC’s Deputy Chief in the area; all are from the same village of Kajirabad. Havoc was so excessive that male members of Bagdipara had no way other than spending night in fields. On the early next morning, aforementioned Kahar Sardar came to Bagdipara and expressing compassion stated that the same would never happen again and Hindus, as a result, could live in their own houses. The statement soothed aggrieved souls and Hindus started to live in their own houses again.

But hell came down on Hindu villagers completely when on May 14, 2011 (next day) at 11 pm Islamic supremacists attacked Bagdipara once more. Violence and attack on Hindus, at this time, brought shame on the earlier one even. Getting desperate and to call repeated assaults a halt, some Hindus went to house of Mrs. Shefali Sardar, local head of Trinamool Congress, in the neighboring village of Shasari. Shefali Devi, to be precise, got highly irritated owing to this disturbance. Whatever it is, she phoned Kahar hearing the entire development.

Kahar said clearly, “I am sleeping in my residence.” Shefali Devi said, “Lots of people have come to my home and are speaking of torments on them. Come to my house straight away.” When Kahar arrived, Shefali Devi showed him the throng, consisting of no less than 100 people at the dead of night, and also notified of charges against him. These made Kahar bitter and threatening Hindu protesters he asked, “Has anyone of you ever seen me among attackers?” Bagdis, in spite of great fear, said that they had seen him. Kahar, raising his voice more, asked, “Have you identified me? Can you people provide evidence?” Bagdis realized that Shefali was not with them but was pushing them to a greater danger.

Comprehending the real situation Bagdis left the place without a sound and spending night in the field, they went away for their relatives in the distance. They were not in a position to lodge complaints in police station. And they knew well that Bengal’s police and administration, grovelers of CPM once, had changed overnight to slavish stooges of TMC. Police would not agree to their allegations, therefore.

It is to be noted, despite excessive assaults on Hindus for supporting CPM, residences of Muslim CPM leaders in Kajirabad remained virtually untouched. They include Abdul; Khaleq Dhali (ex-Head), Amir Ali Mandal (Branch Secretary) and Moktar Tarafdar. When persecuted Bagdis were asked of reasons behind not seeking help from Sujan Chakraborty of CPM, their answer was specific. As per them, majestic power (formerly) of Sujan Chakraborty has ceased to exist and being fearful of own life, the ex-commander of CPM remains in own house under lock and key round the clock.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Frenzied Muslims make brutal attacks on Hindus in Asansol to stop temple construction

Muslims can beat you up, burn your belongings and also slit your throat for being an infidel, but if you dare to strike back, it will lead to a lasting combat only. This mood is getting progressively common among Muslims across the globe and also amid Muslims in Asansol, imperative industrial metropolis in the Indian state of Bengal. The same dirty mindset stimulated a band of Muslims to launch an unprovoked and also brutal assault on Hindus on 2011-06-04 at 11 am in Bastim Bazar, positioned within Asansol Market area, P.S: Asansol (North). The attack was a part of slanderous campaigns of Muslims (for years) to take over a land containing temple, known as mainstay of local Hindu population, in the vicinity.

The problem started with the decision of Atin Chowdhury, former owner of the said land, in 2009 to sell it to Adre Alam Ansari and Badre Alam Ansari. The land was bought by Muslims through 20 lakhs of cash but Hindus staged strong demonstrations against the entire dealing. Notably, Durga Puja used to be celebrated in the abode of Sri Chowdhury with splendor for 60 years at a stretch. Hindus were fearful that purchase of land by Muslims would call the Puja a halt.

Strength of Hindu demonstrations even cautioned the local administration and to steer clear of any untoward development, Hindus were asked to pay Rs 45 lakhs to get the land’s ownership, within a week. The entire transaction took place before the SDO and it goes without saying that transaction was officially permitted and land got registered in the name of Sri Sri DurgaMata Charitable Trust.

Hindus, in this regard, were led by Bastim Bazaar Sarbojanin Durga Puja Committee and construction of a temple started in the land. But Muslims were not ready to give in so easily.

Heated exchanges of words and frictions between the two communities became quite common in the following days. During the month April, 2011 more altercations were noticed making the administration unnerved increasingly. Worsening situations proved that Muslims were not ready to accept Hindus’ just claims on the temple. To curtail tension, a meeting took place with the presence of ADM on 2011-04-12. Muslims raised some uncanny demands in the meeting. As per them, the new temple would have to be small, deity would be on the first floor instead of ground floor (so that they could perform their own daily religious rituals freely). There were others too. While the Hindus protested, ADM rejected the demands terming those as unconstitutional and gave Hindus the coveted order to go on with temple construction. All these left the Muslims fuming.

Finally, on 2011-06-04 at 11 am in Bastim Bazar, there was a sudden attack of a frenzied Muslim mob, led by Firoz Khan, Alam Khan, Guddu Khan (these 3 brothers are capturing a portion of land of temple) and Mohammad Sunny, on Hindus. In the beginning, Hindus were badly beaten. They sought help of local police and administration, instead. While the talking was going on with the administration, there was a second attack on Hindus. Finding no other option, Hindus did strike back this time, compelled local Muslim shop owners to close down shops and even blockaded the adjacent G.T. Road. Hindu might astonished Muslim thugs even.

When Hindus receded, some Muslim youths came forth but they were lathi-charged soon by the police force. Tension is present in the locality. Police force is patrolling and construction of temple is stopped at the moment.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ghastly attempt to rape Hindu housewife in Bengal

Whatever may be the spell of change (Poriborton) in the state of West Bengal, it is getting evident that there can’t be any change in Hindu women’s vulnerability to Muslim miscreants, hell-bent to ravish them forever and a day. The latest victim is Shefali Tarafdar, aged 27, wife of Nepal Tarafdar, daily laborer, residing in village Ramchandrapur, P.S. Bongaon, Dist: 24 Paraganas (North) and the attempt to rape against her took place at 11 am today itself.

The criminal, in this case, is Huzur Ali, aged 40, son of Siddique, resident of neighboring village, Bhire. It has come to the knowledge that the incident took place when Shefali was in the field for cattle grazing. Huzur got hold of Shefali all of a sudden and made series of attempts to rape her straight away. This led to a great tussle between the two and to save herself from both utter destruction and attacks of the Muslim criminal, Shefali thrust the metal stick (essential for cattle grazing) on Huzur’s head. The desperate counteraction wounded Huzur and Shefali was rescued.

The gruesome incident led to a strong resentment in the Hindu neighborhood and the Bongaon-Shutia thoroughfare was blocked off by local Hindus as a mark of protest and for arrest of the said culprit. To steer clear of these, Huzur Ali has fled from the village along with his wife.

Even at the time of penning this report, blocking is in full swing and even police and administrative officials are finding it difficult to enter the village.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Secular Mamata making great efforts to better Muslims in Bengal

Hindus continue to remain non-entity

Ouster of 34-year old (odd too) Left Front ministry in 2011 by a single woman named Ms. Mamata Banerjee, TMC (Trinamool Congress) supremo, has been a historic moment for the Indian state of West Bengal and it is needless to say that state populace expects a lot from her. Now the question remains – would it be possible for her to deliver ever. Many may term the ongoing events as part of honeymoon but Mamata’s rising interest in Muslim affairs is making people skeptical.

It has come to the knowledge that the Bengal CM is taking special interests in Islamic affairs and is leaving no stone unturned to rectify legal predicaments regarding Waqf properties. Well, there are justifications as well. TMC party sources state that success, in this context, would better Muslims in the state. The revenues gathered will be distributed for the socio-economic welfare of the Muslim community.

Whatever may be the motive, the endeavor has kindled Bengal Muslims en masse. One of them is notable historian Khajim Ahmed and as per him, Bengal CM has looked for authentic statistics on the matter since Waqf properties worth above Rs 70,000 cr in West Bengal. This is also the highest anywhere in India. Mr. Ahmed hopes that success would enliven Muslims in the state.

Let’s share a few more facts as well. In accordance with Mr. Ahmed, Bengal consists of 184,000 Waqf properties and this is no less than 30.25% of such properties across India. He has also accused that fraudulent managers of Waqf properties aided by officials of erstwhile Ministry of Land and Land Reforms have sold lots of these. Earlier Left Front did not heed to all these ever, if Mr. Ahmed is to be believed. What is more, CPM-led Left Front changed a 50,000 sq m property in Tufanganj, Cooch Behar worth Rs 20 cr into a state bus depot and warehouse.

Again, at several places, according to commoners, several key Waqf plots and properties have changed character due to legal ambiguities. This has deprived Muslims a religious bequest under Islamic law, stating income is preordained for generous purposes only.

Justice Rajinder Sachar, noted for penning controversial Sachar Committee Report highlighting mounting Muslim woes in the state, is likely to be in Kolkata in early June. He will be asked for to render the government certain parameters for the advance of Muslims.

Ms. Mamata Banerjee will finalize the decision by the third week of June. If everything goes rightly Dr Osman Ghani will be the next chairman of Minorities Commission to execute the scheme.

What’s for Hindus then? How can you be so communal? Don’t you know West Bengal is a secular state?