Monday, September 12, 2011

Hindu women easy preys to Islamic lust in Amta, Howrah

Whether it is by Love Jihad or any other vicious method, Hindu women in the Indian state of Bengal are becoming easy preys to lust of Islamic fundamentalists increasingly. If you consider this to be a problem of adolescence and hence refuse to paint it in the true color, you are terribly wrong my friend.

Experiences and both recorded and unrecorded incidents prove any lady from the age of 7 to 70 can become victim of the same lust. And all these remind us the ominous days of partition when it was steadily becoming impossible for Hindu women to live with dignity. Well, it has to be said that there is no end of Islamic lust for Hindu women and perhaps experiences of more than the last millennium and such recurrent episodes manifest the same. Amta, prominent and self-sustaining town and also a community development block in Uluberia subdivision, District: Howrah, is facing the worst.

Here is the case of Ms. Dolly Dutta, a young girl of 19 years and also student of BA 1 st year in Joypur College under Calcutta University, resident of village Nischintipur, Amta Block No.2, P.S. Amta. The girl has been missing for the last few weeks and her father Sri Nemai Dutta remained completely clueless in the beginning.

After lodging a diary to the local police station, some new and stunning facts came to the fore thanks to police efforts. Parents were just groping in darkness but little they knew that exploiting their unawareness and innocence of Dolly a foul game had been hatched. And in this respect, Rehana, friend of Dolly, played a decisive role. She was instrumental to introduce Dolly to Sheikh Raju of village Shaoraberia in the environs. It has been learnt that Raju was introduced as a small businessman to Dolly but later investigations have proved all these to be utterly false.

Dolly is still missing; it is being learnt that she has both been allured and abducted by Sheikh Raju. But his whereabouts is yet to be unearthed. Dutta family is crying in despair.

Here is the second case and it is of ravishment of a minor Hindu school girl of Class IV. Tithi Porel, daughter of Pradip Porel, resident of village Kultiwari, P.S. Amta, is a student of Shaoraberia Primary School in Class IV. She was raped by a manual laborer, Rabekul, resident of the village of Shaoraberia and in the same Shaoraberia Primary School. It has been learnt that he had been expressing erotic postures to her for weeks prior to the rape. Rabekul is in jail at the moment.

Now let’s focus to the third case and it’s of the rape of a Hindu girl of Class VIII by a teacher of her own school. The abhorrent incident took place on 07.09.11 at the Mainan Madhyamik Shikshayatan in Amta Block No. 2; P.S. Joypur. The culprit, in this case, is Sheikh Saifuddin, teacher of the same school, and he raped her in a vacant classroom in the 2 nd floor during the school hour.

As the news spread in the neighborhood, angry villagers along with parents of school students gheraoed the school premises for hours; stones were thrown and even some rooms of the school were also plundered. The school, hence, is facing worst turmoil in its lifetime. The teacher has been taken into custody but rage of people refuses to end.

Are the above ones isolated incidents? In no way and these are signs of worst dangers, potent enough to engulf Hindu lives in Bengal with ferocity before long. It’s the time to get cautious and not to remain as people having the worst sense of history across the globe.

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