Thursday, September 1, 2011

Muslim private teacher molests Hindu girl child

Even Hindu girl children are becoming vulnerable to lust of Muslim youths these days and unless girls are kept under close watch, experiences of Mousumi can be household phenomenon before long. Who is Mousumi? She is a girl child of 7 years age, an inhabitant of village Beara, P.S. Bagda, District: 24 Paraganas (North) and has become a victim of molestation by her Muslim private teacher. This ominous incident took place only on August 30.08.11 or yesterday at 5 pm in her own residence.

Parents of Mousumi, to better her standard in education, picked out a Muslim youth, age 18 years and also a student reading in Beara High School in the neighborhood, as teacher. He was primarily selected to teach two girls, Mousumi and her younger sister, at the same instant. But little did the family know of its consequences.

The Muslim teacher had some other or erotic intentions and with this end in view, he used to harass two girls, Mousumi in particular. Well, Mousumi used to remain quiet all the way but yesterday when she was molested outright Mousumi couldn’t remain quiet anymore. She, apart from revealing this nasty experience, expressed her past experiences as well. All these happened in her own house; since her mother was engaged in household jobs, the teacher, considering it as a brilliant opportunity, molested her.

The Muslim boy was asked without any delay and fright in both his face and gesture proved to be enough for the family of Mousumi. After repeated acts of hesitation, the Muslim teacher, finally, accepted his own guilt. As soon as this was done, the teacher was thrashed heavily and outright. Such was the anger of Hindus that people from local market area and surroundings flocked to residence of Mousumi and were in no mood to compromise.

An FIR has also been lodged; police has assured to nab the culprit and adopt strong measures. The Muslim teacher has been taken into custody.

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