Friday, March 25, 2011

Hindus in Usthi challenge Islamic evils

A simple pretext is what the Islamic fanatics need to assault Hindus and what happened at Sardarpara in Yarpur, P.S. Usthi, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the Indian state of West Bengal recently denotes the same. On March 12, 2011, around 2.30 pm Madhai Sardar was going across Sardarpara with his nephew and a cycle. At the same instant a Muslim individual driving a cycle was coming from the opposite direction and the bicycle run into Madhai’s vehicle. This led to a brawl between the two. While Madhai rebuked him strongly, the Muslim person threatened to shoot him. Had the conflict ended here, it would have been best. Madhai, surely, also thought the same. Nevertheless, what happened on the day after was just the reverse.

On March 13, 2011, 5-6 Muslims went to Madhai’s residence around 11.30 am and asked him for an apology. Madhai was not ready to bow down before them and finding no other option, Muslim zealots started hurling abuses on the lone Hindu warrior. But Madhai Sardar was bold enough to withstand all these. Now, as a last way to stamp out this valiant Hindu, almost 500 Muslims (with premeditated intention) brandishing lethal weapons entered Madhai’s residence.

The entire family was ransacked, women were molested and Madhai himself also suffered extreme injuries. But not a single Hindu in the vicinity dared to protest against these notorious strategies (let alone getting proactive). To call all these a halt, Officer-in-Charge of local police station deputed police along with RAF (Rapid Action Force).

Hindus lodged a written complaint (no.65/11) against the riotous Muslims. These included Montu Khan (s/o Safi Khan), Bapi Khan (s/o Nuro Khan), Akhtar Khan (s/o Nasho Khan), Imam Khan (s/o Amirul Khan), Iqbal Khan (brother of Imam Khan and also the son of Amirul Khan).

Muslims also filed a complaint (no. 66/11) against Hindus like Madhai Sardar (age-32 yrs.), Moga Sardar (age-32 yrs.), Buno Sardar (age-35yrs.), Samar Sardar (age-37 yrs.) and Chite Sardar (age-30 yrs.). Well, Hindus have got bail already and Muslims, as per latest information, are still to be bailed out.

Tension prevails in the neighborhood still but without a shred of doubt, legal measures adopted by Hindus fast have stunned Muslims.

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