Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nagar Sankirtan 2011 surpasses coveted success

Whatever may be the reality, truth must be accepted always and it is a fact that a good section of Hindus is yet to be acquainted to the notion of Nagar Sankirtan. The concept that gained prominence during the lifetime of Sri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has gone through several ups and downs but the effort of Hindu Samhati to restore its glory has been stupendous. Nagar Sankirtan, under the aegis of HS, had its commencement in 2009 to celebrate Dol Purnima and with the passing of each year its fame and significance is increasing by leaps and bounds.

What has taken place in Nagar Sankirtan 2011 is nothing else other than a chronicle of its rising fame. The procession that had a modest beginning in the early morning of March 19 turned into a huge gathering, enough to draw in more people and change itself into a larger one, within a short span of time. Each alley the procession passed, each individual it came upon all became its ardent admirer, virile in every aspect and spellbound with the chanting of “Hare Krishna” mantra.

The participants included the young and old, plebeians and patricians and all that were witnessing Nagar Sankirtan for the first time. How can the mounting enthusiasm be defined then? On the word of Sri Tapan Ghosh, founder and president of Hindu Samhati, “Amongst the escalating consumerist culture, such processions play major role in helping an individual to trace his own root. More and more people ought to come forward to strengthen the cause.”

Surely, you are also thinking in the same manner.

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