Monday, September 5, 2011

Muslims hell-bent to construct illegal mosque disregarding Hindu protests in Dinajpur

Without doubt, if there is no political and administrative support, it’s not possible for any minuscule minority group to torment the overwhelming majority community in the same environs; strong-arm tactics of Islamic felons revealed through their desperate bids to construct illegal mosques in predominantly Hindu areas in the Indian state of Bengal these days bring to the fore a grievous truth. Muslims are enjoying overwhelming administrative, political support or else the situation in the village of Jobtagaon would have been different.

The village of Jobtagaon, P.S. Islampur, District: South Dinajpur is infested by more than 5, 000 Hindu families and only 3 Muslim families. But this reality is not scaring this hopeless minority group there. Thanks to assistance of Muslims outside and local administration, Muslim families in Jobtagoan are set to construct a mosque, illegal altogether, pushing aside objections of Hindus. To be precise, a large mosque exists just beyond the Hindu area evidencing the novel bid of construction is based on ulterior motives.

The situation is indeed dreadful and none other than Bengali Hindus know fallout of such a success. The success would make it difficult for Hindus there to live peacefully any longer; recurrent, intentional and forcible sermons from mosque would make lives painful. Well, unlike other areas, Hindus here got untied to call the evil design a halt at any cost. And Muslims, facing obstacles, stated that the said construction was for mere religious rituals only. But the construction had been going on since the police station refused to adopt any stern measure to stop this, disturbing peace of the neighborhood by then.

As per latest news, Muslims, joined by many outsiders too, have started to pray namaz and the charisma of Irfan Bhatia, leader of the movement to construct the mosque, is increasing by leaps and bounds among his compatriots.

Owing to steadfast Hindu protests to the construction, local administration convened an all-party meeting on September 02, 2011 to find out a definite solution. But Muslims, getting sacred and apprehending sound defeat, came in great numbers and a good number of them were carrying lethal weapons too. To confuse Hindus there, Muslims said that meeting must initiate only after they pray namaz and without consulting others, they started praying at once. This was a sufficient reason to infuriate Hindus; a brutal clash broke out and the mosque was heavily damaged and also burnt. But sources do also authenticate that it was done by Muslims to slander and deceive both Hindus and administration. Even if a large police contingent became able to calm down the antagonism ultimately, deep tension governs the area still. As per latest news, a peace meeting would take place on September 07, 2011 to have a final solution.

Meanwhile, an assortment of reports are confirming, Muslims, as a reaction to their initial failure, are inflicting worst persecutions on Hindu minority groups living in adjoining Muslim-dominated villages of Jobtagaon. This is not the end; to have a decisive victory; hundreds of armed Muslims are rushing to Jobtagaon. They are being followed by an Islamic militia.

Hindus are gearing up for self-defense.

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