Thursday, September 1, 2011

Muslims abduct Hindu girl Dipanwita in Sandeshkhali

Administration indifferent to her hapless father

Have you ever gone through the agonies of a helpless father who knows his daughter has been kidnapped, is being ravished regularly by Muslims? Can you comprehend his feelings when he realizes his own helplessness to stop this curse of oppression? This is no longer any bizarre development in the length and breadth of the Indian state of Bengal; situations like this are rampant these days where fathers ran from pillar to post to save their own daughters and find themselves utterly helpless in the end. Situation of Dinabandhu Mandal, inhabitant of village – Uttar Nalkara, P.S. Sandeshkhali, District: 24 Paraganas (North) is no different. Her eldest daughter, Dipanwita Mandal, age 19 has been abducted by Muslim felons; this is known to all but the administration is yet to adopt any definite measure to nab culprits.

Dipanwita, studious and also intelligent (3 rd yr.)student of BSC curriculum in Geography (Hons.) in Bhangar College, went to her college as usual at 11 am on 22/7/2011. And she has never returned to her home from that very day. Worried parents and other family members started enquiring in the environs. In a little while, from confidential sources, they came to know that Anarul Mollah, s/o Wachel Mollah, of the same village, along with his Muslim friends had forcibly abducted Dipanwita to convert her to Islam and marry her.

Anarul was completely supported by his own family members, including his parents and his brother Allauddin Mollah, s/o Wachel Mollah, in this regard. Dinabandhu, getting desperate, went all alone to rescue her daughter but a contingent of dreaded Muslims prevented him from going further. A few of them also challenged Dinabandhu to rescue his daughter and this proved Muslims were relishing the entire development.

Dinabandhu Mandal lodged a Missing Diary in P.S. Sandeshkhali, G.D.E. No.127 dtd. 23/07/11. But this failed to be profitable and when Dinbandhu, owing to the failure, desired to lodge an FIR against the aforementioned culprits, he was dissuaded by police on the whole.

Finding no other options, Dinabandhu Mandal made earnest appeals to SDPO, ASP (Additional Superintendent of Police), SP, Barasat, 24 Paraganas (North) and DIG, CID, West Bengal. As a fallout, a case is going on in the Court of Learned A.S.G.M at Basisrhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North).

But Dipanwita Mandal is yet to be found though many persons, it has been learnt, have seen her in the Muslim abode. Can she come back ever?

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