Thursday, September 1, 2011

Repeated bids to transform Idgah to mosque worry Hindus in Jangipara

Surely not many people haven’t heard the name of Santoshpur, Uttarpara (Rakta), Jangipara, P.S. Jangipara, District: Hooghly in Bengal but Hindus of the village are in a deep trouble these days owing to desperate bids of local Muslims to transform a neighboring Idgah to mosque. And any such effort, thanks to dreadful experiences, appears to be greatest danger to Hindus. Hindus in Jangipara are also apprehending the worst.

Definition of mosque is simple; it does denote a Muslim place of worship that usually has a minaret and this is the most comprehensible and accepted notion across the globe. But even if anyone tries to stop here, it can’t be. People in various regions all over the globe have started to realize that construction of a mosque is nothing but establishment of a cantonment or an institution for training Muslim civilians to become ideal warriors or Jihadi. Without a shred of doubt, Hindu experience is much bitter than the fresh victims of worldwide Jihad.

The Idgah is positioned at No. 82 Dag (line) in Santoshpur Mouza for decades at a stretch and what is more, it is located within a Hindu region. Only a few Muslims (almost 20 in numbers) inhabit the same area and there is a large mosque in their neighborhood too. Hence, there is hardly any need for a new mosque and all these are making Hindus more skeptical of the entire approach, aided by Muslims from exterior regions considerably.

It must also be taken into account Hindu-Muslim schism is a part of village life in Santoshpur and clashes between them are becoming regular increasingly. A few years back a similar endeavor was identified but due to the timely intervention of then Panchayat leadership, the issue subsided and it was announced that Idgah would remain only. But from 10.07.2009 when Muslims started a new construction of mosque all have changed and their covert approach and success to transform the word “Idgah” to “Mosque” in government records has been beneficial for them.

To ward off all tensions a meeting led by local administration (BDO, Jangipara) comprising both Hindu and Muslim representatives happened on 30.07.2009 but it failed to bring out any solution. BDO asked Muslims to stop construction verbally and also pleaded with Hindus to remain calm. The situation, however, remained unchanged and repeated approaches to construct a new mosque were found. Sreerampore SDO, owing to fast deterioration of communal situation, prohibited any new construction on No. 82 Dag (line) till 29.04.2011.

But on 18.08.2011, a Muslim mob led by Sheikh Zahir, Salim Mandal, Sheikh Ramzan, Sheikh Zahirul Mallik, Sahabuddin Mallik, Sheikh Yusuf went to the same line and started construction of a mosque. Due to a strong Hindu protest and to avert any communal clash, police intervened fast and calmed the fiery situation down.

Tension remains in the village and its neighborhood a lot.

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