Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Islamists persecute Hindus in Etinda Panitar village Panchayat, Basirhat

Can myth of Rule of Law make Hindus there confident anymore?

Basirhat is moving towards an Islamic hegemony speedily; this deduction is not based on any fiction but hard facts – facts that are cruel enough to send shudder through the backbone of any sane and patriotic individual. Religious persecutions on Hindus led by Islamists have become order of the day in Basirhat and with each day it passes, intensity of crime, persecution and hatred against Hindus gets increased.  

Kalipuja is organized under the aegis of Panitar Market Committee, in the area of Etinda Panitar village Panchayat, P.S. Basirhat, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North), every year. Fair does also take place (for 4 days at a stretch) to celebrate the joyous environment. On March 10, 2012, the Kalipuja (of this year ) was organized. Hindus, in and around Etinda Panitar village Panchayat , were perceived to make merriment.

On March 12, 2012, at 7 pm, an Islamist youth was caught red-handed while attempting to molest a Hindu housewife in the fair. Credit goes to the Committee members who never missed a chance to identify the felon and make him stop. The Islamist ruffian, as expected, was manhandled and thrashed in addition. However, he was not alone; his cohorts (6 Islamists) clashed with the Committee members repeatedly to save him. All efforts failed at that time.

The gang withdrew but returned with more men of Muslim-dominated village: Nikaripara after 45 minutes and thrashed everyone they found before them. Microphones were broken and the open-air drama was also stopped. Committee members phoned police a lot but none (either from P.S. Basirhat –located at 10 kilometers away or its local outpost) did appear. Finally BSF had to intervene (Etinda Panitar village Panchayat is in the India-Bangladesh border area) to rein in the fervid disturbance. 2 police personnel in civil dress appeared once the fiery mob of Islamists was restrained but no Islamist was arrested.

Nevertheless, the situation was far from over. At 8.30 pm, a large contingent of Islamists from Nikaripara (comprising almost all villagers including young and old and children and women) stormed the Hindu-dominated village: Daspara (organizer of Puja and fair) to teach Hindus a lesson. Hindus, en masse, were thrashed brutally and many of them had to flee for the sake of life. To save the situation and also skin and  kith and kin of Hindus, Mr. Tapan Pal, head of Etinda Panitar village Panchayat, and Mr. Dilip Das, member of the same Panchayat, phoned police and after frequent pleas police appeared at 10 pm.  

Even if the police force succeeded to overpower Islamists, Hindu village and its dwellers were completely destroyed by that time.  

To find a solution out, a peace meeting took place at P.S. Basirhat on March 13, 2012, and it was joined by members of both communities. Police became successful to restore normalcy but no Islamist was taken into the custody. Hindus left the police station disgracefully while Islamists were found to celebrate their unprecedented victory.  

On March 14, 2012, just on the next day, Mr. Biswanath Das, resident of Daspara and also the first to protest against the attempt to molest, became victim of a cruel thrashing.  He is known to be in a critical condition in a local hospital, at the moment.

Here is a question to the readers. Such incidents are getting more and more common in Bengal these days – resembling the days before partition in 1947. What do these incidents bear out? It’s a single aspect on the whole – national sovereignty and rule of law has become the greatest casualty in this part of India.

Both cease to exist in Basirhat. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Does an Islamist have the prerogative to oppress Hindus?

Baladevpur depicts it terribly

It’s the prerogative of an Islamist to perturb (in any means) and hamper Hindus; if Hindus, as a counter-measure, get tough and teach them a lesson, Islamists will make Hindu lives dreadful – this is the newest trend in Bengal, being experienced by village: Baladevpur, P.S. Mandirbazar, Sub-division: Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South) – like several other areas throughout Bengal – at the moment.  

Hindu villagers of Baladevpur had been witnessing a series of thefts, enough to trouble the poor Hindu families there, for the last few months. On March 17, 2012, pump (necessary for irrigation) was stolen from the house of Mr. Dilip Haldar, leaving the whole family mournful (owing to loss of livelihood).  Mrs. Namita Haldar (mother of Dilip), on March 18, 2012, lodged a formal complaint in this regard. And as usual any approach of police to find the thief out was not perceived.

However, on March 20, at 4.30 am, Dilip and his friend Mr. Tarapada Sarkar got hold of Zahir Gazi, son of Mr. Amir Ali Gazi, on his way to sell the said pump. Once they caught him and Zahir expressed his guilt (including his earlier thefts), a few Hindus gathered there and thrashed him highly. After being beaten black and blue, he was handovered to the local police station.

The situation indeed sent a signal of danger to the neighboring Muslim village.  And to save Zahir, a few Islamists, including Abdul Khaleq Sheikh, Rahman Ali Sheikh, Naju Gazi (brother of Zahir) arrived in the Hindu village (Baladevpur) at 8.20 am; they requested Hindus earnestly to withdraw the case. Hindus, being kind enough, did respond positively and the charge was withdrawn. But Zahir was not released; he had been indicted as the main conspirator in an IPC 498 A case (Dowry law). He, contrary to the expectations of Islamists, was transferred to the court ; he got bail at 5 pm on the same Tuesday.

Islamists, then, took Zahir to a hospital (nearby) and instead of remaining grateful to Hindus of the village of Baladevpur, started to threat them of dire consequences (for insulting, harassing and beating a Muslim individual – a thief in reality). Some Hindus were also manhandled by a large contingent of Islamists straight away. Hindus, apprehending the worst, went to the police station en masse and what they observed there was no less than any wonder. They found Abdul Khaleq Sheikh, influential person in the environs and also rendering a piece of his land for a police camp, dictating terms there and also warning them of grave consequences. These would take place only if Hindus dared to lodge another complaint against mounting Islamic threats.

The entire development took place in P.S. Mandirbazar but police personnel there remained silent on the whole. Nevertheless, with the help of a police officer (name withheld), Hindus were able to lodge a complaint against the Islamic threats (GDE no.: 1352, dtd. March 23, 2012).

A temporary police camp has come to the fore in the Hindu village. But it has filed to strengthen confidence of Hindus; Islamists’ oppressions, abuses, usage of foul languages against Hindus and daily raids on the Hindu houses are going on as usual. Whenever Hindus go to the police station to express their grievances, they are provided verbal assurances only.

Hindus of Baladevpur are in abject fear these days. Their only consideration is – what will happen to them once the police camps are withdrawn?   

(Helpless Hindus in Baladevpur)

(Pump of Mr. Dilip Haldar)

(Place where Zahir Gazi was found by Hindus) 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Make India “bleed through a thousand cuts” – Kolkata witnessing repeatedly

If contemporary events are brought under a constant, efficient scanner free of any preconception, it has got to be deduced that Islamists’ power is on the rise in the Indian state of Bengal and with each day its passes, Islamist notion of usurping power, owing to both incompetence and gutlessness of administration, not to speak of imbecile Hindus, is gaining a stronger footing. Well, myriad of articles can be written of how to stop these and what should be done by the administration; nevertheless, at each time, administration and social order (eventually) turn into the greatest casualties.

Islamist persecutions on Hindus or muscle-flexing are getting higher all over Bengal; while its rural sector has become breeding-grounds of such activities by now, Kolkata, one and only bastion of Bengali Hindus across the globe, is also falling apart steadily. How can this be explained? Indeed, a brilliant implementation of Ziaul-Haq’s (former President of Pakistan) policy of utilizing terrorism to make India “bleed through a thousand cuts” is taking place these days. And if the discontent mob can be used terrorism can be brushed aside for the time being. After all, any act of terrorism entails amounts as well.

The recent Islamist experiment in Kolkata that stalled the entire metropolis and even its outskirts is fresh still.  A picture, published on Monday in t2, the entertainment supplementary of Kolkata-based English daily The Telegraph, was accused for defiling own faith by Islamists. The picture, to be precise, displayed nude image of a model holding a frame of Lord Vishnu (face replaced with that of Sachin Tendulkar) and a Pakistani cricket player (in green dress with the cricket team’s star insignia ) performing a ‘sajda’ before it.

Kolkata, as a result, turned into a hapless witness of a complete stalemate. Roads were blocked by people to have a justice whereas Raja Bazar and Park Circus area, traditional Islamist bastions in Kolkata, perceived greater wrath. The same fire was observed in two premier districts of the state, 24 Paraganas (North) and Howrah. By the way, Hindus had enough reasons to protest since it was a morphed picture of Lord Vishnu,
face being replaced with that of Sachin Tendulkar and holding a cricket bat, a cricket ball, a trophy and a helmet. But Islamists took the cudgel of responsibility to react.

The trouble was controlled within hours; but it was neither a defeat of Islamists nor a victory of administration and even if the administration prefers to deem it as victory, it’s nothing other than a pyrrhic victory (victory that is won by incurring terrible losses) virtually. And the reasons behind this are not unfounded. Similar problems, even more vicious in capacity, did rise up in the last few years; police and administration, hell-bent to cajole governmental parties only, acted naively to deal with those and the same tradition of committing mistakes in a row has been going on.    

The Islamist protestation against Taslima Nasrin on November 21, 2007, and its intensity remains a scourge for inhabitants in Kolkata still. The violent protest was led by “All India Minority Forum”; its force was such that Army was called in to deal with the fast deteriorating law and order situation. To quell any more crises, administration succumbed to Islamists completely then and Taslima Nasrin was expelled outright.

Again, on February 11, 2009, Ravindra Kumar and Anand Sinha, the editor and publisher of the Kolkata-based English daily The Statesman, were arrested for "hurting the religious feelings" of Muslims. All they did was to reprint an article from The Independent - "Why should I respect oppressive religions? “by Johann Hari (eminent columnist). The main focus of the article was Hari’s belief that the right to criticize any religion was being eroded across the globe.

The editor and publisher were charged under section 295A of the Indian Penal Code, known for prohibiting "deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings". Later the duo was bailed out and Mr. Ravindra Kumar released an apology in public for reproducing the article. But what reigned supreme in this regard were the fervid protests of Islamists that almost paralyzed various areas of Central Kolkata for almost a week and the capitulation of administration to it.

Meanwhile, though not in Kolkata, but in Deganga, in the month of September, 2010, Islamists unleashed a complete hell on Hindus there – an incident that rocked both the Indian and global scenarios.

All these prove with onslaughts of Islamists more, administration is turning out to be more and more fragile and unless apposite measures are adopted before long, horrors of days of 1946-47 may turn up.

But the pertinent question is – who can complete the task and save India from the fast impending danger. 

(Islamists protesting against Taslima Nasrin in Kolkata) 

(Islamists protesting against Taslima Nasrin in Kolkata)

(Islamists protesting against The Statesman) 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Islamists molest Hindu girl in Madhyakolra in public; Hindus fuming

Can deployment of RAF quell mounting danger of Islamists simply?

The village of Madhyakolra, located in the jurisdiction of P.S. Domjur, District: Howrah, Indian state of Bengal, is once more in flames and as fresh reports are coming in the entire area is being guarded by RAF owing to an untoward development – molestation of an 18 year old Hindu girl by a group of Islamists today in the evening.

It has been learnt, the innocent girl, in the evening, was delighting in Fuchka in the local market area when the aforementioned Muslim ruffians, roving like a pack of mad dogs in search of Hindu girls always, got hold of him. They snatched her dupatta (accessory of Churidar) all of a sudden and when she endeavored to resist them, the goons simply pounced on her. And as a part of grievous molestation her clothing was ripped.

Hindus youths, present there, protested against this outrageous act right away and this protest was followed by a violent attack of the same Islamists on them. Hindu youths also defended and finding it too difficult to overpower Hindus there, Islamists signaled their co-religionists and soon a large violent mob of Islamists gathered there. Without more ado, they started knocking Hindus.

Hindus, in throngs, also gathered soon and what followed was nothing other than a ghastly battle between two communities (at daggers drawn for more than a millennium).

Incidentally (prior to this report), the village was in news - owing to a steep onslaught of local Muslims, led by Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, on Hindus as regards a pond.

A painstaking study of the situation (then) by this scribe and his colleagues discerned harrowing experiences of Hindus (reeling under great pains for violent attacks of Islamists). An official complaint was lodged to the local police and administration but apart from verbal assurances nothing was perceptible virtually.

And what has happened today is beyond the imagination of any sane individual.

Without doubt, it can easily be discerned had the administration been active to restrain Islamists such a shocking incident could have been avoided. Not to speak of Islamists, administration must also be put on the dock for such an untoward development.

What is going to be the fate of Hindus of Madhyakolra then? Was the faith of Hindus on the legal system of India the greatest fault?

Have the legal institutions in Bengal ceased to exist or whether Hindus must regroup like the days of partition in 1947 to save themselves? 

Hindus demand an answer straight away. Administration must realize that everything has a limit and Hindus’ patience is not infinite.   

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hindus in Ghutiari Sharif are at a loss

Administrative indifference renders fillip to Islamists

There was indeed a hope that police and administration would act (as expected in a truly democratic, secular country) and thus fulfill its professional obligation. But we were terribly wrong! Not the police has failed to act fast to nab the culprits, responsible for desecration, bombing and eventual destruction of Hindu temple, devoted to Devi Banbibi(Ban Devi), positioned in village: Satbibi (within Ghutiari Sharif), P.S. Canning, District: 24 Paragnas (South), only but what has been found thus far is simple indifference (leading to covert indulgence) also.

What is more striking, in spite of having the news of brutal onslaughts on the Hindu temple on March 10, 2012 (see: both the temple and its deities were again desecrated in the following days in dead night. Will it be wrong to term this a result of weird indifference of administration to Hindus?

This is the condition of Bengal at the moment, preferred to be left in the lurch by mainstream media, and the majority community is being exploited and subjugated by the Islamists backed by politicians of secular credentials.  How long will this continue? None has the answer; perhaps the administration is waiting for the eruption of volcano – end of Hindu patience and faith in the nation’s own legal system and framework.

Hindus in the village are at a loss at the moment. Even if they have managed to lodge an official complaint (case number 520 dtd. 15/03/2012) to the nearby police outpost, Hindu reliance on police activity is more than a big zero. 

Footage of Islamist vandalism in Ghutiari Sharif

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hindu temple bombed, destroyed in Ghutiari Sharif

On March 10, 2012, at dead night, a Hindu temple, devoted to Devi Banbibi, positioned in village: Satbibi (within Ghutiari Sharif), P.S. Canning, District: 24 Paragnas (South), was desecrated, bombed and destructed by a gang of Islamists.

Hindu villagers heard the bombing but didn’t have the courage to go out and catch the reality. And this fear is certainly not devoid of any reason; the entire area, being Muslim-dominated, remains  a hotbed of Islamic hooliganism all over the year and Hindus, as usual, do remain their first and foremost target. Hindu Samhati is striving tooth and nail to regroup Hindus there and wage a defensive struggle against these oppressions. Even if there have been a few successes thus far, more miles have to be travelled. 

On the next day (Sunday), Hindus, in the morning, discovered destruction of the temple and also the desecration of two sanctified deities. Local Hindus, being scared of the neighboring Muslim-dominated village of Makhaltala, are yet to lodge an FIR (First Information Report) to the local police station. 

Nevertheless, Islamists, as revealed from their postures, there are gloating at this and are threatening Hindus of dire consequences if there is any complaint to the police ever. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hindus in Madhyakolra, Howrah persecuted by Islamists

Unlawful Bangladeshi Muslims led the onslaught

The cudgel of responsibility to persecute Hindus in the Indian state of Bengal is not with the indigenous Islamists (only) any more; Bangladeshi Muslims (entering India sneakily and successful to have political support too), in throngs, are partaking in the same job these days and the harrowing incident in village: Madhyakolra, P.S. Domjur, District: Howrah brings this perilous reality forth. The incident took place on March 4, 2012 and the Hindu village is yet to recover from that trauma.  People of Dakshinkolra, adjoining village, dominated by unlawful Bangladeshi Muslims in particular, led the onslaught and the subsequent looting.

The trouble erupted at 10 am on the fateful day owing to the bid of a few Islamists to fill up a pond (for a real estate project) in the Hindu village and fervent protests of Hindus against the same outright. These Islamists were Mohsin Mufti, Sheikh Khokon Dewan, Atiyar Mallik and Nurududdin Sardar. When on earth they were prevented from going on with the same project, the four Islamists went back to their own bastions and soon no less than 600 Islamists, carrying lethal weapons and under the auspices of (unlawful) Bangladeshi Muslims, pounced on unarmed Hindus. Not the Hindu village was vandalized (completely) only, Hindu women were also molested, manhandled and thrashed in large numbers.

Kolra Maitree Sangha, local club known for its welfare works in the vicinity, was robbed (at first) and  (then) destroyed wantonly. Along with cash worth Rs. 25, 000 , several other belongings of the club were simply plundered. Members (Hindu youths) of the club were also persecuted mercilessly. All these prove that the attack was set before and Islamists were waiting for the opportune moment only.  

What was the police and administration doing then? This question is fairly obvious as the problem is not new.

It is worthwhile to mention (in this context), Hindus, apprehending such dangers, submitted a letter to the Dolra No. 2 village Panchayat, Domjur, Howrah on February 29, 2012. The Panchayat and administration, through the letter, was requested earnestly to call the aforementioned real estate project (illicit in every sense of the term) of Mohsin Mufti a halt. And this was done since the fierce quarrel between Hindus and Muslims on February 25, 2012 regarding the same matter, had every sign of a sinister development.

Was the administration in a deep slumber? Perhaps not; the latter developments fail to support any such notion. Here are the reasons behind the same.

An FIR , as regards the  attacks on Hindus, was lodged at P.S. Domjur and it did name a few notorious Islamists in the neighborhood (witnessed to participate in the attack). They were Mohsin Mufti, Sheikh Khokon Dewan, Atiyar Mallik, Nurududdin Sardar, Ansar Mollah, Nur Alam, Sabir Mollah, Firoz Mollah, Alfaz Dewan, Minaz Dewan, Mofijul Sheikh. Sections 154, 326, 307 and 379 were imposed on them.

But, strange enough, in spite of presence of non-bailable sections each and every Islamist has been bailed out and is roaming freely. What went wrong then? The police have got to answer.

There is another question as well. How could unlawful Bangladeshi Muslims settle there? In accordance with villagers, this colony was set up five years ago and has been expanding fast.

The entire incident, as per villagers of Madhyakolra, is a part of Islamic expansion.

(Destroyed Hindu residence)

(The pond - selected for Islamist real estate project) 

(Destroyed belongings of Kolra Maitree Sangha, local club) 

(Bijoli Porel - victim of Islamic persecution)

(Maya Porel - victim of Islamic persecution)

(Shyamali Bag - victim of Islamic persecution; suffering from internal haemorrhage)

(Shyamali Bag showing her injuries) 

Hindu women abducted in Nadia

Grisly Islamist strategy behind the scene

Maltreatment and abduction of Hindu women is at an all-time high in Bengal these days and Mrs. Supriya Dey (age 33), wife of Mr. Amit Dey and mother of two children, Toton Dey and Laboni Dey (both students), residing in village Bijra Kanaipukur, Satberia, P.S. Haringhata. District: Nadia, happens to be the latest victim. She has been abducted by Atiyar Mondal, s/o, Late Janbox Mondal, resident of the same village, infamous for his immoral behavior in the neighborhood. And this incident took place on March 4, 2012 night; Supriya was abducted by the said Atiyar Mondal and his accomplices.  

Atiyar Mondal is learnt to work both in Mumbai and Kerala and is supposedly involved in woman trafficking as well.

What makes one accuse Atiyar Mondal directly? There are, in fact, several reasons behind this. The same notorious Islamist individual (more than half-a-year back) tried to tempt Supirya and asked her to be a prostitute to have large amounts of money.  Supirya, being a decent and ideal Hindu housewife, rejected the nasty proposal straight away and all these intensified problems for the entire family. Even if the Hindu family did put an end to all forms of social connections to the Islamist’s family, crises and harassments went on increasing only.  

Local villagers allege that there are some other factors as well. As per them, Amit babu owns 2 decimal of land but the Muslims landowners, encircling Amit’s land, are hoping to get hold of the same land. Again, Supriya, almost a year ago, became instrumental behind the police crackdown on the illegal country liquor shop of Atiyar Mondal and his cohort.  What is more, just a few months back police also raided an illegal gambling den in Atiyar’s residence and took his family members into custody. Atiyar Mondal concluded that Supriya was behind the same action too; villagers allege that Supriya has been abducted as a part of revenge.

 What is the existing situation in that case? Even if Muslim villagers are accusing Supriya only and are making great efforts to term the event as a voluntary decision of Supriya, Hindus have the conviction that she has been abducted as part of ominous designs of Atiyar.  It is to be noted that Amit Roy and his children did hear some sounds on the same night and perceived broken Shankha- Pola( symbol of married Hindu woman) in house’s yard.

And in the entire incident behavior of police was both strange and suspicious. Even if there were lots of requests to police to accept the FIR, it was just rebuffed. After hours of efforts police made a general diary, GDE. No. 205 dt. 05.03.12.

Aren’t these incidents known? The entire Islamic hegemony in India and dreadful days of partition remained witnessed to such incidents. Honors of Hindu women count nothing to Islamists and myriad incidents are there to bear this testimony.

History is revisiting once more; Hindu women are again being tortured. While some of them become parts  of women trafficking and join sporting houses ultimately, others are just killed without any compunction.

Hindus, being unconscious of history, are doomed to repeat the same mistakes once more.

What’s of you?  Are you ready to sacrifice a new Supriya of your family?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hindu housewife molested by Islamist tough in Howrah

Police remains indifferent  

Atrocities on Hindus by Islamists in Bengal are in full swing and the latest in this regard happens to be the molestation of a Hindu housewife, Mrs. Rina Mandal Gonra (age 28), wife of Mr. Shital Chandra Gonra, resident of village: Birshibpur, P.S. Uluberia, district: Howrah.  The gruesome incident took place on February 24, 2012 and the assailant happens to be Sheikh Surabuddin (age 30), son of Sheikh Raizwan.  

On February 24, Rina, working as an assistant in an Anganwadi Centre under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), was returning from workplace at 2.30 pm. While return, she was passing by a Hindu crematorium in village: Tildanri and the Islamic assailant Sheikh Surabuddin was just waiting there for any Hindu woman or girl. As soon as Rina arrived there she was overwhelmed by the Islamist tough and was dragged to woods where she was molested repeatedly.

However, Rina was saved owing to the sudden arrival of a local Hindu boy (who went there for private purposes) there. And seeing him Sheikh Surabuddin pushed her aside and started to run away. Seeing Rina’s disastrous situation and desperate flight of the Islamist felon, the Hindu boy comprehended the reality at once and started to chase him. While running after him, the Hindu boy phoned a few others in the neighborhood and as a result, more than 100 Hindus tailed Sheikh Qutubuddin and seized him just before his entrance to own house. Surabuddin was manhandled and thrashed heavily afterwards.

To save the Islamist culprit Sheikh Raus Ali, husband of Razina Begum (local Panchayat member) and also her mentor, did appear there soon and left no stone unturned to save the culprit.  Nonetheless, the Hindu rising scared him too. But after lots of efforts he triumphed to restrain Hindus, stated that a meeting (in this regard) would take place on February 26 at 3 pm. He also asked Hindus not to lodge any formal complaint in the local police station.

Was the Hindu uprising an abrupt development?  Not in any way! This is a common feature in the area; Hindu girls and women are taunted or hassled by Islamists there almost on a regular basis. Hindus, therefore, remain unforgiving for ever and a day.   

On February 26, more than 400 Hindus went to the predestined meeting. But not a single Muslim individual, whether it was Sheikh Surabuddin or Sheikh Raus Ali or any other, was found there. When on earth Sheikh Raus Ali was phoned, he said nonchalantly that the meeting would take place in courtyard of his residence only. When Hindus, in strength, entered his residence, Raus Ali got frightened and asked the reasons behind forming such a large contingent. As per him, molestation of Rina was a minimal incident!  The fracas led to a clash and 3 Hindus were beaten by the Islamists; the meeting was also cancelled.

To save the worsening situation and also to contain rising Hindu anger, Raus phoned the local police station. Police force came soon and Sheikh Surabuddin was arrested. It was inferred later on that the entire incident happened just to ensure the physical safety of the Muslim culprit, culpable for performing the ghastly crime out of a Jihadi mindset.  

To diffuse tension, more police contingents arrived in the area before long. Police was found to state candidly that Hindus had committed a great mistake by counting on Sheikh Raus Ali and not lodging a formal FIR.

On February 27, when Hindus went to the local police station to make a formal complaint, they were rebuffed. Police, instead, asked Hindus to opt for a court complaint as per 156/3. But this is also not an easy task. Hindus, at this point in time, are considering meeting with local SDPO as the best option.

Hindus, witnessing all these, in the village and its environs are getting attracted to Hindu Samhati and its firm endeavors to establish Hindu interests and rights in the Indian state of Bengal.  

(Hindus protesting in large numbers)

(Hindus argung wih Sheikh Raus Ali)

(Injured Hindu youth - Pratap Bhoumik - age- 32)  

(Police personnel in the area)