Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What will be the fate of Hindus in Mathurapur?

It’s no longer a secret ………… even a minute and futile break can be exploited by Islamic fundamentalists to pounce on Hindus. And to save own skin and kith and kin Hindus have to build up strong resistance movements. But this is also not an easy task; if it had been, hapless Hindus in Mathurapur would have remained safe and sound. What has taken place in Mathurapur manifests that Hindus have become latest casualty in democratic India.

Here is the truth.

That the Hindu festival of Janmasthami Puja (celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday) could be a source of annoyance for Muslims in the vicinity was first comprehended when a Hindu-Muslim schism took place in the village Purba Ranaghata, P.S. Mathurapur, Lalpar area, District: 24 Paraganas (South) on August 22, 2011. However, Hindus did not apprehend any such trouble since Bhagavat Path, to celebrate the pious occasion, happening nightlong on August 21, 2011 and widely circulated through microphone, was unchallenged.

But the situation became different on Monday, August 22, 2011. At 2 pm a few children were playing with some plastic chairs before the podium of celebration and a child, by coincidence, left a chair in the thoroughfare. A Muslim cycle van driver (Saddam Hussain Gharami), while driving in a little while, faced obstacles as a result and he threw the chair scolding Hindus.

Bapi Paik, a Hindu youth present there, protested loudly against this leading to an attack on him by Saddam. There was a brawl between the two soon, getting violent increasingly and such was its extent that Saddam didn’t hesitate to push his mother (lone passenger in the van) aside brutally, when the later was trying to stop the battle royal.

Saddam, after a few minutes, retuned to the same spot with Islamic thugs (at least 200) and attacked Bapi’s family decisively and violently. In this lethal attack, all male members of Paik family, including Bapi, Dilip Paik – his father, Judhisthir Paik – his uncle, were heavily wounded and they were left dumbfounded. But the strong Islamic contingent did not retract once and for all. Between 2 pm and 5 pm they came back for 8 times in a row and during their absence, Muslim children were keeping watch on the Paik family.

To have justice, Paik family members went to Rezzaq Haldar, head of the local Panchayat at 5.45 pm. He listened to both Hindus and Muslims and to find out the reality, a meeting was convened in residence of Mocha Gharami, father of Saddam, within the next 1 hour. Nevertheless, both Bapi and his brother, being terrified, skipped the meeting. Muslims in the meeting refused to accept judgment in their absence. Hence, it was decided there that the final meeting would take place on August 23, 2011.

On August 23, 2011, during evening, the meeting took place in “Pragati Sangha”, a primary school in the village. But it turned out to be a different scene altogether. When the Paik family members were elucidating tortures on them, Muslims termed it as a blatant tall tale and were all set to thrash the entire family once more.

They put off electric supply in the entire area and came down more heavily on the members of Paik family. Even Rezzaq Haldar was not spared also. Police, when phoned, rushed to the spot but Rezzaq Haldar, in spite of repeated asking of police, preferred to stay mum.

Members of the Paik family were found severely wounded and were sent to the hospital close at hand by the police. Mathrapur Hospital refused to admit Bapi Paik due to his excessive injury. He was transferred to Diamond Harbor Hospital and as per latest information, his life is at stake.

When there was an approach to lodge an FIR in P.S. Mathurapur by Hindus, it was deferred citing the change of Officer-in-Charge of the police station.

The situation is tense in the village still. Hindus are regrouping there to avert deadlier Islamic attacks.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bagnan Howrah flares up; Muslims desperate to stop coming Janmasthami there

Bagnan, notable census town in Howrah district in the Indian state of Bengal, has been gripped by tensions and Hindu apprehensions of attacks by Muslims following a violent attempt by an Islamic mob on August 18, 2011 to stamp Hindu moral fiber down. The ominous event started in Khadinan, Bagnan, Howrah, at 4.30 pm, following a verbal confrontation between Hindu Sahmati members, engaged in collecting funds to celebrate upcoming Janmasthami (birthday of Lord Krishna) Puja in local Saraswati Ashram, and a Muslim lorry driver who refused to contribute it in any way.

The verbal confrontation ended soon after and Hindu youths left the place. But it was not any end for the Muslim driver. Just after a few minutes he along with a group of Muslim youths having long bamboo sticks, small swords, hockey sticks were found to enter the Ashram premises and started to thrash anybody they could find before them.

Some Hindu boys, at that time, were working out in the Ashram’s gymnasium and once they put up strong resistance, the thugs were trounced and they had to retreat. But this was also not the end.

A strong contingent of Muslims from neighboring villages, containing at least 300, brandishing country made weapons, came to the Ashram around 6 pm to destroy every Hindu presence there and thus avenge the earlier defeat. Well, Hindus apprehended such an approach beforehand and hence, almost 120 Hindu youths along with local Hindu people were on guard. Hindus turned out to be enough to defeat Islamic cronies once more.

Two successive defeats became unbearable for Muslims to withstand and as a result, they blocked off National Highway No. 6 in the evening. To ward off any untoward development, a large battalion of RAF was deployed and at 9 pm, following administrative intervention, the blockade was withdrawn.

But the situation changed completely from today (August 19, 2011)’s morning. Muslims of the adjoining villages, offered their namaz at 12.30 pm blocking the same NH-6 yet again and the blockade disrupted normal life in the environs.

Nevertheless, stringent steps adopted by the police and administration yet again including light lathi-charge called the protest a halt and agitating Muslims, fuming in anger, returned empty handed. Tension prevails in the area still and to dispose of any more unlawful activities sec. 144 has been declared.

Hindus are considering that this is an Islamic ploy to bring Janmasthami Puja, mainstay of Hindu confidence in the locality, to a standstill and also apprehending more similar attacks in near future.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Walling Muslim cemetery fails to assure Hindus in Deganga

Will Hindus there have to boycott coming Durga Puja too?

Will Hindus in Deganga, hotpot and also mainstay of anti-Hindu terror activities, become safe finally? This single yet highly momentous question, at the moment, is haunting the area and its environs, located in P.S. Deganga, Dist. 24 paraganas (North), Indian state of Bengal, area that witnessed grievous anti-Hindu assaults, under aegis of Islamic fundamentalists, last year. The differences over the disputed land (reported in HS blog at times already) led to Islamic outrage and finally heinous assaults on Hindus. Local administration has walled the Muslim cemetery in hope of betterment but Hindu woes, owing to newer developments, are far from over.

Without doubt, there was a need to lessen Hindu-Muslim differences in the neighborhood, increasing ever more. And walling of the Muslim burial ground has been done to denote administration’s wisest intention to call all disturbances a halt.

To bring this to the final point, 2 members of each of Chattal Palli Samiti (namely Paritosh Ghosh and Babul De) and Kabarsthan Committee (Rahim Maulana and akir Mallik) were called to the local SDO office on 23/07/11. In the meeting all concerned dignitaries like SDO, SDPO, BDO were present. Among others present there included local Officer-in-Charge (O.C.) and panchayat president. The meeting was presided by both SDO, Prabal Kumar Maity and SDPO, Mehboob Akhtar, and it was annunciated there that the administration had already taken the decision to wall the aforementioned Kabarsthan (cemetery) leaving 16 ft. way (bone of contention) for public usage.

Representatives of each group were informed on 25/07/11 that construction of wall would take place on 26/07/11 from 6 am.

Nevertheless, members of Kabarsthan Committee present there raised objections stating their legitimate demands of additional land. As per them, since there is a need to demarcate between cemetery and the adjoining land, owned by Asutosh Ghosh, cemetery’s total area has to be extended, indicating (wordlessly) that 16 ft. way destined for public usage may be wiped out by the next virulent Muslim campaigns. According to members, Kabarsthan Committee owns 5 ft. land, at least, in the adjoining land.

The administration, at this time, proved to be steadfast and declared formally any land worth 5 or 6 ft. would be added to the existing 16 ft. path (meant for public use) only. Finding no other option Muslims members gave in.

Hindus’ demand to have a part of land to hold fairs occurring at every year’s Durga Puja still continues. It is to be noted, fencing around the cemetery engulfs the land which Hindus have been using for decades to hold Puja fairs. To deal with Hindu demands, local administration announced earlier that it would purchase the adjacent land, under possession of Asutosh Ghosh.

Meanwhile, Asutosh Ghosh has sent his consent letter to the administration stating his willingness to sell off the entire land worth 9 and a-half bigha but not any particular portion. In accordance with the administration, this process is in full swing. It has also been learnt that DM, 24 Paraganas (North) has already asked PWD to prepare its land by the side of thoroughfare for the upcoming Puja fair.

On the fateful day (26/07/11) no less than 300 laborers were employed, under the guidance of a huge police force, led by O.C. s of 8 adjoining police stations. The wall was completed on a single day barring a small portion.

But the episode doesn’t end here thanks to fast changing Muslim attitudes. A chunk of them have started to state that the said 5 ft. of land can’t be sacrificed ever and this tract belongs to them exclusively.

With this end in view, almost 200 Muslims went to P.S. Deganga, on 25/07/11 in evening, to stage this demand of them to the administration. Nonetheless, they were not allowed to enter the police station and this has fuelled their anger.

Hindus are terming this as indication of a more ominous development (still to come) and are in fear that the Islamic outrage of last year may befall in this year too. Will friend-turned-foe-turned-friend administration act positively this year?

Or whether Hindus will have to boycott coming Durga Puja like the preceding one?

(Newly Constructed Wall)

(Whole wall at a glance)

(Police Camp inside Chattal Samiti Puja premises)

(View of the wall from main road)

(Wall and 16 ft. way)

(Gate of wall yet to be constructed)

(Bamboos fencing the wall beside thoroughfare)

(Asutosh Ghosh's land)

(A particular portion of wall)

(Chattal Samiti Temple)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chengail High Madrasa – complete hell for Hindu teachers

The definition of madrasa is simple – it basically denotes a building or group of buildings used for teaching Islamic theology and religious law, typically including a mosque and this word, by now, has become common to the majority of Indians, if not more. And the main credit, in this regard, goes to Indian administration, firm to espouse madrasa education to authenticate its own secular credentials.

Well, the reality refuses to end here since the role of madrasa education to radicalize Muslims, to wage Jihad against infidels, across the globe is getting more and more evident. Whether it is in the West or Gaza Strip or South Asia, including India, madrasa education, owing to several recent developments, has become quite synonymous to an arsenal. However, India’s ostrich policy refuses to accept the hard reality and prefers to remain in its own secular cocoon – that’s a different issue.

But little do people know that Hindu teachers in India do also work in such madrasa s and knowledge of how they are harassed, religiously persecuted there at all times is completely zero.

One such heart-rending account from Chengail, Dist. Howrah in the Indian state of West Bengal has come to the fore. Hindu teachers, for years, are undergoing all forms of persecutions in Chengail High Madrasa (Higher Secondary) and they, finding no solution, are in despair these days. Didn’t they approach to local administration or political parties? They did but the greatest votaries of secularism didn’t heed them.

Here is a brief account of tortures on them.

In 2010, to contest in Chengail High Madrasa board’s election three 3 Hindu teachers and staff submitted their nomination papers. But this activity appeared to be audacious to Muslims in the vicinity and after being threatened of dire consequences, nomination papers were withdrawn. It was clearly declared that no Hindu could contest in the election to form new Chengail High Madrasa board. To thwart any such intention, on 12.10.2010 (day of election) Bikash Chandra Adhikary, well-known Hindu teacher, was manhandled initially and thrashed lots later on. The other Hindu teachers were slandered and beaten similarly. Even if a complaint was lodged to the then secretary of Chengail High Madrasa board, no step was adopted to ensure safety of Hindu teachers.

Muslim students are encouraged to protest against Hindu teachers and consider any lesson, not appreciated by their religious ethics, as outrageous. Parents of students are alleged to play get roles in this context. Hence, Hindu teachers have to remain fretful at every time. They know that a single caution, not to speak of slapping, against a student would let hell fall on them.

New ploys to evict Hindu teachers are being developed nowadays. Often complaints from Muslim parents that Hindu teachers waste time instead of educating their wards are lodged. Well, several investigations have already been made to find out the reality and in each case, falsity of such charges have been found out. Recently a Hindu teacher was penalized for reprimanding an inattentive Muslim girl in the class. The accusation was utterly false but teacher was compelled to give Rs. 500 as compensation and the school board remained like a dumb spectator.

On 14.07.2011, Shaktiprasad Panda, while teaching Life Science in Class X (A), cited references of worldwide acclaimed philosopher Herbert Spencer . His this act was termed as anti-Islamic at once and rabble-rousers, taking hold of the situation, forced him to stay away from the school for a week. He could attend the school again on 23.07.2011 only after expressing regret to local Muslims. What was his fault? None knows.

On 20.07.2011, regarding this incident, lots of Muslims entered school’s staff room and defamed Hindu teachers. Hindu woman teachers were not spared; they had to undergo raunchy remarks.

Hindu teachers, men and women alike, of Chengail High Madrasa are devoid of any form of security now. Worst fears that they can be thrashed violently, raped and even hacked to death or killed (in other ways) are looming the teachers in general.

Recent confession of the school secretary of his inability to save Hindu teachers has made the situation gloomier. Teachers and their families do not know what to do and are crying out in despair.

This is not an indigenous problem of Bengal only bust such incidents are afflicting whole of India ever more.

Hindus do not have any maneuver to call all these a halt.

Are you also one of these discomfited and poor-spirited people?