Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What will be the fate of Hindus in Mathurapur?

It’s no longer a secret ………… even a minute and futile break can be exploited by Islamic fundamentalists to pounce on Hindus. And to save own skin and kith and kin Hindus have to build up strong resistance movements. But this is also not an easy task; if it had been, hapless Hindus in Mathurapur would have remained safe and sound. What has taken place in Mathurapur manifests that Hindus have become latest casualty in democratic India.

Here is the truth.

That the Hindu festival of Janmasthami Puja (celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday) could be a source of annoyance for Muslims in the vicinity was first comprehended when a Hindu-Muslim schism took place in the village Purba Ranaghata, P.S. Mathurapur, Lalpar area, District: 24 Paraganas (South) on August 22, 2011. However, Hindus did not apprehend any such trouble since Bhagavat Path, to celebrate the pious occasion, happening nightlong on August 21, 2011 and widely circulated through microphone, was unchallenged.

But the situation became different on Monday, August 22, 2011. At 2 pm a few children were playing with some plastic chairs before the podium of celebration and a child, by coincidence, left a chair in the thoroughfare. A Muslim cycle van driver (Saddam Hussain Gharami), while driving in a little while, faced obstacles as a result and he threw the chair scolding Hindus.

Bapi Paik, a Hindu youth present there, protested loudly against this leading to an attack on him by Saddam. There was a brawl between the two soon, getting violent increasingly and such was its extent that Saddam didn’t hesitate to push his mother (lone passenger in the van) aside brutally, when the later was trying to stop the battle royal.

Saddam, after a few minutes, retuned to the same spot with Islamic thugs (at least 200) and attacked Bapi’s family decisively and violently. In this lethal attack, all male members of Paik family, including Bapi, Dilip Paik – his father, Judhisthir Paik – his uncle, were heavily wounded and they were left dumbfounded. But the strong Islamic contingent did not retract once and for all. Between 2 pm and 5 pm they came back for 8 times in a row and during their absence, Muslim children were keeping watch on the Paik family.

To have justice, Paik family members went to Rezzaq Haldar, head of the local Panchayat at 5.45 pm. He listened to both Hindus and Muslims and to find out the reality, a meeting was convened in residence of Mocha Gharami, father of Saddam, within the next 1 hour. Nevertheless, both Bapi and his brother, being terrified, skipped the meeting. Muslims in the meeting refused to accept judgment in their absence. Hence, it was decided there that the final meeting would take place on August 23, 2011.

On August 23, 2011, during evening, the meeting took place in “Pragati Sangha”, a primary school in the village. But it turned out to be a different scene altogether. When the Paik family members were elucidating tortures on them, Muslims termed it as a blatant tall tale and were all set to thrash the entire family once more.

They put off electric supply in the entire area and came down more heavily on the members of Paik family. Even Rezzaq Haldar was not spared also. Police, when phoned, rushed to the spot but Rezzaq Haldar, in spite of repeated asking of police, preferred to stay mum.

Members of the Paik family were found severely wounded and were sent to the hospital close at hand by the police. Mathrapur Hospital refused to admit Bapi Paik due to his excessive injury. He was transferred to Diamond Harbor Hospital and as per latest information, his life is at stake.

When there was an approach to lodge an FIR in P.S. Mathurapur by Hindus, it was deferred citing the change of Officer-in-Charge of the police station.

The situation is tense in the village still. Hindus are regrouping there to avert deadlier Islamic attacks.

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