Thursday, September 15, 2011

Police hiding Afjal Taher’s whereabouts in Bagnan

It is no longer a secret that a Muslim youth (in his later thirties), named Syed Afjal Taher (he introduced himself with this name), has been arrested from a hospital in Bagnan, District: Howrah, prominent census town in the Indian state of Bengal, based on suspicion that he is responsible for the Delhi blast happened of late. Police is also suspecting that he might have planted the bomb outside the High Court, Delhi, leading to the death of 13 people. Afjal is learnt to have had injuries on his face, limbs and head and these are similar to blast wounds, according to police.

But above all there is a question. What was he doing in Bagnan? Is the area a refuge for such Jihadi terrorists? People have the right to know the truth, concealed by the police and also administration. And now what we have learnt from our confidential sources is enough to raise eyebrows of any.

Contrary to the story published in the mainstream media that Afjal got off at Bagnan owing to unbearable pain and to have medicines, we have learnt that he remained in Thanzadapur village, P.S. Bagnan, for a number of days and in this case his shelter providers were a gang of youths, working as labors in embroidery industry. These youths are Muslims and have been working in Delhi for a number of years at a stretch.

Afjal asked them for a brief stay and used to live in the same village hence. It has been learnt that police have taken the youths to custody in secret to know more; a news that has been denied by the concerned administration.

Nevertheless, police have shared a few vital info too. Syed Afjal’s face matches the sketch of one of the suspects released by NIA (National Investigation Agency) and this is the prime of info. But police is reluctant to share the info we have at the moment.

Why doesn’t police divulge the names of youths alleged to provide him shelter? Is it also engaged in maintaining secularism instead of public safety?

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