Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hindu Samhati scores major victory in Joynagar

One fact must be accepted – Joynagar, premier town and a municipality in South 24 Paraganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal, is becoming a strong bastion of Hindu resistance activities increasingly. The area, which was under the sway of Islamic communal forces till a few months back thanks to the prominence of SUCI there, has turned into mainstay of Hindu strugglers. And surely the best specimen of this is the mounting antagonism between Hindu Samhati cadres and opponent forces, furious due to Joynagar’s significant role in making Hindu Samhati’s 3rd anniversary (held recently) a historic success.

What are the other instances of resentment then? Well, the fresh brawl over public tap positioned at Badyir Chawlk, under P.S. Joynagar, is a good depiction. The government-owned water tap was not working for a few months making commoners suffer to a large extent. Notably, local Panchayat doesn’t adopt any measure to fix the tap ever. And at every time Hindus would have to bear the cost – this was the unwritten law.

Finding no other feasible alternative general Hindus opted for its fixing and raising a pubic fund for the job. There was another announcement too. Hindus unanimously declared that unsympathetic persons to this cause would not be allowed to use the public tap any longer. But Muslims were in no mood to heed this wise statement and cooperate.

On 10 th February Muslims came to get water but they were not allowed. Muslims, considering this as a personal insult, threatened to make use of the public tap and without paying a penny. On 15th February the water tap was destroyed and it was done by 70-80 Muslims in the neighborhood. 10-15 Hindus prevented them. This led to a violent brawl between the two communities and 1 person from both communities got injured. Hearing the news Hindu youths from all sides reached the spot fast. Muslims getting afraid at this took refuge in own houses. The thrashing by the Hindu Samhati cadres was indeed too heavy for Muslim troublemakers.

To put an end to all these, police stepped in and asked both parties to get into police station to resolve the matter fast. A court of justice comprising people of the locality was set up without delay. The court decided that Muslims would bear the cost of fixing the water tap. Muslim thugs, already beleaguered, accepted Hindus’ suzerainty without dissent and provided the costs of fixing the tap promptly.

Lots of villages within the jurisdiction of P.S. Joynagar, like this, are becoming bastions of Hindu resistance movement.

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