Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shivani – Hindu housewife – victim of Islamic, police persecution

This is the report of Mrs. Shivani Sanpui, a hapless Hindu woman who became victim to brutal police repression at P.S. Basanti, District: 24 Paraganas (South), of late. She, as per latest information, owing to severe wounds, has been admitted to Canning Subdivision Hospital and according to Dr. Indrajit Sarkar, superior physician of the very hospital, several parts of Shivani including the private ones have been ravaged extremely. She is in a critical condition there yet.

Shivani is a submissive Hindu housewife and lives along with her husband and son (age 10) in village: Tentultala, P.S. Basanti, District: 24 Paraganas (South). Her husband, Ranjan Sanpui, is a day-laborer; hence, he has to live in Kolkata. Exploiting the same situation, Islamists are leaving no stone unturned to perturb Shivani and her family. She had a run-in with her Muslim neighbors like Amin Mollah, Gafur Mollah and Momin Mollah regarding use of pond’s water a few days back.

On February 02, 2013, Shivani was abused and assaulted by same Islamists (over the same issue) but when she went to P.S. Basanti to lodge a formal complaint, Shivani was snubbed there outright. Such an act of police bolstered Muslim radicals; it’s aftermath became evident when Shivani’s son Adyaswar, while returning from school, was thrashed by Amin Mollah and his accomplices brutally.     

Ranajan Sanpui, after his return from Kolkata, went to P.S. Basanti to lodge complaint against Amin Mollah,  Momin Mollah and Gafur Mollah for thrashing his son. Shivani accompanied her as well. But at this time too Abdul Khaleque, Sub-Inspector – P.S. Basanti, remaining loyal to universal Islamic brotherhood, refused to accept the complaint. When the Sub-Inspector was asked of the reason behind rejection, he both abused and imprisoned Ranjan. This was followed by a grievous development; Shivani was beaten hollow by Abdul Khaleque and when she asked for mercy, she was beaten more. Abdul Khaleque, S.I – P.S. Basanti, did wreak havoc on her private parts even unhesitatingly. Ailing Shivani was then shifted to Canning Subdivision Hospital and she is in a critical condition there still.

What was the motive behind Abdul’s beastly attitude to Shivani? During the squabble between Shivani and Amin, Momin and Gafur on February 02, 2013, she was not thrashed only but was molested also. But she was snubbed in P.S. Basanti while trying to file an official complaint as Abdul Khaleque had already been convinced by Amin and his gang that he was a Muslim before anything or a police officer.

All these indicate that Abdul Khaleque was ready to beat Shivani hollow and the horrific incident on February 23, 2013 (torment of Shivani) was its culmination. Moreover Abdul Khaleque abused Shivani stating, “You are from Scheduled Caste, low caste; none is there to save you from me.”

What conclusion can be drawn from here? Bengal is being overpowered by a precarious Islamic design steadily but there is simply no end to fantasize the notion of secularism. If the incident of Shivani Sanpui fails to make us conscious, more such will follow soon.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hindus trounce radical Muslims in Nimichi, Minkaha

Nimichi, a village falling under the jurisdiction of P.S. Minakha, Block: Minakha, District: 24 Paraganas (North), happens to be an insignificant one but unlike others has the courage to take on radical Muslims whenever necessary.

The whole village and its vicinity, at the moment, is tense owing to the defiance showed by Hindu youths to halt a recently held Islamic Milad at Nimichi RamNarayan School for obvious reasons but it will be wrong to decipher the Hindu-Muslim conflict as a recent and abrupt development only.

On February 28, two Hindu girls were found in a field of village: Nimichi while talking to four Muslim boys. Being conscious of the Islamic barrage of Love Jehad, elders in the village lost no time to inform local Hindu Samhati activists who went there to know the reality. Even if the Hindu girls had fled by then, Muslim boys, found lying and also behaving stealthily, were taken into the Hindu village of Nimichi, in particular to the residences of two Hindu girls. They, following a mild scolding, were set free.

However, Muslim youths, simmering in anger, were the last ones to bypass the incident. On March 2, 2013, while entering examination hall of Bhebia High School for Madhyamik, two of said Muslim youths met a few (aforesaid) Hindu youths (all examinees for Madhyamik examination) and threatened to teach them a lesson. Hindu students, as a result, informed local Hindu Samahti activists. When Hindu youths, at 2.45 pm, were coming out from the examination hall, two Muslim examinees were found to keep reiterating the threat but were soon overpowered by Hindus.

Getting upset by repeated defeats, Muslim students warned that Hindus would be beheaded if they dared to get into the adjoining Muslim-dominated village of Bokchora. What irked Muslim students more was that Hindu youths laughed at them only instead of getting scared stiff. To ridicule Muslims more, Hindu youths even marched through Bokchora and witnessing their valor, Muslims had no option except opting for a peaceful settlement.

On March 5, 2013, at night, Gaudiya Math was robbed in Nimichi making Hindus both smell a rat and infuriating them lots – the act was considered unanimously as a deliberate blow to Hindus by Islamists.

Hindus apprehended that the impending Islamic Milad (on March 6, 2013) would be of a different type; focal point of the gathering would be to teach Hindus a lesson. As a result, on March 5, Hindus in Nimichi pleaded to Headmaster of Nimichi RamNarayan School to control use of microphones in Milad and also to turn the gathering into an educational program (instead of religious) mainly.    

On March 6, 2013, at 10.30 am, when Milad was in full swing, a few Hindus (students of the school) tried to enter the school premises but they, being Hindus, were denied permission by both Abdullah, secretary of Milad committee, and a few Muslim youths. An altercation took place soon but Hindus, spirited and joined by more Hindu youths, couldn’t be overwhelmed. Once a Hindu student was attacked, an intense clash took place making the Islamic Milad end abruptly. 
Nevertheless, timely appearance of police ended the mounting conflict.

Abdullah, meanwhile, phoned and summoned Islamists from Bokchora to trounce Hindus. Soon, a strong crowd containing 800 Muslims radicals with lethal weapons surfaced in the school premises and went on the rampage. Road was blocked for hours while a few vehicles were also vandalized.                                 

Finding it impossible to tame Hindus at this time, police and administration went for a peace meeting between the two warring groups. The meeting took place at night, on March 6, 2013.

Islamists had lodged FIR against 11 Hindu youths, a few of them happened to be examinees. Avik Ray and Ramaprasad Mandal, two Hindu youths, surrendered to police instead. And both of them have been bailed out by now.

The entire area is yet to attain the cherished peace. Muslims, in the vicinity, are threatening to celebrate the next Milad with beef biryani angering Hindus once more.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hindu businessman thrashed, his office smashed in Diamond Harbor

Muslim radicals rule the show

Chiranjit Samanta (age 28), Hindu individual living in village: Bhadura, P.S. Ramnagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), Diamond Harbor area, and also a minor cable service operator, has become the latest victim of wrath of radical Muslims.

It has been learnt, apart from his own village: Bhadura, Chiranjit conducts his business in the neighboring village of Shakarparulia, dominated by Muslims, as well. Mithu Sheikh, a Muslim individual living in Shakarparulia, was not paying Chiranjit (Rs. 1, 000) for months and whenever Chiranjit asked him for the payment Mithu preferred to snub him.  
Finding no other option, Chiranjit discontinued cable services to Mithu Sheikh ‘s residence making him and his compatriots furious.

Considering the act of Chiranjit as a deliberate insult to Muslims by a Kafir, Islamists, on March 11, 2013, barged into his shop at Bhadura, thrashed Chiranjit mercilessly and also destructed his office.  

Mandal Cycle Works, adjacent shop, failed to steer clear of the trouble. The shop was ransacked; a good number of spare parts, essential for providing services, were thrown into the canal around.  

A few Hindu youths went forward to save Chiranjit that led to a conflict between them and Muslims. Even if the Hindu youths were attacked and also wounded, radical Muslims were also paid back heavily.  

Hindus endeavored to lodge a FIR in the local police station. But terming that any such approach would be fatal for Hindus, police compelled them to file a general diary.  

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hindus under Islamic Siege in Khoyrasole, Birbhum

With each day it passes, the saga of Hindu persecution engulfs one more area of a new district in Bengal and the agony of Hindus inhabiting village: Rasa, P.S. Kankartala, Block: Khoyrasole, District: Birbhum, equals the torment of Hindus living in village: Naliakhali and its adjoining villages, P.S. Canning, District: 24 Paraganas (South) – area worst affected due to persecutions by Muslim radicals and meekness of governance on February 19, 2013.

Conflict between Hindus living in village: Rasa and Muslims dominating the neighboring village: Sahapur is not new; the hostility regarding black market of coals (conducted by Muslim mafia groups in particular) and collection of coal dust or small residues of coals to use as fuels in households has been going on for years, if not more. Nevertheless, at each time, Muslim toughs, backed by inordinate wealth and illegal arms trade, win the game eventually.

On February 7, 2013, a Hindu woman who went to have a small amount of coals (to use those as fuels in her household) to the coal mines of AMTA Industrial Group (at 3 pm) was beaten almost to death by Muslims inducing Hindus to opt for a peaceful blockade of road. And this peaceful posture of Hindus was avenged by savagery of neighboring Muslims of village: Sahapur in every capacity – Hindu houses in village: Rasa were set to fire followed by molestations of Hindu women and beastly thrashing of Hindus in general. While more than 40 Hindu houses were burnt down, other households were looted largely making Hindus there maintain a hand-to-mouth existence now.

While the devastation was going on, Hindus phoned the local police station. Police came but remained silent perking Muslim attackers up altogether.

Hindus, getting enraged, burnt down vehicles of Muslim ruffians and started blocking the main road in the area from wee hours on February 8. Police, meanwhile, approached Hindus and asked them to lodge FIR instead of blockading the highway. But there was no approach from police and administration to take the Muslim attackers into the custody till 11 am. And at this time, a new attack was launched by Muslim radicals, armed with all forms of weapons ranging from firearms to bombs. This attack proved to be more devastating. Even if the police tried to prevent Muslim radicals from running riot, Islamists’ ferocity forced them to retreat.

Hriday Ghosh, a common Hindu individual, was shot and he is in a critical condition in a local hospital still. Hindus, at this time too, as a part of self-defence, made a counterattack but only with pebbles.   

Local MLA of Dubrajpur, Bijay Bagdi, visited the spot on February 8 at 9 am and as per Hindu villagers of Rasa, despite his sincere efforts, police and administration including District Magistrate, SDPO, O.C.  – Kankartala simply refused to talk to him and hence, his endeavor to save hapless Hindus there went unheeded. Police force did appear in the village but only at 3 pm and by that time the Islamic onslaught had ended.

On February 10, 2013, local BDO visited the village: Rasa to comprehend the devastation when Hindus, unitedly, submitted a memorandum to him to stop the Islamic ferocity in any way. It is to be noted, Muslim radicals of village: Sahapur submitted an FIR to P.S. Kankartala accusing Hindus of desecrating and burning down a mosque in the village. The charge, termed as a mere cock-and-bull story by several Muslims even in private talks, has been designed to foil any legal measure adopted by Hindus against them.

Nevertheless, how Muslims revere law and order in the state of Bengal was manifested on February 11 at night when a crude bomb, while it was being prepared, blasted injuring several Muslim toughs extremely.

A deep tension prevails the area while Hindus are seen fuming.

Hindu housewife gang-raped in Kakdwip

Police yet to arrest Muslim culprits

Lust for Hindu housewives among Muslim toughs is endless; myriad incidents through ages authenticate the same aloud and the harrowing experiences of Purnima Rani Pal, innocent Hindu housewife living in village: Anandanagar, P.S. Kakdwip, District: 24 Paraganas (South) brings it forth once more. Purnima was gang-raped repeatedly on February 25, 2013 at dead night.

It has been learnt, a group of Islamists came to residence of Purnima Rani Pal at 12.30 am when she was all alone with her girl child; her husband, Bikash Pal, and mother-in-law had gone to her sister-in-law’s house. The Hindu family possesses a parrot and suddenly at 12 am, it started crying. Purnima, smelling a rat, came outside of her room but couldn’t find anyone out. Once she returned to her room and was closing the door, Islamists barged into the room forcefully, grabbed and gang-raped her repeatedly.

According to her own statement, 5 Islamists were in the group whom she recognized later; a FIR was lodged by her later – Case No. 68/13 dtd. 26/02/2013.

Police, owing to political pressure, has failed to take the Muslim criminals into custody yet.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hindus thrashed savagely in Joynagar for protesting obscenity of radical Muslims

Hindus have been thrashed brutally by radical Muslims once more and this time in village: ChakKalinagar, P.S. Joynagar, village Panchayat: Shahjadapur, District: 24 Paraganas (South), on February 23, 2013.

The gruesome incident took place around 9. 30 pm but the trouble started at 8.30 pm on the very day when Dulal Halder, Hindu individual living in village: ChakKalinagar, was returning to his residence along with 3 Muslims (all were quite drunk by then) from Chuknagar. All of them were found to sing Hindi songs loudly while a few Hindu youths asked them to remain quiet. Even if Dulal gave in, 3 Muslim youths denied, continued to sing and went on arguing audaciously. A few other Hindu youths also gathered there to retain serenity in the village.  

Finding no other option, Hindu youths beat all of them and even Dulal was not spared. He did also have to pay a heavy price for his immodesty. Muslim culprits fled to their village: Chuknagar but warning Hindus that they would face dire consequences soon.

Three drunken Muslim youths returned to ChakKalinagar at 9.30 pm but along with a contingent of 100 Muslim radicals (at least), armed with both common weapons like axe, bamboo sticks, hockey sticks and firearms. And without wasting a single moment they began to thrash Hindus, especially those youths who had thrashed the 3 Muslim ruffians.

The attack was so abrupt that Hindus had hardly any option left to defend themselves; Hindu youths, as a result, were beaten mercilessly leaving SriKrishna Halder, Animesh Halder and Sujit Halder heavily wounded. It has been learnt, SriKrishna Halder had to endure six stitches.        

Police has refused to accept any FIR in this regard; people consider that local politicians are pressurizing police to refrain from arresting 3 Muslim criminals.