Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Police atrocities mar Holi festivity in Uluberia

When on earth the State gets conflicting to any particular community, two options do remain with the vulnerable populace. It’s either to yield to the oppressors or wage a relentless struggle against atrocities. Which would be most effective for Hindus inhabiting the Indian state of West Bengal is not known yet. But changing times prove they have to pick out the most feasible one soon. Authentic portrayal of the recent incident in Uluberia, District: Howrah happening on March 19, 2011, day of Holi, would make the scenario easier.

On the day of Holi the whole of India was rejoicing and Uluberia was no different. But the situation in and around Jora Kamarshal More, significant location in Uluberia, changed for the worse all of a sudden. Following the burning of a Muslim youth’s auto rickshaw, police and RAF (Rapid Action Force) were deputed in the spot without fail and by the time youth of adjoining Bazaarpara rushed to have firsthand information, panic had already set in.

Well, the burning was also not devoid of any reason. Suman Pal, young man of 27 years and riding a cycle, clashed with the auto rickshaw and got injured severely. People got enraged and burnt down the vehicle as a result. Abdul Rezzaq, Officer-in-Charge of P.S. Uluberia and also known for communal inclinations in the vicinity, assigned stringent administrative measures. But the harsh measures refused to die so soon and the neighboring Doluipara, populated by downtrodden and low-caste Hindus, became its worst victim. Not only police along with RAF personnel persecuted Hindus there but ravaged each and every household also.

At the same time, lots of Hindus were having Bhog-Prasad in the temple of Goddess Kali, positioned at Nakubabur Shamsan in Doluipara. Police atrocities destroyed the entire event and again, 6 Hindus were beaten up and taken forcibly to the police van. These included Rudra, Babun, Asim Dolui and Srikant. Villagers got furious, gheraoed the police station for hours and RAF was used again to rein in the situation.

The arrested Hindu youths were released on the following day. But people are considering the entire development as the first warning from a communally motivated police officer and more are still to come.

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