Friday, March 4, 2011

Bhebia temples looted, desecrated yet again!

New hunting ground of Muslim miscreants

It is not difficult for an attentive reader to recall the name of the village of Bhebia, P:S: Hasnabad and surely you have already comprehended that the infamous incident of stealing of jewelries from temple is being talked about once more. Jewelries of deities were stolen from two temples then, located in the environs of the Ashram (hermitage) of Badal Maharaj. As per local inhabitants, Muslim miscreants in Pifa, Barasat stormed in temples and destructed consecrated deities of Shiva, Kali and Shitala almost without hesitation. But the administration has been remaining silent as ever before. Now there is a new twist to the same – similar incident of theft has taken place yet again.

Well, there is also a difference on the whole. Miscreants have been kind enough to plunder new temples of the area including Shashankali Mandir, Bhebia Bazzar Mandir, Mandir of Kali Karkhana. All these have also been desecrated to a large extent.

The incident has led to serious repercussions as well – people are found to simmer in anger. They are accusing Hasnabad Police Station along with the SDPO for slowing down the process of investigation. Some even smell a rat and are alleging presence of a nexus between government and Muslim felons.

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