Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Illegal mosque construction within Diamond Harbor Sub-divisional Court unabated

It was the morning of December 18, 2011, a chill day, when a bizarre incident was perceived within the premises of Diamond Harbor Sub-divisional Court; a mosque was being constructed. The day was also a Sunday and hence, the absence of workforce in the environs was duly exploited. It has also been learnt, that no official permission has been taken to carry on the task of transforming an old, miniature Muslim prayer room to a comparatively larger one. What is more incredible, the entire construction is taking place within 20 ft. of the court lockup jeopardizing the security without doubt.     

What was the first reaction of people in the environs? All watched but none dared to raise a single protest; there are few reasons behind this too. Admittedly, the entire construction has been going on under the auspices of Roich Mollah, who had many criminal cases in his name, now a businessman. His nexus with the local politicians and administration has made him influential and he allegedly uses this influence to do this utterly illegal act, i.e., expansion of the mosque in court premises in the sub divisional town of Diamond Harbour.

Nevertheless, as soon as the information of the said illegal incident reached the local Hindu Samhati office, SP (24 Paraganas – South) and New Delhi were informed without any delay.

Alas, the construction is in full swing at this point in time.      

Here is the simple lesson (derived from the said incident): Muslims can do no wrong in the eyes of administration in West Bengal.

(picture of the video footage)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hindu Samhati marches on in Canning dauntlessly

Canning, noted community development block in District: 24 Paraganas (South), and headquarters of a subdivision of the same name, located in the Indian state of Bengal, has always been in the news for weird reasons. While on one hand, it has witnessed a rampant rise in crime owing to political clout and administrative nonchalance, Islamic fundamentalism has also risen exponentially in unison imperiling Hindu populace in general.  

Nevertheless, Hindus, being stimulated by the valiant struggle of Hindu Samhati, in Canning, are waging stiff defence s these days and are resolute to be on the same track and not to leave an inch of land to Islamic perpetrators.  The same stance was witnessed once more in the recent Hindu Samhati Workers’ Meeting on December 19, 2011.

Sri Dilip Bhai Mehta, revered professor and educationist in the United States of America, was also present in the aforesaid meeting and taking stock of the situation he got highly impressed.    

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dipika – quarry of Love Jihad

The nemesis of Love Jihad is unabated in Bengal and whatever may be the efforts to call this nefarious maneuver a halt, more miles, it is evident, have got to be walked. And the most recent victim to this is Dipika Halder, age 18, daughter of Dilip Halder, resident of village & PO. – Byaspur. P.S. – Taherpur, Sub-division: Ranaghat, District: Nadia. It has also been learnt that Dipika happens to be the student of Class XI at Hazrapara School, P.S. Dhantala, in the same district. She has been missing from December 05, 2011 and as per circumstantial evidences (most impregnable), she has been kidnapped by Mujibar Lasker, age 21, s/o Samsul Lasker, residing in village Golabari, P.S. Mograhat, Sub-division: Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

Dilip Babau happens to be an employee in charge of security in a private company at Konnagar, District: Hooghly

After all these there comes a question inevitably. How did all these initiate? Investigations have confirmed that Mujibar, a worker in the Jari industry, feigned as Dibakar Halder over phone and slowly a relationship grew up between him and innocent Dipika. Mujibar was helped by Firoze Sardar and Tambir Sheikh to get hold of Dipika.

Without doubt, family of Dipika, especially her father Dilip Halder, was in darkness of the entire incident and the hell came down on them only on December 05, 2011, the day when Dipika was last seen. Incidentally, Dipika phoned her residence on December 07, 2011 – she was heard weeping and pleading to rescue her. The cell phone was turned off all of a sudden and from then on Dipika’s voice has never been heard.

The appalled family was desperate to get a breakthrough; as a result of a do-or-die search, Dipika’s family found a small note book in her room and Mujibar’s location was found in it.

There are more things as well. On December 07, 2011, Neel Halder, uncle of Dipika, went to Mujibar’s residence and Dipika was there. However, Dipika was almost unconscious. For that reason, even if she tried, no communication could take place. Seeing all these, Neel Halder went to Mograhat police station for legal and administrative assistance. But the police there refused to help him blatantly stating that the case was with other P.S. Dilip Halder reached there before long and went to Mujibar’s house. But by then Mujibar ran off with Dipika.

Lots of issues are coming to the fore and the most prevalent among these is the way though which Mujibar approached Dipika.

Indeed, an extensive conspiracy is going on across the state against adolescent Hindu girls and in these cases, latest technological gizmos like cell phones are playing pernicious roles.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Muslim friend deceives, chops Hindu youth for money

Religious bias overshadows longtime friendship

Despite clashes of civilizations for centuries, personal relationships between a Hindu and a Muslim did continue and instances are there where Hindus helped Muslims and vice versa. But time has surely changed when thanks to flexing of muscles of Islamic fundamentalism the same personal relationship is most spoilt and a Hindu can not believe a Muslim any more; experiences of Samar Adak (age 32 years), s/o (Late) Anil Adak, village: Baramajhipara, P.S. Singur, District: Hooghly, prove the same. On November 24, 2011, Noor Islam, resident of village: Baharampur, P.S. Singur and an old pal of Samar Adak, almost chopped him to grab Rs. 15, 000 he was having at that moment.

Samar Adak is a sholapith craftsman, also known as “Malakar” in Bengali, to be precise maker of garland. Shola Pith (also referred to as shola and Indian cork) is a dried milky-white spongy plant matter which can be pressed and shaped into delicate and beautiful objects of art. Now, to fulfill a few sudden demands, Samar pulled out Rs. 15, 000 from his own bank. Around 8.15 pm both were having Muri (puffed rice) as an evening snack and at that time, Noor just pounced on Samar to have the money from him by force.

Samar, confounded and overpowered, tried to save himself and his own money desperately and facing a stiff opposition, Noor brought a sword (hidden within his wearing apparel brilliantly) out and chopped Samar almost. Nevertheless, in spite of being grievously wounded Samar managed to flee.

At the moment Samar is in Calcutta Medical College and his condition is at stake.

What’s the fault of Samar, a young Hindu man, plainly?

(As per latest information, Noor Islam has been taken into custody).

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Muslim husband kills Hindu wife

Love Jihad wins ultimately

Ankita Mandal, Hindu woman of 19 years, had a love affair with Salauddin Gazi, Muslim guy of 28 years, 4 years ago that resulted to marriage daring all religious differences but little did she know then that her life would come to an abrupt end and the assassin would be none other than her better half. This tragic incident took place at 7 pm, Monday, at Milanpalli, P.S. Sonarpur, suburban area of Kolkata, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and Salauddin, in accordance with police, is at large.

It has been learnt that life of Ankita and Salauddin had never been peaceful and conflicts started within a few months of their marriage. And as stated by Ankita’s parents, there was no dearth of mental and physical tortures on Ankita by Salauddin and his other family members. Ankita, what is more, owing to excessive torturing used to come to her parents’ house at regular intervals but thanks to her parents’ efforts, she would return too.

The same episode repeated now also. Since torments of alcohol-dependent Salauddin crossed all limits at this time too, Ankita, as usual, left her husband’s residence in Chakberia, Sonarpur and came to her parents’ abode. Salauddin, to take her back to home, came to his in-law’s house on Monday but Ankita was adamant to not to return anymore. Getting infuriated, Salauddin started blackguarding in front of the house and finding no other option to stop this revilement, Mrs. Rekha Mandal, mother of Ankita, leaving behind her two daughters in the house, went to the police station. Father of Ankita, Mr. Dipak Mandal, was not in the house just then, unfortunately.

When Rekha Devi returned with police, she found that Ankita, already murdered, was lying in a pool of blood. Aditi, her younger daughter informed, the moment she went for the police station, Salauddin and Ankita entered into a bitter squabble and Ankita was thrashed inhumanly once more. Salauddin had a sharp knife within his apparel and with it he chopped up Ankita and fled.

Police has found a chopper, believed to be Salauddin’s murder weapon, from the area. On the word of Kankarprasad Barui, Additional Police Super – District: 24 Paraganas (South), huntings are going on to find Salauddin out. Two brothers of Salauddin, alleged to be accomplices, have been picked up.

Ankita Mandal, without doubt, has become latest epitome of victims of Love Jihad.

Hindu girl teased, slashed in Kolkata by Muslim youth

Is this also an Islamic duty?

Sexual harassments and teasing of girls in Kolkata, like other metropolitan cities across India, are rising by leaps and bounds; even if people love to term this as fallout of mounting consumerism and its grip on the society, sources affirm that the majority of such felons, if not more, are Muslim youths and their targets are Hindu girls. Well, none of us has to go astray in this regard; Ritu Shah, an 18-year-old schoolgirl gashed with a sharp weapon by a Muslim youth named Mohammad Chotu (20 years old) in Kankinara, 24 Paraganas (North) on November 26, 2011, is the best witness and also the victim thus far. It has been learnt that the Muslim youth had been bugging Ritu for days and her indifference made him commit this dastardly act.

To be precise, Ritu was set to appear for her Class XII pre-tests on the same day but contrary to her expectation, the ghastly act compelled her to get admitted to Bhatpara State General Hospital with injuries in her back, neck and hands. It is worthwhile to mention, a portion of the index finger of her left hand was severed because she desperately tried to prevent Mohammad Chotu from attacking her. And all these happened when she was busy in washing utensils before her house.

Mohammad Chotu is a worker in a bindi-making factory and lives in the same locality and as per people in the neighborhood, he was making lots of efforts to talk to Ritu for the past few days. As stated by Lalita, sister of Ritu, Chotu took the opportunity of absence of male members in the residence who are in Bihar for the time being.

Mohammad Chotu, at the moment, is on the loose; police, as usual, is yet to nab him. And as a mark of protest against this inactivity of police, local people blocked the thoroughfare of the area from 4 to 6 pm, Monday.

Islamic cache of illegal weapons unearthed in Canning

It’s no longer a secret that Canning, prosperous town and also headquarters in Canning subdivision in the Indian state of Bengal, has become one of the mainstays of all forms of illegal activities across the state and without a shred of doubt, illegal Muslim infiltration across the Indo-Bangladesh border happens to be a stimulant behind this. The sordid reality came before the eye once more when a cache of illegal weapons was unearthed by questioning two Islamic crooks, nabbed regarding a case of murder recently. The two arrested criminals are Lutfar Naskar and Sattar Mollah. In accordance with police, the cache of illegal weapons, containing firearms and bullets in large numbers, was found in Moukhali, P.S. Jibantala, Canning, on November 27, 2011. Police is considering this as a major breakthrough.

It was July 30, 2011 and on that day Kachimani Jamadar, a young man was murdered in Moukhali; as per local TMC (Trinamool Congress) leadership, Kachimani was a hardcore TMC activist. Who plotted his murder then? The local TMC leaders allege that another faction of the same political party was responsible behind the youth’s slaying and the said felons were directly involved in this gruesome episode. FIR accusing a few persons was also lodged, TMC leaders assert, to the local police station. And the investigation and arrest of Lutfar Naskar and Sattar Mollah was the result of that approach.

Police has stated categorically that a double-barreled rife, a single-barreled rife, 16 rounds of bullets along with lots of other arms and ammunitions were found in the cache.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cow slaughter on Bakri-Eid in Chotochandpur

Hindus protested, Government remained indifferent

Court orders to prohibit cow slaughter on Bakri-Eid or Id-Ul-Zoha (November 07, 2011) were there and hence, Hindus in Bengal (this year) were hopeful that something positive would take place – administration in Bengal would leave no stone unturned to call this heinous practice a halt. But they were utterly wrong. The opposite took place wholeheartedly throughout the state – somewhere with the tacit support of the administration while at other places with the direct backing of the government and what did take place at village: Chotochandpur, P.S. Rajarhat, District: 24 Parganas (North) on Bakri-Eid, denote the brutality of the government to hurt Hindu sentiments through consenting to slaughtering of cows candidly.

On November 07, 2011, the day of Bakri-Eid, the Hindu-dominated village of Chotochandpur witnessed cow slaughter in its own land even if the Hindus raised strong protests against it. The villagers, even if there was court order, apprehending the worst submitted memorandums, comprising signatures of 951 Hindus in the village, prior to Bakri-Eid to various echelons of the reigning administration to put and end to the cow slaughter and abide by the court directives and these included Home Secretary, Government of West Bengal, DM (District Magistrate), SDPO, SP, SDO, SP, BDO.

Nevertheless, almost all aforesaid administrative officials including SP, SDPO, Officer-in-Charge Rajarhat were present in Chotochandpur during cow slaughter and their presence boosted Muslim confidence to a large extent. Apart from them Munnab Ghazi, Head of Panchayat, Jahanara Bibi, president of Panchayat, were also present at that time.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hindu martial spirit witnessed in Boulkhali, Howrah

History repeats itself and what is happening these days in Bengal reminds us the horrific days of partition – days when it was becoming more and more impossible for Hindus to live with dignity and they had to choose between two options – death (conversion to Islam is death to Hindus too) or fight back. The same thing is happening nowadays but it’s also true that Hindus are in no mood to surrender – they are fighting back and what happened on November 06, 2011, the day before Id-ul-Zuha (Bakr-Id), at Boulkhali, P.S. Bauria, District: Howrah, with regard to immersion program of Devi Jagaddhatri, denotes the same approach.

The problem started at 8 pm on November 06, 2011, when the immersion program of 3-Star Club was at full blast. It was also the time when the procession reached the UCO Bank center and two enthusiastic members of the club got busy in lighting firecrackers. The place is also native to a few Muslim families also and hence, a few Muslim boys asked the two Hindu boys to refrain from lighting firecrackers. But the overjoyed Hindu boys did not heed it and as a result, after a few minutes, both of them were dragged into an alley and were beaten hollow by a group of Muslim boys. Almost none noticed it and 2-3 persons who inquired were told that the matter was result of an internal strife.

1 Hindu boy, after almost 20 minutes, became able to flee and rushed to the procession of 3-Star Club. When Hindus learnt the happening, they chased the Muslim attackers who fled in fear. Nevertheless, some of them were caught at last and were thrashed as a mark of protest. 1 Muslim shop, belonging to a Muslim owner who tried to save the attackers, located at Fort Gloster was also vandalized. It was at that time a few Muslim boys of National Society Club came forth and attacked Hindu boys resulting into a fighting between the two groups. But since more and more Hindus in the locality joined the Hindu force, Muslims were overpowered soon and they had now way other than to retreat.

All these happened before O.C. of P.S. Bauria and he was found to witness the Hindu valor without a sound.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hindu Samhati’s meetings at Dhamua and Ramnagar Sasati – major success

On November 20, 2011, Hindu Samhati remained witness to a major success in Dhamua, P.S. Magrahat, District: 24 Paraganas (South). A meeting was organized on the ground of Maitree Sangha and without doubt, the mammoth gathering proved how much the Hindu populace in the environs is hankering for a strong Hindu leadership.

Nevertheless, this meeting had perceived several other developments too on its part. As usual, police and local administration refused to let Hindu Samhati carry out the meeting and here also, the pretext was quite common. It was the preservation of communal harmony; perhaps administration there remains worried round the clock owing to bloody tensions in the recent past. But here also the administration suffered a defeat; the defiant posture of Sri Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati, was too hard for them to withstand. The permission to have the meeting was finally provided.

To exhibit strength of Hindu Samhati in the neighborhood, an impressive procession, joined by hundreds of people, was taken out. Even if the keynote address was given by Sri Tapan Ghosh, several other speakers also spoke highlighting the reigning situation for Hindus, humungous betrayal of all parties, cutting across political lines, to them and the tasks lying ahead to save dignity and retain the Hindu Dharma in this part of India on the whole. They included Amaresh Mukherjee, Advocate Tapan Biswas, Baridbaran Guha, Pratap Hazra, Ratan Sardar.

On the same day, in the evening, another meeting took place at village Sasati, close to Ramnagar, P.S. Baruipur. This place is also new and the meeting, there too, became a good success thanks to the enthusiasm of local Hindus, realizing the fast changing reality amalgamated with rising Islamic communalism.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Three Muslim crooks caught red-handed with arms in Sagar

Prospect of Gangasagar Mela is at stake

It is no longer a secret that illegal weapons are almost flooding the whole of Indian state of Bengal, directly under the nose of the government, and that the same is being used by Muslim criminals rampantly in particular. Such an accusation is enough to draw wrath of secularists but the fact that it is also not unfounded became clear when three Muslim individuals, riding a motorcycle from Kachuberia to Sagar in Sagar Island, P.S. Sagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), were caught red-handed with revolvers at 10.30 am, today itself.

It has been learnt that the entire incident took place at Mission Road where Nagmela (conducted in24 Paraganas (South) only) is in full swing. As per witnesses, the motorcycle collided with a motor van (coming from the opposite direction) and as a result, a revolver (hidden in the waist of one of 3 riders) fell on the ground. The abrupt appearance of a revolver stirred the entire area and the vehicle was encircled by a large gathering in a short while. When the other two riders were searched, revolvers were found with them also making the crowd there panic-struck.

The local police was phoned; all three riders were manhandled and handed over to the police force only after that. Why were they carrying revolvers? It is not known yet even if they were called to Kakdwip by a person named Ayub (revealed at the time of being thrashed by the aforesaid mob).

All these prove how vulnerable the law and order in the state and the audacity of Islamic religious zealots are. Muslims, thanks to the dearth of any kind of retribution, are becoming audacious enough (more and more) to have weapons, brandish those and also flout law and order openly.

Hindus in the area are wondering whether visit of these 3 armed Muslim individuals was to disrupt the continuing Nagmela or carry out more sinister jobs. Without a doubt, Hindus are apprehensive of the fate of forthcoming Gangasagar Mela (having a worldwide fame).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hindus in Jagadishpur Sardarpara suffer worst

Muslims neighbors tormenting them steadily, successfully

Tranquility is expected by all and it’s also essential to make a healthy life and have prospects. Hindus are no different in this case – but that can’t be at the cost of self-esteem and virtues. Hindus living in the village of Jagadishpur Sardarpara, P.S. Mandirbazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are facing this problem nowadays on the whole. Being tormented by neighboring Muslims perpetually, they are in a vicious circle at the moment. And the options before them are limited – either they have got to go away from the village or have to tolerate mounting obscenities of Muslims. Does the Indian administration cease to exist? The local police is unkindly and indifferent to them as before.

Jagadishpur Sardarpara, to cut a long story short, happens to be a Hindu dominated village and a 25 bigha land does exist before the village. 3 Hindu families settled there almost 10 years ago and they are in just1 bigha land; it takes roughly 2 minutes to come to the village from there. Without a shred of doubt, life was smooth for them till the advent of 3 Muslim families in the same stretch of land; they also bought 1 bigha of land and settled there 2 years ago. And from the very beginning, it is alleged, the new settlers were perceived to flex their muscles and thus make every attempt to overpower their Hindu neighbors. The remaining 23 bigha of land stays vacant.

The main source of this novel Muslim strength, it has been learnt, is Mallikpur, a Muslim dominated village, lying before P.S. Mandirbazar. A journey of 10 minutes is requisite to reach the said stretch of land from Mallikpur. The 3 Muslim families, at this point in time, are leaving no stone unturned to evict the Hindu families and Muslim thugs of Mallikpur are seen to make regular visits to their homes. What types of measures are being adopted to oust Hindus? In short, nothing is left out and it ranges from obscene activities like taunting using sexually implicit words to thefts and scuffles whenever it is essential.

The three Hindu families are: Tapan Sardar (husband) and Krishna Sardar (wife), Putul Haldar (husband) and Kaushalya Haldar (wife), Madhyam Haldar (husband) and Mita Haldar (wife). And the fear, thanks to rising persecutions, is such that Tapan and Krishna thought it wise to make their minor daughters (14 years and 13 years respectively) marry. The others, quite naturally, are living in an abject fair and are planning to go away. 3 FIR s have been lodged to the local police station but no steps to nab the culprits have been adopted yet. Hindu victims are thinking to flee.

As per information, Rahis Mollah, notorious and also influential goon in the neighborhood, is lending his power behind all these.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hindu gallantry in Durbarat stops cow slaughter, admonishes secular political leaders

This is not a mere news only but a report also; if the reader goes through this meticulously, he/she can find out with ease that intense Hindu feeling and valor can also change the course of history, even in the lowest stratum of the society. The news orbits the village of Durbarat, P.S. Falta, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and to begin with, situation in Gobindabati, adjoining village of Durbarat, must be taken into consideration. On the very last year, the village of Gobindabati, like the erstwhile years, witnessed slaughtering of cows. Well, Muslims of Durbarat did not dare to perform cow slaughter in the village and hence, Gobindabati was the only choice of them for decades. Nevertheless, there was an unceasing desire among Muslims in the neighborhood, especially in Gobindabati, to initiate the same practice in Durbarat too.

A few Muslims from Durbarat, in the last year, went to Gobindabati to perceive slaughtering of cows en masse. But they were ridiculed there leading to a violent clash between the two groups and intervention of administration later on. Well, a painstaking study, conducted by and by, confirmed that the entire event was a sham and a ploy to deceive Hindus to initiate cow slaughter in Durbarat only. No doubt, ascension of Trinamool Congress to power in Bengal and in particular, Chalueri pancahyat No. 11, has heightened Muslim confidence to a large extent. Desire of Muslims in Durbarat to slaughter cows in the village started to know no bounds.

Smelling a rat this year, the local administration, two weeks prior to Bakri –Eid or Eid-ul-Zaha, convened a meeting to retain normalcy. It was attended by 4 members representing each of Hindu and Muslim groups along with Sri Tamonash Ghosh, MLA – Falta, and several other dignitaries. The decision of the meeting was definite – instead of slaughtering of cows slaughtering of goats and buffaloes would take place.

Muslims, present in the meeting, agreed to this without any dissension; Hindu representatives, being bribed, also did the same even if the majority opinion among Hindus, in the village of Durbarat, was just the reverse. They were not ready to accept any form slaughter in the village. Taking strong exceptions to the 4 Hindu representatives, Hindu populace in the village submitted mass petition along with the photocopy of recent High Court order to call cow slaughter a halt to the SDO, SDPO, P.S. Falta.

Even so, in spite of all these, slaughter of goat and buffalo took place in the village irking Hindus extremely. The entire Hindu community, as a result, burst into protest. It is worthwhile to mention that Tamonash Ghosh, aforesaid MLA and Manabendra Mandal, both of Trinamool Congress, were present during the slaughter and it is alleged that both of them were perceived to stimulate Muslims to go on with the slaughter, enough to enrage Hindus.

Tension, to a large extent, does exist in the village of Durbarat still and to defuse the same, large contingents of RAF are stationed in the village. Police is patrolling the village and its environs day in and day out and this has become a ritual by now.

Witnessing strong Hindu reaction, TMC leadership has virtually fled from the area.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Islamic aggression stops Kalipuja in West Bauria

Did Kalipuja in Bengal go on peacefully this year? The answer to this question is strictly no; the only reason is that lots of areas in the state this year witnessed undue obstructions, felonies of Muslim populace to call the Puja a halt and the spineless administration was witnessed to accede to their demands finally. Without doubt, Hindus did offer stiff resistances and emerged victorious at various areas but political mainstream’s minority appeasement was indeed formidable. The same did happen in Kajirchara, West Bauria, P.S. Uluberia, District: Howrah on October 26, 2011, (the day of Kalipuja) when a few local Hindu youths’ honest wishes to do Puja in the crematorium, in the environs, dashed to the ground owing to warring Muslims’ objections and utter helplessness of police and administration to stop it.

A few local Hindu youths, led by Sadananda Samajpati, had decided to perform the Kalipuja on the auspicious day this year and with this bent of mind the team started making preparations on the day before. A few Muslims did object at that time in the evening but the strength of Hindus did overpower them easily. But this was not the end. Have Muslims averted any chance to torment non-Muslims in any part of the world ever? How can Muslims in the Indian state of Bengal be different then? The true color of their protest was realized from the early morning on the next day.

Hundreds of Muslim strong-armers came forward and started protesting against the preparation of Puja aggressively; the numbers started increasing with the passing of every hour. As a reaction, number of Hindu youths also increased and by the evening 700 Muslims were vis-à-vis 3, 000 Hindu youths. To steer clear of any crisis, police personnel of two police stations, Uluberia and Bauria, did intervene and the meeting between Hindus and Muslims presided over by police officers went on for hours till 11 pm in the night. But there was no solution and at last, to avert any communal tension, the Puja was stopped without heeding Hindu viewpoints. Ironically, police personnel were Hindus but they had to conform to the reigning political mainstream’s minority appeasement policy.

What was the reason behind all these? In a few words, a Muslim graveyard exists alongside the Hindu crematorium and it happened to be the mainstay of Muslim objection. However, no precise reason was cited ever.

This is surely not the only instance. Why don’t you ask members of “Jagrihi Club” at Boulkhai Sepahipara, Bauria of their tragic experiences? The club just desired to wall the club premises along with a small Kali temple beside it but it is still a dream thanks to the presence of a small Muslim graveyard by its side. A few Muslims of the area, aided by coreligionists from other areas, are preventing it with all their might. The administration, as usual, is confused and yet to adopt any perfect step (in this regard) yet.

Does acceding to Muslim opinion happen to be the newest definition of communal harmony?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Will Chaitali Haldar, hapless Hindu girl, be rescued ever?

Or will she remain lost forever representing Hindu girl victims to Islamic lust nowadays?

Here is another incident of abduction of a Hindu girl, an episode getting common increasingly across the Indian state of Bengal with each day it passes. Ms. Chaitali Haldar (age 15), daughter of Sri Utpal Haldar (age 47), s/o Sri Jitendranath Haldar, resident of Joynagar Sardarpara, P.S. Panchla, Dist. Howrah, has been missing from October 06, 2011 and from the very beginning presence of a Islamic handiwork in the episode was suspected; later developments confirmed the same only.

It is to be noted that Chaitali Haldar happens to be the third one among all five daughters of Sri Haldar and is a student of Class XIII at Joynagar Pallishree Vidyaniketan (educational institution). She, on the fateful day, went to perceive Vijaya Dashami of Durga Puja (grand immersion of deity conforming to Hindu religious rituals) at Ranihati Amtabere, P.S. Panchla and has never returned thus far. There is a question too – does any missing case of a Hindu girl imply Islamic deed always.

No – but it this case there were some other facts as well. Rajiv Khan (age 22), s/o Saifuddin Khan, inhabitant of Kandua Khanpara, P.S. Sankrail, worked at Utpal’s residence as manual laborer for 2 weeks (at a stretch) till Id-ul-Fiter (August 31, Wednesday) and during this period, an affinity grew up between the two. Elder sisters of Chaitali also noticed this and owing to their insistence, job of Rajiv Khan was called a halt abruptly.

When Utpal (having this idea) went to Ranihati Amtabere at dead night to find her daughter out, he, accordingly, asked of the presence of any such person (like Rajiv) in the area at the time of immersion. Soon it got cleared to him that Rajiv Khan – s/o Saifuddin Khan, along with Salim Khan – s/o Saifuddin Khan, Amir Khan – s/o Surabdin (Rashid) Khan, Meheraj Khan – s/o Siraj Khan, Suraj Khan – s/o Siraj Khan, Sher Khan – s/o Mahinuddin Khan, Surabdin (Rashid) Khan, Siraj Khan and Mahinuddin Khan, had already been present there and the entire gang, comprising young and old, led Chaitali astray and abducted her at last. Rajiv Khan feigned that he was in love with Chaitali.

On October 07, 2011, at 08.10 am, a phone call from mobile no, 9143310145, came to the cell phone no. 9903237439 of Sri Utpal Haldar. A strange and unknown voice demanded Rs. 50, 000 as ransom money (to return Chaitali). To make the call more authentic, Chaitali was made speak in the phone – she did the same shedding tears desperately. She also stated that in case of any failure to pay Rajiv would simply chop her. The demand for such a huge sum along with possible fallout (in case of any failure) was just a shell shock for such a hard-up family, if not more.

But Utpal could manage to ask her of the location she was talking from – the phone was disconnected just then. Afterward, lots of other calls came from different phone numbers of abductors to an assortment of phone numbers belonging to relatives and friends of Utpal – he was asked to go to Kolaghat, from there to Mecheda – Tamluk and lastly Digha. The helpless father did all carrying the same amount of Rs. 50, 000 but Chaitali was found nowhere.

Finding no other option Sri Utpal Haldar, in the end, went to P.S. Panchla to lodge a missing diary (No. 347 dtd. 08/10/11). Another FIR, containing complains of abduction and ransom, especially against aforementioned Islamic felons, was lodged on October 08, 2011, GD no. 363/P.S. – Panchla – dtd. 09/10/11, Case No. 329/11 – dtd. 09/10/11 u/s – 363/365/34 IPC.

However, nothing has improved after this even. On October 16, 2011 around 04.30 pm an anonymous voice called Utpal’s friend (at his number) and threatened the family for approaching the police station and warned of murdering Chaitali before long too. Police is yet to adopt any effective step to nab the culprits (before it gets late) and the helpless father is running from pillar to post seeking justice.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Grievous incident in Kulpi, October 24, 2011, stems from deep-rooted anti-Hindu prejudice

It has become far-flung by now how a mob of riotous Muslims, carrying all sorts of lethal weapons, virtually called local administration on the carpet and destroyed BDO (Block Development Office) and Kulpi police station in the Indian state of Bengal, posing a grave challenge to the constitutional predominance on October 24, 2011. While a few prefer to term it as a local feud, the majority of Hindus, in spite of being knowledgeable of the real intention of murderous Muslims but also helpless owing to absence of security, is maintaining a creepy silence. It is to be noted that the attack was not abrupt but the fallout of an idea conceived some days before. Reason?

On October 14, 2011, immersion of deity of Goddess Lakshmi was going on in the village of Rajarampur, P.S. Kulpi under the leadership of Balak Sangha of Dakshinpara and more than 100 Hindus were present on the occasion. At the same time, a good number of Muslims from the neighboring village of Raghunathpur (dominated by Muslims) came along and demanded both money and alcohol in lieu of letting Hindus pass through the village safely. But Hindus refused right away; Muslim crooks, in return, warned Hindus of dire consequences before long. To steer clear of any disturbance, Hindus informed Mahamaya Sangha, local club of Hindus, for help. Muslims fled as a result.

On October 16, 2011 (Sunday) immersion of Goddess Lakshmi’s deity, of Jubak Sangha Haldarpara, was going on at 11.30 pm. Muslims, involved with the disturbance on October 14, 2011 in Rajarampur, was also present here; dancing to the tunes of Hindi film songs and making lewd advances to Hindu girls watching the procession. They got so wild eventually that it was no longer possible to complete the holy immersion conforming to Hindu rituals and traditions. To save the fast deteriorating situation, Hindus asked Muslims to leave the area which they considered as an insult.

The chain of Muslim reaction (ending with destruction of BDO office and P.S. Kulpi) started following this incident. A Hindu boy of Balak Sangha, who was also present in the immersion procession of Jubak Sangha Haldarpara, while returning to his home, was seized by Muslims and was thrashed severely. His mother, as he was near to his residence, identified and made desperate efforts to save him; she was molested. When members of Jubak Sangha Haldarpara were informed of the grievous incident, they just rushed to the spot and saved the victims. A few Islamic hoodlums, responsible for torturing the Hindu family, were found out soon and were beaten hollow.

The entire incident had a disastrous effect on the neighborhood but immersion completed somehow. Nevertheless, a few pebbles, in the meantime, were thrown to several other Hindu villages in the environs.

On October 17, 2011, Hindus, office goers, were being tortured from the early morning. A rowdy Islamic mob was simply not enabling them to pass through main road of the area. The police force from P.S. Kulpi arrived there at 10 am and owing to the administrative intervention, the blockade was withdrawn. On October 19, 2011 a meeting between Hindus and Muslims (5 members representing each group) took part in a round table with the police but no decision could be reached.

The rest – what did happen on October 24, 2011 is a history. We are well aware of it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hindu Samhati activists foil nasty Islamic design to disrupt Durga Puja in Jhinki

Hindu fate is getting vulnerable to Islamic antagonism more and more, with each day it passes; every new grievous incident proves unless Hindus become virile combatants, a permanent void does exist before them only. Days are getting tougher without doubt; even simplest instances are being exploited for Hindu-baiting. Jhinki (Karimabad) village of Mohanpur No. 1 Village Panchayat, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South), West Bengal, witnessed such on October 05, 2011 (Wednesday), following a Kabaddi tournament organized to mark the consecrated occasion of Sri Sri Durga Puja.

It was a one-day long tournament on the whole and was participated by both Hindu and Muslim Kabaddi teams in the environs; to be watched by hundreds of other Muslims.

As the sporting competition progressed, serious confrontations or wrangles regarding rules and regulations of Kabaddi started to get common between Hindu and Muslim teams increasingly. To bring the rising disputes to a halt, the organizing committee of the tournament thought it wise to intervene. At that juncture, a few Muslim youths, certainly to defy any approach to rein in the mounting confrontations that had started to vitiate the religious atmosphere already, were witnessed to barge in the area of Puja.

Within a fraction of a second, Muslim hooligans attacked Hindu womenfolk there, defiled sanctity in the environment and also destroyed a few utensils meant for the Puja along with a portion of the pandal.

Thanks to proactive methods of Hindu Samhati activists present there, Muslim hooligans were defeated within the next few minutes; they were disseminated. Local administration intervened later on and with its active help the next part of the program was completed.

It is needless to say, had there been no Hindu Samhati activist, it would have been more than impossible to rein in Muslim felons, present there to disrupt a Hindu religious affair cold-heartedly.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fierce Muslim mob persecutes Hindus at North Radhanagar railway station, Mograhat

Hindus struggling tooth and nail

If I have power, every wrong is right – is this the latest Islamic slogan in Bengal? There are enough reasons to raise this question; fast changing postures of Muslim youths, especially their mounting aggressiveness is unleashing hell only across the state and the grievous incident on October 06, 2011 at North Radhanagar railway station, P.S. Mograhat, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South) exemplifies this reality best. What did happen in the station?

A minor Hindu boy, to maintain his livelihood, sells pure drinking water in the railway station and on the very day (October 06, 2011) he was in his shop as usual. Around 10.00 am a Muslim youth came to the shop to have water but after drinking he declined to pay any money citing the water was both hot and not up to standard. But the minor Hindu boy had no other option; he went on asking for the money. His recurrent pleas disturbed the Muslim youth a lot who in return thrashed him highly.

Sandipan Mandal, hardcore Hindu Samhati activist, was present there and owing to his fierce protest the minor Hindu boy got saved. The Muslim boy fled (in fear) from the station only to return with around 50 Muslim youths, carrying lethal weapons, from neighboring Muslim-dominated village of Shyampur, soon. Taking advantage of absence of local Hindus (engaged with their own professions), the fierce Muslim mob beat Sandipan and other Hindus in the railway station hollow.

A few Muslims came forward to compromise but the other group instantly started hurling bombs at the North Radhanagar railway station; all fled in fear of life. Well, this was not the end. A few Hindu shops including drinking water shop of Ranjit Sardar, fruit shop of Rabin Haldar, betel leaf (paan) shop of Nandarani Seal were ransacked. They were also tromped; railway ticket counter was destroyed even and money was looted. A few Hindu women were molested too; not to speak of abusing Hinduism by Muslim hoodlums.

Intensity of the situation compelled local police to step in before long and officers asked both parties to make a compromise without delay. It became obvious that the police was not ready to heed any complaint of Hindus, many of whom were beaten heavily, even. A strong unity grew up among Hindus (without further ado) to deal with the situation and thanks to it, Hindus, unanimously, declined to make any compromise, synonymous to stimulating Islamic Jihad.

Hindus, later in the day, went to P.S. Mograhat to submit an application to Officer-in-Charge there to nab culprits and find out illegal weaponry in the neighborhood. But they had strange experiences there! Not the O.C. declined to accept the application only but was witnessed to admonish both Sanjay Haldar and Kartik Mandal, youths leading Hindus, also.

Hindus in the area are aggrieved and are not ready to make any single compromise.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hindu Samhati youths punish Muslim troublemakers in Mograhat

On October 05, 2011, a Kabaddi competition took place in village Karimabad of Jhinki, P.S. Mograhat, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South) and it was joined by large numbers of Hindu and Muslim youths from several villages in the neighborhood.

While the competition was in full swing, a few Muslim youths were perceived to make derogatory comments of hallowed Hindu deities and religious rituals too. What is more, some of them were even rejoicing over the beheading of Hindu deities in neighboring village of Madhavpur; the incident took place on September 27, 2011 – the day of Mahalaya.

The situation was enough to enrage active Hindu Samhati workers present in the field; they got hold of two Muslim youths, identified already to slang Hindu Gods, and thrashed them highly. What happened next was indeed amazing! All Muslim bad hats fled within just a few seconds and the competition went on.

Hindus present in the feeling cheered Hindu Samhati youths and thanked them also.

No Muslim crook has dared to lodge a protest in the local police station even.

GRP office ransacked in Bauripur for questioning suspect Muslim youth

Has any order been enacted that announces every Muslim as a free individual in India? The question is asked witnessing mounting arrogance among Muslim youths these days, especially in Bengal, who (apparently) are considering themselves as free individuals or those who can’t be controlled by any state agency ever. What can be the other justification of the incident at Baruipur, suburb railway station, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South) of late? The gruesome incident took place on October 03, 2011 – the day of Maha Saptami of Durga Puja and all these happened since a GRP (Government Railway Police) police officer dared to check a Muslim youth on grounds of suspicion.

In accordance with witnesses, the Muslim youth was roaming freely in the Baruipur railway station but his frantic attitude and also mode of walking was enough to raise suspicion within any sane individual, let alone any police officer. While he was questioning the Muslim youth (giving the cold shoulder quite arrogantly), a rumor spread in the locality that he was being manhandled by railway police.

A large group of Muslim youths, having hockey sticks and iron rods as well, were found to rush into the railway station within next few seconds and got ready to beat the GRP person black and blue. Opportune arrival of a few police persons saved him but the youths vented their anger (due to inability to thrash the officer) by ransacking the GRP office.

There has not been any arrest yet and as per local people, police, owing to political pressures, has not adopted any measure even to nab the thugs involved in the pillage.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Strong, aggressive Hindu approach teaches Muslim thugs lesson in Gangasagar

Islamic religious persecutions on Hindus in the Indian state of Bengal are rising by leaps and bounds and one more incident with each day it passes proves the same horrendous episode more conspicuously. But if the same Hindus remain united and firm to teach Islamic felons a lesson, the reverse does take place without doubt and Ghona Jana’s, a Hindu youth, defiance, struggle along with other Hindus and victory over Muslim felons in Gangasagar, P.S. Gangasagar, authenticates it. Gangasagar, known across the globe for Sagar mela (fair), is positioned on the continental shelf of Bay of Bengal, about 150 km south of Kolkata.

On September 23, 2011in the evening a Muslim individual named Rashid telephoned Ghona and it was a wrong call on his part. When Ghona declined to talk to any such unknown person Rashid slanged him vehemently and Ghona also abused him in return. But any such insult (out of the blue) was unbearable for Ghona and hence, he called Rashid once more. Wife of Rashid, instead of him, picked up the phone and she was lambasted heavily. When Rashid was informed of all these, he, without further ado, reported to Ghona’s elder brother, who assured him to pacify the heated episode. Little did he know that Rashid was planning to teach Ghona a lesson.

On September 25, 2011 Rashid, during noon, got hold of Ghona in the Hindu village and thrashed him black and blue. As a reaction to this, Hindus in the area flogged Rashid also and any other Muslim who came forward to save him. Rashid got rescued only thanks to the timely intervention of aged Muslims, containing Muslim leader of his village too.

On September 27, 2011 a general meeting took place to restrain the rising animosity that had started to sour Hindu-Muslim harmony in the village too. Perhaps this was the first time when the Muslim village and its environs witnessed such a brawny, aggressive Hindu approach. Scores of members of both communities participated in the meeting but Hindus outnumbered Muslims. The same strong Hindu fervor was witnessed in the meeting as well and this was best expressed when Hindus unanimously accused Rashid of slanging, beating Ghona and also coming to the Hindu village intentionally.

Perceiving Hindu rage, village jurists found it wise to end the meeting. Muslims asked for forgiveness and also gave Rs. 500 to Ghona for his treatment.

A great victory indeed for the moribund Bengali Hindus (overall) and surely Hindus in Gangasagar have set a great instance, appreciable and exemplary.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hindu Deities’ heads severed in Moukhali, Mograhat

Bengal has witnessed lots of developments of late – a historic transition of power, fast deterioration of Left power supplanted by the meteoric rise of rightwing politics, headed by Trinamool Congress. But Hindus are left in the lurch still and it seems with each day it passes, Hindus are getting more vulnerable to most raging attacks of their adversaries, in particular Islamic fundamentalists. If not, how can incidents of severing heads of Hindu deities be on the rise? What has happened in village Moukhali, P.S. Mograhat, Dist.: 24 Paraganas (South) is just the same. Heads of large deities of Shani Dev and Kali Mata in the local temple were found severed on 27.09.11 night.

Moukhali, not far from Kolkata, remains at strange situation. While the village is dominated by Hindus and shares a good relation with adjoining Hindu areas, it is at loggerheads with the Muslim villages on its eastern side. Muslims do share the same thoroughfare but antagonism between the two communities refuses to end. Prior to the said incident thefts in local temples had taken place and several Muslim neighbors were taken into custody in this regard. So, in this time too Hindus of Moukhali smell a rat.

It’s worthwhile to mention that heads of two other small deities have also been severed. But while these two are still prominent in the temple, police was quick enough to immerse the larger deities of Shani Dev and Kali Mata to the nearby pond.

Police is trying to paint the entire incident in the color of intra-village feud to maintain harmony but villagers are terming this as a work of Muslim felons steadfastly. Past experiences prove that their assertions hold water.

Tension prevails in the village.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Muslim mob runs amok in Behala, Kolkata

Is this only future?

It’s the time for the reader to go through the following story before anything.

On September 22, 2011 at a place called Janakalyan in Behala Chowrasta, Kolkata, at 10.30 am in the morning a Muslim individual, of age 52 years, on a scooter, was going to drop off his daughter to the school. While he was returning from the school an auto-rickshaw knocked him down and it is alleged that he was in a pool of blood on the road for almost next 2 hrs. As per witnesses, none did help him; police ambulance refused to take him to the hospital and the police did not frame the rickshaw driver.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and was admitted. The Muslim individual succumbed to death in the evening on September 23, 2011and while returning from the burial ground, his in-laws and friends, almost 200, blockaded Behala Chowrasta (crossing of 4 avenues) at 10.30 pm. They also ransacked a few shops along with 12 auto-rickshaws. All these led to clashes between them and Hindu rickshaw drivers.

A large police contingent including RAF went to disperse the violent groups; they were lathi-charged too and situation calmed down by 11.20 pm. However, from around 11.30 pm Hindu rickshaw drivers started blockading the same crossing demanding arrests of Muslims and clashed with police repeatedly.

Police assured Hindus to nab the Muslim felons fast and only then Hindus called the blockade a halt.

However, there has not been any single approach yet, let alone arrest of any Muslim rowdy.

The aforementioned single incident has brought to the fore lots of issues at the same instant. Without doubt, the tragic death of the Muslim individual was most unfortunate and such a public apathy to any fatally injured person is completely unacceptable and must be condemned. But that does not enable Muslims to get amuck, hold the administration to ransom and destruct vehicles, shops of innocent people and thus conduct pillage or plundering to express their rage. Was the ire more for Behala being a Hindu bastion?

Even if the Islamic tirade this time was no match to the one that Kolkata witnessed during the Muslim fundamentalists-led drive for expulsion of Taslima Nasrin on November 21, 2007 and surely any alleged secularist would love to say that protests of 200 people at best is minimal, Behala incident proved that this would be the future of Kolkata before long, if unchecked. And the greatest casualty would be the Bengal administration, yet to ascertain extent of Hindu virility fully.

Has the administration forgotten that any action begets same form of reaction?

What has come to the fore owing to brief yet violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims is that Hindu strength does exist still and among Bengali Hindus, considered by many as too non-martial.

It’ll also be judicious for Bengal administration to note that Hindu notion of struggle is not similar to that of Haqqani network. While it remains unvoiced at times, a genuine flare up may occur within fractions of a second. And the sole reason behind this is that a Hindu considers – it is humane to forget and forgive, it is divine to resist and repay – as being propounded by Hindu Dharma from time immemorial.

Civil war, after all, is neither desirable nor amiable.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lord Vishwakarma deity destroyed in Howrah

Munshirhat village, highly disturbed these days owing to mounting Islamic muscle-flexing and their nefarious attitude to inhibit Hindus all the time, P.S. Jagatballavpur, Dist. Howrah, witnessed an unforeseen development on September 20, 2011. And it was the destruction of deity of Lord Vishwakarma by Muslims while Hindus in the environs were readying for its immersion.

Vishwakarma Puja was organized by Hindu rickshaw, cycle van drivers on September 18, 2011; the Puja led to a great enthusiasm in the area and was attended by Hindus from far-off areas as well.

The ominous incident took place on September 20, 2011in the evening when the whole area was gripped by load-shedding. Taking advantage of the situation, Muslim miscreants vandalized the deity and Hindus became aware of the episode only when electricity was restored. What did take place later on was a great resentment among Hindus but there was no verbal expression of it out of fear. Such is the situation in Munshirhat village at the moment.

What made Hindus get silent even after this crime? It was for no one other than the presence of Faruq Mallik, deputy-head of Shankarhati No. 1 Panchayat, influential leader of People’s Democratic Conference of India (PDCI), headed by Siddiquallah Chowdhury, in the disputed area. PDCI, known for its strong Islamic position, enjoys a well position in the area.

Faruq Mallik informed the police and under leadership of both the damaged deity, better to say its parts, were immersed in a nearby pool. Hindus, being panic-stricken, have not been able to lodge any formal complaint to the police station yet.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Simonti’s own harrowing account – how she was persecuted by her Muslim boyfriend-turned-husband and his family

This is neither any news nor any fiction but the heartrending truth of a young girl – well-bred, highly educated, jovial, hailing from an affluent and decent Hindu family – Simonti (name changed), from Kolkata, who became an easy prey to Love Jihad and how her life was wrecked while she remained subservient in an alien, Islamic environment. What is Love Jihad then? It’s an illegal activity, conducted under aegis of Islamic bigots, where a few Muslim boys target college girls belonging to non-Muslim communities, especially Hindu, for conversion to Islam by shamming love. The movement that started in Kerala and Mangalore has reached the shores of Kolkata too. And Simonti’s harrowing experience is an eye opener.

What is described below is not to depict hatred to any individual but to make Hindu girls cautious of the fate any inter religious relationship. May Simonti’s destiny make them have a second thought prior to get into a Hindu-Muslim love relation.

Simonti is the second daughter of her parents and hence, there was no dearth of love for her in the family. She, hence, had a good education in a prominent English medium school of the metropolis, scored good marks in exams and got admitted to a prestigious college in the morning section. Well, the morning section had an uncanny phenomenon; it was dominated by Muslims students altogether and as a result, Simonti came across a few Muslim friends before long.

It was at this time Simonti was introduced to Mohammed Zafar (name changed) through a female friend of her. Zafar introduced himself as a businessman with high aspirations and this was enough to impress a naïve girl like her (ignorant of Hindu fate in a Muslim household). Life was going on as usual but all changed in the 1 st week of April, 2004. Without doubt, Simonti had become somewhat soft to him, thanks to his courteous behavior and their frequent meetings in parks and restaurants, and gradually it led to love. Taking advantage of this, on one fine morning, Zafar came to her college and said that it was no longer possible for him to live without her. And if she wasn’t ready to marry him, he would commit suicide.

The situation was quite perplexing for Simonti and when she said that she was not prepared for the same, Zafar said categorically in that case he would reveal the love affair to her parents (Zafar, as a Muslim youth, was confident that such a relation was beyond acceptance to Simonti’s family). It’s to be noted that Simonti’s parents were already informed of the development and that's why, she was cautioned. However, indeed, on that day Zafar’s words of committing suicide while returning from the college unless Simonti accepted him and his weeping (portraying his desperation) frightened her a great deal. This was, in reality, a play but it wasn’t possible for Simonti to comprehend any such attitude. She was all alone under the sun.

So, exploiting her perilous situation, Zafar took her to Bankshal Court and forced her to get converted to Islam there – Simonti, as a result, got a new name, Jannat Begum. After that she was taken to Tipu Sultan Mosque in Kolkata and Zafar’s brother Akram was already there. Zafar asked the Moulavi there for marriage; there was a need of three witnesses to do it but all were arranged in a lightening speed, indicating the conspiracy to woo and convert a Hindu girl was hatched earlier. But it was not possible for Simonti alias Jannat Begum to understand it. She was then asked by Zafar to phone her father. Well, she wasn’t ready at all but was compelled to do so. And the Hindu family’s reaction in any such circumstance needs no more mentioning. She was castigated heavily by her parents.

Simonti or Jannat was then taken to Zafar’s house, located in Narkeldanga, an infamous slum area of Kolkata. This is enough to prove what the main intention behind such type of courtship remains. Zafar’s family, strikingly, remained normal and Simonti was addressed coldly. But since it was not safe for the Muslim family to keep the couple in the house secretly, they were promptly sent to Hyderabad on the very next day. Berths were already reserved! And Simonti perceived that Zafar was being given a good amount of money by his own brother to manage upcoming expenses. They were sent to Zafar’s aunt’s house in Hyderabad.

It was then that Simonti witnessed a complete reversal in Zafar’s attitude. He, in a stern voice, in the railway compartment, asked her to conform to Islamic rituals and learn and start everything as soon as possible. Reason? Zafar said that Simonti was from a Kafir family after all!

What did happen in Hyderabad? Zafar’s cousin was in the station to receive the couple and he was seen to congratulate Zafar for attaining such a great success – wooing and converting a Hindu girl – regarded as one of the prime activities of Muslims.

Both Zafar and Simonti were accepted in the house cordially and they stayed there for 10 days at a stretch. During the stay, Zafar asked her day in and day out, at times harshly, to remain as a good Muslim bride and the same was done by other members of his aunt’s family, including women. Whatever it is, during the stay she was not physically beaten that started once she came back to Kolkata. This entire episode (stay in Hyderabad) was indeed a drama to diffuse the tension in consequence of the inter-religion marriage.

A great change took place after their return. Contrary to the first time, Simonti at this time was put in a utterly inhospitable environment. Not the room was dirty only but it was not fit for stay of a married couple also. But she had no choice. She was forced to do all household jobs (nearly unbelievable in her own house) including cleaning and cooking for the whole family. And just after a month she found that Zafar had lied to her of everything, his family and his own occupation. What she found was that Zafar was unemployed, never had any business and had great inclination to sexual excesses.

But Simonti was the last person to lose hope. She started to apply for jobs and after a while she got one night-shift job. Simonti was permitted to do it on condition that she would submit Rs. 3, 000 to the family per month. Simonti found it as a bargain for short independence. This was too essential for her as by that time she became an easy prey to all forms of mental and physical tortures of Zafar and his family members. As per her own account, there was hardly any day when Zafar didn’t relish intercourse with her for less than 5 times. Zafar also allowed her to do the job but it happened only after she agreed that he would be given Rs 4, 000 per month as installment of his bike.

This new arrangement continued for 3 months without interruption. Nevertheless, at times for Zafar’s inhuman tortures Simonti used to express her anger and out of rage even censured Islam for two or three times. She was belted heavily for saying so. A beloved and dutiful husband! Isn’t it?

This new episode unfurled a new chapter; excessive tortures started to get more supports from mounting sexual offences against her at the same time. Even Simonti was threatened that she would have to share bed with three more Muslim youths – if she failed to gratify Zafar’s lecherousness (on the rise steadily). This was a straight case of perversion which from then on became a recurrent one. Simonti felt that Zafar’s failure to convince her to have some money from her father led him to perversion. But she was wrong. This was not the only reason; Zafar’s increasing abuses proved that it was the ideal fate of any Kafir (non-Muslim) girl, in particular Hindu. Simonti never got any medical assistance from the Muslim family, remaining nonchalant all the way.

Rising sexual torturing was totally unbearable for Simonti but due to Zafar’s insistence and also threatening she underwent 3 abortions. Was not it necessary for Zafar to adopt preventive measures during intercourse? Certainly but even after repeated pleas of Simonti to have those, Zafar shunned it citing religious factors. Persecutions made Simonti firmer than ever before and being advised by doctor not to opt for 4 th abortion, she gave birth to a girl child in 2009. And there was no resentment in the Muslim family against Simonti for this since she had got a job in WIPRO and agreed to contribute Rs. 5,000 per month. Meanwhile, out of the blue Simonti (forced by Zafar) called her father one day to provide her Rs. 30,000. He father turned the proposal down and instead asked her to return. Zafar fumed as a result, thrashed Simonti once more and decided to teach her a new lesson. What is this new lesson?

A few days ago to all these, Zafar had set up his own small factory and now he brought all the materials there (for working) to his residence stating that this way was cost-effective. To make way for all these, Simonti had to move to a bunk atop of the room, remaining in an outrageous condition. But nothing was there for Simonti; she had the right to submit to any wrongdoing only. How many years did she live there for? It’s for 2 and half years! It’s the most sordid experience in her life, accompanied by Zafar’s family’s slang languages and gestures.

Here are a few more significant and shocking facts. Prior to giving birth to her daughter (to steer clear of 4 th abortion risking her own life) Simonti went to Hatiara, Dist: 24 Paraganas (North), to evade further negligence of Zafar’s family. Since she was providing the necessary money on a monthly basis, none in the family did object to this decision. Within a week a house in Hatiara was found and Simonti started living there all alone. It was a tenants’ quarter; Simonti’s room was in the ground floor and she had to sharer bathroom with others. Zafar remained in his own house in Kolkata and used to visit this place once a week.

After living there for 6 months, Simonti found herself to be pregnant. When it was reported, Zafar, in spite of great unwillingness, took her to his own residence. He was not ready to kill a chicken providing a golden egg on every month. Here Simonti was frequently asked whether her child would be male. The Muslim family had a weird revulsion to female child and Zafar’s mother considered any female child as sin. During this time Simonti was forced to consume beef to ameliorate her own health. When she expressed her displeasure to have it on the first day, Zafar slapped her.

When on earth the daughter was born, Zafar was not present in the hospital. He came on the very next day, though reluctant. His baby became vulnerable to serious diseases but Zafar hardly cared. Simonti had to fight with him virtually to transfer the newborn infant to International Institute of Health Care in Kolkata, reputed medical institution, from the hospital. During this period presence of Zafar in the Institute was almost zero. Though Simonti made up her mind to leave the area permanently, she retuned to relatives-in-law’s house once more. And when her daughter was of four months old in 2009, Simonti decided to leave Zafar’s house once and for all. Simonti returned to her paternal abode finally.

But Zafar was not ready to leave her so easily. He used to visit Simonti’s paternal residence once per week and force her to have money from her father. Such pressure led to deterioration of her health and soon Simonti was attacked with jaundice due to malnutrition and her rough treatment. In Rubi Hospital Simonti was found to be underweight and was in need of complete rest. But Zafar’s family planned to take her to an exorcist! Such a heinous plan foiled thanks to strong fight of her family.

Once Simonti recovered, she decided not to return to Zafar’s house ever. Such a resolute decision ensued into a schism between Simonti and Zafar, who asked her to collect Rs. 20, 000 for him. He even threatened her of dire consequences if there was any refusal. At this time, to save her own and also daughter’s life, Simonti lodged a formal complaint against Zafar to the local police station. Zafar’s family, for the first time, stopped to proceed further due to fear. But strange enough, Simonti didn’t get any help from police.

Simonti didn’t know what to do next. But she was lucky enough as she got refuge from Hindu Samhati and with its help she got divorce in Islamic manner.

Simonti has returned to Hinduism once again and is waiting to convert her baby to Hinduism.

What is Simonti’s assessment of this episode in her life then? Simonti has finally concluded that Zafar married her to obtain copious amount of money from her father and she was trapped only after her family’s affluence was studied. There was not even an iota of love for her within Zafar.

Simonti is indeed lucky to finally break up shackles of Islamic love to her unlike tens of thousands of other hapless Hindu women, becoming easy preys to Love Jihad, without respite. Others either become victims of Islamic lust or are compelled to enter flesh trade and endure subhuman lives.

The above incident authenticates how Hindu girls, making love affairs with Muslim boys, end up. If any reader continues to disbelieve the above-mentioned account, complete devastation of their daughters’ lives can be the best eye opener. Is anyone ready to take up the challenge?