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Simonti’s own harrowing account – how she was persecuted by her Muslim boyfriend-turned-husband and his family

This is neither any news nor any fiction but the heartrending truth of a young girl – well-bred, highly educated, jovial, hailing from an affluent and decent Hindu family – Simonti (name changed), from Kolkata, who became an easy prey to Love Jihad and how her life was wrecked while she remained subservient in an alien, Islamic environment. What is Love Jihad then? It’s an illegal activity, conducted under aegis of Islamic bigots, where a few Muslim boys target college girls belonging to non-Muslim communities, especially Hindu, for conversion to Islam by shamming love. The movement that started in Kerala and Mangalore has reached the shores of Kolkata too. And Simonti’s harrowing experience is an eye opener.

What is described below is not to depict hatred to any individual but to make Hindu girls cautious of the fate any inter religious relationship. May Simonti’s destiny make them have a second thought prior to get into a Hindu-Muslim love relation.

Simonti is the second daughter of her parents and hence, there was no dearth of love for her in the family. She, hence, had a good education in a prominent English medium school of the metropolis, scored good marks in exams and got admitted to a prestigious college in the morning section. Well, the morning section had an uncanny phenomenon; it was dominated by Muslims students altogether and as a result, Simonti came across a few Muslim friends before long.

It was at this time Simonti was introduced to Mohammed Zafar (name changed) through a female friend of her. Zafar introduced himself as a businessman with high aspirations and this was enough to impress a naïve girl like her (ignorant of Hindu fate in a Muslim household). Life was going on as usual but all changed in the 1 st week of April, 2004. Without doubt, Simonti had become somewhat soft to him, thanks to his courteous behavior and their frequent meetings in parks and restaurants, and gradually it led to love. Taking advantage of this, on one fine morning, Zafar came to her college and said that it was no longer possible for him to live without her. And if she wasn’t ready to marry him, he would commit suicide.

The situation was quite perplexing for Simonti and when she said that she was not prepared for the same, Zafar said categorically in that case he would reveal the love affair to her parents (Zafar, as a Muslim youth, was confident that such a relation was beyond acceptance to Simonti’s family). It’s to be noted that Simonti’s parents were already informed of the development and that's why, she was cautioned. However, indeed, on that day Zafar’s words of committing suicide while returning from the college unless Simonti accepted him and his weeping (portraying his desperation) frightened her a great deal. This was, in reality, a play but it wasn’t possible for Simonti to comprehend any such attitude. She was all alone under the sun.

So, exploiting her perilous situation, Zafar took her to Bankshal Court and forced her to get converted to Islam there – Simonti, as a result, got a new name, Jannat Begum. After that she was taken to Tipu Sultan Mosque in Kolkata and Zafar’s brother Akram was already there. Zafar asked the Moulavi there for marriage; there was a need of three witnesses to do it but all were arranged in a lightening speed, indicating the conspiracy to woo and convert a Hindu girl was hatched earlier. But it was not possible for Simonti alias Jannat Begum to understand it. She was then asked by Zafar to phone her father. Well, she wasn’t ready at all but was compelled to do so. And the Hindu family’s reaction in any such circumstance needs no more mentioning. She was castigated heavily by her parents.

Simonti or Jannat was then taken to Zafar’s house, located in Narkeldanga, an infamous slum area of Kolkata. This is enough to prove what the main intention behind such type of courtship remains. Zafar’s family, strikingly, remained normal and Simonti was addressed coldly. But since it was not safe for the Muslim family to keep the couple in the house secretly, they were promptly sent to Hyderabad on the very next day. Berths were already reserved! And Simonti perceived that Zafar was being given a good amount of money by his own brother to manage upcoming expenses. They were sent to Zafar’s aunt’s house in Hyderabad.

It was then that Simonti witnessed a complete reversal in Zafar’s attitude. He, in a stern voice, in the railway compartment, asked her to conform to Islamic rituals and learn and start everything as soon as possible. Reason? Zafar said that Simonti was from a Kafir family after all!

What did happen in Hyderabad? Zafar’s cousin was in the station to receive the couple and he was seen to congratulate Zafar for attaining such a great success – wooing and converting a Hindu girl – regarded as one of the prime activities of Muslims.

Both Zafar and Simonti were accepted in the house cordially and they stayed there for 10 days at a stretch. During the stay, Zafar asked her day in and day out, at times harshly, to remain as a good Muslim bride and the same was done by other members of his aunt’s family, including women. Whatever it is, during the stay she was not physically beaten that started once she came back to Kolkata. This entire episode (stay in Hyderabad) was indeed a drama to diffuse the tension in consequence of the inter-religion marriage.

A great change took place after their return. Contrary to the first time, Simonti at this time was put in a utterly inhospitable environment. Not the room was dirty only but it was not fit for stay of a married couple also. But she had no choice. She was forced to do all household jobs (nearly unbelievable in her own house) including cleaning and cooking for the whole family. And just after a month she found that Zafar had lied to her of everything, his family and his own occupation. What she found was that Zafar was unemployed, never had any business and had great inclination to sexual excesses.

But Simonti was the last person to lose hope. She started to apply for jobs and after a while she got one night-shift job. Simonti was permitted to do it on condition that she would submit Rs. 3, 000 to the family per month. Simonti found it as a bargain for short independence. This was too essential for her as by that time she became an easy prey to all forms of mental and physical tortures of Zafar and his family members. As per her own account, there was hardly any day when Zafar didn’t relish intercourse with her for less than 5 times. Zafar also allowed her to do the job but it happened only after she agreed that he would be given Rs 4, 000 per month as installment of his bike.

This new arrangement continued for 3 months without interruption. Nevertheless, at times for Zafar’s inhuman tortures Simonti used to express her anger and out of rage even censured Islam for two or three times. She was belted heavily for saying so. A beloved and dutiful husband! Isn’t it?

This new episode unfurled a new chapter; excessive tortures started to get more supports from mounting sexual offences against her at the same time. Even Simonti was threatened that she would have to share bed with three more Muslim youths – if she failed to gratify Zafar’s lecherousness (on the rise steadily). This was a straight case of perversion which from then on became a recurrent one. Simonti felt that Zafar’s failure to convince her to have some money from her father led him to perversion. But she was wrong. This was not the only reason; Zafar’s increasing abuses proved that it was the ideal fate of any Kafir (non-Muslim) girl, in particular Hindu. Simonti never got any medical assistance from the Muslim family, remaining nonchalant all the way.

Rising sexual torturing was totally unbearable for Simonti but due to Zafar’s insistence and also threatening she underwent 3 abortions. Was not it necessary for Zafar to adopt preventive measures during intercourse? Certainly but even after repeated pleas of Simonti to have those, Zafar shunned it citing religious factors. Persecutions made Simonti firmer than ever before and being advised by doctor not to opt for 4 th abortion, she gave birth to a girl child in 2009. And there was no resentment in the Muslim family against Simonti for this since she had got a job in WIPRO and agreed to contribute Rs. 5,000 per month. Meanwhile, out of the blue Simonti (forced by Zafar) called her father one day to provide her Rs. 30,000. He father turned the proposal down and instead asked her to return. Zafar fumed as a result, thrashed Simonti once more and decided to teach her a new lesson. What is this new lesson?

A few days ago to all these, Zafar had set up his own small factory and now he brought all the materials there (for working) to his residence stating that this way was cost-effective. To make way for all these, Simonti had to move to a bunk atop of the room, remaining in an outrageous condition. But nothing was there for Simonti; she had the right to submit to any wrongdoing only. How many years did she live there for? It’s for 2 and half years! It’s the most sordid experience in her life, accompanied by Zafar’s family’s slang languages and gestures.

Here are a few more significant and shocking facts. Prior to giving birth to her daughter (to steer clear of 4 th abortion risking her own life) Simonti went to Hatiara, Dist: 24 Paraganas (North), to evade further negligence of Zafar’s family. Since she was providing the necessary money on a monthly basis, none in the family did object to this decision. Within a week a house in Hatiara was found and Simonti started living there all alone. It was a tenants’ quarter; Simonti’s room was in the ground floor and she had to sharer bathroom with others. Zafar remained in his own house in Kolkata and used to visit this place once a week.

After living there for 6 months, Simonti found herself to be pregnant. When it was reported, Zafar, in spite of great unwillingness, took her to his own residence. He was not ready to kill a chicken providing a golden egg on every month. Here Simonti was frequently asked whether her child would be male. The Muslim family had a weird revulsion to female child and Zafar’s mother considered any female child as sin. During this time Simonti was forced to consume beef to ameliorate her own health. When she expressed her displeasure to have it on the first day, Zafar slapped her.

When on earth the daughter was born, Zafar was not present in the hospital. He came on the very next day, though reluctant. His baby became vulnerable to serious diseases but Zafar hardly cared. Simonti had to fight with him virtually to transfer the newborn infant to International Institute of Health Care in Kolkata, reputed medical institution, from the hospital. During this period presence of Zafar in the Institute was almost zero. Though Simonti made up her mind to leave the area permanently, she retuned to relatives-in-law’s house once more. And when her daughter was of four months old in 2009, Simonti decided to leave Zafar’s house once and for all. Simonti returned to her paternal abode finally.

But Zafar was not ready to leave her so easily. He used to visit Simonti’s paternal residence once per week and force her to have money from her father. Such pressure led to deterioration of her health and soon Simonti was attacked with jaundice due to malnutrition and her rough treatment. In Rubi Hospital Simonti was found to be underweight and was in need of complete rest. But Zafar’s family planned to take her to an exorcist! Such a heinous plan foiled thanks to strong fight of her family.

Once Simonti recovered, she decided not to return to Zafar’s house ever. Such a resolute decision ensued into a schism between Simonti and Zafar, who asked her to collect Rs. 20, 000 for him. He even threatened her of dire consequences if there was any refusal. At this time, to save her own and also daughter’s life, Simonti lodged a formal complaint against Zafar to the local police station. Zafar’s family, for the first time, stopped to proceed further due to fear. But strange enough, Simonti didn’t get any help from police.

Simonti didn’t know what to do next. But she was lucky enough as she got refuge from Hindu Samhati and with its help she got divorce in Islamic manner.

Simonti has returned to Hinduism once again and is waiting to convert her baby to Hinduism.

What is Simonti’s assessment of this episode in her life then? Simonti has finally concluded that Zafar married her to obtain copious amount of money from her father and she was trapped only after her family’s affluence was studied. There was not even an iota of love for her within Zafar.

Simonti is indeed lucky to finally break up shackles of Islamic love to her unlike tens of thousands of other hapless Hindu women, becoming easy preys to Love Jihad, without respite. Others either become victims of Islamic lust or are compelled to enter flesh trade and endure subhuman lives.

The above incident authenticates how Hindu girls, making love affairs with Muslim boys, end up. If any reader continues to disbelieve the above-mentioned account, complete devastation of their daughters’ lives can be the best eye opener. Is anyone ready to take up the challenge?



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