Saturday, September 10, 2011

Islamic bids to uproot Hindus getting prominent increasingly

Jangipara – depicts possible future of Bengal

This is my second visit to Jangipara, especially to the village of Santoshpur, Uttarpara (Rakta), in Hooghly district of the Indian state of Bengal. The earlier visit was also good and effective but quite concise owing to some inescapable obstacles, natural disaster. Now, as said in the earlier report, Hindu inhabitants of the village and its environs continue to remain in abject fear, frantic efforts of local Muslims to transform a neighboring Idgah to mosque are terrorizing them a great deal. But the second visit ascertains one more source of terror – it’s another bid of Muslims to transform a nearby bush to their burial ground. Both the emerging situation, rising clamor of Islamic felons are terrifying amiable, law-abiding Hindus. The land measures 79 decimals at Mouza – Santoshpur, J.L. No. 114, Dag No. 661.

Condition of Hindus in the neighborhood can be determined, hence, quite easily. While substantial part of them are denizens here for decades and their families for centuries, if not more, Muslims comprise chunk of fresh illegal migrants from Bangladesh, flexing muscles thanks to assistance of administration, Islamic prowess and Hindu ineptitude. Nevertheless, resolute leadership of Hindu Samhati has provided them solace to some extent; Hindus, under its leadership, have proceeded to the judiciary for justice.

It has been learnt that Sk. Abdul Mannan, son of Sk. Abdus Samad, is the instigator behind the endeavor to convert the bush to a burial ground. Witnessing Hindu rising against him the person complained of has filed a Writ Application to the Hon’ble High Court, Calcutta – No. W.P. No. 23506 (W) of 2010 against the Principal Secretary, Home Police Department, the Inspector General of Police (Law and Order), the Director General of Police, West Bengal, the District Magistrate, Hooghly, the Superintendent of Police, Hooghly, the SDPO, Hooghly, the Officer-in-Charge – P.S. – Jangipara and Debu Santra, leader of the movement and also prime respondent in this case. The Writ Application, at the moment, is pending before Hon’ble High Court, Calcutta.

Here comes a twist. Even if the entire matter is Sub-judice or awaiting judicial determination, Sk. Abdul Mannan, getting audacious has (already) applied frequent strong-arm tactics to acquire the land illicitly. What is the police and administration doing then? Hindus have made repeated appeals and also submitted memorandums to urge the police to adopt strong measure to nab the culprits; hushed voices, followed by a strange silence, were found out by Hindus only. Tension, hence, continues without fail.

According to the last report, on 18.08.2011, a Muslim mob in same Jangipara led by Sheikh Zahir, Salim Mandal, Sheikh Ramzan, Sheikh Zahirul Mallik, Sahabuddin Mallik, Sheikh Yusuf, went to the same line and started construction of a mosque. But SDO of Sreerampore, on account of fast corrosion of communal situation, prohibited any new construction on No. 82 Dag (line) till 29.04.2011.

All these prove how difficult it is getting for Hindus in Jangipara, not to speak of taunts or harassments of their girls by Muslim lads. But Hindus can’t leave the place even for once; any exodus would legitimize Muslim endeavors to uproot, exterminate Hindus at will. Islamic Bengal is waiting for that opportunity fervently.

Hindus either in Jangipara or anywhere have to fight; mass exodus from former East Pakistan or Bangladesh has never solved any problem. Bengali Hindus have become the greatest casualty of the British Empire and the fate has to be built up through their relentless and brutal fight in all possible ways. This is another chance rendered by history to Hindus.

If this bus is also missed, no passenger will be there for the next bus.

(Idgah - waiting to be a Mosque)

(Area to be converted to Muslim burial ground)

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