Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hindu gallantry in Durbarat stops cow slaughter, admonishes secular political leaders

This is not a mere news only but a report also; if the reader goes through this meticulously, he/she can find out with ease that intense Hindu feeling and valor can also change the course of history, even in the lowest stratum of the society. The news orbits the village of Durbarat, P.S. Falta, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and to begin with, situation in Gobindabati, adjoining village of Durbarat, must be taken into consideration. On the very last year, the village of Gobindabati, like the erstwhile years, witnessed slaughtering of cows. Well, Muslims of Durbarat did not dare to perform cow slaughter in the village and hence, Gobindabati was the only choice of them for decades. Nevertheless, there was an unceasing desire among Muslims in the neighborhood, especially in Gobindabati, to initiate the same practice in Durbarat too.

A few Muslims from Durbarat, in the last year, went to Gobindabati to perceive slaughtering of cows en masse. But they were ridiculed there leading to a violent clash between the two groups and intervention of administration later on. Well, a painstaking study, conducted by and by, confirmed that the entire event was a sham and a ploy to deceive Hindus to initiate cow slaughter in Durbarat only. No doubt, ascension of Trinamool Congress to power in Bengal and in particular, Chalueri pancahyat No. 11, has heightened Muslim confidence to a large extent. Desire of Muslims in Durbarat to slaughter cows in the village started to know no bounds.

Smelling a rat this year, the local administration, two weeks prior to Bakri –Eid or Eid-ul-Zaha, convened a meeting to retain normalcy. It was attended by 4 members representing each of Hindu and Muslim groups along with Sri Tamonash Ghosh, MLA – Falta, and several other dignitaries. The decision of the meeting was definite – instead of slaughtering of cows slaughtering of goats and buffaloes would take place.

Muslims, present in the meeting, agreed to this without any dissension; Hindu representatives, being bribed, also did the same even if the majority opinion among Hindus, in the village of Durbarat, was just the reverse. They were not ready to accept any form slaughter in the village. Taking strong exceptions to the 4 Hindu representatives, Hindu populace in the village submitted mass petition along with the photocopy of recent High Court order to call cow slaughter a halt to the SDO, SDPO, P.S. Falta.

Even so, in spite of all these, slaughter of goat and buffalo took place in the village irking Hindus extremely. The entire Hindu community, as a result, burst into protest. It is worthwhile to mention that Tamonash Ghosh, aforesaid MLA and Manabendra Mandal, both of Trinamool Congress, were present during the slaughter and it is alleged that both of them were perceived to stimulate Muslims to go on with the slaughter, enough to enrage Hindus.

Tension, to a large extent, does exist in the village of Durbarat still and to defuse the same, large contingents of RAF are stationed in the village. Police is patrolling the village and its environs day in and day out and this has become a ritual by now.

Witnessing strong Hindu reaction, TMC leadership has virtually fled from the area.

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