Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hindu Samhati’s legal triumph stimulates all

Even if reliance of Hindus on the Indian judicial system is dying down (and it is quite natural) owing to an assortment of incidents, the same can still be made use of to put up a legal barricade against Islamic felons having the sole intention to grab Hindu proprieties no matter what it takes. There is no reason to accept this as an exception; the case of Shankar Nath Mondal and others against the trustee in charge of a cemetery in Hotor, P:S: Mograhat, Dist: North 24 Paraganas, has shown the way.

The entire area amounts to almost 10 cottah, around 720-square-foot (67 m2). Among this the cemetery enjoys an area of 5 cottah, while 3 cottah belong to Mr. Mondal (from before the partition of the country) and used for religious rituals, 2 cottah belong to the Shovarani Athletic Club. Surely there would not have been any contention, had the Muslim trustee remained silent on the whole. But its aspiration to grab the Hindu land and call Hindu religious ceremonies a halt resulted in scores of problems. Scuffles, in all these years, have been common. In 2009 there was a severe clash too.

To put an end to all these, Shankar Nath Mondal and others filed a petition in the Diamond Harbour Civil Court meanwhile and to defend, Muslims have been collecting millions of money from various organizations. Well, it is alleged that the majority of these are being used for erroneous designs. The case is in full swing at the moment.

Being discontented with the sluggish progress, Muslims filed a writ petition to the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court but it has also saddened them altogether. The Court has clearly ordered that the statusquo would be maintained and the police would not step forward ever unless ordered.

The credit, at the end of the day, goes to Hindu Samhati, premier Hindu non-political organization fighting a desperate battle to save Hindus in Bengal. It is needless to say, had there been no Hindu Samhati, Hindus would not have dared to put up such an audacious legal battle.

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