Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hindu Samhati’s drastic efforts save hapless girl from Love Jihad in Bongaon

There is a general fallacy among Hindus that Jihad or holy war waged by Muslims against infidels is performed based on weapons and notion of violence only. To be precise, an expansionist ideology changes fast to cope with the changing reality and to remain ahead of others always. The newest concept of Love Jihad having its commencement in Kerala with coastal Karnataka in southern India targeted college girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by pretending love. And the same specter is haunting length and breadth of West Bengal these days. If it’s not, how can the episode of Allauddin and Shampa Mondal (name changed), minor girl of 16 years, in Bangaon be explained?

Bangaon is a prominent city and a municipality in North 24 Paraganas district in the state of West Bengal, India and is also one of the five sub-divisions of the District of North 24 Parganas where the saga of Love Jihad is getting common increasingly. Allauddin and Shampa Mondal is said to have a courtship for months, denied by the girl’s family at the same instant. And this sort of false propaganda is best understood by the elopement of Allauddin, inhabitant of village Narharipur close to the border, with the girl. Shampa’s parents went to the police station but the police remained indifferent.

Parents of the girl’s family, finding no other feasible way to rescue her, reported of this on 5th March, 2011 to Hindu Samhati workers in Bangaon, engaged in the arduous battle to save Hindu girls. And the following events happened rapidly without a single interruption. The situation was indeed hard and hence, nearly 200 Hindu Samhati workers staged strong demonstrations outside of the fringes of the police station.

Sensing trouble, a few Muslims along with their secular Hindu cohorts approached HS workers and left no stone unturned to convince them, mixed with tones of warning also. The workers were also being branded as communal. This led to scuffles and the enraged Hindus, as a result, started preventing such advances. The scene was indeed exemplary where Muslim felons with their secular Hindu brothers were taking flight owing to virility of the Hindu populace. Meanwhile, HS workers, finding no response from police, stated clearly that all rail and road connections in Bangaon would be blocked on 6th March, the following day.

The development was indeed troublesome for the police too, surely a rare instance for them. They arrested Allauddin’s parents but it failed to quieten Hindus. Police, already familiar with Hindu Samhati’s might, got proactive. Stunningly, within a few hours Shampa Mondal was rescued from the area belonging to the adjacent P.S. Gopal Nagar. The leading role, in this regard, was played by Muslims to defuse rising tension and also to calm the enraged Hindus getting supports more and more. But owing to legal hurdles Allauddin couldn’t be arrested or framed.

Shampa, after lots of efforts, has finally realized her own mistake.

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