Monday, September 19, 2011

Gabbonia silent – apprehensive of new assault on Hindus

Both condition of Ajit Sardar, prime victim of Islamic brutality on 10.09.11, in village Gabbonia in Beharipara Atarbankia area, P.S. Jibantala, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the Indian state of Bengal and also of the village happen to be stable at the moment. There has been no further approach from Muslim fundamentalists till now but Hindus continue to simmer in anger; they have identified their deprivation of rights by politico-administration-Islamist nexus.

Perhaps it is uncalled-for to mention the fateful incident on 10.09.11 any longer but there is no doubt that Ajit Sardar, completely ignorant of the entire development, turned into its worst victim. The Hindu-Muslim clash over a motorbike accident could have ended soon but the Muslims planned to win the game altogether and thus teach Hindus a lesson.

Ajit Sardar was coming from Charavidya market where he went to meet doctor for his ailing mother and he was returning with his mother and brother. Soon the entire family was identified as residents of Beharipara Atarbankia area by Muslim thugs and Ajit and his sick mother were manhandled and also tortured. Debu, his brother, could manage to escape and inform villagers.

The situation was dreadful but local police intervened after hours. And thus began a new episode of police-led animosity against Hindus. An FIR was lodged to the local police station by the Hindu family against Muslim miscreants, involved in the bike accident too. But police played with the poor Hindus there; there was no news whether the FIR was formally accepted as the case number was not provided.

Finally, due to intense pressure of Press and Human Rights Activists police accepted the FIR on 16.09.11 and it is 311 dtd. 16.09.11 – Sec. 341/323/324/326/34 of IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Ajit Sardar, at the moment, is confined within his own house due to heavy injury and as advised by the concerned doctor. He is suffering a tremendous loss in business and none is there to take care of his impoverished family. Villagers are apprehensive of another assault – Muslims are regrouping themselves.

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