Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hindu Samhati Holds Protest Rally in Sankrail and Submits Memorandum to BDO (w/pictures)

Hindus Rally in Sankrail; Appeal to Administration for Help in Persecution from Muslims and a Biased Police Force

In Howrah district's Sankrail block, the Hindus are facing constant torture and harassment. On the Muslim festival of Bakri-Id, a Hindu man named Bittu Pal was attacked with swords when he attempted to stop a cow being slaughtered (Cow slaughter has been declared illegal by the West Bengal High Court on this occasion) by Muslims. Bittu was severely injured and had to be hospitalized for seven days. This attack happened in front of the police, they refused to arrest anybody.

Then on 9th November 2010, a Muslim thief snatched away a necklace from a Hindu lady, the local citizens caught the miscreant and roughened him up. The police brought charges against fourteen Hindus. The police started conducting raids on Hindu households in Sankrail, many Hindus have gone into hiding in this locality.

Hindu women in the area are complaining of being verbally and physically assaulted from the local Tiger Club's Muslim members.

In protest of these regular communal occurrences, on November 23 2010, Hindu Samhati leaders along with five hundred local Hindus from the Sankrail area protested in front of the BDO (Block Development Office). Led by Samhati's president Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the massive rally started in Manikpur and ended at the BDO office located in Andul, Sankrail.

Following the speeches, a memorandum that had a detailed description of the persecution of Hindus in the block was submitted to the officer on behalf of Hindu Samhati. The other leaders of the organization present were Narendra Majhi, Sahadeb Thandar, Sikhen Chatterjee, Arup Ray,
Nilima Roy, and Shukla Pal.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sainthia Businessmen Getting Vulnerable to Pressure Tactics in Muharram

Raise Violent Protests to Save Skin and Kith and Kin at This Time

Lastly, Sainthia, a prominent town and municipality in Suri Sadar subdivision (of Birbhum district in West Bengal, India), has got acquainted with the brunt of not conforming to the (Islamic tradition of) heinous pressure tactics played during Muharram (to raise subscriptions from Hindus). It is to be noted that Sainthia is famous for Nandikeshwari Temple, one of the Shakti Peethas in India.and has always been one of the prime targets of Islamic extremist groups, whose main intention is to uproot the potent Hindu community populating the town and also its confidence.

The events that played out before the administration on 17th December, 2010, Friday (Muharram Day) was enough to motivate the Hindu community living here to protest fiercely. The shop of a local Hindu businessman was ransacked completely for refusing to adhere to the rate of forced subscription imposed on him by the local organizers of Muharram (a Muslim festival). These events took place in front of the local police and the administration, while the later were found to perceive the entire development with rapt attention only. The persecuted Hindu businesspersons lodged a complaint against the culprits but none of them were arrested by the local police till late Friday evening.

It is worthwhile to mention that mounting rates of subscription (forced donation collection for Muharram) and changing approaches of collecting these funds have been making lives of businessmen in and around Sainthia difficult and unbearable. What is even more weird is and moreover apathetic stance of the local police has been adding salt to the gaping wound. You may be amazed to hear that the Muslim activists have been extracting money from local Hindu businessmen in broad daylight, but no measures have been adopted by the administration yet to call all these a halt.

According to local businessmen, while the aforesaid ransacking was in full swing during Friday afternoon (on Muharram day), in a shop of electrical goods in the corporation market, the police did simply nothing. It’s a ghastly reality even if there was a presence of no less than 7-8 police personnel during the incident.

As per the owner of the looted shop, a gang of Islamic activists imposed a forced subscription (donation demanded) of Rs. 200 on him owing to the Muharram, which was not possible for him to bear financially. When he refused to pay and was stern about it, he was ridiculed by the ruffians and the entire Islamic group left. But within a short period, 35-40 of the group returned, attacked the business property, and started plundering and looting the shop. The extent of damage was huge, amounting to lakhs of rupees (in the Indian context). But the police simply refused to interfere after repeated requests, and save the businessmen from persecution. All these above-mentioned incidents caused the businessmen to raise strong protests and block traffic before the Rabindra Bhavan in the neighborhood. It was indeed a very tough moment for the local Hindu people.

Quoting successful businessman Shibkumar Mitra, the 'rising indifference or impassivity (on the part) of local administration is encouraging the Islamic felons to go on with their illegitimate activities. Muslims have historically extracted funds from non-Muslims for their religious use, which is known as the 'Jijiya' tax.'

Well, the police has never been short of providing assurances. They have assured (at this time too) that appropriate measures would be adopted to bring the culprits to book. But if the communication between this correspondent and the hurt businessmen is to be believed, the reliance on police (among Hindus) is steadily on the wane.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kali Temple Attacked in Rampurhat, Hindu Shops Vandalized, Hindu Women Molested

Rampurhat, Birbhum, West Bengal, India

Bagtui Paschimpara Muhharram Commitee organized a Muharram Tazia parade on Friday, December 17th 2010 evening. The parade was conducted without permit from the local police department. When the police learned about this illegitimate parade, instead of stopping it, they requested the organizers to follow certain routes so that local people do not face any hassle or delay in their daily commute. The Muslim organizers paid no attention to the police instructions and chose to march in routes they wanted. When SDPO intervened and tried to direct the marchers in routes the police approved, the mob turned violent and threatened to kill him. The police force retreated and continued to watch the marchers from a distance.

It was night when the Tazia procession reached the Kamarpatti More. The marchers started breaking all street lights causing panic among the locals. In the cover of darkness, the Muslim mob started vandalizing Hindu owned stops between Lotus Press Lane and Kamarpatti More. More than 25 shops were looted and several Hindu women molested. The Muslim marchers also destroyed couple of govt owned buses. The procession then advanced to Shangata More where the marchers attacked the Dakshina Kali Mandir.

Police witnessed the looting and mayhem from a distance. However, they took no action against the perpetrators. It should also be noted that Muslims destroyed the street lights before staring the anarchy - the darkness made it difficult for the police and local Hindus identify the criminals.

On December 18th 2010, local Hindus under the umbrella of Rampurhat Babosayi Samiti conducted a protest rally and blocked the state highway between Lotus Press Lane and Kamarpatti More from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Hindus demanded the culprits be apprehended and police prevent such incidents in future. They also brought up the fact that they have been attacked multiple times in recent past by Muslims from Bagtui village. In 2009, they attacked the Durga puja immersion procession near Mahajanpatti. There were also incidents of attack on Hindu girls and the Hindu population is living under constant fear.

As a result of continuing attacks and harassments, a large number of Hindu families have already left the area. The sharp drop in the number of Hindus is endangering the few remaining families.

As per 2001 census, the following were the population distribution among Hindus and Muslims in Rampurhat subdivision:

Rampurhat Block -1 (Muslims 29.03%, Hindus 70.97%)
Rampurhat Block - 2 (Muslims 47.04% Hindus 52.96%)
Nalhati Block - 1 (Muslims 46.69% Hindus 53.31%)
Nalhati Block - 2 (Muslims 68.03% Hindus 31.97%)
Murarai Block - 1 (Muslims 56.25 Hindus 43.75%)
Murarai Block - 2 (Muslims 73.62 Hindus 26.38%)

Overall demographic distribution in Birbhum district (Muslim 35.08% Hindus 64.49%)
Age group 0 - 6 years demographic distribution in Birbhum district (Muslim 41.15% Hindus 58.42%)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Violence Against Hindus Continues in Joynagar

Jangalia, a village with both Hindu and Muslim residents is situated in South 24 Pargana under Joynagar police station (West Bengal, India). The Hindu and Muslim locality is separated by a road. The auto-tacker hub by the road is near a old banayan tree which the Hindu residents worship. This year (2010), the rickshaw and van drivers decided to celebrate Vishwakarma puja under the tree. Muslim residents opposed the plan claiming the land belongs to them and they want to build a graveyard in the land. The claim by Muslims has no merit - the land belonged to a local Hindu family. Even today the intersection is called "Bipin Saha-r More" (Intersection of Bipin Saha). West Bengal government seized the land from the Sahas under land ceiling act. So, the private land belonging to Sahas became government land.

Not surprisingly, Muslims pretend all government land belongs to them and take every opportunity to grab any available land! They declared the vested land next to the Auto Stand to be their graveyard and build wall around it. This graveyard area had no Muslim burial in the past - which tells us the falsehood of their claim!

When the Muslims were preparing to build the wall, Hindu van and auto drivers contacted Hindu Samhati. Samhati contacted the police and Hindus could celebrate Vishwakarma puja at the site. Unfortunately, on the night of the puja, Muslims vandals desecrated the mandap (altar) and broke the muthy(deity) of Lord Vishwakarma. Hindus were forced to perform biswarjan with the broken murty.

Then came Durga puja. Hindus perform Durga puja with pomp and splendor every year. Hindu girls always perform puja under the banayan tree on the day of "Sasthi" during Durga puja. This year Muslims tried stopping them and police intervened. Undaunted by resistance from Muslims and police, Hindus performed puja by the tree. During the Durga puja, Muslims complained to the police about use of loud speaker. Interestingly, Muslims have been using loud speakers five times a day for daily azaan (Muslim call to prayer)! Hindu Samhati intervened again and Hindus could use loud speaker during the puja.

Just before Kali puja, Subrata Sarkar, (Block Development Officer, Joy Nagar - 1) invited Hindus and Muslims for a meeting on 30th October, 2010 regarding the disputed land. Since Hindu residents were busy with preparation for upcoming Kali puja, they submitted a written petition on October 28th, 2010 requesting postponement of the meeting by one day. Even though Subrata Sarkar accepted and agreed to postpone the meeting, on Oct 30th, he arrived at the disputed spot with local Muslims and police force. Muslims cut the branches of the Banayan tree and started building a concrete wall. Locals Hindus protested and demanded how come the BDO agreed to postpone the meeting but, came to help Muslims build the wall without contacting the Hindus. Subrata Sarkar mistreated the protesters which enraged Hindus and they prevented the Muslims to build the wall. Hindu women also protested. Police force and Muslims attacked the Hindus and severely beat them up. This resulted in all out confrontation from Hindus. Bombs and guns were used by both sides and OC Ram Kumar Mandal along with four police officers and eight Muslims were wounded and had to be hospitalized.

Police force then raided the Hindu locality and arrested eight Hindus included four women, one of whom was seven months pregnant. The arrested Hindus are:

Supriya Mandal (7 months pregnant)
Nayantara Mandal
Bishakha Mandal
Basanti Haldar
Sukumar Mandal
Gopal Haldar
Mahadev Mandal
Alok Mandal

The Hindu women were granted bail after 25 days in jail. The Hindu men are still languishing in jail more than one month now.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hanuman Temple Destroyed in Howrah; Hindu Businesses Attacked

Islamists Destroy Hindu Temple With Bombs During Muharram Procession in Pachla, Howrah; Multiple Hindu Properties Attacked.

Police and RAF on Duty - Press and Photography Not Permitted on Spot -

17th December, 2010
Place: Biki Hakola Village, Police Station - Pachla, District – Howrah, in West Bengal, India.

The mob of the Muharram procession attacked a Hanuman temple located near Koley Para Primary School, 15 bombs were exploded on or near the HANUMAN temple by the fanatic Muslim attackers and as a result the temple was totally destroyed .

At least 10 HINDU shops were ransacked and looted, some of the shops are as follows:-

1) Gora Shau :- Sweet and Fried Food shop.

2) Kashi Pachal :- Vegetable Shop.

3) Nemai Nath :- Tea Stall.

4) Raghunath Karmakar :- Medicine Shop.

5) Rajkumar Polle :- Embroidery Raw Material Shop. The shutter of this shop was broken and the Muslims looted this shop which was consisting materials worth tens of thousands of rupees.

Apart from the above mentioned shops there were at least five more shops which were ransacked and looted.

The shops mentioned above have been bombed by the Muslims.

All of these incidents took place between 4:30 to 5:00 PM in front of the Police Force who were standing still and helpless and did not even dare to attempt to stop these Islamic activists.

Also, several Hindu homes were broken as well. It is alleged by local Hindus that Panchla police station 2nd officer, Najurul Islam, a Muslim was present at that time and the vandalism occurred with his covert sanction. Also, we received information that ex Congress MLA and TMC leader Sheikh Gulshan Malik was also involved in the planned attacks against the Hindus.

A communal incident started by the Muslims took place on 9th November 2010 for which 18 Hindu men of the area were falsely framed and fake cases were imposed upon these completely innocent Hindus. Following this incident, the local Hindu leaders belonging to various political parties advised the Hindus not to come out of their homes during the Muharram procession of the Muslims. Accordingly the Hindus stayed indoors today (Muharram day Dec 17, 2010) at the time of Muharram processions and the Muslims took complete advantage of the situation and carried on one sided atrocity on Hindus and Hindu properties.

The incident of 9th Nov 2010 is really brutal and the facts will be placed on this blog shortly.

The Hindus of the area are very perplexed and confused and don’t know what to do and at this stage there is no one in the locale to provide support and lead the Hindus.

Previously there had been many instances of Muslim atrocities in the Pachla area for example two years back : All the Hindu Shops (54 shops) of the Pachla Bajar were ransacked and looted and on all the occasion and the Police stood and watched like mere helpless spectators.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Basanti Bears Testimony to Hindu Persecution

What is the best way to steer clear of Islamic atrocities? This happens to be the main issue among the Hindu community in the Indian state of Bengal at the moment; a subject that is getting more raging with the passage of each day for obvious reasons. If the said concept has interested you a great deal, there is no need to go hither and thither. All you have to do is to focus on the inhuman tortures that took place on two Hindu families on December 3, 2010 at the village of Kumrokhali no. 7 of PS: Basanti in 24 Paraganas District (South) in West Bengal, India. The torturing proves yet again the insensate traits of Muslim marauders.

Two brothers called Kartik Pradhan and Bhombal Pradhan, have been residing in the village Kumrokhali no. 7 for years. And one of their Miuslim neighbors has been Safi Naiya, another resident in the village for years; the major perpetrator behind the sudden crisis. What did lead to the outburst then? The altercation did initiate with the edge of dwellings of both families and not a major problem initially. The two Hindu families had built a fence made of coral tree (standing alongside the fence) and it proved to be enough to energize the Muslims to create a new Pakistan in the neighborhood.

On 3d December, 2010 at 4.00 pm, the son of Safi Naiya, as part of a planned strategy, was perceived to make a move to take away the tree from the side of the fence. Ashok Pradhan, the eldest son of Kartik Pradhan, raised a protest perceiving the same act; the protest instigated Muslims to attack with both traditional and modern weapons. Witnessing such a deadly approach Hindus started to flee; sufficient to boost the morale of attackers to a large extent. Muslims entered Hindu households en masse and persecuted them crossing all limits. The cold-blooded beating was unbearable and Kartik Pradhan, Ashok Pradhan, Karna Pradhan along with a woman of the family were critically injured. Finding no other option, the other members of the family carried them away in an automobile to the doctor’s chamber in close proximity.

Little they could envisage the future or what remained ahead. A Muslim crook named Muzaffar Naiya along with his group of hoodlums was waiting for the automobile in the same avenue. It is to be noted that Muzaffar is a noted criminal in the pertinent region and a good number of cases against him are pending in the court of justice. But, thanks to the political support he enjoys, the local administration has not been able to get a hold of him. As soon as the automobile was detected, it was stopped and the wounded members of the Pradhan family were brought out and beaten mercilessly yet again. Well, a few Hindus did protest at this time but they were cautioned that they would also face the same fate.

The half-dead Hindus were admonished that they would be burnt with petrol if they dared to inform others of the same event. Karna Pradhan was slapped and also warned that none would be able to save them from the wrath of Muslims. Can’t this be considered as adding salt to the gaping wound?

What were the Hindus doing then? They were busy in saving themselves by remaining within own residences. What is most striking, in spite of rapid dissemination of the incident, none of the Hindus came forward to help or even protest. This is a reality even if more than 3 hours passed by that time.

The news came to the Hindu Samhati activists by the same night and it was around 10 pm when Pratap Chandra Dalui, one of the key HS activists, went to meet the victims. But even by that time there was no resistance from the Hindus. Were they all dead psychologically?

Dalui learnt from the severely wounded victims of Pradhan family that Sabdel Mollah, CPIM leader and elected chief of local village council, in spite of assuring, did not feel it necessary to make a visit to their residence. This is a cruel truth even if the Pradhan family was a member of CPIM for years. When Ms. Gita Mondal, member of the local district council, was informed of the same incident she said, “I do know everything. You all must go home at once”. The thwarted Hindus had no other way except to return home and put themselves in their own houses. In the midst of all these Muslims threatened to rout Hindus once again on the very next morning.

What did happen in the very next morning? There was a repetition of the same incident. Wounded members of the Pradhan family were brought out of their household and thumped mercilessly. Muslims in large numbers gathered to take pleasure in the incident. Sadly a few Hindus were also in the crowd.

Hearing the deplorable development Dalui contacted Goutam, an eminent activist and also the member of State Committee of Hindu Samhati, who advised him to accompany the family to the nearby police station. Even if the victims were counseled in the same manner, they were not in a position to trust in Dalui. They were simply panic-stricken and were unable to adopt any such measure.

Within the next few hours other workers of Hindu Samhati were informed of the same episode. Arun Mondal, activist of HS and the member of the village no.5 came forward to help the victims in every possible manner. With this end in view, an assortment of members of HS Youth Committee including Milan Ojha, Pabitra Biswas, Bakreshwar Mondal along with Arun Mondal became instrumental to bring the victims out of their houses and take them to the nearby police station. The approach was effective indeed as it was able to instill confidence within the injured party. However, when HS activists told them that an Attempt to Murder case would be lodged in the police station, the sufferers got frightened and refused to move to the police station outright.

Members of the Pradhan family told that they would go to the police station in the following morning; enough to annoy HS activists present there. Instead of going to the police station the injured party returned to their residence to settle the entire dispute peacefully. How can such a frame of mind be justified? Are you acquainted with all these? Is this to prove Hindus are peace-loving and want to live with others?

Are not these acts stimulating Muslim felons to a large extent? Without a shred of doubt, any such act has been able to transform the minuscule Muslims into real demons, if not more. The entire area of Basanti in conjunction with the aforementioned event is the best specimen of the same. It is good to be good but not at the cost of your own existence.

Can you show any Hindu God devoid of weapons? It is not possible on the whole. Whatever it is, the vigor along with the essential self-esteem among Hindus is on the wane.

The persecution on the Pradhan family has frightened a large number of Hindu families and the exodus, as a result, has started already. Don’t you find any similarity between this and the formation of Pakistan in ’47?

According to sources, the entire maltreatment of Hindus on December 3rd, 2010 at the village Kumrokhali no. 7 of PS: Basanti in 24 Paraganas District (South) in West Bengal was part of a plan neatly designed in a neighboring mosque. It was endorsed by a group of hardliner anti-Hindu Muslim felons including Md. Haji Mohruddin Naiya, Md. Haji Alauddin Naia, Muzaffar Naiya and Jasimuddin Naiya. The other perpetrators in the incident include Raju Naiya, Mintu Naiya, Mizanur Naiya, Bablu Naiya, Abul Hossein and several others.

How far have the Hindus been able to settle the matter? There has been no improvement thus far as the Muslims remain uncompromising all the way. Meanwhile, the condition of victims is moving steadily from bad to worse. The right hand of Kartik Pradhan in seriously injured and both his head and forehead bear testimony to the gruesome attack. Bhombal Pradhan is still bedridden and is unable to move on a bit even. Karna Pradhan, son of Bhombal Pradhan, a boy of 20 years merely, was also assaulted severely and remains panic-struck round the clock.

There has been no approach from the local Panchayat (village council) yet to bring culprits to book.

Sankrail - A Case of Muslim Appeasement and Failed Justice

On 9th Nov (Tuesday) night, in Sankrail (Howrah, West Bengal, India), a local Muslim ruffian (name not known) tried to snatch a gold chain from a Hindu woman. When the woman screamed for help, people from the neighborhood gathered (both Hindus and Muslims) and overpowered the thief. They started beating him, but somehow the thief was able to flee. Eventually he was caught again in Sarenga Uttarpara, where panchayat upa-pradhan (local elected official) from BJP, Barnali Naskar lives.

When the thug was brought into light, Muslims in the mob realized that he belongs to their religious community and that outraged them. Immediately more Muslims gathered and they reportedly attacked Hindus in the crowd with swords, bricks and sticks and multiple Hindus were injured by the attack. This incident alerted the police from Sankrail police station and they came in large numbers and camped in Sarenga.

But police were very biased and they started raiding only Hindu houses in the night. As a result many Hindus went into hiding in the night, since they feared that they will be arrested by police due to spurious cases registered by the local Muslims. Police did not yet arrest the Muslim thief. The Officer in Charge and the deputy OC of the local police station are involved in the harassment of innocent Hindus. The OC is even threatening the Hindus and saying that it is the fault of both communities, (in reality the Hindus are not at fault). The OC has threatened Barnali’s husband, who himself is a policeman, with dire consequence (to fire him) when he approached him for justice. Barnali also suspects that it could be a sinister plot by Muslims to prevent Hindus from celebrating the forthcoming Jagadhatri puja.

It must be noted here that Barnali is outspoken and courageous. She approached some senior leaders of her own party to interfere, but has not got any help so far. BJP is also stressing on Muslim appeasement like other political parties it seems. It is to be noted that the panchayat (local council) was formed jointly by BJP, Congress and TMC against CPM.

A BJP council member (a Muslim) named Seikh Nurujjaman, who recently changed his party affiliation from CPM to BJP, wanted to be the pradhan (Head of Council) but was foiled by other council members, and has allegedly developed a secret understanding with the CPM. Seikh is suspected to be the mastermind to pressurize the police to harass and arrest Hindus and to take the revenge for his failure to be the pradhan. He is trying to slap false cases against 20-25 innocent Hindus. He has taken Hindu names from the voter list, (some of them were even sleeping at the time of the attack), whether or not at all present at the place of the incident.

Recently there was another theft in a school building in which four known local Muslims were involved. Barnali and some other locals filed a diary against the perpetrators. What is outrageous is that the police is selectively harassing those who gave the diary. Barnali suspects that the culprits are trying to take revenge or divert attention by conspiring with the police.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hindu Persecution in Budge Budge Gets All Time High

There is a well-known aphorism “A debt should be paid off till the last penny, and an enemy should be destroyed till last trace.” What may happen if the reverse takes place even for once? The answer is simple – the concerned debtor would meet disaster in due course and a person performing the mistake of pardoning an enemy would be destroyed by the same adversary. Perhaps you have already started to think what makes this scribe incorporate all these issues here. There is a greater issue as well. Have you ever found members of any majority community being persecuted in any country? The topic may be baffling to you but it is a reality and to know it well, all you have to do is to come to Village Jamalpur P.S.: Budge Budge, 24 Paraganas (South), West Bengal. The persecuted Hindu family is of the Purakaits.

What started off as a minor scuffle related to the ownership of a piece of land has become a major instrument for oppressing Hindus by local, neighbouring Muslims, and to one’s amazement, segregation is in full swing under the aegis of a handful of Muslims. What are the Hindus in the vicinity doing then? Ground reports do confirm to the existence of merely 12 Hindu families in the neighbourhood in opposition to 100 Muslim families, if not more. And the outcome is too evident. All the Hindu families are suffering major harassment at the hand of the neighbouring Muslim families. So one begs to ask, what lead to the legal entanglement?

Here is a brief account of the past happening: the original owner of the land was a woman of the same Purakait family who gifted the land her own nephew. The nephew, no less than 30 years ago, was in need of money and so he mortgaged 10 cottah (60 cottah = 1 acre) of his land to a Hindu. He finally paid back the mahajan (rural moneylender), but the mahajan illegally sold the land to a Muslim who was a school teacher by profession. Eventually the Muslim individual went on to build a house on the same land and has been living there for close to 28 years at a stretch. As per Purakaits, at the moment, 15 katha (1/4 acre) of land has been occupied by the Muslim family illegally.

There is also a Manasa "thaan" (small family owned temple dedicated to local Deity) on that forcibly acquired land "dakhali" land (conquered land in rural dialect). Recently the Muslim "dakhaldar" (illegal occupier, in local dialect) built a wall to thwart local Hindus from going to the Manasa temple. When the Hindus protested, Muslims "staged" the whole incident to look like an attack by Hindus. They broke the wall themselves, pretended to get sick and staged a siege by Hindus. In accordance with the persecuted family, a Muslim inspector called Ali Babu helped the Muslims to stage such fake incidents. After the staged incident, they went to police station and filed a case against all 14 Hindu men. The situation made the already poor situation even worse for the resident Hindus and forced the male members of the Purakait family flee as they were threatened with dire consequences, affecting the financial condition of the family a great deal. Even when Hindus appealed for help to local political parties like CPIM & TMC, there was none whatsoever.

Only then, they sought assistance from Hindu Samhati and with its help, they could return after spending days wandering. When a team of Hindu Samhati volunteers went to the spot on 6th November, 2010, to take stock of the situation, they found that a calf was tied alongside the aforementioned sanctified Manasa "thaan" for ritual Islamic slaughter, an act considered abominable in Hindu religion and to be prohibited at all costs. This essentially was a challenge thrown by the local Islamic community to the resident Hindus to prohibit the dominant Muslims from desecrating the Hindu temple by cow slaughter, an act that often forces Hindus to leave their places of residence. It is to be noted that cow slaughter in Baker Eid has already been banned by the Honorable Supreme Court of India. While talking to the Hindu Samhati correspondents, members of the Purakait family clarified that foremost objective of Muslims has always been complete eviction of Hindus from the neighborhood.

Hindus are determined to get back their own legitimate land and are determined to fight off all adversities no matter what. Hindu Samhati is also helping the Hindus obtain drinking water that has become difficult due to continuous persecution.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Muslim Rowdies Drag, Beat Hindu Youth at Taki Mercilessly

Situation in the social life of Bengal is turning from bad to worse. It is becoming evident that all it takes is a minor altercation between two individuals for a incident to become a alibi for Muslims to attack Hindus. Such an incident was perceived again on 18th November, 2010 at Ward no. 8 in Taki Municipality, PS: Hasnabad (Dist: North 24 Parganas, West bengal, India) at 1.30 pm. when a Hindu youth named Anup Rishi Das was virtually dragged by a gang of Muslim youth and beaten mercilessly. 

In accordance with sources, during the recent procession of Goddess Jagaddhatri, a Hindu festival, a Muslim van driver pushed and shoved some people to get in line. Afterwards, the same van driver brought some Muslim goons in the scenario. This gang became instrumental in dragging Anup and beating him. 

The gang consisted of all local ruffians including Kenamal, Bapi Gazi, Teoar Ali, Sufiyan Mondal, Rabiul Gazi, all Muslims.

Hindus are apprehensive of the danger that awaits them. As a mark of protest, Hindus blocked the road and lodged FIR in the local police station. (FIR: 71153/10 dtd. 18/11/10).

None of the Islamic assailants have been arrested yet.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hindus in Haroa Get Thrashed by Islamist Mob; Administration Remains Apathetic

Hindu Property Attacked, Temple Ransacked by Muslim Fanatics

A mere wrangle between two groups of people ended into a communal clash and fanatic upsurge of a band of Muslims victimizing the Hindu residents of Haroa located in the Basirhat subdivision of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal on November 2nd, 2010.

The village of Haroa is locally well-known for celebration of “KaliPuja” and has been going on with the same fervor for decades at a stretch. And worshiping at the local Matridham Kali temple deserves a special mention. As in previous years, volunteers of the “Puja” committee were busy on the fateful day to request donations from passersby, especially in automobiles. Similarly they also approached an automobile, matador no. WB51 4221 around 1.30 pm following which the vehicle stopped a few meters away. When the volunteers requested them for the donation, the driver, a Muslim by faith, repeatedly abused the worshiping practices of the Hindus and the Hindu religion in general. This resulted in a short scuffle between the abusing Muslims and the Hindu volunteers.

Under ordinary circumstances, that would have been the end of it. However, in this situation, this was not the case. Within a few of hours around 3.30 pm, a mob of over five thousand Muslims from Haripur & Mazampur areas reached the spot with sticks, brick-bats and bombs and without any provocation targeted the Hindus there injuring at least 25 of them seriously. Among them two persons, Kalipada Sardar and Nirmal Mondal, both Hindus, sustained heavy injuries. What is even more terrifying is that the attackers did not even spare the Hindu women. Shikha Karmakar and Jayanti Karmakar, both Hindu women, were wounded while resisting the looting by the Muslim mob. In addition, they also threatened the Hindus and the upcoming festival with grave consequences. They also broke the Tulsi mandir & tube-wells of a few houses and targetted the rice mill of Shalipur-Dhanpota Bazar owned by anothe Hindu, Subal Chandra Karmakar.

One is now compelled to ask, what was the local police and administration doing when the Muslims were on a rampage destroying property and threatening the Hindus? We are saddened to report that it was busy pacifying the unruly mob and censuring Hindus following FIRs (First Information Report) against 11 of them lodged by the same Muslims. Then Muslims blocked the State Highway No. 91 (Haroa Road) for one and half hours demanding the arrest of Hindus named in the said FIR. The result has been excruciating for Hindus who had to compensate Rs. 20,000 to the Muslims for creating alleged nuisances. Even if tranquility prevails at the moment, Hindus are still panicked and anticipating further attacks on their community.