Saturday, October 29, 2011

Will Chaitali Haldar, hapless Hindu girl, be rescued ever?

Or will she remain lost forever representing Hindu girl victims to Islamic lust nowadays?

Here is another incident of abduction of a Hindu girl, an episode getting common increasingly across the Indian state of Bengal with each day it passes. Ms. Chaitali Haldar (age 15), daughter of Sri Utpal Haldar (age 47), s/o Sri Jitendranath Haldar, resident of Joynagar Sardarpara, P.S. Panchla, Dist. Howrah, has been missing from October 06, 2011 and from the very beginning presence of a Islamic handiwork in the episode was suspected; later developments confirmed the same only.

It is to be noted that Chaitali Haldar happens to be the third one among all five daughters of Sri Haldar and is a student of Class XIII at Joynagar Pallishree Vidyaniketan (educational institution). She, on the fateful day, went to perceive Vijaya Dashami of Durga Puja (grand immersion of deity conforming to Hindu religious rituals) at Ranihati Amtabere, P.S. Panchla and has never returned thus far. There is a question too – does any missing case of a Hindu girl imply Islamic deed always.

No – but it this case there were some other facts as well. Rajiv Khan (age 22), s/o Saifuddin Khan, inhabitant of Kandua Khanpara, P.S. Sankrail, worked at Utpal’s residence as manual laborer for 2 weeks (at a stretch) till Id-ul-Fiter (August 31, Wednesday) and during this period, an affinity grew up between the two. Elder sisters of Chaitali also noticed this and owing to their insistence, job of Rajiv Khan was called a halt abruptly.

When Utpal (having this idea) went to Ranihati Amtabere at dead night to find her daughter out, he, accordingly, asked of the presence of any such person (like Rajiv) in the area at the time of immersion. Soon it got cleared to him that Rajiv Khan – s/o Saifuddin Khan, along with Salim Khan – s/o Saifuddin Khan, Amir Khan – s/o Surabdin (Rashid) Khan, Meheraj Khan – s/o Siraj Khan, Suraj Khan – s/o Siraj Khan, Sher Khan – s/o Mahinuddin Khan, Surabdin (Rashid) Khan, Siraj Khan and Mahinuddin Khan, had already been present there and the entire gang, comprising young and old, led Chaitali astray and abducted her at last. Rajiv Khan feigned that he was in love with Chaitali.

On October 07, 2011, at 08.10 am, a phone call from mobile no, 9143310145, came to the cell phone no. 9903237439 of Sri Utpal Haldar. A strange and unknown voice demanded Rs. 50, 000 as ransom money (to return Chaitali). To make the call more authentic, Chaitali was made speak in the phone – she did the same shedding tears desperately. She also stated that in case of any failure to pay Rajiv would simply chop her. The demand for such a huge sum along with possible fallout (in case of any failure) was just a shell shock for such a hard-up family, if not more.

But Utpal could manage to ask her of the location she was talking from – the phone was disconnected just then. Afterward, lots of other calls came from different phone numbers of abductors to an assortment of phone numbers belonging to relatives and friends of Utpal – he was asked to go to Kolaghat, from there to Mecheda – Tamluk and lastly Digha. The helpless father did all carrying the same amount of Rs. 50, 000 but Chaitali was found nowhere.

Finding no other option Sri Utpal Haldar, in the end, went to P.S. Panchla to lodge a missing diary (No. 347 dtd. 08/10/11). Another FIR, containing complains of abduction and ransom, especially against aforementioned Islamic felons, was lodged on October 08, 2011, GD no. 363/P.S. – Panchla – dtd. 09/10/11, Case No. 329/11 – dtd. 09/10/11 u/s – 363/365/34 IPC.

However, nothing has improved after this even. On October 16, 2011 around 04.30 pm an anonymous voice called Utpal’s friend (at his number) and threatened the family for approaching the police station and warned of murdering Chaitali before long too. Police is yet to adopt any effective step to nab the culprits (before it gets late) and the helpless father is running from pillar to post seeking justice.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Grievous incident in Kulpi, October 24, 2011, stems from deep-rooted anti-Hindu prejudice

It has become far-flung by now how a mob of riotous Muslims, carrying all sorts of lethal weapons, virtually called local administration on the carpet and destroyed BDO (Block Development Office) and Kulpi police station in the Indian state of Bengal, posing a grave challenge to the constitutional predominance on October 24, 2011. While a few prefer to term it as a local feud, the majority of Hindus, in spite of being knowledgeable of the real intention of murderous Muslims but also helpless owing to absence of security, is maintaining a creepy silence. It is to be noted that the attack was not abrupt but the fallout of an idea conceived some days before. Reason?

On October 14, 2011, immersion of deity of Goddess Lakshmi was going on in the village of Rajarampur, P.S. Kulpi under the leadership of Balak Sangha of Dakshinpara and more than 100 Hindus were present on the occasion. At the same time, a good number of Muslims from the neighboring village of Raghunathpur (dominated by Muslims) came along and demanded both money and alcohol in lieu of letting Hindus pass through the village safely. But Hindus refused right away; Muslim crooks, in return, warned Hindus of dire consequences before long. To steer clear of any disturbance, Hindus informed Mahamaya Sangha, local club of Hindus, for help. Muslims fled as a result.

On October 16, 2011 (Sunday) immersion of Goddess Lakshmi’s deity, of Jubak Sangha Haldarpara, was going on at 11.30 pm. Muslims, involved with the disturbance on October 14, 2011 in Rajarampur, was also present here; dancing to the tunes of Hindi film songs and making lewd advances to Hindu girls watching the procession. They got so wild eventually that it was no longer possible to complete the holy immersion conforming to Hindu rituals and traditions. To save the fast deteriorating situation, Hindus asked Muslims to leave the area which they considered as an insult.

The chain of Muslim reaction (ending with destruction of BDO office and P.S. Kulpi) started following this incident. A Hindu boy of Balak Sangha, who was also present in the immersion procession of Jubak Sangha Haldarpara, while returning to his home, was seized by Muslims and was thrashed severely. His mother, as he was near to his residence, identified and made desperate efforts to save him; she was molested. When members of Jubak Sangha Haldarpara were informed of the grievous incident, they just rushed to the spot and saved the victims. A few Islamic hoodlums, responsible for torturing the Hindu family, were found out soon and were beaten hollow.

The entire incident had a disastrous effect on the neighborhood but immersion completed somehow. Nevertheless, a few pebbles, in the meantime, were thrown to several other Hindu villages in the environs.

On October 17, 2011, Hindus, office goers, were being tortured from the early morning. A rowdy Islamic mob was simply not enabling them to pass through main road of the area. The police force from P.S. Kulpi arrived there at 10 am and owing to the administrative intervention, the blockade was withdrawn. On October 19, 2011 a meeting between Hindus and Muslims (5 members representing each group) took part in a round table with the police but no decision could be reached.

The rest – what did happen on October 24, 2011 is a history. We are well aware of it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hindu Samhati activists foil nasty Islamic design to disrupt Durga Puja in Jhinki

Hindu fate is getting vulnerable to Islamic antagonism more and more, with each day it passes; every new grievous incident proves unless Hindus become virile combatants, a permanent void does exist before them only. Days are getting tougher without doubt; even simplest instances are being exploited for Hindu-baiting. Jhinki (Karimabad) village of Mohanpur No. 1 Village Panchayat, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South), West Bengal, witnessed such on October 05, 2011 (Wednesday), following a Kabaddi tournament organized to mark the consecrated occasion of Sri Sri Durga Puja.

It was a one-day long tournament on the whole and was participated by both Hindu and Muslim Kabaddi teams in the environs; to be watched by hundreds of other Muslims.

As the sporting competition progressed, serious confrontations or wrangles regarding rules and regulations of Kabaddi started to get common between Hindu and Muslim teams increasingly. To bring the rising disputes to a halt, the organizing committee of the tournament thought it wise to intervene. At that juncture, a few Muslim youths, certainly to defy any approach to rein in the mounting confrontations that had started to vitiate the religious atmosphere already, were witnessed to barge in the area of Puja.

Within a fraction of a second, Muslim hooligans attacked Hindu womenfolk there, defiled sanctity in the environment and also destroyed a few utensils meant for the Puja along with a portion of the pandal.

Thanks to proactive methods of Hindu Samhati activists present there, Muslim hooligans were defeated within the next few minutes; they were disseminated. Local administration intervened later on and with its active help the next part of the program was completed.

It is needless to say, had there been no Hindu Samhati activist, it would have been more than impossible to rein in Muslim felons, present there to disrupt a Hindu religious affair cold-heartedly.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fierce Muslim mob persecutes Hindus at North Radhanagar railway station, Mograhat

Hindus struggling tooth and nail

If I have power, every wrong is right – is this the latest Islamic slogan in Bengal? There are enough reasons to raise this question; fast changing postures of Muslim youths, especially their mounting aggressiveness is unleashing hell only across the state and the grievous incident on October 06, 2011 at North Radhanagar railway station, P.S. Mograhat, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South) exemplifies this reality best. What did happen in the station?

A minor Hindu boy, to maintain his livelihood, sells pure drinking water in the railway station and on the very day (October 06, 2011) he was in his shop as usual. Around 10.00 am a Muslim youth came to the shop to have water but after drinking he declined to pay any money citing the water was both hot and not up to standard. But the minor Hindu boy had no other option; he went on asking for the money. His recurrent pleas disturbed the Muslim youth a lot who in return thrashed him highly.

Sandipan Mandal, hardcore Hindu Samhati activist, was present there and owing to his fierce protest the minor Hindu boy got saved. The Muslim boy fled (in fear) from the station only to return with around 50 Muslim youths, carrying lethal weapons, from neighboring Muslim-dominated village of Shyampur, soon. Taking advantage of absence of local Hindus (engaged with their own professions), the fierce Muslim mob beat Sandipan and other Hindus in the railway station hollow.

A few Muslims came forward to compromise but the other group instantly started hurling bombs at the North Radhanagar railway station; all fled in fear of life. Well, this was not the end. A few Hindu shops including drinking water shop of Ranjit Sardar, fruit shop of Rabin Haldar, betel leaf (paan) shop of Nandarani Seal were ransacked. They were also tromped; railway ticket counter was destroyed even and money was looted. A few Hindu women were molested too; not to speak of abusing Hinduism by Muslim hoodlums.

Intensity of the situation compelled local police to step in before long and officers asked both parties to make a compromise without delay. It became obvious that the police was not ready to heed any complaint of Hindus, many of whom were beaten heavily, even. A strong unity grew up among Hindus (without further ado) to deal with the situation and thanks to it, Hindus, unanimously, declined to make any compromise, synonymous to stimulating Islamic Jihad.

Hindus, later in the day, went to P.S. Mograhat to submit an application to Officer-in-Charge there to nab culprits and find out illegal weaponry in the neighborhood. But they had strange experiences there! Not the O.C. declined to accept the application only but was witnessed to admonish both Sanjay Haldar and Kartik Mandal, youths leading Hindus, also.

Hindus in the area are aggrieved and are not ready to make any single compromise.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hindu Samhati youths punish Muslim troublemakers in Mograhat

On October 05, 2011, a Kabaddi competition took place in village Karimabad of Jhinki, P.S. Mograhat, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South) and it was joined by large numbers of Hindu and Muslim youths from several villages in the neighborhood.

While the competition was in full swing, a few Muslim youths were perceived to make derogatory comments of hallowed Hindu deities and religious rituals too. What is more, some of them were even rejoicing over the beheading of Hindu deities in neighboring village of Madhavpur; the incident took place on September 27, 2011 – the day of Mahalaya.

The situation was enough to enrage active Hindu Samhati workers present in the field; they got hold of two Muslim youths, identified already to slang Hindu Gods, and thrashed them highly. What happened next was indeed amazing! All Muslim bad hats fled within just a few seconds and the competition went on.

Hindus present in the feeling cheered Hindu Samhati youths and thanked them also.

No Muslim crook has dared to lodge a protest in the local police station even.

GRP office ransacked in Bauripur for questioning suspect Muslim youth

Has any order been enacted that announces every Muslim as a free individual in India? The question is asked witnessing mounting arrogance among Muslim youths these days, especially in Bengal, who (apparently) are considering themselves as free individuals or those who can’t be controlled by any state agency ever. What can be the other justification of the incident at Baruipur, suburb railway station, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South) of late? The gruesome incident took place on October 03, 2011 – the day of Maha Saptami of Durga Puja and all these happened since a GRP (Government Railway Police) police officer dared to check a Muslim youth on grounds of suspicion.

In accordance with witnesses, the Muslim youth was roaming freely in the Baruipur railway station but his frantic attitude and also mode of walking was enough to raise suspicion within any sane individual, let alone any police officer. While he was questioning the Muslim youth (giving the cold shoulder quite arrogantly), a rumor spread in the locality that he was being manhandled by railway police.

A large group of Muslim youths, having hockey sticks and iron rods as well, were found to rush into the railway station within next few seconds and got ready to beat the GRP person black and blue. Opportune arrival of a few police persons saved him but the youths vented their anger (due to inability to thrash the officer) by ransacking the GRP office.

There has not been any arrest yet and as per local people, police, owing to political pressures, has not adopted any measure even to nab the thugs involved in the pillage.