Monday, September 19, 2011

Mograhat club gains major victory; upbeat to celebrate Durga Puja on same land

He who is a regular reader of this site can’t forget the name of Shovarani Athletic Club in village Dakshin Maryada, P.S. Mograhat, Dist: 24 Paraganas (South), a place known to get threats from Muslims every time it gets set to organize Durga Puja, easily. The previous years were no exceptions and only in the last year, the intensity reached the highest extent but Hindus of the area led by Sri Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati, offered a stiff resistance to Muslim rowdies and emerged victorious ultimately. The bone of contention has been an Islamic burial ground adjacent to Shovarani Athletic Club and as per Muslims (representing almost 30 Muslim households amidst an overwhelming Hindu locality), land of the Club also belong to them.

Without doubt, the courageous resistance of Hindus has led to greater successes too. Through several meetings between contending groups (Muslims are enjoying rabid supports from adjoining Muslim-dominated areas) under the aegis of police and administration, a formal agreement has been completed. The agreement states categorically among 6 and ½ cottahs of land of Kabardanga (Islamic burial ground) 2 cottah belong to Sri Shankar Mandal while the Club has under its jurisdiction land worth ½ cottah. Muslims, as a result, have land worth 4 cottah.

The last meeting between Hindus and Muslims took place on 13.08.11and it was presided by an all-party delegation, O.C., C.I, BDO, Land Committee – Hotor Maryada Panchayat and current MLA Ms. Namita Saha. The formal agreement was completed in this meeting stating that the ½ cottah of land will remain to the Club for eternity and hence, inaccessible to any other party. What is more the Club can do its own construction in the land and independently.

However, the tract before the club remains a public property and hence, can be used for general use. But this new edict is not acceptable to a section of Hindus stating the administration sided for Muslims and gave them undue privileges.

Deep resentment, as a result, exists in the village still and to deal with any eventuality a police camp is stationed in the village. When this scribe went to the village to learn the reality and have snaps, he was questioned by the police camp there and local police station later on. Muslims were prompt enough to notify the camp of the scribe’s presence – enough to prove reigning ill feeling.

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