Saturday, March 12, 2011

Protest against Islamic brutality – newest crime in Bengal

There are, in fact, hundreds of instances to prove how the administration in the Indian state of Bengal is becoming subservient to Islamic fundamentalism and apathetic to Hindus at the same instant. And the traumatic experiences of Avik Mondal depict candidly the catastrophe Bengali Hindus are going through. Shri Avik Mondal, son of Shri Nimai Chandra Mondal, is an inhabitant of Kumrahat, one of the numerous villages in P:S; Baruipur, South 24 Paraganas district enjoying considerable presence of Muslims.

The entire Mondal family, at the moment, is fighting a desperate battle against the Muslim community in the village to save an ancestral land. It has come to the knowledge as well that a conspiracy has been hatched to create a new Madrasa using the same land. The land, at the moment, is under the control of several partners of the family and Muslims are leaving no stone unturned to create feuds within sharers.

Shri Avik Mondal, on last 2nd March, around 9 am, met Sheikh Abdul Kalim and urged him to stop filthy methods of creating dissensions within the family. Kalim, noted Muslim thug and also influential in the area, was not in any mood to listen to all these and even threatened that the entire family would have dire consequences unless the land is delivered. The way of talking enraged Avik and he, finding no other way, slapped Kalim and left the place.

Soon the event spread like a wildfire in the vicinity and a large contingent of Muslims, within next 15 minutes, brandishing deadly weapons attacked abode of the Mondal family. Even if the situation was saved by the timely appearance of police force, tension persists in the area.

A peace meeting, going to be attended by representatives of both communities, has been convened on upcoming 13th March and Shri Avik Mondal has been asked to remain there. The worst fear is that Muslims would authenticate their demand of creation of Madrasa in the meeting. It is also alleged that Muslim felons are equipping themselves up (in all ways) to attain the aim.

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