Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Minor Hindu girl persecuted by Muslim thugs

Hundreds of reports have already been written to depict the perilous situation Hindus are going through at the moment in the Indian state of West Bengal. Nevertheless, in spite of all these, there has hardly been any positive approach of the administration yet and Hindus’ reliance on the legal system, on account of all these, is on the wane. Whatever it is newer incidents of assaults are coming to the fore without break and as true observers of social changes, we are leaving no stone unturned to divulge those. What did happen on 6 March 2011 is not any exception but a part of the chronicle of devastations of Hindus getting strong more and more.

On 6 March 2011, in Soakhali village of Atharbanki zone, P:S: Jibantala, Dist: South 24 Paraganas, a Hindu lady was brutally tortured even if the basic reason of the episode was minimal – theft of tomato. The name of the girl is Jyotsna Karmakar d/o Sri Tapan Karmakar, an old inhabitant of the village.

Jyotsna by nature remains restless all the time and for all these, a local Muslim named Ibrahim Gain alias Haji suspected her of stealing a few tomatoes. He, along with few other Muslims, chased her and fearing assailants she ran into her own residence, entirely vacant at that time. Making use of the situation, Ayep Ali, son of Haji, entered the house forcefully and dragged Jyotsna outside brutally. He was helped by Yunus and Rabiul, other two sons of Haji, in this context. This was certainly not the end; Jyotsna was tied down and brought to the courtyard of Haji later. To enjoy this better a lot of Muslims had assembled there already and soon a ring of fire was lit up around the 13 year old girl. The situation became unbearable for Jyotsna Karmakar.

The news of all these reached to the family members of Jyotsna and even if her aunty begged for mercy, she got a kick on her back in return. Within the next 30 minutes father and uncles of Jyotsna reached the spot and this led to a fracas between them and Haji’s family. Around this time Hindu Samhati cadres, belonging to adjoining CharaVidya, were informed and they reached the site without delay. It is to be noted Haji has 3 wives, 25 children and all of them are known for anti-Hindu activities in the vicinity.

Hindu Samhati workers raised a strong protest and getting afraid, Haji along with his sons took shelter in own house. On the next day, March 7, 2011 youths of Hindu Samhati met Sri Tapan Karmakar and it was comprehended that he had notified local Panchayat of the entire happening already. He met the local leadership of Hindu Samhati as well soon after.

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  1. The thugs need to be kicked hard on their back..Jai Hind !!!