Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mamata succumbs to fresh Muslim admonition

Volte-face to meet Milli Council leaders raises skepticism

Mamata Banerjee succumbs to Muslims once more! The meeting predestined to take place after Kalipuja, stated by her own in the recent Id congregation on Red Road, to conform to electoral guidelines, imposed for own candidature in the forthcoming assembly by-election from Bhowanipur, was preponed to gratify a novel set of demands of Muslims. The All India Milli Council (AIMC) leaders called on the Bengal Chief Minister with a fresh demand for reservation of jobs and seats in higher education for Muslims along with enhanced conditions in housing, health and education. The question remains in the sense of urgency shown by her to meet the senior Muslim leaders. Had she shown same haste if a Hindu delegation came all the way from Delhi to meet her with a fresh charter of just demands, to ameliorate worsening Hindu lives in present Bengal?

It is worthwhile to mention that such a meeting would take place before long became clear when Mamata Banerjee, breaking the tradition of no government participation in any religious program till then, attended the recent Id congregation on Red Road. The congregation was not only historic but also gained more attention due to the harsh tone of Qari Fazlur Rahman, Imam conducting the Id prayers. The Imam said (in clear terms), “The new government has shown remarkable urgency in solving the Singur issue, the Gorkhaland issue and the Jungle Mahal issue. But the urgency cannot be seen when it comes to sorting out the problems of the Muslim community.”

He also went on saying, “They (the new government) must learn a lesson from what happened to the previous government. The former government promised a lot of things but delivered very little. As a result, they were wiped out. If these people (the new government) take us for granted it won’t take us much time to show them the door.” A few moments after this vitriolic speech Mamata Banerjee said to the community leaders that she would meet them sometime after the Kali Puja (Diwali).

Mamata said “it was not possible for her to meet them now because of the model code of conduct that has come into force after the assembly by polls were announced. (As Mamata is now an MP, she has to become an MLA and for that purpose she is contesting the assembly by poll from Bhawanipur constituency of Kolkata. The by poll will take place on September 25.) She promised that she would meet them after the Kali Puja”.

What is the reason behind this abrupt volte-face then? Was it too essential for Bengal CM to meet AIMC leaders? Or through doing the same she is desperate to garner more Muslim votes in Bengal to ensure her own existence in the sphere of power?

One thing which she perhaps loves to deny or dream of – Hindu majority is devoid of any power to forestall her. But history has proved time and again – negligence to majority views is synonymous to suicide.

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