Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Muslims dare Bengal Chief Minister

This was not done by any of her preceding Chief Ministers in Bengal even but without doubt, Mamata Banerjee, present Chief Minister, West Bengal, is of a different nature and surely has the conviction to overwhelm her illustrious predecessors. She was invited to grace the recently held gigantic Id congregation held on Red Road of Kolkata; definitely she charmed the mammoth gathering but there were newer experiences for her as well.

Qari Fazlur Rahman, venerable Imam was found to conduct the Id prayers but what he told through his 20-minute speech in Urdu prior to the initiation of the sermon was indeed a great experience for the firebrand Bengal Chief Minister too. He (in clear terms) said, , “The new government has shown remarkable urgency in solving the Singur issue, the Gorkhaland issue and the Jungle Mahal issue. But the urgency cannot be seen when it comes to sorting out the problems of the Muslim community.”

This was not all. He also went on to say, “They (the new government) must learn a lesson from what happened to the previous government. The former government promised a lot of things but delivered very little. As a result, they were wiped out. If these people (the new government) take us for granted it won’t take us much time to show them the door.”

What does “take us for granted” indicate in this context? Is the Imam trying to ascertain that Muslims in Bengal are no more soccer balls but players and they can’t be taken for granted hence? If this is the reality, Hindus in Bengal have enough reasons to be cautious.

The fast worsening socio-religious and political situation in the length and breadth of Bengal indicates that the complete hell (Islamic domination) may fall on Hindus at any time. Meanwhile, Muslims are not sitting idle; apart from increasing vote shares, they have increased the number of Muslim MLAs from 43 in 2006 to 58 in 2011 registering an increase of 15 Muslim MLAs in the assembly also.

Who is the Hindu representative in this assembly? Not a single one! Hindus have to think twice before being too constitutional any more.

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