Friday, May 24, 2013

Hindu Samhati youths stop construction of illegal mosque in Bangaon

Paikpara Ghatbaur, P.S. Bangaon, near to Bangaon town, on May 23, 2013, remained witness to a scuffle between Muslim ruffians and local Hindu Samhati activists – while the Islamists were hell-bent to restart construction of a mosque in a disputed property, located at a short distance away from an old Kali Temple of Hindus, situated behind the bus stand at Paikpara market, Hindu youths were desperate enough to stop the same.

It has been learnt, the trouble commenced at 11 am when a few Islamists, both young and old, were seen to supervise a construction in the disputed site. They were not ignorant of a crucial fact –the very land belongs to government and in 2006, Islamists had attempted to make a mosque there; Hindus, in protest, lodged a suit against the local administration then in the High Court on August, 2006 and the Hon’ble High Court of Kolkata ordered an injunction on the same land.

The status of land remains same but the Islamists, using the impending Panchayat election and its clout, hatched the same design once more. When Hindus asked them of the same, Islamists informed them of a minimal construction – enough to make Hindus smell a rat. Hindus asked them to stop the work but it went on. So, they decided to take help of local administration.  

Even if merely 30 Hindu Samhati activists were present there, they got successful in preventing more than 100s of Islamists.

When Hindu youths phoned the local police station and narrated the entire incident and also the possibility of a violent clash between two religious groups in absence of any legal measure, police rushed to the spot and asked Islamists, present there, of legal documents allowing them to do the same job.

As usual, they failed to show the authorization and the job was stopped by police straight away.

Had not Hindu Samhati youths defied Islamists and dared to call police, the pious task of Muslim radicals to build a mosque (at least its base) to bully local Hindus for all time would have finished by the same evening. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hindu girl student harassed in Joynagar

Hindu mob thrash guilty Muslim ruffians

Bokul Das, Hindu girl student of 14 years (age) and also daughter of Badal Das, inhabiting village: Durgapur Mistripara, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas, will never forget the evening (7.00 – 7.30 pm) on May 17, 2013 when she was both hassled and heckled by a few Muslim boys. She was going to the private tuition then.

While she was going to the private tuition, Samsud Mollah (s/o Jalal Mollah) and his accomplice obstructed her all of a sudden and entered a cell phone into her school bag forcibly. The incident was enough to make her dumbstruck but she got terrified once the Muslim youths started harassing and urging her to return the phone.

Bokul, in fear, burst into anger making nearby Hindus, especially activists of Hindu Samhati, run towards the very spot. Within a minute the baneful intention of the two Muslim youths got apparent but even if they were asked to apologize to her they remained silent. Only when HS youths along with other Hindus in the locality thrashed them for the immoral behavior, they expressed regret and left the spot soon.

It has been learnt that Islamists in the vicinity are gearing up to avenge this insult of Muslims.   

Not a single chance is being missed by Muslim ruffians to harass Hindu girls or women in Bengal these days, bringing back the horrors of 1940s once more.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Muslim criminals attack Hindu village in Diamond Harbor for hooking electricity

Hindus gearing up to prevent Islamic onslaught

When this report is being written, Hindus of village: Malancha, P.S. Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are busy in patrolling their village along with neighborhood from a likely Islamic onslaught that can befall at any moment. Have Hindus committed any crime enough to provoke Islamists to attack them? Well, there is no such; Hindus dared to protest against and also prevent Muslim radicals from hooking electricity in their village. The Muslim youths do belong to Purkutpara of neighboring Muslim-dominated village of Kamalpur and it is a daily job for them to hook electricity from Hindu residences in village: Malancha.   

Hooking electricity from Hindu-dominated villages by Islamists in 24 Paraganas (South) has become a daily affair by now, indulgence of local police and administration with ferocity of Muslim radicals happen to be the mainstay of this job, extending its tentacles all over the district. Connection of electricity to Hindu-dominated village: Malancha took place 4 months ago (from now) and as a result, it became an eyesore to neighboring Muslims almost instantly. Even if Hindus objected to this theft of electricity repeatedly, there was no end to this.     

But the scenario changed on May 17, 2013 when lots of electric wires were disconnected by Hindus intentionally. A sudden thunderstorm in the evening tore lots of electric wires from nearby lampposts; owing to this 4 Hindus were almost electrocuted. To stave off any such incident again, Hindus in Malancha decided to disconnect the connection irking Muslims much. They came in large numbers and demanded explanations from Hindus leading to an intense scuffle between two religious groups. Odud Gazi, Head of Netra Panchayat, sided for Muslims naturally and was found to advise Hindus to help their Muslim neighbors at any time.

Nevertheless, the courage of Hindus astonished Muslims a great deal. Soon a division took place between them. While one group was found to opt for peaceful solutions with Hindus, the other denied to cooperate with Hindus ever. But such a difference helped to retain a communal harmony in any way.

On May 20, 2013, at 7.30 pm, Muslim ruffians attacked Hindus (with lethal weapons) for hooking all of a sudden. But Hindus didn’t react. They, instead, phoned local leaders of Trinamool Congress like Jayanta Ghosh, Aman Sanpui, Razzaq Sheikh and made them conscious of the fast deteriorating situation there. But other than Jayanta none did response. Jayanta Ghosh assured Hindus that a large police contingent would visit the spot soon but to no avail. No police team has reached there yet.

Hindus fear that Islamists will attack more brutally soon and to save themselves from possible danger, Hindus have decided to guard the entire village.

None knows what will happen tomorrow.     

Bengali Hindu youths trapped in Mumbai, converted to Islam forcibly in Hyderabad

Pujali is a small town alongside Budge Budge and is known to have the power generating station of Goenkas there, liable to render electricity to CESC round the clock. Rajibpur is situated at Ward No. 9 in Pujali and Panchucharan Mandal, a wretched Hindu individual (age 70), lives here along with his wife, two sons and two daughters. Both girls have tied the knot already and hence, the aged couple depends on their two sons, Tarun and Barun, lots. Since acute poverty remains the greatest hindrance, both sons could not study much and hence, working in embroidery industry is their only option to support the family. Without doubt, Tarun and Barun love their parents a great deal.

A Muslim individual named Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa lives in Achipur Baro Battala at Pujali while his two sons, Sheikh Sahid and Sheikh Mesua, are engaged with the embroidery industry in Mumbai. It has also been found, they have their own workshop in the financial capital of India.

Almost 8 years ago, Sheikh Sahid and Sheikh Mesua, were found to make frequent visits to the residence of Panchucharan. They expressed their desire to take Tarun, elder son of the Mandal family, to Mumbai, well-known to have a booming industry of embroidery. Well, Tarun was just an adolescent (age – 17 years) then and owing to this fact, Panchucharan and his wife were not ready to pack him off to such a distant place. To alleviate their fear, Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa invited Tarun’s mother to his own house and assured her of providing all forms of assistances to Tarun. He also said that there was no reason of getting afraid.

All these assurances impressed him a lot and to make a good fortune, Tarun, at last, went to Mumbai. And after 4 years, Tarun took away his younger brother Barun to Mumbai also. Both Tarun and Baurn, in the beginning, used to come to their residence in Pujali and provide financial assistances to their aged parents.

But this serene weather changed soon; Tarun and Barun stopped visiting Pujali, let alone providing financial assistance. It was learnt, both had been converted to Muslims and this single news sent a shiver through the spine of both Hindu couple. They visited P.S. Budge Budge repeatedly but were snubbed altogether. But this insult could not dampen their spirit; Kanan Devi, wife of Panchucharan and mother of Tarun and Barun, met Additional S.P. at the S.P. office in Alipur but to no avail. She, then, met Faizul Sheikh, chairman of Trinamool-controlled Pujali Municipality, but left to hear only that nothing can be done.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Mesua, younger son of Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa, hearing of the desperate attempts, warned the hapless Hindu couple not to go too far and also told that frantic approaches would not bring their sons back to them.

It has been learnt from friends of both Tarun and Barun, they had been converted to Muslims in Hyderabad and were also compelled to marry Muslim girls. Now, the name of Barun is Abdullah and while talking to his mother of late (in a telephonic conversation) he said (tearfully) that he can be murdered unless he listens to them.

He expressed his desire to see his aged parents once again but he is completely helpless. He is under a close watch round the clock.

Aged Panchucharan Mandal and his wife are running from pillar to post at the moment in search of justice. Their one and only desire is to get back one of their two sons (as a minimum).      

The development is indeed dreadful but happens to be tip of an iceberg only.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Muslim radicals planning to destroy Kali temple, build mosque there at Baruipur

A heinous conspiracy of radical Muslims to despoil, desecrate and destroy Hindu temple and thus, to foil communal harmony prevalent in the area is going on in village: Mirzapur Dadpur, P.O. Shankarpur, P.S. Baruipur, District: 24 Paraganas (South). On March 27, 2013, in the evening, Islamists of Khan Para (at a distance of 1 km. from the nearest Hindu-dominated area) created mayhem in the village’s playground and the mob of Muslim ruffians was led by Faring Khan, s/o Momin Khan, and Bapu Khan, s/o Dadu Khan.

It has been learnt, at that time, Hindu boys of village: Mirzapur were playing in the field and it was being watched by no less than 100 Hindus, comprising both men and women. Islamists, with an intention to frustrate the playing, started to intervene and when they were asked not to do so, Muslim youths started using foul languages against Hindus there, especially Hindu women.

Hindus assembled there protested strongly inviting wraths of Muslims who attacked Hindus with lethal weapons. The attack did not end there; Muslim youths, then, targeted the age-old Kali temple, situated at the western side of the pond in the village. (Playground is located on the eastern side of the village). Apart from breaking the tiles of the temple, all lights there were also broken.

Hindus are being threatened all the time and as per latest reports, Islamists are even threatening to build a mosque by destroying the temple. If Hindus dare to protest, they are being thrashed and Muslim radicals are prepared to deal with any eventuality.

Local Hindus have complained to the local police station of Baruipur lots but no Muslim miscreant has been arrested yet.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Is Gangasagar turning into an Islamic bastion?

Gangasagar, well-known pilgrimage and fair of Hindus across the globe and also the second largest congregation of mankind following the Holy Kumbh Mela, is being grabbed by Muslim radicals steadily and the abrupt emergence of lots of illegal slums comprising Muslims only denote the nefarious reality on the whole. And the way in which local administration is showering blessings on Islamists it is not far when the renowned Hindu pilgrimage will turn into an Islamic one.

An Islamic festival took place just 20 days back at No. 5 Bus stand in Gangasagar but the lofty gateway or decorated arch is yet to be removed. Even if Hindus have asked the local administration repeatedly to remove it, the impasse continues due to indifference of police, let alone Muslims. Top officers in the administration are also concerned of this deadlock.

And the crude fact that makes them reluctant is that this is no unusual development in the contemporary scenario. A casual visit is enough to ascertain how Muslim radicals are rising in Gangasagar by leaps and bounds.

Take for example, the road from No. 5 Bus stand to Helipad. The entire area, known as a Hindu bastion till a few years ago, has been grasped by Muslims (in large numbers) forcefully leaving leaderless Hindu worried.  Again, in the midst of roads No. 3 and No. 4, No. 4 and No. 5, a new settlement of Muslims, called “Hathat Colony”, has come to the fore almost abruptly.  The effect of this sudden development can be found easily – harassment of Hindu pilgrims by Muslims, lewd comments to Hindu girls and women have become common while acts of burglary have also become all-time high.

Islamic attempts to capture Hindu lands are also rising at an alarming speed and the administration’s silence is beefing up confidence of these culprits only.     

(Arch of Islamic Jalsa)

(Kapil Muni Temple)

(Muslim residences in illegal Hathat Colony)

(Hathat Colony) 

Brave Hindu resistance routs Islamic aggression in Howrah

Whenever Hindu girls are assaulted or molested by Muslim radicals, all Hindus can do is to rise in defence against the rogues as the hope that police will nab them and get them justice is getting bleak more and more. Hindus did the same in village: Bankul, P.S. Jagatballabhpur, District: Howrah and even after police, owing to political pressure, has released the Islamic ruffians, Hindu struggle has set a new example to follow in the vicinity.

On May 5, 2013, Shyamali (name changed), (student of Class IX) daughter of Raju Dhara, was returning from tutorial at 12 pm and when she was about the crossing before her own residence, a pack of Muslim youths, sitting within a roadside tea shop, both teased and tried to grab her. Even though the girl could manage to save herself from their clutches, she was molested by them. Shyamali narrated the entire incident to her mother who along with a neighboring woman rushed out in search of offenders.     

The pervert youths were going by Shyamali’s residence just then; her mother and neighboring woman rushed towards them and caught one Muslim youth. He was thrashed by the two women. The group led by Iqbal and Salem left the spot without saying a single word.

But they did return soon with more men from their area and attacked Shyamali’s residence without delay. The news panicked Hindus living there but local Hindu youths, led by youths of Hindu Samhati, offered a brave resistance that soon forced the attackers to bite the dust. What was most striking, common Hindus, emboldened by Hindu defence, hit the streets and protested vociferously against Islamists’ arrogance and their malicious behavior against Hindu women and girl inhabiting the vicinity.    

To calm the situation and retain communal harmony in the area, police arrived soon and took the culpable Muslim youths including Iqbal, Salem and 12 others into custody. Hindus decided to block the main road as a mark of protest but police asked them to depart as police had already arrested the culprits.

As per fresh reports, political pressure has forced police to release the Muslim culprits but Hindu predominance, displayed through their desperate protest, retains a strong influence in the area. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Properties Belonging To Hindus Under Siege In Basanti

Approaches to build illegal Jame mosque there unabated
Uttar Mokamberia (Kalibattala), under Basanti police station, South 24 Paraganas  is an obscure yet typical village that dots the landscape of Bengal. Mr. Sudhir Mondal used to be a lessee in the land until he was removed by Mr Niyat Morol, a local leader of Trinamool Congress party. Over a period of 12 years, Mr. Morol built a house in the same land which he attempted to surreptitiously convert into a madrassa and eventually into a Jame mosque while local administration looked the other way.

The location of the mosque in proximity to an ancient, revered Kali temple has become a bone of contention between the local Hindus and Mr. Morol leading to mass protests by the former group. This has temporarily halted the construction of the said mosque.

More recently, a legal suit lodged in the Sub-divisional court of Canning has confirmed legal rights of Mr. Mondal over the land.

Nonetheless, local Hindus remain skeptical about their future as they apprehend that their respite is temporary and construction of the mosque will resume after the upcoming panchayat elections are over."

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hindus on fire in Ranigunj

Not a Step Back

Hindu rage as regards rape of an innocent Hindu girl student in the colliery town of Ranigunj refuses to end and with each moment it passes, the conflict is getting fiercer as both administration and Hindus refuse to give ground. No matter what the torture of police is Hindus are facing the onslaught boldly. As per the latest report, 54 Hindus including brother of the rape victim (Hindu school girl, student of Class VI of Basanti Devi Balika Vidayalaya) have been taken into custody.

It has also been learnt, Trinamool Congress in the sphere of Ranigunj, owing to the incident, has turned into two rival camps virtually and religious sentiment plays a major role in this case leading to the destruction of two TMC party offices in the area.     

But the administration seems to be impenitent and this can be ascertained from the fact that there is no end to nightlong raids on Hindus. Only today, May 2, 2013, a lot of women demonstrated before the police station. Even if there was no presence of lady police constable then, police lathi-charged women protesting mercilessly resulting in severe injuries of 8 women.   

Ranigunj has become a war zone thus manifesting Islamic fundamentalism beefing up under political patronage in Bengal will not be tolerated by resurgent Hindus any more.   

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ranigunj tastes fiery Hindu resistance

Rape of Hindu school girl, inability of police to nab Muslim rapists enrages Hindus

What did take place in Chandannagar, District: Hooghly a few days back is being witnessed in Ranigunj, District: Burdwan now – fiery Hindu resistance against Muslim radicals’ aggression.

And while abrupt attacks of Islamists on Hindu processions to celebrate Ram Navami and Mahavir Jayanti in Chandannagar led to the conflict, in Ranigunj, rape of a Hindu school girl of Class VI by two Muslim hoodlums on April 29, 2013, caused vociferous protests of Hindus, marked by the predominance of violence, setting vehicles on fire and injury of several people including police personnel.

It has been learnt, Hindu school girl, student of Class VI of Basanti Devi Balika Vidayalaya, was returning from her school at noon when she was clutched by the two Islamists, Mohammad Rajat Khan and Kaliya Sheikh. She, then, was made unconscious by using sedative drug, taken to a bush adjacent to Sasthigaria Park and was ravished ceaselessly. The whole incident was narrated by the innocent victim only after she regained consciousness, managed to return to her residence in Haspatalpatti of Purba Collegepara.

Even if the father and relatives of the girl student tried to file FIR against the horrific incident, at every time they were snubbed by police citing their inability to arrest the two Muslim youths, known both as Trinamool Congress activists and ardent follower of Sohrab Ali, MLA (Trinamool Congress) of Ranigunj, in the locality 

Finding no other option, Hindus, calling for immediate arrest of two Muslim culprits, blockaded National Highway – 60 on Tuesday. The conflict started when police tried to call the blockade a halt forcefully and also lathi charged to disperse the angry Hindu mob. Hindus, then, were seen to reiterate that the Muslim rapists must be handed over to them.

As part of retaliation against administration’s inactivity to nab the Muslim culprits and its endeavor to injure innocent Hindus violently, angry Hindu protesters torched lots of vehicles including a police van. Two party offices of TMC in the neighborhood were also burnt down.  

By 10 pm, it was virtually a street war which became impossible for RAF to contain even and only when Suresh Chadia (ADCP – Central) and Ajay Prasad (ACP) approached the area with a large contingent of police force and pleaded with Hindus to stop, the situation calmed down.  

The Hindu minor girl student, it is reported, has undergone medical tests in Asansol Sub-divisional hospital.

Even if two Muslim rapists have been arrested, 15 Hindus have also been taken into custody.