Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Innocent Hindu family in Jibantala becomes victim of inhuman torture of Muslims

The name of village Gabbonia in Beharipara Atarbankia area, P.S. Jibantala, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the India state of Bengal is not known to most of readers. Well, regular readers familiar with the name of Jibantala in this blog know that it denotes recurrent troubles for Hindus; Jibantala is one of the most disturbed areas of Bengal owing to rising Islamic atrocities and hence, strained Hindu-Muslim relation is common. What happened in the same area on 10.09.11 speaks of the same reality yet again.

On the fateful day, at 4 pm, a Muslim youth of Gopalmore Mandirbazar area, Iud Ali, was found driving a motorbike, carrying two other Muslim youths, Arfat Ali Gazi and Nuruddin Mollah, as well. While driving speedily, Iud, out of the blue, struck a cycle van, its Hindu driver and his passengers, Hindus also, on the whole. What took place after that was an angry battle of words – Hindu van driver, backed by local Hindus, asking for compensation (the van got damaged) and the Muslim youths refuting the same. At long last, the Muslim youths, owing to increasing pressure of gathering there, conceded defeat and agreed to compensate.

Meanwhile, one of three youths went to their village and brought a good number of Muslims to deal with any eventuality. Being supported by such a new and brawny crowd the Muslim youths declined any such compensation this time and also took oath that they would teach any person of Beharipara Atarbankia area the lesson of a lifetime. Hindus, being too disposed to peace, didn’t think to stop them there. Owing to this, a Hindu youth along with his family members became prey of inhuman torturing.

Ajit Sardar, a Hindu youth, along with his mother and brother, Debu Sardar, all at once, went to Charavidya market to meet the doctor there for his ailing mother. They were completely unaware of any such (abovementioned) development and hence, they were returning through the same (Muslim-dominated) area. Soon the entire family was identified as residents of Beharipara Atarbankia area and Ajit and his sick mother were manhandled and also tortured. The said three Muslim youths took key roles in this regard. Debu could manage to escape; he went to nearby Hindu area and with their help he could rescue his brother and mother. Both of them were submitted to hospital later on.

An FIR has been lodged to the local police station by the Hindu family against Muslim miscreants.

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