Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hindu Samhati’s cloth distribution program in Malayapur village

Distribution of clothes to both impoverished and incapable Hindus has always been a part of Hindu Samhati’s programs to serve the Hindu society.

There has not been any exception in this year too. Hindu Samhati activists, under the aegis of its president – Tapan Ghosh, distributed clothes in village: Malayapur on October 20, 2012.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

Islamists attempt to rape Hindu teenage girl in Mathurapur

She is molested, brutally injured

Police torturing Hindus for protesting  

With each day it passes, Hindu women in the realm of Bengal are becoming easiest preys to Islamic lusts and the latest victim in this regard happens to be Latika (name changed), a girl (of age) of 12 years and student of class VI, inhabiting village: Debipur, P.S. Mathurapur, District: 24 Paraganas (South), daughter of a Hindu van rickshaw puller and living in residence just behind the Panchayat office at Debipur.

The horrific incident happened today itself (October 29, 2012) when the innocent Hindu girl – Latika -  
was coming back to her home following distribution of 'prasad' of Laxmipuja to her neighbors. All of a sudden, before the Panchayat office, 6 Muslim youths pounced on and made every effort to rape her. While experiencing such a brutal attack, the girl both raised an alarm and offered a stiff resistance. However, she was molested brutally.

Hearing Latika’s desperate call, her father rushed to the spot to save her but he was overpowered and thrashed heavily by the Islamists. One of the miscreants happens to be Kaichar of village: Santoshpur (notorious Lalpur area) under the same P.S. Mathurapur.

Hearing the incident lots of Hindus also rushed to the spot later on but by that time Islamists had fled leaving both daughter and father heavily injured.

What came to the fore later on was the utmost cruelty of police personnel at P.S. Mathurapur – when Hindus went there to lodge an official complaint. Not the Officer-in-Charge refused to pay attention to tortured Hindus only but behaving rudely with them and quashing their grievances refused to accept their complaints also. His rude behavior compelled Hindus to label him as a protector of Islamic culprits.

When Sri Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, was informed of these gruesome developments, he phoned Mr. Pravin Tripathi, S.P. and requested him to intervene. He assured Sri Ghosh of all possible helps and also asked him to send the victims to police station once more. Hindus in Mathurapur, when asked, went to the police station once again and while they were on the way, a police car came and took cognition.

Hindu villagers went to the police station after that. Even if the complaint has been registered, harassments of Hindus (by police) and rude behaviors of O.C. and his companions went on in full swing. All types of hostilities by police, at the behest of Officer-in-Charge, including stubbornness in not to render any receipt copy (of the complaint) to Hindus have been done.

When the report is being written, aggrieved Hindus are still at the police station.

Both Latika and her father are heavily injured.

Note: From now on we refuse to state (any longer) that Hindu women in Bengal are becoming soft targets to Islamists – they are prime targets, it is a cruelest reality – and the most pious job of Bengal administration is to shield these Islamic attackers.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hindu girl raped by Islamists on Maha Astami in Mandir Bazar

No doubt, entire Bengal is becoming a dangerous place for Hindu women to live in; either they are being looted and sold off  to distant places, red-light districts or have got to remain as sex-slaves in Islamist households; myriad reports (defying government’s wishes to suppress those) state the same.

And what’s of rape of Hindu girls? There is simply no end to it and the most gruesome incident, in this regard, took place at Thelarampur, P.S. Mandir Bazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) on October 22, 2012 – the day of Maha Astami.

A Hindu girl – age 19 years – (name withheld for security), quite ecstatic to see Durga Puja (on the fateful day), was grabbed midway by a few Islamists – Suru Molla , Asidul Mollad , Abdul Hakib Molla , Shajan Daridar , Mushia Rehman Piada & Liaqat Kashkar (all inhabiting Thelarampur)  – and raped violently. It has also been learnt that Islamists do remain within the age group of 25 and 35 years. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hindu Samhati distributes clothes in Charavidya

Poor Hindus get a religious zeal to enjoy Durga Puja

What is the greatest aspect of Charavidya? It’s none but the undying spirit of Hindu defiance – to keep unfurling the banner of Hinduism in the vicinity and quell each and every ominous design of Islamists to harm Hindus.

Hindu Samhati’s tenet has always been to do best to make all Hindus enjoy Durga Puja or Durgotsav. Thus, to help Hindus in Charavidya to enjoy similarly, Hindu Samhati activists distributed new clothes among the impoverished people in the village.  

How happy they were can be gauged from the following photographs.

Elated and optimistic Hindus in Charavidya, P.S.: Basanti; District: South 24 Parganas can change the course of history. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Maha Saptami in Kolkata witnesses brutal torture of Islamists on cows

Hindus burst into protest in Entally

Central Kolkata, Anandapalit (CIT Road) – Entally area, remained witness to a sudden flare up between Islamists and Hindus on the evening of Maha Saptami. Torture of Islamists on cows and Hindu defiance to resist it added fuel to the fire.  

All these happened when on earth a few Islamists were witnessed to torture two cows immoderately. As per locals, the culpable crooks entered the narrow road from adjoining CIT Road, known for remaining busy incessantly and under a strict surveillance of police, and were both pulling and compelling cows (unwilling to move a bit even – perhaps due to ill health or fatigue) to walk. When such attitudes of cows were ascertained, Islamists, being ideally insensate, started beating them mercilessly, especially the cow tied before a temple and a Durga Puja Pandal.

The extent of beating was such that the cow (one of its legs being harmed savagely) started bleeding profusely within a short time. The entire incident was not inhuman only but a deliberate and vicious act of profanity to Hinduism also – cows are regarded as most sacred animals under the sun, according to various tenets of Hinduism.

The incident proved to be enough to infuriate local Hindus; the entire gathering was found to wonder the audacity of Islamists to do the same before a temple and Durga Puja pandal. The angry Hindus, being law abiding citizens, started protesting against administration but didn’t a run amok, unlike Islamists.

To quell the fast worsening situation, a large contingent of police (of no less than 1000 with RAF), a strong force from P.S. Entally, rushed to the spot and the entire area turned into a catastrophe (to take place soon). Such was the intensity fuelled by Hindu wrath that Iqbal Ahmed (MLA – Khanakul and also influential leader of Trinamool Congress) with his henchmen appeared there soon and asked Jawed Shamim (Jt. Commissioner of Police, HQs., Kolkata) present there to snuggle down the matter in a short time.

What are most striking, efforts to snatch cameras from people (witnessing the incident) went on and the episode, as usual, has failed to find a place in mainstream media today.

And last but not least, one Hindu youth has been taken into custody! 

When the area was visited today itself, deep tension was found to prevail highly.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hindu Samhati distributes clothes in Baruipur Block

Urges all to enjoy the Hindu festive season

Durga Puja happens to be the national festival of Hindus, Bengali Hindus in particular and Hindus Samhati’s views, from its very inception, has been to make Hindus (as many as possible) happy in this festive season.

With this end in view, Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, distributed clothes in three villages, Block: Baruipur, District: 24 Paraganas (South), October 20, 2012. They are Paschim Madhabpur, Hata and Malayapur.

In the village of Hata, inhabited by people of Bagdi and Kaora castes mainly, clothes were distributed among 100 poor people. 

Islamists molest Hindu housewives brutally at Joynagar

Another gruesome incident exhibiting Islamists’ lust for Hindu women took place on September 11, 2012 at village: Dakshin Bele Durganagar, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

Two Hindu women, Sabita Halder (age 35), wife of Baburam Halder, and Malina Sanpui (age 40), wife of Nidhar Sanpui, were passing through the village road at 2 pm. While both of them were busy in chatting and walking, three Islamists – Momin Laskar, son of late Kader Laskar, Shahadat Laskar, son of Momin Laskar, and Hasanur Jamal (Koche), son of Momin Laskar, started teasing them with filthy languages.

But the Hindu women, ignoring these nasty remarks, went ahead. And considering this act as intransigence, three Islamists pounced down on them. They attacked, made best efforts to ravish modesty of these two Hindu women but couldn’t get success due to desperate resistance of the two. Nevertheless, both of them were molested highly.

Meanwhile, they raised an alarm hearing which Hindus from adjoining houses rushed to the spot and witnessing the vigor of Hindus coming towards them, the Muslim attackers fled for life.

The brutal attack shocked the Hindus and owing to their persistence (as police remains indifferent in such cases usually), a General Diary was filed at P.S. Joynagar.

The three Islamists and their compatriots, later on, became aware of all these developments and started to warn Hindus of dire consequences if not the General Diary was withdrawn. However Hindus stayed firm and to save the two Hindu women victims, Hindu youths started patrolling staving off another Islamic attack.

The situation was such that it was no longer possible for Hindus to remain content with a simple General Diary. With this end in view and also to pressurize the administration to work fast and nab the said Islamists before long, a FIR 901/12 dated October 16, 2012 was registered at P.S. Joynagar. The complaint was made by Sabita with complete support of Malina.

What has been found, police is yet to act; tension prevails the village highly. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Islamic zealots get involved in underworld

Whether it’s a petty crime or slitting throat or involvement in organized crime or treason, Islamists happen to be the foremost accomplices and also the ringleaders. And this happens to be a global phenomenon. Hence, people who anticipated some Islamic brain behind the recent bomb hoax at Avani Riverside Mall in Howrah making puja shoppers vacate the mall in panic were not wrong – two persons have been arrested regarding the crime and both happen to be Islamists, without doubt.

According to police, they are Rezwan Selim and Shakeel Hossain who have been taken into custody from Kausghat Road near Mandirtala in the metropolis. 

It has come to the knowledge, the two Islamists threatened to blow up the shopping mall if not Rs 10 lakh was given to them at a particular spot on Kausghat Road. By the way, Selim happens to be an ex-employee of Avani Riverside Mall and was suspended from his work while Shakeel happens to be his confederate.

On the next day, a few policemen (in plainclothes) followed officials of the shopping mall to meet Selim and his aides at the specified spot and arrested them. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hindu Samhati vows to make Hindus enjoy Durga Puja

Poor Hindus get new clothes in Amraberia, Howrah

Hindu Samhati, being the true leonine warrior, does not fight for Hindus only but carries out its social responsibility to common (or impoverished or underprivileged) Hindus at same time also.  Every year, during Durga Puja, it takes up the cudgel of responsibility to make all Hindus enjoy the Puja.   

With this end in view, like earlier years, this year too Hindu Samhati, under the aegis of its president, Tapan Ghosh, has been found to distribute new clothes among people in the lowest strata of the society. Many may ask of the government’s performance in this regard. How can it be ever? These people, however poor they are, do happen to be Hindus and hence, they fail to have any sort of generosity of either political bigwigs or even government.

The auspicious event took place on October 16, 2012 at village Amraberia, Block: Bagnan block, District:  Howrah, dominated by “Barga Kshatriya” Hindus.

No less than 100 poor people got new clothes.

What can be a greater Puja other than making Hindus happy? 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Police hell-bent to crush Hindu Samhati’s strength in Usthi

The situation in Usthi is yet to recover and as expected, Hindu Samhati has become the prime victim of the wrath of administration there. This comes as natural fallout of political and administrative pressures (to appease Islamists) on the police even if the later is well-known of the fact that Hindu Samhati, representing and safeguarding Hindus only, is a law-abiding organization.

Even if Islamists are found to foment at every time, Hindu Samhti, fighting tooth and nail to preserve Hindus, have to bear brunt of the situation. 

Only on October 13, 2012, police did raid residence of Pratap Hazra, senior activist of Hindu Samhati, twice at village: Nainan, P.S. Usthi, District: 24 Paraganas (South). And what is most striking, a large contingent of police including RAF was deployed to carry out the queer job. And when they became unable to find Pratap out, the whole family of Pratap was abused; even some police personnel were found to threaten Pratap’s relations.

It is worthwhile to mention that P.S. Usthi got its new OC a few days back but there has been no respite to step on Hindu Samhati activists.  

What makes the administration so unkindly to Hindus? It has come to knowledge, administration is leaving no stone unturned to stave off any clash in the upcoming Bakri Eid and hence, Hindu activists who can voice Hindu discontents against all Islamic-sponsored these are being hounded and also taken into custodies.

There is a growing apprehension that more slaughtering of cows will take place this year.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hindu strength on the rise in Murshidabad

What is making news at the moment is not the marginal victory of Abhijit Mukherjee of Congress over Muzaffar Hussain of CPIM, a perfect photo finish, at the Jangipur Lok Sabha by-election in Bengal today itself but the manifestation of another imperative aspect – the steep rise of Hindu strength in the district of Murshidabad.

The contest for the Lok Sabha by-election at Jangipur, remaining vacant owing to elevation of its MP Pranab Mukherjee to the President of India, had got a great media attention for two reasons mainly – Abhijit Mukherjee, son of Pranab Mukherjee, and the recent political developments both at Delhi and Kolkata. From the very morning, as a result, each and every development in the election counting was under a close watch; the winning of scion of the Indian President by 2, 536 votes shocked many at the same instant.  His father won in 2009 from the same constituency by over 1.28 lakh votes.

What has led to the debacle? When the same question was asked to Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Congres MP from Behrampore constituency and also the pivotal individual in the district of Murshidabad, he retorted blaming BJP for its violent agitations (in August, 2012) as regards demanding renaming of the upcoming campus of the Aligarh Muslim University. He also held BJP responsible for hoodwinking common people regarding FDI.

However, Adhir also made it clear that Abhijit Mukherjee, being an alien Hindu candidate, failed to have Muslim votes in the region.

Sudhangshu Biswas of BJP bagged 85, 887 votes – something beyond imagination in a Muslim-majority district like Murshidabad.

Well, credit does not go to BJP – castigated for deserting baton of Hindutva already – completely. To be precise, a number of Hindu organizations are working tooth and nail in Murshidabad for Hindu unity. And the same Hindu consolidation was demonstrated by today’s electoral result.